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									MIFFLIN SKI CLUB 2006-2007

All parents and students should read this packet thoroughly and keep it for future reference.

Emergency Medical Protocol
As with any physical activity, skiing, snow boarding, and tubing involve a degree of risk of physical injury. If your child needs medical, dental, or hospital services, you as a parent/guardian must be contacted for permission to treat. It’s the law. We will make every effort to contact you. In the event we cannot reach you for this permission, a child may be treated without parental consent when a physician determines a true medical emergency exists. That means the doctor decides that the child needs immediate medical care and that an attempt to obtain parental consent would result in a delay that would increase the risk to the child’s life or health. Sometimes a child may need unexpected care which is not, however, a true emergency. If this situation arises and we cannot reach you we will exercise our best judgment after consulting with an E.M.T. or physician as to whether immediate treatment is necessary. The medical release form includes this permission to treat. Please be aware that the emergency medical clinic at Seven Springs does not accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield or any other health insurance. In the event your child must receive unexpected medical care, any expenses incurred are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. If an accident occurs, an adult chaperone will stay with your child until you or a relative arrive and if necessary accompany them to the hospital.

Ski Club Purpose:
To learn to ski or snowboard safely or to improve your current skills while having a great time with new and old friends.

How Do I Join?
1) You and your parent(s) / guardian must read and agree to all of the club’s rules listed in this booklet. 2) You must turn in your completed and signed medical release form. 3) Permission slips and payments for each ski trip must be turned in at least two school days before the ski trip date.

Where Do We Ski?
Seven Springs Resort Champion, Pa. 15622 Phone (814) 352-7777 or 800-452-2223

When Do We Ski?
Ski Dates *
December December January January January February February 22nd , 29th , 12th , 19th , 29th , 9th , 23rd , 2006 2006 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 Friday before Christmas Wednesday on Christmas break Friday Friday Monday – a non-school day Friday Friday

Depart from Mifflin School
Cancelled Cancelled 3:15 PM 3:15 PM 3:15 PM 3:15 PM 3:15 PM

Return to Mifflin School
Cancelled Cancelled 12 AM 12 AM 12 AM 12 AM 12 AM

*Dates are tentative based on student participation and weather.

Parent/Guardian Information Sheet
The sponsors of the Mifflin Ski Club request that you and your child read this packet carefully. We ask you to impress upon your child the need for their responsible behavior when on a ski trip. Please note that there is a medical release form that is needed for skiing this year. This form will be used in case of emergency only when the parents cannot be reached. Please impress upon your child the need to ski safely and be under control at all times. Lessons are also very beneficial for improving skills and promoting safety. Lessons are mandatory for all new skiers or boarders. If you are interested in helping to chaperone a trip or trips by riding the bus or joining us to ski, please contact Ms. Green or Mrs. Denio at 412-464-4350. All chaperones must have clearances on file in the school office. Please call the school office to get clearance forms ASAP if you plan to chaperone this ski season. All trips will leave from and return to the Mifflin School parking lot. The bus will leave promptly at the scheduled time. Please make sure your child is on time as there will be no refunds for a missed bus. Please have someone at the parking lot to pick up your child by 11:45 PM (for Friday evening trips) and by 5:45 PM (for day trips). In the past we have occasionally returned later than expected due to poor weather or traffic difficulties. Again this year, we will be in phone contact with someone in the parking lot if we are running late. Students are encouraged to ski with a friend or friends at all times. Adult chaperones cannot be everywhere and will spend the majority of their time with the beginning skiers on the novice slopes. Club members must keep an eye on each other for both fun and safety reasons. We encourage all club members to use lockers and ski check while at Seven Springs. For $1.00 (evening trips) and $1.00 (day trips) your child has unlimited use of a secure place to put their belongings while they are skiing. Please inform your child that they are responsible for their equipment (including rental gear) and that they will be charged for any missing equipment.

Give us a call if you have any questions or suggestions for our club!

Behavior: Rules And Consequences
Please Read This Carefully
You are expected to adhere to the established rules of the bus company, Seven Springs, Mifflin School, and the Pittsburgh Board of Public Education. In this respect, any use of alcohol or drugs will result in the immediate expulsion from the club and a referral to the school administration for subsequent disciplinary action. Please be aware that Seven Springs is continuing their policy of arresting individuals under 21 years of age who are in possession of or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Failure to follow the directions of teachers, chaperones, bus driver or the Seven Springs Ski Patrol will result in the Ski Club Member being barred from the next two (2) ski trips and receive a phone call home. Vulgar language is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. You can bring snacks and soft drinks on the bus. (no glass containers, please!). You will be expected to clean up after yourself before getting off the bus. Walkmans are permitted only with earphones. All ski equipment must be stored in the bus or in personal vehicles making the trip. Please remain seated during the trip especially on the approach road. Once we arrive at Seven Springs, everyone must remain on the bus until told that they can exit. We will pass out tickets before you get off. Do not get off the bus without the proper tickets! Do not throw the backing from the lift tickets on the ground……find a trash can for all litter. Any student or students who are late (15 min. or more) meeting the bus for the return trip to Mifflin will not be eligible to go on the next trip. Any student who rides the bus is expected to ride both ways. You cannot ride home with someone else without written permission from your parent(s) given to an adult staff member before the trip!

Frequently Asked Questions
Who Are The Chaperones? Staff sponsors from Mifflin include Mrs. Green, and Mrs. Denio. Parents and other teachers also volunteer to chaperone. Without chaperones there is no ski club! Each and every ski club member is expected to listen to these adults. (Please note that no one involved with this club is paid for their time or services. We are 100% volunteer!) Who Can Go On Our Trips? Ski club trips are for eligible students and adult volunteers. However, if friends or family members of the adults going on a particular trip wish to order lift tickets or ski/board rental through our club, they can do so by filling out copies of the attached forms. Mifflin Ski Club is not responsible for nor assumes any liability for these non-members on our trips. How Will We Get There? We use school busses. At least two adults will ride the bus holding 53 students. Bus seats are on a first come first, served basis. Priority will be given to ski club members and chaperones. Any extra seats will be offered to friends or family members making the trip. Additionally, several chaperones usually drive each trip. Must I Ride On The Scheduled Bus? No…you may ride with your parent(s) or, with their permission, you can arrange to ride with a friend in a private vehicle. Mifflin Ski Club will not arrange transportation other than the school busses. How Much Does It Cost To Go? Prices are listed on the last page. Your cost will vary depending on if you take lessons, rent equipment, or ride the bus. Note that the day trip has higher rates than the evening trip. Please remember that students will need additional money for drinks and food for these longer trips. Can I Bring My Equipment To School? Yes…label your gear and store it in the auditorium prior to going to your homeroom. What Happens If A Trip Is Canceled? If a trip is canceled, it will be rescheduled at a later date. If that is not possible, you will receive a refund.

2006-2007 Price List
General Prices Day Trips Friday Evening 1) Bus Ride Only……………………………..……………...….$10.00………………………$10.00 2) Lift Ticket……………………….………………..………….$18.00…………………….…$24.00 3) Ski And Boot Rental………………………………...……….$10.00………………….……$10.00 4) Snowboard Rental………………………………….……..….$17.00………………….……$21.00 Ski Lessons (Mandatory for all new skiers and new members!) 1) Ski Lesson………………………….$6.00 2) Snowboard Lesson………………...$10.00 Snow Tubing (In two hour sessions) 1) Children 2) Adults (ages 4-11)……………..$8.00 (ages 12+)………….....$12.00 Prices are subject to change occasionally when Seven Springs gives discounts. Cash payments will be accepted. Make checks or money orders payable to Mifflin PTSA ( $25.00 will be added for checks returned by the bank.) Please note:  If you have reserved a seat on the bus and for any reason cannot attend that trip you will not be refunded your transportation cost ($10.00) unless we can fill that seat.  Money for lockers and ski check is the student’s responsibility.  Bring $1.00 bills or 4 quarters for token machine.  Money for meals and/or snacks is the student’s responsibility.

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