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									Fidel Castro fascinated by book on
Bilderberg Club

                             AP – ** CORRECTS PHOTOGRAPHER'S BYLINE
TO ROBERTO CHILE ** In this photo released by the state media Cubadebate …
By WILL WEISSERT, Associated Press Writer Will Weissert, Associated Press Writer –
2 hrs 29 mins ago

HAVANA – Fidel Castro is showcasing a theory long popular both among the far left
and far right: that the shadowy Bilderberg Group has become a kind of global
government, controlling not only international politics and economics, but even culture.

The 84-year-old former Cuban president published an article Wednesday that used three
of the only eight pages in the Communist Party newspaper Granma to quote — largely
verbatim — from a 2006 book by Lithuanian-born writer Daniel Estulin.

Estulin's work, "The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club," argues that the international group
largely runs the world. It has held a secretive annual forum of prominent politicians,
thinkers and businessmen since it was founded in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in

Castro offered no comment on the excerpts other than to describe Estulin as honest and
well-informed and to call his book a "fantastic story."

Estulin's book, as quoted by Castro, described "sinister cliques and the Bilderberg
lobbyists" manipulating the public "to install a world government that knows no borders
and is not accountable to anyone but its own self."

The Bilderberg group's website says its members have "nearly three days of informal
and off-the-record discussion about topics of current concern" once a year, but the
group does nothing else.

It said the meetings were meant to encourage people to work together on major policy

The prominence of the group is what alarms critics. It often includes members of the
Rockefeller family, Henry Kissinger, senior U.S. and European officials and major
international business and media executives.
The excerpt published by Castro suggested that the esoteric Frankfurt School of
socialist academics worked with members of the Rockefeller family in the 1950s to
pave the way for rock music to "control the masses" by diverting attention from civil
rights and social injustice.

"The man charged with ensuring that the Americans liked the Beatles was Walter
Lippmann himself," the excerpt asserted, referring to a political philosopher and by-
then-staid newspaper columnist who died in 1974.

"In the United States and Europe, great open-air rock concerts were used to halt the
growing discontent of the population," the excerpt said.

Castro — who had an inside seat to the Cold War — has long expressed suspicions of
back-room plots. He has raised questions about whether the Sept. 11 attacks were
orchestrated by the U.S. government to stoke military budgets and, more recently
suggested that Washington was behind the March sinking of a South Korean ship
blamed on North Korea.

Estulin's own website suggests that the 9/11 attacks were likely caused by small nuclear
devices, and that the CIA and drug traffickers were behind the 1988 downing of a jetliner
over Lockerbie, Scotland, that was blamed on Libya.

The Bilderberg conspiracy theory has been popular on both extremes of the ideological
spectrum, even if they disagree on just what the group wants to do. Leftists accuse the
group of promoting capitalist domination, while some right-wing websites argue that
the Bilderberg club has imposed Barack Obama on the United States to advance

Some of Estulin's work builds on reports by Big Jim Tucker, a researcher on the
Bilderberg Group who publishes on right-wing websites.

"It's great Hollywood material ... 15 people sitting in a room sitting in a room
determining the fate of mankind," said Herbert London, president of the Hudson
Institute, a nonpartisan policy think tank in New York.

"As someone who doesn't come out of the Oliver Stone school of conspiracy, I have a
hard time believing it," London added.

A call to a Virginia number for the American Friends of Bilderberg rang unanswered
Wednesday and the group's website lists no contact numbers.

Castro, who underwent emergency intestinal surgery in July 2006 and stepped down as
president in February 2008, has suddenly begun popping up everywhere recently,
addressing Cuba's parliament on the threat of a nuclear war, meeting with island
ambassadors at the Foreign Ministry, writing a book and even attending the dolphin
show at the Havana aquarium.
The Bilderberg Group - Planning on a New World Order
   Every year since 1954, the secretive Bilderberg Group (named after the
hotel they first met in the Netherlands), comprising elite powerbrokers
from Europe and North America, has met to discuss, and influence, the
changing global, political, economic and social landscape.
    In the early 1990s, a relatively unknown Home Affairs spokesman for
the Labour Party, Tony Blair, was invited to a Bilderberg confab. By 1997,
he was Prime Minister of Great Britain. Similarly, in the late 80's, a
little known Governor of Arkansas by the name of William Clinton gladly
accepted an invitation to a Bilderberg. A few years later he was leader of
the so-called 'free' world.
    Currently, Bilderberg member Kenneth Clarke and non-Bilderberg member
Ian Duncan Smith are fighting a battle to represent the Conservative
'opposition' party to Labour. I sincerely hope he doesn't, but Kenneth
Clarke will win that battle. Then we will have leaders of the two
'opposition' parties who are in actual fact not in 'opposition' at all.
    Margaret Thatcher has expressed her support for non-Bilderberg member
Smith. Why? Because Bilderberg took the decision to oust Margaret Thatcher
and replace her with John Major. This was confessed by Thatcher in
conversation with Jim Tucker - former editor of the Spotlight newspaper
which was closed down by the Anti-Defamation League because it was 'anti-
Semitic.' Tucker spent his life exposing and tracking Bilderberg meetings
- that means he hates Jews of course.
    William Hague was the Bilderberg member who provided the shill, phoney
'opposition' to Tony Blair at the last general election. He forwarded a
weak anti-European posture which failed dismally. This equated any anti-
European (anti-Orwellian power block) mindset as being outdated and
smeared with preconceptions of association with the laughable Tory
election campaign. Europe is good and loving, sovereignty is evil, right-
wing, racist, outdated, Satanic and nefarious. It's true, I read it in the
newspaper. And who owns the newspapers? The Bilderberg Group.
     Surely senior officials of the World Trade Organization, Federal
Reserve, Financial Institutions like Rockefeller (the man himself), the EU
and UN World Government models, and corporate oil conglomerates couldn't
belong to the same group as the leading politicians and the media? Well,
they do. They all belong to the Bilderberg Group.
    So, who belongs to the other quasi-secret steering organisations such
as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission? The
same people. The Globalist New World Order.
    I list below a summary of Bilderberg members. This is by no means an
exhaustive list. There are over 50 members who refuse to be named. These
representatives attended the June 2000 meeting in Belgium at the Chateau
du Lac Hotel in Genvel, near Brussels. The group releases a short press
statement, outlining their operation to have a good old think about things
but not implement any policy. So when the show is over these elite
powerbroker mainstream policy makers just go home and have a cup of tea.
I'm being sarcastic, by the way.

Key - A=Austria, B=Belgium, CDN=Canada, D=Germany, DK=Denmark, E=Spain,
F=France, FIN=Finland, GB=Great Britain, GR=Greece, INT=International,
I=Italy, IRL=Ireland, NL=Netherlands, S=Sweden, USA=United States of

The Members and who they Represent

Financial Institutions
--- USA: David Rockefeller - Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank International
Advisory Council.
--- USA: Jessica T. Mathews - President, Carnegie Institute for
International Peace (disarming the serfs).
--- USA: George Soros - Chairman, Soros Fund Management.
--- USA: Henry A. Kissinger - Chairman, Kissinger Associates.

UN and EU Representatives
--- INT: Carl Bildt - Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for the
Balkans, United Nations.
--- INT: Louise Frechette - Deputy Secretay-General, United Nations.
--- A: Wolfgang Petritsch - European Union Chief Negotiator at the Kosovo
Peace Talks in Rambouillet and Paris.
--- INT: Javier Solana - Secretary-General, Council of the European Union.

--- INT/USA: James D. Wolfensohn - President, World Bank.
--- USA: William J. McDonough - President, Federal Reserve Bank of New
--- F: Jean-Claude Trichet - Governor, Banque de France
--- INT: Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa - Member of the Executive Board, European
Central Bank.
--- DK: Nyboe Andersen - Governor, Central Bank of Denmark.
--- D: Hilmar Kopper - Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank

--- USA: James B. Steinberg - Deputy Assistant to the President for
National Security Affairs.
--- USA: John M. Deutch - Institute Professor, MIT, and former Director,
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
--- USA: Bill Richardson - Secretary of Energy.
--- NL: Dick Benschop - State Secretary for European Affairs.
--- GB: Kenneth Clarke - Conservative MP (and future British Prime
--- USA: Christopher J. Dodd - Senator, Democrat, Conneticut.
--- USA: Chuck Hagel - Senator, Republican, Nebraska (and these two are
supposed to be in opposition to each other)! Could both be future
Presidency candidates a la Clinton?
--- FIN: Paavo Lipponen - Prime Minister.
--- DK: Anders Rasmussen - Chairman, Liberal Party.

--- USA: Donald E. Graham - Publisher, the Washington Post.
--- CDN: Conrad Black - Chair, Telegraph Group Ltd.
--- D: Matthias Nass - Deputy Editor, Die Zeit.
--- I: Gianni Riotta - Deputy Editor, La Stampa.
--- DK: Toger Seidenfaden - Editor, Politiken.
--- GB: Martin Wolf - Associate Editor/Economics Commentator, The
Finanacial Times.
--- GB: John R. Micklethwait - United States Editor, The Economist.
--- GB: Adrian D. Wooldridge - Foreign Correspondant, The Economist.

Corporate and Trade
--- INT: Mike Moore - Director-General, World Trade Organization.
--- NL: Jeroan van der Veer - Group Managing Director, Royal Dutch Shell
group of companies, and Designate President, Royal Dutch Petroleum
--- GB: Martin J. Taylor - Chairman, WH Smith Group PLC, and International
Adviser, Goldman Sachs International, Honorary Secretary-General -
Bilderberg Group.
--- IRL: Peter D. Sutherland - Chairman, Goldman Sachs International and
Chairman, BP Amoco PLC.
--- USA: John L. Thornton - President and CEO, Goldman Sachs Inc.
--- I: Giovanni Agnelli - Honorary Chairman Fiat SpA.
--- FIN: Jorma Ollila - Chairman of the Board and CEO, Nokia Corporation.
--- USA: James A. Johnson - Chairman and CEO, Johnson Capital Partners.
--- S: Leif Johansson - President and CEO, Volvo AB.
--- USA: Esther Dyson - Chairman, EDventure Holdings Inc.
--- S: Percy Barnevik - Chairman, Investor AB.
--- CDN: Israel Asper - Chairman, CanWest Capital Group Inc.
--- USA: Paul Allaire - Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Xerox

--- NL: Queen Beatrix - Her Majesty, the Queen of the Netherlands and of
the House of Orange.

PS - I didn't even have time to list all the University Professors, mainly
based in the USA. College campuses, just like schools, are Globalist
brainwashing camps.

Circulate far and wide. The 3rd law of physics - the butterfly effect -
however small your influence it will ripple out and have a further

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it
was planned that way."
    Franklin D Roosevelt

     Paul Joseph Watson

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