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					Lucrative Video Content Marketing

                              YouTube and video content marketing is huge and acquiring even
more enormous by the day. In early February 2011, more than 490 million unique guests landed
on YouTube and spent over 2.9 billion hours watching videos. That is certainly more than 2
billion video views each day.

Bottom line: for those who have not however added video content marketing to your on the
internet arsenal you will be missing out big time since video is here to stay and a good video
often converts far greater than a simple text presentation.

Producing video can also be very inexpensive. All you'll need to get started today is actually a
smart telephone, low-cost flip camera, or even a simple screen capture plan and you are able to
immediately create a fantastic video within minutes. You can even choose up free video editing
software that could add titles, captions and callouts.

So do not let lack of a spending budget hold you back due to the fact your videos have to be
"good enough", not necessarily wonderful. In the event you need to have great, then you are able
to expect to spend a few much more dollars for expert sound, lighting and editing. But very good
sufficient is typically very good adequate.

But do not let being inexpensive preserve you broke. Which means you genuinely do have to
match the quality of one's videos for your industry and what you might be attempting to do.
Building a high finish brand having a low end "talking head" video most likely won't cut it.

It's important to begin with the end in mind before you start a video content marketing campaign.
What do you want the video to achieve? What action do you want the viewer to make following
watching the video?

Plan your work and work your plan. Treat your video content marketing efforts exactly like other
top-dollar marketing campaign. Know specifically what you would like to accomplish and why
and in what time frame.

Top quality and quantity is essential. The more videos you create, the much more exposure you
will get and the larger the quality... the more your videos will get shared and talked about.

One factor to remember is people don't prefer to be sold something but they do undoubtedly like
to get things and be entertained. So while there's a place for crass commercial style videos, you
can often produce much better bottom line results by not directly pitching any product or service.

Entertain and lead with value and you may find you'll get a lot more exposure and sales in the
long run than the competition who is focusing on sales and branding.

Evergreen Video Content Marketing
Stories sell. Reality Television entertains. Controversy gets people engaged and talking. So take
into account how you might develop a fan base for your videos. Feel episodes. Chapters. A
continuing story. Then post your videos on a consistent basis.

Years ago Old Spice ran a couple of video which produced a good fan following. Then, with out
warning, they stopped. This resulted in a lot of negative feedback so do not let this happen to you
and your video content marketing campaigns. Plan your media effectively in advance and either
maintain it going or finish the story. Strive to make buzz but ensure it stays good.

Making a video that goes viral is regarded as to the "the holy grail" of video content marketing
but, also usually, viral videos are short lived.

Far better is to create a stable ongoing campaign that may drive fresh visitors to your offers on a
consistent basis over time. People like to do business with people they have come to know, like
and trust and one of the simplest methods to establish and preserve trust is always to just "be
there", consistently. On time, each time.

Organizing Your Video Content Marketing Campaign

Plan your work and work your plan. Schedule a video production plan no less than 6 months in
advance. How many videos will you make? How often will you publish and promote them. How,
precisely, will you prime the pump as soon as published? And, once more, leave the production
or crass commercials for your competition. People routinely "change channels" when a
commercial airs so why would you create yet another commercial?

Invent a central character and generate an ongoing storyline. Engage your viewers and leave an
open loop in the end of each and every video so the viewer is literally compelled to watch the
next episode. Do your best to obtain your viewer emotionally invested in the story and character.

Any product, service or business opportunity may be promoted using a nicely planned video
content marketing campaign. Although it might demand you step outside of the standard
marketing box you are used to.

In case you have a marketing budget, consider hiring skilled video script writers, brief story
authors and also an advertising agency to flesh out a storyline. Completed correctly the payoff
may be huge.

Should you do not have a budget, gather a team and simple bounce concepts about. At this point
you'll find no proper or incorrect suggestions and you might, as a group, come up having a
spectacular video content marketing campaign. Given the correct atmosphere and incentive, you
might be shocked in the concepts that spring forth.

Use video content marketing to improve your brand and drive more site visitors to your offers
and you could possibly find yourself laughing along your video and all of the way to the bank

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