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									                                                                                iAssist Case Studies
#   Client               Industry            Short Description of business
1   Private Members only Social Networking   Private social networking company in NYC who
    Club                                     host events for its members


2   Uptown               Bar/Nightclub       It has already caught valuable attention of trust-
    Restaurant/Bar                           fund babies and high-profile personalities.
                                             because this four room mecca is designed to
                                             pamper, with on-site personal security, limos




3   Law Firm             Legal               A Company who offers:- career opportunities,
                                             consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries,
                                             expertise requests, business deals, reference
                                             requests, getting back in touch



4   Consulting Firm     Social Networking      Consulting Firm has been in business since 1999
                                               delivering outsourced HR management services to
                                               small and large indigenous and international




5   Marketing Company   Internet Marketing     Client is a leading internet marketing company and
                        Company                online advertising agency.Pioneers in online
                                               marketing since 1999, we've been the leaders in
                                               creating online marketing strategies and programs




6   Business Networking Business Development   Our pay as you go and performance-based pricing
    Firm                                       strategy allow clients to enjoy the effectiveness of
                                               our services with little upfront investment. Our
                                               service feeds the growth of business and provides
                                               a platform experienced individuals looking to
                                               enhance or change careers.




7   Professional        Event Promotion        Established in 1997 client has earned a solid
    Bouts/Fights                               reputation as a leader in both the boxing and
    Organizing Firm                            fitness industries. Conveniently located in the
                                               center of downtown Manhattan we are easily



8    Fashion Industry   Mobile Applications   A Software which is an iPhone application on
                                              which we upload the Retailers information, and
                                              also the latest Promos/Events with the help of that
                                              software the users of our clients application get
                                              the information for the latest Promos/Events in
                                              the NY City and about the Retailer Stores too.



9    Event Planners     Event Planning        Client has been the place for Balloons, Decor and
                                              Entertainment for every occasion – anytime,
                                              anywhere, nationwide. The home for exquisite
                                              event decor, custom centerpieces and props,
                                              costumed messengers, party entertainers and so
                                              much more. No order is too big or too small.


10 Concept Sellers      Food/Beverage
                                              Client is here to lead the revolution in mobile
                                              cuisine! We’re a springboard for fresh culinary

11 Model In New York    Fashion               Modeling
12 Networking(IT)        Information Technology   Private company which gives solution for all
                                                  networking needs, They buy, sell,rent and lease
                                                  any network hardware

13 Hospitality           Bar/Nightclub            Private bar/restaurant in NYC wanting to
                                                  market/advertise events for its fans on social
                                                  networking sites like facebook & twitter to
                                                  increase its follower & following list.

14 Portal                Realestate               Client is the owner of a website dealing in rented

15 Angel Investor/Broker Private Equity           NY-based small and medium-sized business
                                                  focused private equity firm.
ssist Case Studies
        Challenges Faced                             iAssist Solutions provided

        Website Admin                                Manage CRM, post events, resize photos, data entry, monitor
                                                     email addresses, guest list management, upload venues, tag
                                                     members in photos

        Understand members                           Web based background checks, pull photos from sites

        Research potential sponsors                  Collected over 2,000 luxury brands contact information then
                                                     identified individuals on Linked-in and

        Research On Small Business Companies         Through Linked-in we got more than 11ooo companies in
                                                     various industries & then we fetch company information
                                                     from Google & some other sources (like Jigsaw, Manta)

        Specific Details Of Club's Members           Collected the basic info regarding members from Club's
                                                     website & lot of details collected from Linked-in & Facebook
                                                     & also made a separate word doc. Of each member with
                                                     their photograph for their specific info
        Sending Birthday Wishes to his facebook      We have to check that whos birthday is coming tommorow
        friends                                      and then we post a message on his/her wall to wish him a
                                                     great life ahead

        Posting Reviews on various websites          For this we create dummy accounts on various websites like
                                                     yelp, city search and many more and then post the reviews
        Redirecting people from Asmallworld to       for this we send personal message on behalf of Our client to
                                                     For our client
        facebook                                     join him on Face book and twitter

        sending Invitation to person for coming to   For this we send personal message on behalf of our client
        clients's bar/restaurant                     through small world to person who are going to visit New

        Researh                                      Research on Sim Tailors, Research of Super Yard, Research of
                                                     Dry Cleaner, Fetch Out specific venues & caterers
Adding contact details to YMLP              Added contact details of friends from facebook, linkedIn and
                                            Asmallworld to YMLP

Recruitment                                 job posting on various website, resume collection & formale
Research                                    Research for Hedge Fund managers, Research Analysts,
                                            Investment Bankers, Credit Analysts, and Finance
                                            Professionals .

HR-Admin Tasks,                             Taking the Intreviews for New Postion in Company

SEO Optimization,                           Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of
                                            maximizing the volume or quality of traffic to a web site (such
Research,Salesforce task,                   as a blog) from search engines
                                            Helping there Research work and adding contacts in
                                            Salesforce account

Settimg up an appointments                  Setting Up an Appointment with the Candidates for other
                                            rounds of Interview and also with the other people.
Sending Voice mail Messages                 Sending Voicemail Messages as the Messages come on there
Linkedin research.                          Create spreadsheets of all linkedin connections in MS-Excel.

Google doc research                         Prepared and upload various files on Google docs with
Prepare documents for breakfast meetings.   Prepared documents which can be needed for breakfast

Attend online Webex meetings.               Attend online meetings to put our opinion with our client
                                            and his clients.

Reviews and Comments Posting.             Posting reviews and comments on Yelp and City Search &
& Maintaing Employee's Bi-Weekly Payments Updating Employee's Spreadsheet for biweekly Payments

Publicity                                   Posting Threads on MMA & Muay Thai Forums with Pictures
                                            for every Fight event
Online Tickets                              Prepare a Online Tickets Spreadsheet with Name,Number of
                                            Tickets Sold,Amount,e-mail address to track the sales

Shopping List                               Uploaded a Spreadsheet on Google Docs
Research Task & Appointments                   Research Tasks, Scheduling Appointments,

Search for new Retailers in NY for cities:- NY, Manage the software and, Calendar file of Promotions by
Brooklyn,Manhattan ,Queens,etc.                 updating both files daily by Address, Date of Promo/events,
                                                Brand names, Retailers informations, Etc.

Search for new Promos/Events for the           Search for new Retailers with the help of various soruces
Retailers.                                     such as NY Magazine.

Maintaining database                           Search for new Promos/events with the help of various
                                               sources such as,,,

Managing company's account in MS-Money         Made entries in MS-MOney according to client's preference
                                               with full description of catagoies.

Maintaining eBay account                       Uploaded all his products to eBay with full description,
                                               Shipping rules, Shipping discounts, product images and
                                               quantities and kept record of each sale.

Research                                       We have Searched out all the information regarding food
                                               trucks from various search engines

Website Admin                                  Manage resize photos and upload them, data entry,upload
                                               trucks with menu
Adding of trucks on some of social             For this we have created friend list and added face book
networking site                                group for the food trucks

Job Application Submmition                     Provided the best available jobs as per the criteria along with
                                               the proper date and time from,
                                      matching her profile & preferences .

Maintaining Relation with the clients          By sending them mail and resume of our client and managing
                                               the communication between both
Maintaining daily calendar for the               Reminded about the events on exact date and time as per
events,castings,shoot etc.                       the calendar.

Network hardware prices Collection               Collected out the lowest price by researching on various

fortune 1000 companies Information               Fetched out the contact detais including e-mail addresses by
                                                 researching on various websites Management                        We have to create leads,merge accounts and update contact

Posting events and offers.                       Search for restaurants and bar blogs of nyc for posting
                                                 comments that advertise the restaurant's recent events and
                                                 offers and also post it on facebook wall and tweet on
Incresing follower and following list on         To increase its follower and following list and to post about
facebook & twitter.                              its recent events and offers, as it is the best way of
Sending the suggestion to our fan list to join   conveying offersthea large number of persons within a
                                                 As they confirm to suggestion our fan list starts increasing.
client's page.

Updation on website                              Take the apartment information from the link which is
                                                 provided by client and Upload each and every apartments'
                                                 information on and Building Images on his website

Search contact information for the               Searched on Google, Manta and and
Apartment Management companies         
Creat leasing Manager Directories of NY and      Take the information from nybits and if information is not
Nj Buildings.                                    available than search on google,manta and

Research potential sponsors related to           Research task related all of the information on
Marketing ,Financial,Contact Person              (google,manta,etc.) all business related websites,who helps
Information etc.                                 us to search the data.

Maintaining Salesforce CRM                       Maintain client's contacts and leads into his salesforce
Voice Mail Task   Listen all voice mails on the provide no.after that maintain a
                  spreadsheet and send to the client.

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