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									                         Director ~ Karen Pelley
                                                                               March 2013

               Team ~ Live Your Dream
                             What is the Key to YOUR Business?
                             This is the Key!
Upcoming Events
                             As the owner of a shop, you would have to take a key each day
   July 10– 12, 2013         and insert it in the lock of the front door in order for your
   At the Indianapolis       business to grow. As the owner of a Scentsy Business, it's no
 Convention Center and
   Lucas Oil Stadium                                   Each day you need to open your shop
                                                       with a key. Each day you must work in
                                                       that shop and let customers know you
                                                       are open for business.

                                                       What happens with your business is up
                                                       to you. No one else has the key to your
 Registration is OPEN!       Only you can open the door and step inside. If you do this each
                             day, your business will grow!
    $200 Early Bird
      Registration                       Scentsy hours are flexible, not optional!
   Feb 15—March 14                        It's up to you what hours you are open!
                                         This is the Key to your Scentsy Business.
  The registration fee
   is $250 beginning                                    Don’t forget…
      March 15th                            You are in charge of your own destiny!
Registration will close on                               Karen
 May 31, 2013, or when
  capacity is reached.
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                         February Top 5 PRV
                              Angela Figueora
                                Karen Pelley
                             Stephanie Mitchell
         “Until one is         Sandy Fischer
  committed, there is
                                Erica Powers
     hesitancy, the
    chance to draw
         back, always
                                See Who’s
   Whatever you can
   do or dream you
                           Living Their Dream
     can, begin it.
         Boldness has           Sales Over $1000
  genius, power and
         magic in it!”            Sales Over $500
                                  Angela Figueora
         W.H. Murray                Karen Pelley
                                 Stephanie Mitchell
                                   Sandy Fischer
                                    Erica Powers
                                   Marie Trantina
                                   Heidi Clanton
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                                Sales Over $400
                                  Ruth Vaults
                                 Kristin Fanning
                                 Cindy McCann
If you have recruited some-
one, please make sure your
new recruits are on our         Sales Over $300
Facebook group. Even if
they don't have a Facebook
                                Thanya Ocegueda
account, it would be worth        June Rogers
it to make an account just     Sharron Dominguez
so they could join the
                               Sales Over $150
There is helpful information       Kari Collins
posted daily, if not hourly,    Jennifer Wilkins
that all new consultants        Tangela Aarons
would greatly benefit
from. You can click on this    Brittany Catbagan
link to join the group and      Sarah Duensing
then just click the "request
to join" button in the top
right hand side of the page.

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Make your Scentsy business “Your Business”
                         Whether it’s your own office, a desk in the
                         corner of your own end of the kitchen counter.
                         You need to claim your space as if you were
                         the CEO of a business, or a business owner
                         with a store front. Open your business
         “Until one is
                         Make files for:
  committed, there is
                         Receipts—for accounting and
     hesitancy, the      taxes. Mileage, trips,
    chance to draw       business supplies etc.
         back, always
                         Customers Keep a file on Hostesses &
                         previous customers

   Whatever you can      Ideas—For recruiting, for parties, for any
   do or dream you           thing you have used or would like to use
     can, begin it.
         Boldness has
                                      Open a business account
                                      keeping your business and per-
  genius, power and
                                      sonal finances separate. This
         magic in it!”                makes taxes & accounting much
         W.H. Murray
                            Set budgets for what you will spend on:
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                                Organize Your Time
                    Nothing separates successful people from
              un-successful people more than how they use their time.

                   Your schedule should reflect your core values,
                decide what they are, define what is important to you
                     Then make decisions & discipline yourself.
Scentsy Time
Set aside a certain amount of time, either every day or certain days a week to take care of your
business. Make this time count, plan a “Power Hour” every day, make calls to team members, run
Scentsy errands, enlist help from family members. It’s amazing how much you can get done when
you focus and prepare!

Family Time
Family time is “essential” in fact it is probably the number 1 reason most of us choose to build a
Scentsy Family business. Remember though it is important to respect family time just as you set
aside specific times for just Scentsy, Velata and Grace Adele; save time ie Sundays, that you only
focus on family. It is OK to turn your phone off and spend uninterrupted time with your spouse or
kids. They will be more willing to help out and more supportive of your business as if they know
they are of equal importance.

You Time
Be sure that as you are walking that balancing act of business and family, that you remember to
stop, take a deep breath. Take care of you! Learn to say NO to things that are not a priority in your
schedule. Be kind to yourself, schedule time to do the things you love or just read, recharge, medi-
tate, exercise, etc. Remember if you do not choose what to do with your time, someone else will.

                   12 Tips to be a time management Super Star!
1.   Make a list of things to get done      7. Don’t do others peoples work
2.   Prioritize the list                    8. Don’t be a perfectionist
3.   Plan your day / week / month           9. Give a mouse a cookie
4.   Enlist everyone in the planning       10.. Know when you need help. Your time is worth money.
5.   Learn to say NO                       11. Discern from importance & Emergency
6.   Identify bad habits                   12. Continuously improve yourself, give your self time to
                                               fill your own bucket. Take 60 min. a day to ponder &
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                          Get a Super Start on 2013!
                             March 11 is day 70!
Here's how you can Super Start your 2013.

Any Scentsy Fragrance Consultant who matches Scentsational Start requirements in the first 70
days of the year will earn incentive products.

•   Scentsational Start - Level 1: 1,250 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) or three personally
    sponsored active Scentsy Fragrance Consultants.
•   Super Start Bonus: ONE free product of your choosing and the opportunity to buy additional
    items for $25 (USD)/$30 (CAD) each.

•   Scentsational Start - Level 2: 2,500 points in PRV or 1,250 points in PRV and three personally
    sponsored active Scentsy Fragrance Consultants.
•   Super Start Bonus: TWO free products of your choosing and the opportunity to buy additional
    items for $25 (USD)/$30 (CAD) each.

•   Scentsational Start - Level 3: 5,000 points in PRV or 2,500 points in PRV and six personally
    sponsored active Scentsy Fragrance Consultants.

Super Start Bonus: THREE free products of your choosing and the opportunity to buy
   additional items for $25 (USD)/$30 (CAD) each.

    Roma Decorative Plate
    Roma Decorative Vase
    Roma Decorative Bowl
    Strata Decorative Vase (small)
    Strata Decorative Vase (large)
    Strata Decorative Bowl

Even if you've been nurturing your business for years, you can jump-start your 2013 sales and
recruiting with Super Start. Not only will you spend 70 days energizing your business, but you'll also
have your choice of fantastic incentive products!

Products are available only while supplies last. Incentive products received are based on the level
of Scentsational Start qualifications you meet during the first 70 days of 2013. Offer applies to
Scentsy Fragrance Consultants and Scentsy Fragrance PRV. If you’re a new Scentsy Fragrance
Consultant earning the Scentsational Start Award at any level, you may earn the Scentsational Start
Award and Super Start incentive products at the same time. Strata and Roma items earned and/or
purchased separately do not count toward PRV. Velata and/or Grace Adele PRV does not count to-
ward Scentsy Fragrance Super Start.
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Ordering Catalogs and Order Forms
Many of us have received Spanish Order Forms, Spanish Catalogs and Canada Catalogs when
ordering what we thought was English forms or catalogs (including me). Before submitting your
orders please double check to make sure you’ve selected the correct catalogs or order forms.

       Here is what to look for when ordering catalogs for Scentsy, Velata and Grace Adele

                                    US English ~ (US-EN)
                                    US Spanish ~ (US-ES)
                                   Canada English ~ (CA-EN)
                                   Canada French ~ (CA-FR)

                          Scentsy, Velata or Grace Adele Order Forms

                                     US English ~ (US-EN)
                                     US Spanish ~ (US-ES)
                                     Canada ~ (CA-EN/FR)
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From March 1—31, 2013, all Campus Collection warmers will be 40 percent off.
The list of Campus Collection warmers available at the 40 percent discount may
evolve throughout the promotion to ensure we have inventory available through the
Spring Summer 2013 Catalog Season.

Send out emails to your contacts and promote as early as possible. Inventory is
subject to change. When they show interest be sure to explain that quantities are
limited and not to hesitate ordering. Your sports fans will not want to miss out on this
special...It’s Madness!
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Promotion Ends March 31, 2013
Page 10
                            Warmer & Scent of the Month!!
      MARCH WARMER | Green Thumb
      How does your garden grow? This charming grass-green
      warmer is adorned with a stylized metal sunflower. Pair Green
      Thumb with Hello Yellow for a perfect dose of spring cheer.
      DSW-GRTH $35.00 $31.50 (10% OFF)

     MARCH SCENT | Hello Yellow
     Good day, sunshine! Hello Yellow is a sunny floral fragrance of
     incandescent white petals, golden lemons, and a touch of bright basil — a spring pick-me-
     up. Enjoy this month’s fragrance at a 10% discount.
           Scent Circle CC-HYL $3.00 $2.70              Scentsy Bar SB-HYL $5.00 $4.50
           Room Spray RS-HYL $8.00 $7.20                Discounts do not apply to Combine and Save.

      Scent of the Month (SOTM)/ Warmer of the Month (WOTM) Kits:
      There are many new people on the team and I am sure many of you have the question of what is SOTM and WOTM? SOTM/WOTM
      is a program that Scentsy has created for consultants. Every month Scentsy brings out a NEW Scent and NEW Warmer. These are
      called the Scent of the Month and Warmer of the Month. These DO NOT come in your starter kits. So Scentsy has created a pro-
      gram that allows Consultants to get not just a sneak peak at what the new Scent an Warmer are going to be, but allow us to buy
      the kit as early as 2 weeks before it is available to customers.

      This is what the SOTM includes for $35:                             This is what the WOTM includes for $60:

      **   11-Scentsy Bars                                                 ** 11-Scentsy Bars
      **   1-Room Spray                                                     ** 1-Room Spray
      **   1-Mini Tester                                                   ** 1-Mini Tester
      **   1-Party Tester                                                   ** 1-Party Tester
      **   1 Pack-Monthly Promotion Flyer (50 flyers)                      ** 1 Pack-Monthly Promotion Flyer (50 flyers)
      (This is a total of about $66 of stuff for only $35)                  ** 1-Warmer
                                                                           (This is a total of about $101 of stuff for only $60)

      Here are the benefits to signing up for the kit:
      1. You will have the product available to the customer to sniff and see (Remember if they can't sniff it they probably won't buy it!)

      2. The SOTM/WOTM count towards your PRV, which also means you receive commission off of it! Here is what you will make com-
      mission wise off each kit
              SOTM Kit: $35 x 25% = $8.75
              WOTM Kit: $60 x 25% = $15

      3. You can use the some of the Bars to make samples.

      4. You can sell almost EVERYTHING in the Kit!! Remember the Scentsy Bars and Room Sprays are actual products!! So that means
      that you can sell them!! (I personally use some of the bars to make samples, I sell most of the bars and typically use the Room
      Spray for a prize at parties.) Here is the profit you will make if you sell the items.

      Scentsy Bars = $5 x 11 = $55
      Room Spray = $8
      Grand Total (If you sell them all) = $63

      You can sign up for the SOTM/WOTM Kit on your workstation under the "Accounts" tab. You will have to put a credit card on file. If
      you sign up between the 1st and the 14th your CC will be charged on the 15th of the month and the kit shipped out 2 business days
      after that (you will also get automatically charged the 15th of every month after that until you withdrawal from the subscription). If
      you sign up between the 15th and the 28th your card will be charged within 2 business days and your kit will ship out within 2 busi-
      ness days after that (your card will also get automatically charged the 15th of every month after that until you withdrawal from the
      SOTM/WOTM program).

      You can only sign up for either the SOTM or the WOTM kit. You can NOT do both. You can withdrawal from the program, upgrade
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               Team Training !
                       2nd Wednesday of the Month
                              Time: 7pm
                      Meeting alternating locations:
                  Karen’s Home          Erica Powers
                  1732 E Hilton Ave     3831 E Santa Fe Lane
                  Mesa AZ 85204         Gilbert AZ 85297

                              Meeting Schedule
                         March 13th ~ 7pm At Erica’s
                         April 10th ~ 7pm At Karen’s
                        PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

                               Weekly Training Calls
        New and Old Consultant Training Call ~ Scentsy, Velata & Grace Adele
                               Call: 712-451-6125
                             Access Code: 434840#
                                Reference Code: #

                  Team Training Call ~ Scentsy, Velata & Grace Adele
                               Saturdays @ 10am MST
                                 Call: 712-432-0175
                               Access Code: 459549#
                                 Reference Code: #
                          OCTOBER SCENT | Autumn Stroll
                          Amble under a bright harvest moon, leaves crunching underfoot, as
                                    Scentsy Training
                          peppery cinnamontake advantage of. Go to warmtrainingto
Scentsy has AMAZING training we can all mingles with dusky plum and the incense center
                          create a
                                   for and comforting fragrance. Enjoy this month’s fra-
 on your workstation and registerspicyupcoming training or go back and listen to past
                          grance at a 10% discount.
                                            Scent Circle wait to hear all
          trainings. You will learn SO much!! Can’t CC-AST $3.00 $2.70about it.
                     $5.00 $4.50
                                            Scentsy Bar SB-AST
                                            Room Spray RS-AST $8.00 $7.20
                                          Scentsy Brick SK-AST $20.00 $18.00
                                      Discounts do More You and Save.
                  “The More You Learn, The not apply to Combine Earn”
                      Becca Levie ~ Super Star Director
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                                  Perfect for:
                                St Patrick’s Day

            1 Box Chocolate Cake Mix                     3 Eggs
            1 tsp Mint Extract                           1 cup Milk

 Holiday Shipping Dealines:
 Scentsy Fragrance, Velata eggs, mint extract and milk. Batter will So, to
MIX TOGETHER cake mix,and Grace Adele make great holiday gifts. be thick. Pour into a
 be sure Consultants and Bake at 350 degrees on 28 – wish lists in time for
greased 9x13 baking pan. customers get what’s fortheir 32 minutes or until cake springs
back when lightly touched. Remove from oven and cool completely. Crumble cake into
small, even pieces, placing crumbs in a large bowl.

1/2 cup Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
1/2 cup Marshmallow Cream

WITH THE BACK of a spoon, mix together cake crumbles with other ingredients until a
thick dough consistency forms. Shape into evenly sized cake bites and cool 1 – 2 hours in
the refrigerator or 20 minutes in the freezer. Dip into dark chocolate.

Shape cake bite into an oval or like an egg. Dip into white chocolate. Gently tap cake bite
until excess chocolate slides off. Decorate with sprinkles much like you would your Easter
Eggs. Set cake bite on wax paper until chocolate firms.
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                                     Lifetime PRV Award

Our Lifetime PRV Award is given to Consultants for every 10,000 points in Lifetime PRV
reached. Consultants will be spotlighted for each 10,000 points up to 100,000 points. After
reaching 100,000 points, Consultants will only be spotlighted for each 50,000 points in
Lifetime PRV reached.
To be recognized in a given month’s Consultant Spotlight, you must have crossed into the
next 10,000-point level during the month prior.
For example, if your Lifetime PRV on March 31 is 19,000 and your PRV for April is
1,500, your new Lifetime PRV will be 20,500. This would lead to you being recognized in
Consultant Spotlight.

           I look forward to recognizing YOU when you reach your goals!

          LIFETIME PRV 20,000
               Dee Marsh

          LIFETIME PRV 10,000
                Sandy Fischer (Feb 2013)


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                           Important Phone Numbers and Emails
                         Scentsy Consultant Support        Convention
    JUST ASK!                                              Training and Development
    No Question          Scentsy Compliance      
   is Too Small!                                           Subscriptions
                         Product Returns         
Is there something you
are struggling with?                                       Awards
Do you have questions    Event Questions         
that are unanswered?
                                                           Karen Pelley
  Please contact me      Finance (paycard or commission)   602-390-
   or your sponsor.     
 We are here for YOU!
                         Account Services
I need YOUR help!
                         Product Development
What topics would you
like discussed at our
team meetings? Do
you have questions or
concerns? You are
not alone, we all have
questions and need
                           I am here for you. If there is
each other. Let’s work
together!                 anything that I can do to help
Is our team newsletter
informative? If not,
                            you and your success with
what would you like to
see in our team news-
                         Scentsy, Velata, or Grace Adele
                               please let me know!

Thanks for your help!
        Karen                      Hugs! Karen
       Email me

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