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How to Enter Tax Registration Number


Enter Tax Registration Number

In this section you will learn how to enter a tax registration
number which uses the same forms for suppliers and
Customers for Oracle R12.

There are many areas that a tax ID or                                   upgraded from 11i to R12, the VAT
VAT registration number can be entered                                  number should be stored in this location.
for either a customer or supplier. For VAT                              This section shows the tax profile for a
registration numbers, there is one place                                customer but the same setup applies to
that should be used, even if you have                                   Suppliers also.

Step 1.
Navigate to the customer you need to update and click on the ‘Tax Profile’ tab.

eBiz Answers Ltd. FACTSHEET: Enter Tax Registration Number. Jan 2013.                                               1
Enter Tax Registration Number

Step 2.
Enter the Default Country Name and then the Default Reporting Registration number.

Step 3.
Click ‘Create’ for the ‘Tax Registration Details’.

Here you need to enter the details for the tax regime that will be checking the registration
details. For example, if the customer has a Polish VAT registration number as indicated in
step 2, then we enter the Polish Vat number in the ‘Default Reporting Registration
Number’ field. But if our customer belongs to our Operating unit that is trying to calculate
HU VAT then we need to enter the HU VAT details to indicate that it is ‘Registered’.

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eBiz Answers Ltd. FACTSHEET: Enter Tax Registration Number. Jan 2013.                      2

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