Mobile Paper-Shredding Service by zuperbayu


									    Mobile Paper-Shredding Service
          Start-up cost:    $15,000-$18,000
    Potential earnings:     $20,000-$40,000
           Typical fees:    $30-$50 per office visit
      Advertising: Local business periodicals, direct mail, possibly a Web site
                   that details the geographic area your services cover and that
                   includes tips on how to avoid identity theft
    Qualifi cations: Marketing skills, excellent time management and
                     scheduling ability
Equipment needed:          Paper shredder, computer, printer, fax, cell phone
    Staff required: No
     Hidden costs: Vehicle maintenance and repair

What You Do
Mobile paper-shredding services are quite popular in major U.S. cities. It has
always been important to certain types of businesses to maintain security; but this
is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish as valuable information becomes
increasingly easy to access. Some banks, for example, have suffered great losses
when criminals obtained and analyzed their discarded paper trash. Computer
codes, product information, even customer records are essential to keep confiden-
tial. The value of your service is that it guarantees security; shredding is completed
on the client’s premises so that no possibility exists for loss of data and informa-
tion. Shredding can be done by staff, but it is time-consuming and messy. You are
saving time and trouble by bringing your shredding machine to your client’s site
on a regular schedule to perform this necessary but tedious task.

What You Need
You will need a heavy-duty shredder as well (about $300). Charge $30-$50 per office
visit; offer a monthly rate to more regular clients, such as attorneys and government

Keys to Success
Try to get into this business fast if you intend to do so at all, before the crush of
competitors limits your opportunity to make a fair profit by your labors. Marketing
will need to include considerable education so that your potential clients become
aware of the advantages to their organization of this service.

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