How to Start Your Own Club by lfsmj2010


									How to Start Your Own Club
If you have something that you truly love and would like to share with
others, this simple, short, and sweet guide will help you!

1Advertise your club by telling others and putting posters. The key to a
successful club is spreading the word about it.<
2Once you have got a fair amount of club members; make a place of
meeting, set a time suitable for you and club members, date[the day you
have started your club], place[your club is located], etc. for the first
initial club meeting.
3Prepare the meeting with snacks and games (optional) and anything that
involves what kind of club you made.
4During your club meeting, you're the leader of your club. In other
words, you make the decisions, so organize what you're going to talk
5Let others take charge of things after you've finished what you were
going to say/do.
6Finish off the club meeting with a gift for everyone (also optional) and
they will be pleased and eager to come back.
7Finally, plan all of your club meeting differently and according to this
simple, short, and sweet guide!
8Enjoy your club!<

Make your club something you know a lot about; books, movies and
collectors' items!
Use your club to meet new people and learn.
Mainly, HAVE FUN!
Treat everyone politely and give respect to them. Make sure they also
respect and like you.

<Things You'll Need
Object of interest (club items)
Markers, paper (or a computer) to advertise
A facility

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