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									 On the Move
              Rakesh                         Steve
              Agrawal,                       Lindeman,
              Blackstone                     FrontRange
              Technology                     Solutions
              Group                           The Milpitas
              The San                         provider
              Francisco                       of hybrid
global IT and business         IT service management
consulting firm appointed      software appointed Steve
Rakesh Agrawal to its          Lindeman chief customer
board of directors and ex-     officer. Previously, he was
ecutive committee for the      vice president and general
wholesale gas quadrant,        manager for the govern-
services segment of the        ment and international
North American Energy          business unit at NC4.
Standards Board. He is
co-founder and executive                     Rohit
director of the energy                       Jainendra,
practice.                                    Electric
              Arne Croce,                    The
              Peninsula                      Sunnyvale
              Family                         software
              Service          delivery services com-
               The San Ma-     pany appointed Rohit
               teo provider    Jainendra vice president
               of commu-       of products. Recently, he
nity services to individuals   served as vice president
and families named Arne        at Serena Software.
Croce executive director.
Previously, he served 18                     Gerry Louw,
years as city manager for                    Blinkx
the city of San Mateo.                        The San
              Christopher                     Internet me-
              DiGiorgio,                      dia platform
              Tech Mu-                        appointed
              seum of          Gerry Louw senior vice
              Innovation       president of engineering
               The San         and operations. Previous-
               Jose            ly, he served as chief in-
hands-on technology and        formation officer at Video
science museum named           Monitoring Services.
Christopher DiGiorgio to
its board of directors and                   Rich
he will serve as chairman.                   Maiers,
Currently, he serves at                      Topsy
Accenture.                                    The San
              Venky                           real-time
              Ganesan,                        social ana-
              Menlo Ven-       lytics company appointed
              tures            Rich Maiers senior vice
              The Menlo        president of sales. He is
              Park venture     former vice president of
              capital firm     sales at Ziff Davis B2B
named Venky Ganesan as         Focus.
managing director. Previ-
ously, he was a managing                     Amit
director at Globespan                        Mujumdar,
Capital Partners.                            Stephens
                                             The full-
              Ville Heijari,                 service
              PlayHaven                      investment
              The San                        banking and
              Francisco        brokerage firm named
              platform         Amit Mujumdar vice
              for mobile       president and he will work
              games            in the San Francisco of-
named Ville Heijari to its     fice. Previously, he served
executive team to build        at ThinkEquity.
and lead the company’s
European operations as                       Jim Wheat,
general manager. He is                       ASSIA
former senior vice presi-                      The Red-
dent at Rovio Entertain-                       wood City
ment.                                          provider of
              Kurt                             mance soft-
              Hoofnagle,       ware tools for dynamic
              Stephens         spectrum management of
              The full-        digital subscriber line and
              service          Wi-Fi networks appointed
              investment       Jim Wheat chief financial
              banking and      officer. He is former CFO
brokerage firm named           at SGI.
Kurt Hoofnagle manag-
ing director and he will
work in the San Francisco
office. Recently, he held
positions at ThinkEquity.

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