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					Sports & Society Council Meeting Minutes Monday 24th November 2008; 3.00pm; Coslett 309a Item 1. 1.1 Attendance Alexis Mannion – Gym and Sports Coordinator Jo Harbrow – Student Activities Coordinator Pamela Clarke – Student Experience Sabbatical Officer Women’s Football Ski & Snowboard Rugby Cheerleading Economics Optics Basketball American Football Hockey Ultimate Frisbee Dance Volleyball Wing Chun Men’s Football Kickboxing Christian Union Law Hindu 1.2 Apologies for Absence Michelle Hempstead – Part Time Clubs & Societies Officer Animal Welfare Combat Games Islamic 1.3 Persons Absent Badminton Cricket Judo Netball Rowing Swimming Tennis Yoga Afro – Caribbean Animal Respect Anime & Manga Asian Burlesque Film Action (Initials)

Forensic Investment Literary LGBT Pentecostal Christian Psychology Roots & Shoots Sikh Theatre W.A.R.P Wildlife Young Socialists 2. 2.1 Acceptance of Previous Minutes

2.2 Matters Arising Cheerleading said that they were having problems login in to their email. PC explained how to do this. Other clubs / societies said that they were struggling to send group emails, PC said to email her and she will pass it on to our IT person. PC said thanks to everyone that donated blood, and the blood service were very happy and will be coming back again in march. PC said that the BUCS tournament was a success despite the injuries. PC said that there are some places on the GIAG trip to Bluewater Clubs & and Ice Skating if you are interested then go to the office. Societies 3. 3.0 Club & Society Activity Rugby have been busy competing; the men won their first game of the season and are looking to organise a trip to the Oxford/Cambridge Varsity match. The women’s team took part in the BUCS tournament, enjoyed it and were happy to score a try! Ski & Snowboard have had some socials and are finalising the holiday in January. They held a discount evening at Billabong where they had drinks, a DJ and discounts for members. Cheerleading have been practicing for their competition in February and continue to get a good turn out at training. Economics have had some good socials, are having some guest speakers come in and are organising a trip to London. Optics have had guest speakers come in and are getting a good turn out. Hindu society are holding prayer sessions every Tuesday. Women’s football won their first match of the season and won the BUCS tournament, they have lots of players this year and are organising their social tops and sports tour.

Women’s basketball have been playing in the collegiate league and are having mixed success. The Law Society are finalising their Law Ball which is in December. Wing Chun are holding gradings soon, organising socials and looking towards organising a Chinese New Year event. American Football have had two matches, unfortunately have lost both and had a player sustain an injury. PC wished their injured player all the best. Hockey are doing well and both teams are mid table in their league. They are organising some friendlies with Cambridge Colleges and a Christmas social. Men’s football continue to play their BUCS fixtures, unfortunately they got knocked out of the cup. They are playing a charity match for the children’s ward at Addenbrooks and invite everyone to come along and support. Ultimate Frisbee are 3rd in the collegiate league and came 16th in the indoor regional’s. Christian Union have held lots of socials and are developing links with Cambridge CU Kickboxing are training and growing in numbers. Men’s basketball are top of their BUCS league and their collegiate league. Dance have extended their class, to cover contempary and street dance. They are also performing at the SU X factor final and Christmas ‘Flirt’. Volleyball are undefeated in the men’s league and the women’s team are also doing well. 4. 4.0 Pigeon Holes PC said that all clubs and societies have a pigeon hole in the SU office and asked all clubs and societies to please keep checking Clubs & their post, so that they don’t miss anything important. Societies 5.0 Volunteer Forms PC explained about the volunteer scheme and handed over to AJ. AJ said that they give out volunteering awards for committee members and that they are nationally recognised. If anyone is Clubs & interested then they need to fill in a form and hand it back to AJ. Societies



6.0 Finance PC said that when clubs / societies collect money off of their members if they are paying by cheque they need to put their card details on the back. PC also said that if you are organising an event / spending over £500 that has to be passed by Union Council, and you can not just spend it, this is to make sure that your club / society has enough money in their account. PC said Clubs & that if you need help with budgets then she can help you. Societies 7.0 Wednesday Lectures PC said that she knows that it is an issue and wanted to have a discussion. PC said that historically the university said that Wednesday’s would be kept free, However this isn’t always the case. PC said that having Wednesday’s free would benefit everyone not just sports teams as it would allow students to get work done or allow societies to have meetings. Women’s football have said that half their squad have lectures on a Wednesday which means they miss the majority of the away games as they can’t miss lectures. Wing Chun have people who are unable to make training sessions due to lectures. Volleyball said that they don’t have enough flexibility so they can play fixtures, and need to play fixtures later. PC asked how societies would feel so that they could use Wednesday’s for meetings / study time. Economics attend lectures in London which benefit their course. PC said that she wants to take this item forward to the University and said that she will send round a petition for all clubs and societies to sign. PC encouraged the room to tell their course rep so that they can take it to their faculty board, so that the University will have to take notice. PC said this item will be put onto the agenda for the next meeting. PC said that she will ask other Universities if they have Wednesday’s free and how they did it.


Clubs & Societies



8.0 Society AOB The ski & snowboard club are organising a charity event on Monday 8th December and will be selling items and holding a raffle to raise money for the Children’s ward at Addenbrooks, if anyone is interested then please contact Mya from Ski & Snowboard. AJ said that if anyone is organising any charity events then V Clubs & Volunteers may be able to help with costs. Societies


9.0 Sports Tour PC said that the £60 deposit deadline is this Friday and that you should be filling in health forms when you pay. Updates will be going on the facebook site and via email. AM has organised the tops and will be sending out the information about these. PC said that some teams don’t have the maximum number then thy can still go on the social aspect of the tour. 10.0 Coaching Courses AM told clubs that we are looking into the possibility of providing coaching courses and AM asked all clubs to speak to their members to see if anyone is interested in doing it. If there are people interested then they need to email AM with their name, contact number and what sport they want to get a coaching qualification in. AM handed out some sign up sheets to clubs and asked them to find out if any members from their club were interested, and if they were they need to put their name and contact details on the sign up sheet. 11.0 Clubs AOB Wing Chun want to organise an event for CNY, PC said to go and see her for any help. JH said that you would get help from the University.





Date Of Next Meeting: Thursday 29th January 2009; 3pm; Ruskin 028

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