BlackBerry Z10 The New Heartthrob by mayurarpunniyar


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									    BlackBerry Z10: The New Heartthrob

Blackberry is back with a bang, again! The company is back and very much
alive, turns out it still had breathe left when it was abandoned for being
dead. Good news for all those who think that chubby old’ BlackBerry is their
soul mate, the BB has been working out for almost 3 years while the QNX-
powered BlackBerry 10 stage has been meticulously put together and all the
‘hoo-haa’ around it, is proof enough that people already love it.

Or let me clear out that not everybody has fallen head over heels for it, as
there are a lot of mix reviews, since some people think that the hot
quarterback iPhone or Android, can easily beat the nerdy Blackberry and
who in their sane mind would want a BB Z10?! Well, let’s say that the logic
works both ways; who in their sane mind would want an Android or iPhone
when they have a Z10, doing the same things and looking after you much
better. Of course the Z10 is the once plump kid who has lately become fit, is
great at conversation, looks great and the flow is amazing. Definitely, the
BlackBerry Hub makes it infinitely easy to talk.

Every person who says that because of some assumed lack of diversity
people won’t want the Z10, they are obviously wrong since there are many
people out there, and let me emphasize ‘many’, who’re willing to make the
switch right now. Six months ago we had people saying that BB Z10 won’t
even make it out of the gates of Mount BB, and the Mount Blackberry would
probably be squashed by the giant Android or Apple’s foot and that it had no
chance whatsoever, but here we are with lots of people loving the device
and already welcoming it with open arms. Anyhow, Z10 is finally here with
pretty much major fixes consisting of an improvement to the Z10 battery life
as well as a fix for those who are not able to add their Gmail accounts.

The good news is that third-party apps would run a lot quicker and
smoother, considering the news that WhatsApp has a BB Z10 release date of
end of March. Also, BB has an updated camera elevating the software in
order to deliver increased low-light presentation without a flash after some
criticism that Z10 was suffering in the dark. Moreover, the battery life has
increased remarkably since BB has made over 60 updates in this regard.
This update is available now, so keep your fingers crossed. Furthermore,
BlackBerry upped the Web-browser stake, letting it handle video playback
more effortlessly, taking full advantage of the touch-screen display. It’s
slick, stylish and a beauty with brains; I would definitely want one in my

What can we say; Blackberry is back in the race, people love it and
embracing it again, it has passed the round with flying colours and we really
hope that it remains a strong contender in days to come.

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