How to Enjoy a Family Camping Trip

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					How to Enjoy a Family Camping Trip
Are you currently dreading your up and coming family camping trip? Was
your last camping trip filled with crying babies, under-cooked hot dogs,
and seemingly always present mosquitoes? Fear no more; this article is
for you!
1Research. If you know what camping site you are going to, be sure to
research all of the amenities prior! That way, you can at least have a
idea of what types of things you can do there. Look for trails, hiking
grounds, beaches, bike trails, parks, lakes, etc. Things you can do
outdoors with other people!<
2Bring the games! Be sure to bring lots of your favorite family board
games. This will not only be a fun way to spend time with your family,
but it will also make time go by quicker.
3Bring a friend, if possible; that always makes things easier. However,
you should make sure that the friend you bring also brings an enjoyable
experience. You don't want to get stuck with someone who might not want
to do the same things you want to, ie. going on a hike.
4Bring some books to read. If you like to read, be sure to bring plenty
of reading material! If you are almost finished with a book, all that
free time might lead you to finish it. Then, you won't have anything to
5Make sure you bring your favorite snacks. Some suggestions include
fruit, crackers, and even stuff tomake S'mores!
6Bring adrawing pad. You could draw pictures of your family in a funny
way, then post them on the trees around the campsite for the next campers
to find!
7Bring a pet!
8Avoid using bug spray, as it can get nasty. Instead, invest in the Off!
brand clip-on bug repellent.<

Don't mope and sulk around because it will make it a bad experience for
Remember, it's a FAMILY camping trip, so spend time with your family! It
will be well worth putting behind issues and making memories.

Please be safe while going on unknown trials, and always let somebody
know exactly where you are going to be at all times.
If you have a phone, it is smart to keep it with you at all times.
Don't wander off into the woods at night alone, unless absolutely
At night, try staying in well-lit areas.

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