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									How to Throw a Wedding Shower
When wedding bells are ringing, the time for a wedding shower is nigh.
Whether those bells are for you, a good friend, or a relative, one of the
fun lead-up events to a wedding is the bridal shower. Here are a few tips
to throwing a great one.
1Check to see if the coast is clear. No, you're notsneaking out of the
house; you're checking with the bride's friends and family to see if a
shower is already planned. It isn't a good idea to throw two parties if
the same people will be at both! Consider these possibilities:<If you are
the bride-to-be's co-worker and would like to throw anofficebridal
shower, you're less likely to run into interference.
If you're the bride's mother, feel free to plan a shower for your
daughter; however, be aware that in some parts of the world it is
considered to be general wedding etiquette that the bride's mother does
not plan a bridal shower as it is thought better left to others to plan
and that it lacks taste to have the mother doing this. Note, however,
that more people are ignoring this little "rule" and doing it anyway.
It's up to your discretion.

2Decide on a date. Traditionally, the wedding shower isn't held until a
month before the wedding, but these days people are less inclined to
follow this norm and choose a date to suit their own needs. Just be sure
that the couple has had the opportunity to tell everyone about the
wedding first. You don't want to step on anyone's toes!
3Pick a theme. A theme helps direct both the mood of the shower party and
can even impact on the gifts.Consider a classic "Round the Clock" shower,
where every guest gets a certain time of day to buy theirgiftfor. Those
with 7 a.m. could give the bride breakfast items, whereas those with 6
p.m. may gift the couple with dinner plates and napkins.
Another idea is to have a locationtheme: Hawaiian, French, Chinese, or
Spanish works well. Or, tailor your theme to the location: if the shower
is at the beach, an obvious choice is to have a luau orHawaiiantheme.
Choose acharitytheme. Ask that guests not bring gifts but donate money to
charity instead. This in consideration of the reality that you will
receive wedding gifts anyway and a shower seeking gifts is akin to double
dipping and can irritate potential wedding guests.

4Set a budget. Bridal showers can run from the very inexpensive to the
extremely pricey, depending on your location and number of guests. Enlist
a few of the bride's friends to help plan (and pay!) for the shower. Be
sensible, however, as most of the money should go to the wedding and
reception and not be eaten up by a wedding shower party. If you're a
bridesmaid or maid of honor, consider asking all the girls to pitch in. A
group effort will not only lessen the limits of your purse strings, but
it will also help the shower itself run much more smoothly.
5Compile the guest list. Ask for some names from the bride herself, as
well as from the mother of the bride. If another shower is being planned,
try not to invite those same people to yours. It's ridiculous to expect
someone to buy two¡ªand sometimes even three¡ªgifts for one person! Also,
beware of inviting those who aren't also invited to the wedding itself.
Just because youthoughtthe bride was still friends with Laura from second
grade, does not mean that she is. You will only offend people if you're
not careful.
6Choose a location.Choose a location.Now comes the best part! Whether
it's thebeach, arestaurant, or fancy hotel, the location of the shower
can change everything. If you do decide to go with a specific theme, your
location should reflect this. You probably wouldn't want to bring the
bride's elderly aunts to a smoke-filled bar and grill. Sometimes the
shower is held at a relatives' home, or the maid of honor's, or even the
bride's place. Consider a nicepicnicarea, a yacht, or a bonfire/cookout
in the backyard. Your location should match both the bride's personality
and your budget.
7Choose and send the invites.Choose and send theinvites.Depending on the
size of your budget and the overall theme of the shower, you pretty much
have the world at your feet. You can buy simple invites and hand-write
the info on them, or order fancy ones from a printer, or print your own
using a computer program. Blow up a picture of the engagement photo and
write the party stats on the back in black marker. Whatever you choose,
be sure to get the invitations out early, usually 4 -6 weeks before the
shower itself.
8Purchase decorations. Decorations reflect the theme best. If you're
throwing a beach-themed shower, pick up some tiki torches, palm trees,
and grass skirts. Balloons, crepe paper streamers, banners, table
centerpieces, plates -- the list of available items goes on and on.
9Decide on a menu.Decide on a menu.Bridal showers have been known to
produce quite a few tears as well aslaughter, both of which make for some
hungry tummies. Keep the time of your party in mind when creating your
menu; a morning shower would be perfect for a brunch. Some food ideas for
your shower: finger sandwiches,cookies, cold salads, veggies and
dip,chili, crackers and cheese, etc.
10Plansome games. Silly games are essential to any good shower. The
naughtier, the better! Try a few of these:Stuff It: Before the party, sit
down with the groom and ask him a list of questions, preferably ones the
bride may not know.Stuff It:Before the party, sit down with the groom and
ask him a list of questions, preferably ones the bride may not know.
Then, at the party, pass the questions around the room, having each guest
ask the bride one. If she gets it wrong, she must stuff a piece of bubble
gum in her mouth. Her answers will become so messy, you'll have the whole
room laughing.
Stud Muffin:Before the party, obtain a picture of the groom. Buy
balloons. Also gather photos of sexy, hunky men. Roll the pictures up
tight and tie with a ribbon or rubber band. Stuff one into each balloon
and blow up. At the party, each woman has to grab a balloon and pop it.
Whoever gets therealhunk¡ªthe groom¡ªwins a prize!

11Pick up some favors.Pick up some favors.Speaking of bridal shower
games, you may want to reward your loyal jesters with a gift. Make up
little gift bags and place small trinkets inside. Shop the dollar stores
if you have to: photo albums, picture frames, fancy pens, coffee mugs,
dish towel sets, candles, nail polish...
12Stay organized. The day of the party, keep achecklistin hand and
designate others to help. If you have extensive decorating to do, arrive
at your location bright and early. Remember all your items and remember
to pick up your balloons and the cake as well.
13Be a good assistant. When the bride opens her gifts, have a pen and
paper handy. Sit next to her and write the name of the person who gives
her each gift. This will be a huge help to the bride when she writes her
"thank you" notes. In fact, many brides can't thank anyone without this
14Help clean up.Helpclean up.Don't leave your location dirty after the
party. Even if the party was thrown at the beach or a picnic area, you
still need to pick up your mess. Send the bride home with the leftover
cake and be sure the women have their favors. Hopefully a few other
people will be kind enough to help.<


Bridal Shower party is supposed to be fun, but organizing it can turn to
be a stressful and challenging process, especially when you just don't
know where to start. Sound familiar? is here to help
you! With our massive database of tips, t...

Ask for help. If you're throwing a large shower, consider enlisting some
friends to help with setting up the decorations or making food.
Stay within yourbudget. True, a wedding shower is an important event, but
it shouldn't be as expensive as the wedding itself!
If you find out there is another wedding shower being planned, ask to
combine your showers rather than hold two. Such conspicuous consumption
prior to a wedding smacks of bad taste. If you cannot combine, consider
not holding yours but putting your efforts into helping with planning the
wedding reception etc.
This is also known as a "hen's party" in some places.

Don't be offended if you receive noimmediatethanks. Brides are busy
creatures in the first place. Add ten excited aunts, eight childhood
friends and a few cocktails, and your bride may forget to thank you
properly. If, however, sheneverthanks you, it is probably something to
ask her about!

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