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                  Super School News                                                                  
                                                                                                                    New Berlin Elementary
                                                                                                                         3613 New Berlin Rd.
                                                                                                                        Jacksonville, Fl. 32226

   A Flash from Principal Reese
 Happy March! A month where spring is just around the corner and
 warmer weather is approaching. March is always a busy month
 here at NBE. Our teachers in grades 3-5 are busy preparing their                                        Soar to These Events
 students for the upcoming FCAT that will be held in mid April. Our
 primary students are busy learning and preparing for end of the
 year assessments. Everyone is working hard at meeting their                                            March Upcoming Events
 learning goals. This couldn’t happen without the collaboration of                                 5          SAC Meeting 6 PM
 teachers, support staff, and parents helping. We appreciate your                                             PTA Board Meeting 7 pm
 collaborative effort in the learning that happens here at NBE.                                    6          Early Release
                                                                                                   7          Spring Individual/Group Pictures
 I would like to say congratulations to our 4th graders who just                                   10         Daylight Saving Time Begins
                                                                                                   12         Officer Friendly Program K & 1
 completed the FCAT Writing Assessment. Students were well
                                                                                                   19         PTA Program 6:30 PM Kindergarten
 prepared and now we wait for the scores from the state. We had
 100% participation. Thank you for having your child present and on                                20         Early Release
 time for school on the day of testing.                                                            25-29      Spring Break
                                                                                                   April 1    NO School Weather Day
 Spring Break is March 25-29, I hope that you enjoy this time with
 your families and friends. Monday, April 1s is a weather day,
 therefore, there is no school; school will resume on April 2.
Wanda Reese
 Wanda Reese

        Yearbook Presales End on March 15                                                                    

    Get you yearbook early and save! Yearbooks are                                        
      now on sale for $20.00 after March 15 prices
    increase to $25.00. For information contact your
            child’s teacher or the front office.

                                                          Lost and Found

                 Please remind your child to look in lost and found for lost items. Lost and found is
               located in the school’s clinic. This time of the year, we have many coats and jackets that
               are left on the playgrounds and other common areas. At the end of each month, items
               that are not claimed are donated to a local charity.

                                                     Timing is Everything Campaign
                  Our Timing is Everything Campaign continues to motivate students to be present for school. However, tardiness continues
                 to be our biggest challenge. For example, the week of February 18-22, only 5 classes out of 58 had zero tardies. It is
                 extremely important that students arrive on time. Our school day starts at 8:25 and we begin RTI (Response to Intervention)
                 at 8:45. Students who are late for school miss this important targeted instruction. According to DCPS Student Code of
                 Conduct, referrals can be written for those students who are consistently tardy. We appreciation your attention to this
                 manner for having your child/children on time for school daily so that learning is not interrupted.
                                                                                           Read Across America Activities
            Spring Pictures
Smile…Thursday, March 7 is picture day.
                                                                                     In red and white striped hats, students at New Berlin showed off
Students will be taking individual and group                                         their reading skills during Read Across America on Friday. March
pictures.                                                                            1st.

           Four Tactics can Strengthen                                               Celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss, students across the United
                                                                                     States participate in different activities promoting reading and
       Your Child’s Reading Comprehension                                            surrounding the theme of the famous author. Saturday would
                                                                                     have marked Dr. Seuss’ 109th birthday.
Beginning readers work hard to figure out and say words. As their reading skills
improve, however, they do more higher order thinking. This goes far beyond
                                                                                     Activities included reading Dr. Seuss books, reading with partners,
pronouncing words. It involves understanding and using information. At this
point, reading becomes learning! As your child begins to comprehend more of          crafts, eating green eggs and ham, the Science of Seuss, and
what they read, follow a few ideas listed:                                           playing Dr. Seuss games. Teachers got in on the fun too by
                                                                                     dressing up as Seuss characters.
  Summarize. Talk with your child about the material. Recall facts (such as
main characters, setting and plot), but also go further. What problems did the
characters face? Why? How does the story progress from beginning to end?
Why did things turn out the way they did?

  Make connections. What has your child already learned or experienced
before that relates to the story? How is the story like or unlike others they have
read? If the story was about a mouse, for example, what do they know about
mice that matches or doesn’t match the story?

  Solve problems. Consider how characters were affected by each other’s
actions. Imagine things from different view-points. What if your child took each
                                                                                               Kindergarten Round-up
character’s place? Would they make the same decisions they did? How might
this change the story?                                                                New Berlin is now enrolling kindergarten students for the 2013-
                                                                                      2014 school year. Children are eligible to enroll for kindergarten
  Apply knowledge. What was the message or moral of the story? Did the
author have a clear opinion? If so, what was it? Does your child agree? How can
                                                                                      if they are 5 years old on or before September 1. Proper
your child apply what they read to real life?                                         paperwork including proof of address will be required. For more
                                                                                      information regarding registration requirements visit
                                                                             and click on the parent tab. School tours
       PTA Nominations for 2013-2014 School Year                                      will begin in April. If you are interested in a tour, please contact
                                                                                      Linda Wharton, our school registrar at 714-4601.

Are you Interested in Serving on NBE’s PTA Board or know
someone who is. At the March PTA general meeting, information
will be shared on the nomination procedures and upcoming
election . We hope that you will consider a position. Be a part of
helping NBE students! You can make a difference!

Thank you to the 244 parents who completed the SACS
Accreditation online/paper survey. We really appreciate your input
and feedback. We will use this data to continue to improve all areas
of the school.                                                                                 Congratulations to February
                                                                                                  Stupendous Students

       National PTA Reflections Program                                               The students pictured above were selected for showing the
                                                                                      character trait “responsibility”. They were chosen by their peers
 Congratulations to the following students who were recognized at the                 and were recognized during the monthly recognition program.
 County Level for the Reflections projects.                                           We are so proud of our HEROS at NBE - students who Help
                                                                                      Everyone Respect Others.
                             Merit Awards
             Daniel Cano, Primary for Musical Composition
      Jordan Tucker, Intermediate for Photography and Visual Arts.
                           Excellence Award                                                             PTA Fund Raiser
                 Abby Salter, Primary for Photography
             Areanna Lugo-Reinosa, Primary for Visual Arts
                                                                                       Thank you parents for supporting the PTA Spring
               Madison Matthews, Primary for Visual Arts
           Breanna Lugo-Reinosa, Intermediate for Visual Arts                          Fundraiser; all orders are due Tuesday, March 5.
                                                                                       Items will be delivered on March 20.
 The students who received an Excellent Award will compete at the state level.

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