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									                                               John A. Peterka
                   Boardman, Ohio 44512  Telephone: 330.729.9069  Mobile: 330.314.3839
                 Email:  Linkedin:

                                    Executive & Turnaround Specialist
More than 20 years of P&L management experience in building unified performance-based cultures that consistently converted
strategy into action for companies ranging from $5.15 million to $49.9 million in annual revenue.
Most recently, served as President for Heritage-WTI, Inc. in East Liverpool, Ohio, with complete responsibility for 9 direct/191
indirect reports, 2 Ohio EPA inspectors, and 150 contractors in a non-union manufacturing/chemical processing facility that in 6
years, during a declining market period, increased annual revenue for $31.7 million to $49.9 million while achieving a
concurrent $6.45 million cash flow or $11.9 million in EBITDA.

                                              Areas of Specialty Include
    Global Sourcing                                                     Strategic Planning/Execution
    Business Process Reengineering                                      Proactive Metric Administration
    Instituting Cost Control Techniques                                 Conflict Resolution/Staff Development
    Increasing Throughput & Share Holder Value                          Multi-Million-Dollar Contract Negotiations
    ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, PSM, RMP                          RCRA, Air, MACT, DEA, DoD, BATFE

                                                   Career Highlights
    Increased sales as President of Heritage-WTI, Inc. from $31.7 million to $49.9 million from August 2003 through May
     2009 by expanding business lines and reducing operational costs by $1.13 million, which proved instrumental in generating
     $6.45 million in net cash. Won in 2005, the ‘Frost-Sullivan Award’ after customers and rivals nominated Heritage WTI, Inc.
     as the best in industry for providing outstanding service and business technology alignment.
    Negotiated and executed as Regional Vice President with Heritage Environmental Services, LLC a contract with Honeywell
     to perform tank demolition and cleaning capabilities that expanded revenue from $2.9 million to more than $25.2 million
     annually. Additionally, negotiated the sale of assets from discontinued operations, saving $1.5 million annually.
    Led a team of engineers as CFO/VP of Finance with Von Roll America, Inc., to win a $72 million contract from
     Metropolitan Council Environmental Services, located in St. Paul, Minnesota and played a key role in reshaping Minnesota
     state law on retainage. Subsequently, convinced the Ohio Tax Director to eliminate the state’s claim for $1.86 million in
     back taxes and $300,000 annually thereafter.
    Created over a 2-year period, 3 new one-stop business lines for Heritage-WTI, Inc. field/technical services, and brokering.
     Consequently, contracted work with major clients such as: Honeywell, New York/New York Port Authority, DuPont, and
     Dow Corning, which increased company sales by $18.2 million.

                                                   Benefit Statement
Pursued over a 5 year period ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 to complement company’s ISO14001 certification, first in industry
history to attain all 3 certifications. Also, first in industry to obtain Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT)
compliance and the first in the industry to recertify in 2010.

                                              Key Areas of Competency
    Leadership by Example                                           Formal Presentation Skills
    High Standards of Ethics & Integrity                            Resource Allocation & Optimization
    Resource Allocation & Optimization                              Production Scheduling & Management
    Revenue Generation & Cost Reduction                             Creating a Shared Manufacturing Vision
    Diplomatic Change Agent for Productivity Improvements           Forming & Leveraging Vendor & Contractor Alliances
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                                 Professional Experience & Accomplishments
Heritage-WTI, Inc., (formerly Von Roll America, Inc.) & Heritage Environmental Services, LLC                       2003 to 2012
(An environmental services company that serves Fortune 500 clients in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico)
President (2003-2012) East Liverpool, Ohio – Scope of duties consists of institutionalizing an aligned business plan inclusive
of strategies, scorecards and action plans. Responsible for expanding anticipated services and capacities needed to satisfy
customers future needs and directed financial system conversion, training and implementation teams.
   Successfully expanded business line offerings to include technical services, industrial maintenance, brokering, consumer
    commodities, mixed infectious hazardous waste, DEA (drugs), ATF (explosives), and petroleum refinery markets. As a
    result of expansion, today’s revenue contribution of $22.5 million is expected to grow to $40 million in 2 years with new
    market margins exceeding 30%.
   Worked closely with the regional VP in developing a business plan in Puerto Rico that is conservatively expected to
    generate $10 million in free cash flow over 3 years.
   Favorably negotiated carbon box case settlement with EPA and the Department of Justice in the following 4 ways: 1) Paid
    calculated economic benefit penalty of $1.2 million; 2) Performed SEP; 3) Invested more than $300,000 in new boxes,
    installed 3 additional Total Hydrocarbon Monitors; and 4) Agreed to calibrate THC monitors with 500 ppm as specified by
    EPA to 50 ppm as mandated by the DOJ. Under the more stringent monitoring, WTI changes 1 box out every 15 months
    while maintaining compliance.
Regional Vice President (2003-2004) Indianapolis, Indiana – Primary duties focused on establishing comprehensive plan
to retain and grow business by selling expanded services while reducing costs.
   Expanded the value proposition to include rail service, brokering, and R&D. Consequently, the company retained all
    existing customers and added $4.5 million in new business.
   Negotiated the sale of the Charlotte 10-day facility, eliminated the waste water lease in Toledo, and identified 3 prospective
    buyers for the Williston property. Subsequently, these actions saved $1.5 million annually in location overhead.
Von Roll America, Inc. & Von Roll Inc.                                                                             1989 to 2003
(An environmental services company that serves Fortune 500 clients in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico)
CFO/VP Finance, Treasurer & Secretary (1993-2003) East Liverpool, Ohio – Responsible for growing sales,
continuous improvement initiatives, negotiations, and profitability.
   Conducted in-depth market research for new sales vice president to create a niche for hard to handle materials that would
    differentiate the company from our rivals and offered a transportation advantage to our clients located in the Eastern U.S.
    who could now send materials at market prices but save on transportation costs. As a result, sales grew from 0 in 1993 to
    $21 million in 4 years.
   Examined 3 M&A opportunities to expand business by approximately $100 million. Assembled a team to examine the
    financials and infrastructure of 2 commercial incinerators and 1 captive incinerator. During this time, expanded business and
    sold facility to Heritage Environmental Services.
   Coordinated the legal, insurance and the collection of information needed to defend the company in 2 separate class-action
    suits exceeding $3.45 million with the court dismissing both cases.
   Successfully added 3 new process capabilities in a 9-year time period that generated $1.1 million in the first year of
    implementation and more than $10.7 million in 2011.
CIO, Controller, Procurement Manager (1989-1993) Norcross, Georgia – Responsible for hiring employees and
leading teams to automate a 21.5 acre, $250 million facility with computers, software, RF/bar coding, drum conveyor system,
networking, terminals, printers, and telephones, with an annual savings of $3.2 million
   Reshaped the engineering department by replacing obsolete proprietary computer equipment with networked open systems
    from Sun and Auto Desk (AutoCad). As a result of upgrade success, the same approach was implemented in Zurich, CH
    with annual corporate savings of $1 million.
   Created an operational plan to fully automate 3 subsidiaries, saving $200,000 annually. Successfully consolidated the
    controller, procurement manager, and CIO positions and negotiated changes to sales agreement to create value-added
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Ed Taylor Construction, Tucker, Georgia                                                                         1986 to 1989
(A commercial contractor that built office parks in Georgia and Florida)
Director of Information Systems & Technology Responsibilities included hiring/mentoring staff that reduced annual
outsourced programming and net development costs by $400,000 annually.
   Installed new mini-computers, PCs, terminals and software than enabled the company to grow from $20 million to $90
    million in 3 years.

                                         Prior 1986 Professional Experience
Centennial Computer Services, Inc., Norcross, Georgia, Executive Vice President/General Manager                   1983 to 1986
APAC, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, Senior Analyst, Programmer, Operations Supervisor                                   1976 to 1983
Coastal States Life Insurance Company, Atlanta, Georgia, Operations Supervisor, Computer Operations               1973 to 1976
Kennedy-Sinclaire, Inc., Paterson, New Jersey, Contract Programmer                                                1971 to 1972

                                      Education & Professional Development
                               MBA, Business Administration, Regis University, Denver, Colorado
                               BBA, Economics/Finance, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia
                                  AD, Computer Science, Southern Ohio College, Akron, Ohio

“John is an excellent leader who fosters a spirit of teamwork and cooperation throughout the organization. He works well with
people at all levels and is genuinely concerned about each individual’s success and welfare at our company. He understands the
business very well and provides leadership and guidance for all of our endeavors and always has an eye on a plan for what we
need for success today and in the future.”
                                                                               …Frank Murray, VP/General Manager, WTI, Inc.
“John and I have worked together for many years and in several different arrangements. We have been coworkers, and he has
hired me to work for him. Most recently, John has been a client of mine. He is always professional, fair, and personable. John
has the ability to look at challenges from different angels and is open to solutions that are beyond ordinary. John communicates
with employees and colleagues at all levels effectively.”
                                                                               …Angie Martin, Owner, Blue Sky Engineering, Inc.
“I’ve never seen a mountain John Peterka couldn’t tunnel through, build a highway over, bulldoze, or turn from a barrier into a
functional thing of beauty. If John doesn’t know as much as anyone else about something when starting a project, by its
conclusion he does. When John needs a team, he recruits one, trains one, and or rolls up his shirtsleeves and starts working
until observers want nothing less than to join in. He is a leader, mentor, coach and counselor. I’ve had the fortune to work for
John before, would do it again, and envy those who currently work with him or for him. For any position requiring a catalytic
personality, I can recommend few individuals: first to mind would be John.”
                                                        …Steve Wilcenski, Development Consultant, Sabre Software Systems Ltd.
“John’s leadership ability helped move company projects forward during difficult times. As a result of his experience and
attention to detail, John achieved many successful goals in the areas of cost savings, efficiency planning, repeatable processes,
measurable metrics and reporting, risk assessment, process improvement, demand management, contact structuring, vendor
relationships, talent development and strategic planning: John performed/managed all of these pieces in such a way as to bring
them together cohesively to produce success for his people, his group, his management team and ultimately the company.”
                                                                           …Thomas Smith, Quality Manager, Von Roll America
“John is an extremely talented leader who has the ability to implement business best practices in a practical, clearly
communicated way. His superb people skills enable him to get the most from his people while producing exceptional results in a
very tough and competitive industry. John is a servant leader who believes in empowering and growing his people and giving
back to the community.”
                                                                            …Skip Torresson, President, The Stewardship Group

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