How to Intimidate Opponents

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					How to Intimidate Opponents
Are you afraid of an opponent who is taller and stronger than you? Do you
feel nervous or lose your confidence in front of them? Here is something
to help you out.
1Focus on yourself to beat opponents who intimidate you. It isn't the
opponent who psyches you out - it's you, yourself who gets psyched out by
your opponent's looks or the things they do before or during the
competition. They may even say a few things to upset your rhythm, but it
is you who allows yourself to think they're going to blow you to bits and
2Concentrate on yourself. Become aware of your movements, take deep
breaths, and concentrate on your game. Trust your body and forget about
the opponent. Paying attention to their movements or his facial
expressions can make you uptight. Once you start getting nervous, your
confidence dips and you stop playing your normal game. So, the secret to
beating intimidating opponents is to concentrate on your strong points,
focus on yourself and playing within yourself.
3Realize in most cases they are trying to intimidate you too. That means
they are just as scared as you. Once you realize this focus on your
opponents weakness' and just smile with confidence. If someone is trying
to intimidate you and you smile with confidence back it is the ultimate
way to psyche out your opponent. This works two fold because it makes it
seem like you already know these weakness' meaning you have a defense and
it also makes them think that you have something working for you that
they don't know about.
4Don't assume intimidation will always work. Sometimes you'll just have
to do it the old fashion way - if you feel confident in yourself that
youcando it, you'll be able to.<


This video shows instructions slightly different than that described in
the text steps above.

Don't try to do anything extraordinary - you'll probably just fall right
into your opponent's trap.
"Life's battles don't always go to the faster or stronger man, but sooner
or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can." Focus your
attention on your game, your body movements and your breath and very soon
you will see the intimidating opponent crumbling to pieces!
Don't be afraid to act a little crazy! Sometimes the most intimidating
thing is not knowing what is going on!
The louder the better; yell at them rather than speaking with your inside
voice to intimidate them - the goal is to make them doubt themselves and
make them think about themselves.
Make direct eye contact. If you look around and avoid looking at them,
you seem afraid or nervous.

Don't get intimidated yourself - just go out strong and confident to
scare your opponent.
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