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									Gasoline Nozzle Newsletter
LXI Edition August 2004

Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida
214 Stevenage Drive Longwood, Florida 32779 407-774-9700 Fax 407-788-3860 Pat Moricca President e-mail e mail

Service Station Dealers of America

Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida is a non-profit association representing Independent Gasoline Retailers, Convenience Stores, Gasoline Service Stations, Repair Shops, Tire Retailers, Truck Stops and Associates throughout Florida. Our goal is to improve the interests of these independent businesses and the motoring public. Cooperation with insurance companies provides benefits for our members. These benefits include money-saving programs for group health, workers' compensation, casualty, property and gasoline tank liability insurance. Benefits also include financing to purchase your gasoline station property and much more.

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NOTICE! August 1st you will be expected to lower retail prices. It’s very important to keep all your records of gasoline purchases on hand in case of discrepancies. From August 1 st to August 31st you will be required to reduce your retail gasoline prices by 8cts.a gallon on all grades. For forms call Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida @ 407-774-9700.

JULY 2004 PLEASANTON, Calif. With yet another California refinery set to shut down, a state legislator is demanding that oil companies prove they are not intentionally driving gas prices higher by collectively clamping down on supplies, reported the Pleasanton, Calif.-based East Bay Business Times. Skeptics say the state Senate committee probe will have no real impact, other than putting oil company executives in the hot seat for a few months. But Sen. Joseph Dunn said he might introduce legislation that would broaden antitrust laws or ban oligopolies in certain markets if the investigation finds that the companies used their collective dominance to drain Californians' wallets. The Garden Grove Democrat is polishing the written requests that a panel he has assembled will send out to the seven oil-and-gas companies that he says control 95 percent of the state's market. The select committee on gasoline and diesel pricing is primarily interested in documents, some internal, from analysts and executives that may suggest a link between refinery production levels and prices at the pump. Florida’s Attorney General Charlie Crist has subpoenaed eight Oil Companies for documentation and information about the cost, production, inventory, and pricing of gasoline in Florida and to explain why gasoline prices are high.

Florida and California should compare their investigation information data from the Oil Company’s executives. Attorney Generals from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Vermont, offered to assist with the examination of the documents submitted by the oil companies.

DALLAS (CBS.MW) -- The major integrated oil companies reporting quarterly results in force next week are expected to post record profits driven by high commodity prices and refining margins, according to industry watchers. "If they don't, shame on them," said Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Fadel Gheit. "Oil is at record levels natural gas prices are at historical highs and refining margins are very close to record levels. And the chemicals business is improving because of global economic improvements. So they're firing on all cylinders." ExxonMobil (XOM), the world's largest oil and gas company, reports its second quarter results July 29. "Exxon had record earnings last quarter, and they will beat that," Gheit added. "My bet is that the majority [of the companies] will."

No New Refineries Expected Despite High Demand
JULY, 2004 -- WASHINGTON -- With demand for gasoline high and profits pouring in at a record clip, one would expect oil companies to be falling over each other to build new refineries, yet there hasn't been a new refinery built in the United States in 28 years and more than 200 smaller facilities have closed. Refining never has been viewed as a cash cow by the petroleum industry, which complains about meager profit margins, hefty environmental costs and too much government regulation. But with gasoline prices hovering at $2 per gallon for much of this year, the country's largest oil companies and independent refiners are expected to report soaring profits from refinery operations in second quarter earnings this week.

Exxon Mobil's 2Q Profits Surge 39 Percent
July, 2004 Higher prices for oil and gas led to another record quarter at Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest publicly traded oil company, with profits jumping 39 percent from a year ago. Exxon Mobil said Thursday it earned $5.79 billion in the April-June period, compared with $4.17 billion a year earlier. Revenue jumped 24 percent to $70.69 billion from $57.17 billion a year ago.

Shell 2Q Profit earnings increase
Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Cos. saw its earnings rise 54 percent, thanks to higher prices for oil and natural gas. The Anglo-Dutch company earned $4.0 billion, compared with $2.6 billion in the same period a year earlier.

Sunoco’s Record Second Quarter “Outstanding”
Strong refining and wholesale margins helped Sunoco achieve a "blowout" second quarter, with profits nearly triple year-ago levels July, 2004 PHILADELPHIA -- Sunoco Inc. has reported net income of $234 million for the second quarter of 2004 versus $81 million for the 2003 second quarter. Results for the current quarter included a $4 million after tax charge for estimated losses related to retail gas stations held for sale. Excluding this special item, income for the second quarter was $238 million. For the first half of 2004, Sunoco reported net income of $323 million versus net income of $167 million for the 2003 first half. Excluding the aforementioned special item, Sunoco’s income for the 2004 first half was $327 million. There were no special items in the 2003 first half. ―The second quarter was an outstanding one for Sunoco,‖ said John G. Drosdick, Sunoco chairman and CEO. ―The combination of strong refined product margins, significant contributions from our recent asset acquisitions and operational improvements in each of our business units enabled Sunoco to report record earnings for the quarter, demonstrating a new level of earnings power.‖ The increase is primarily due to significantly higher wholesale fuel margins, higher chemical margins

Marathon Oil Corp. Quarterly Income Nearly Doubled from Last Year!
JULY, 2004 HOUSTON -- Marathon Oil Corp. reported zooming profits from refining and marketing Tuesday, reported the Houston Chronicle. Refining margins have been at near-record levels, the strongest since 1986, analyst Fadel Gheit of Oppenheimer & Co. said. Other big oil companies with similar exposure to refining should

benefit as well, he predicted. The strong gains in refining more than made up for curtailed output of oil and gas during the second quarter for Marathon Oil. The company tallied a 48 percent increase in profit over a year ago, on a continuing operations basis, consisting of $352 million, up from $248 million. Revenue grew 30 percent to $12.5 billion.

ConocoPhillips 2Q Profit Rises 75 Percent!
July, 2004 -- NEW YORK -- ConocoPhillips reported a 75 percent increase in profit for the second quarter, boosted by rising prices for oil and natural gas and improved margins at U.S. gasoline refineries, reported the Wall Street Journal. The lofty worldwide energy prices that drove Conoco's earnings also lifted earnings at British oil company BP PLC and should help other major oil producers reporting in the next few days.

Murphy Oil Announces Record Quarterly Earnings
July, 2004 Opened 700th gas station at Wal-Mart during period. EL DORADO, Ark. -- Murphy Oil Corp. said that net income in second-quarter 2004 was a record $349.9 million compared to income of $79.7 million in second-quarter 2003.

Amerada Hess Profit Up on Oil Prices
Amerada Hess Corp. Wednesday said its earnings climbed 14 percent in the second quarter, helped by rising oil prices and surging refining profit

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- Oil industry expert Tom Kloza said that "there is a 50/50 chance or better that the second half of the summer we'll see a (major refinery breakdown), which could bring gasoline prices up to recent highs or surpass them by 10 or 15 or 20 cents a gallon," reported the Palm Springs, Calif.based Desert Sun. Kloza's remarks came during a media conference call in which he compared this summer to last year's, when an August pipeline disruption sent gasoline prices through the roof during a time they normally settle. Gasoline prices are currently on a downward trend that has lasted most of June. "We have less gasoline inventory today than we did in 1983, when the population was smaller and there was less demand," Kloza said. "It makes the market extremely volatile." This current gasoline atmosphere is a nightmare for consumers but a time of huge profits for the oil companies, which are benefiting from the unbalance of supply and demand, said Kloza. There are 13 refineries in California that produce the state's blend of reformulated gasoline. Before deregulation of the industry in 1981, there were 41 refineries owned by 30 companies. The cut in refineries has made it very difficult for oil companies to keep up with demand, but it has helped spur the companies to huge profits in recent quarters. In addition, Shell Oil will close its Bakersfield refinery this year, leaving California with just 12 refineries. Several analysts believe such a move would drive prices well past $3 per gallon next summer.

SAN RAMON, Calif. -ChevronTexaco Corp. is divesting its remaining convenience stores in Texas. With 132 company-run locations in Houston and Dallas, ChevronTexaco is walking a path similar to Shell, rolling over sites to fuel jobbers and dealers to operate under the ChevronTexaco banner. ―This is part of a strategy that started awhile ago,‖ ChevronTexaco spokesperson Mickey Driver said. ―When we’re done, we will still have company-owned locations in California and Florida. In the rest of the markets, it will be fuel marketers and dealers.‖ ―It’s a different philosophy for the downstream, to have marketers and dealers instead of the company,‖ he added. The shift away from direct operated began in earnest last year when the oil company sold 300 stations in the United States. In February, ChevronTexaco Chairman and CEO Dave O’Reilly said the company would divest another 250 retail locations by 2005 to distributors and dealers, a move that would save an estimated $400 million. The rationale centers on the increasingly lucrative opportunities in exploration and production, along with the continued margin slide on retail gasoline. The company has said it was eyeing $500 million in downstream cuts by restructuring that business into four units and eliminating nearly 1,800 jobs.

August 29, 2004 deadline EQUITY DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LEX ACQUISITION Exxon dealers, former Exxon dealers and dealer estates GROUP, AND THE CLASS ACTION REFUND ASSISTANCE are members of the class currently certified if you owned GROUP, AS WELL AS LAWYERS AROUND THE COUNTRY, and/or operated a business for retail sale of Exxon HAVE BEEN MAILING OUT SOLICITATIONS TO DEALERS gasoline and you were parties at any time from March OFFERING ASSISTANCE IN FILING CLAIMS IN EXCHANGE 1983 through August 1994 to a standard sales FOR A PERCENTAGE OF THE CLAIM. THESE agreement with Exxon. ORGANIZATIONS ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE You are part of the Class Suit for any part of the years COURT, CLASS COUNSEL, OR THE CLAIMS PROCESS. stated above. AS CLASS COUNSEL, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND Forms will be mailed out to class action dealers and THAT YOU DO NOT ENTER INTO ANY AGREEMENTS WITH THESE ORGANIZATIONS OR ANY OTHER THIRD make sure you are on the mailing list. If you have not PARTY SEEKING TO OBTAIN A PORTION OF YOUR been contacted; call 1-800-810-3590 CLAIM, UNLESS IT IS A PERSONAL ATTORNEY WITH The trial judge has ruled that all claims must be WHOM YOU HAVE A RELATIONSHIP. THE OFFICIAL postmarked by August 29, 2004. Unless the judge CLAIMS ADMINISTRATOR IS THE GARDEN CITY GROUP, later chooses to extend this date, any claims postmarked OR GCG, WHO CAN BE REACHED AT 888-769-7759. THE after August 29, 2004 will not be valid. Accordingly, if ATTORNEYS FOR THE CLASS (STEARNS WEAVER you believe you have the right to share in the jury’s MILLER AND PERTNOY SOLOWSKY & ALLEN OF MIAMI, verdict, you should make sure to send in your claim FL) ARE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU IN COMPLETING form before the filing deadline. YOUR CLAIM FORM, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, AND

Consumers Gas Reward Credit Cards Savings?
JULY, 2004--As gasoline prices continue to linger around record highs, gas reward credit cards are becoming more and more worth a look, and some offer rebates of up to 10 percent on purchases at the pump. The Consumer Reports Money Adviser newsletter says that works out to about one free gallon for every fill-up. You have to do a little research to find the best cards, because they're not all the same. For example, the Triple-A Preferred Visa provides 5 percent cash rebates, and the Marathon Platinum MasterCard gives up to 10 percent back. Those are at the top of the scale. On the bottom, is the Getty Platinum Plus MasterCard? You get a $5 coupon for every thousand dollars you spend at the pump, which amounts to only one-half of one percent cash back. Gas cards tend to come with higher interest rates, so consumers need to pay off their balance in full every month to keep the interest from canceling out the benefits.

Soil allegedly contaminated during removal of USTs LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. A law suit was filed in Lake County Circuit Court on July 1, alleges that the defendants, Bill Anest, Peter Anest and their businesses State Oil Co., S & S Petroleum, BAPA LLC and PT LLC first agreed to clean up the contamination in June 2001. But three years after negotiations with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) began, the soil remains contaminated by benzene and BETX and the property remains unsuitable for development. Benzene is a carcinogen. Years of negotiations have been ignored and the contamination remains on the property. This inaction poses a threat to public health and the economic health of Lincolnshire. Reports of the contamination date back to at least 1997, when the Village of Lincolnshire commissioned an environmental survey of the property. At that time, IEPA discovered high levels of benzene and BETX in the soil and groundwater; however, the complaint alleges that the contamination dates back much further because the underground storage tanks were removed from the property in 1989. The law suit charges the defendants with multiple violations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act for water pollution and failure to obey state regulations. The complaint also asks the court to order Bill and Peter Anest to clean up the site immediately, prohibit them from any further violations of Illinois environmental laws and assess penalties of $50,000 for each violation of the act and $10,000 for each day of the violations. The property is now owned by the Village of Lincolnshire, which acquired it in 2001 by eminent domain.

Always consult a gasoline industry attorney before buying gasoline station property.



The FTC is not an elected body of the government BATTLE CREEK, Mich. -- State Rep. Gene DeRossett The FTC said that ―low prices benefit consumers, and (R), who recently stood with small business owners in that consumers are harmed only if a competitor is able to Battle Creek, Mich., and talked about the proposed state use below-cost pricing to drive out other competitors and law meant to help independent gas stations survive then later raise prices above competitive levels. competition, announced he is now against the proposal Economic studies, legal studies and court decisions after reading a report he had requested from the Federal indicate that below-cost pricing that leads to monopoly Trade Commission. ―Having read the Federal Trade occur infrequently, and that below-cost sales of motor Commission’s analysis of the legislation, I believe this fuel that lead to monopoly are especially unlikely!‖ bill will harm motorists by driving gas prices up,‖ said The bill is sponsored in the House by Charles LaSata DeRossett, chairman of the state House Transportation (R) and in the Senate by Mark Schauer (D). Committee, also a candidate for Michigan’s 7th district The FTC chose to ignore its own research which had congressional seat. DeRossett’s change of heart is a determined that state below cost laws had no effect on setback for the legislation, which is intended to ban the retail prices. The FTC should follow the advice of its own sale of gasoline below wholesale cost in Michigan. But it research instead of the mega-retailers. may not be doomed, said the report. As committee Below cost laws are a good deterrent to predatory chairman, DeRossett could effectively block the bill from pricing and offer many long-term benefits to consumers. ever advancing to the House floor, but he said he would ―I think the FTC’s wrong,‖ said Schauer, noting that 28 allow a committee vote if a majority of the Republican states have enacted laws similar to the one proposed in and Democratic members want one. Michigan. The proposed ban would prevent stations from engaging Florida being one of the 28 states with Below Cost in predatory pricing. But in a June 18 report, the FTC selling laws has consistently kept Florida’s ranking one said Michigan’s proposed Petroleum Marketing of the lowest in the nation on pretax gasoline prices, Stabilization Act would likely restrict competition and according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s ranking of lead to higher prices at the pump. states of motor fuel prices.

More Saturation from Warehouse Clubs
There's been a lot of growth in the wholesale club sector. Costco locations have seen monthly gallonage flatten at about 471,000 gal/month. BJ's additions are yielding average volumes of 336,000 gal/month while Sam's has opened stores that do about 391,000 gal/month. The huge monthly sales haven't been achieved by traditional means. BJ's typically sells fuel at 3-9cts/gal below the competitive average; Costco is commonly 6-10cts/gal beneath the average; and Sam's Club is 5.5-8cts/gal under.

The Federal Trade Commission has charged a group of Canadian defendants with scamming small businesses and charities in the United States out of millions of dollars by billing them for business directory services they did not order or authorize, in violation of federal law. The FTC charges that the defendants refuse consumers’ requests to cancel the services, and use an inhouse collection service to harass consumers whose accounts allegedly are past-due. According to the FTC’s complaint, defendants Pinacle Publishing and M.D.S.C. Publishing have made telemarketing calls to small businesses, charities, and other organizations across the U.S. since at least 2000. The defendants allegedly claim that they are calling to verify consumers’ names, addresses, and telephone numbers for listing in their business directory. Consumers are allegedly led to believe that they are already listed in this directory and that the defendants are updating information in connection with a renewal of the listing. The FTC alleges that the defendants record consumers verifying their information, and later use the recordings to prevent them from canceling unauthorized orders. Consumers often are not told that there is a fee associated with being listed in the business directory. According to the FTC, upon receiving the invoices, many consumers realize that no one from their organization ordered a directory listing. When they call to cancel the order, they allegedly are told that the defendants have a tape recording of the order being placed. The defendants allegedly claim that the recording is a ―binding oral contract,‖ and they therefore refuse to allow consumers to cancel orders. In numerous instances, consumers refuse to pay the invoices and are then referred to defendants’ in-house collections department, which allegedly harasses them with phone calls and repeated dunning notices and threatens to initiate legal action and damage consumers’ credit ratings. In some cases, the in-house collections department employees allegedly masquerade as lawyers retained by the defendants to force consumers to pay their invoices. The FTC contends that many consumers ultimately pay the invoices because they believe it is the only way to stop the harassment.

Retailers say banks mislead consumers on debit card fees
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The National Retail Federation has asked the Federal Reserve Board to prevent banks from misleading customers into believing that fees charged for using a PIN number when making a debit card purchase in a retail store are imposed by the store rather than the bank. ―Annual statement disclosures are insufficient—they get buried among a host of other disclosures and they are rarely clear,‖ NRF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Mallory Duncan said. ―Only a concrete disclosure at the point of sale will make it clear and allow consumers to effectively comparison shop among banks and encourage efficiency in the marketplace.‖ ―Customers come to us with their bank statements and express their surprise—to put it mildly—that they have been charged for entering their PIN,‖ Duncan said. ―Once we overcome their disbelief and explain the true source of the charge, the customers’ anger is immediately directed at their banks. But this job should not be the retailer’s responsibility.‖ NRF filed comments with the Federal Reserve on July 23, arguing that many banks do an inadequate job of disclosing to customers that they might be charged a fee


if they enter a PIN number when using a debit card in a retail store. The Fed is conducting a study of debit card fees at the request of the Senate Banking Committee, asking among other questions whether existing disclosures required under the federal Electronic Funds Transfer Act adequately inform consumers of fees imposed by financial institutions when a debit card is used to make a purchase from a merchant. NRF noted in its comments that rules and conditions for PIN fees are often included in the fine print of annual statements, written in legal jargon along with a myriad of other disclosures. In addition, monthly bills often make the fees appear to be charged by the retailer rather than the bank that issued the debit card, NRF argued. In a hypothetical example cited in the comments, a statement might include a line item indicating ―Greenway Supermarket— Debit Purchase--$54.13‖ reflecting the amount of an actual purchase, followed by ―Greenway Supermarket— PIN Debit Transaction Fee—$1.00.‖ The second entry reflects a fee charged by the bank, but customers often read it as a fee charged by the retailer.

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The Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida proudly sponsors Meadowbrook Insurance Group as its source for workers’ compensation insurance. Meadowbrook Insurance Group Workers’ Compensation is available to the Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida membership. For more Information contact: Carl Schmachtenberger 800-993-7840 or Pat Moricca 407-774-9700.

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But You May Also Have Obligations: You receive a letter from a governing entity (state, county, city, etc.) saying your property, or part of it, is needed for the improvement or widening of Main Street, Anytown, Florida. In a state growing at an exponential rate with, seemingly, every other road under construction, this is becoming a common occurrence. The purpose of this article is to present an outline of the process involved when the government uses its power. This process is often referred to as condemnation and owners and businesses have rights provided under Florida law. For full information, Contact: Barry S. Balmuth, P.A. Centurion Tower-Eleventh Floor 1601 Forum Place, Suite 1101 West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 (561) 242-9400 Telephone (561) 478-2433 Facsimile or Bulletin Board

The last minute policy renewal quote: By waiting till the very last minute it will prevent the insured (you) from being able to shop for a lower cost policy. Below are a couple tips to help you get the best deal on insurance. Liability: At least six weeks before your policy expires, seek out competitive quotes from at least one additional agent/company. You will need to know your current policy coverage and terms to get competitive information. Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida’s/Insurance Office of America’s money saving programs with a complete insurance package to meet your business responsibility. Contact Glen Esbjorn from the Insurance Office of America for your insurance needs @ (800) 242-6899 (407) 788-3000 or Pat Moricca @ (407) 774-9700 For Group Health Insurance: Contact Dan Ricker @ 1-888-269-6019 x 2520 for information.

S. O. S. Safehouse of Seminole Domestic violence is a social issue, which crosses all boundaries and
threatens the very fabric of our society. At Safehouse of Seminole, we are dedicated to breaking this cycle of violence through our shelter and community outreach programs. Our crisis line and shelter programs provide victims and their children with the resources they need to begin healing from past and preparing for their future. Believing that education and awareness are vital tools for change, we provide educational programs in Seminole County Schools and other community organizations. 24-Hour Crisis Line 407-330-6933. Safehouse of Seminole needs your donations Your contribution to Safehouse may be tax deductible on your annual tax return, as Safehouse is an organization of the type described in section 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(A)(vi) under the Internal Revenue Code. Our registration number is SC-05086. Safehouse of Seminole Wish List: Personal Needs – Bedding Needs – Baby Food & Needs -- School Needs – Grocery/Kitchen/Cleaning Needs – Holiday Needs – Miscellaneous Items for everyday Needs! Contact the Safehouse of Seminole @ 407-330-3011 for a copy of their Wish List.
$10____ $15____

Please make checks payable to and mail to Safehouse of Seminole PO Box 2921, Sanford, FL, 32772 Name__________________________________Telephone______________________________ Address______________________________________________________________________

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