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									                    CMDA Galaxy S IV

The Samsung upcoming Galaxy S IV handset is going to be the biggest
device running under the flag of Android. The sources have given out
information about the other feature used in the device. The next hinted
feature is the CDMA connectivity support making the device a new model for
the customers in the range of the Galaxy S IV. The model number assigned
to the Galaxy S IV device is the SCH-i959. The device is going to arrive in
the China Telecom market. The China market is already selling the CDMA
version of the Galaxy S III.

The next generation device of the series is also going to present the CDMA
support as well. The device is expected to hit the market on the March
14Th. Which is not very away. The users do not have to wait for the release
very long now. Another model of the device S IV had been spotted on the
AnTuTu two weeks ago. This model was featuring the 4G LTE technology of
the S IV. The model number of the device is the GT-i9505. The next panel in
the series has been seen on the list with the model number SCH-i959. The S
III was having the Code name of the SCH-i939.
The device is going to run under the platform of the Android 4.2.1 Jelly
Bean. The processor of the device is going to have the 1.89 GHz CPU. The
processor of the device is Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. The international
version of the device is going to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon clocked at
the 1.9 GHz. The model number of the device for the international launch is
GT-i9505. The Galaxy S IV is going to come in the full HD screen. The device
is not featuring the AMOLED display rather it is featuring the LCD panel. This
has 1080 pixels resolution for the display.

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