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Welcome to the 2012
Archival Survival catalogue
Our commitment to Australian-made products
We are delighted to present the 2012 catalogue. Our range continues to grow and we are pleased
to advise that very few prices have changed in the past 12-18 months. Despite increasing competition
from cheaper overseas imports, we continue to uphold our commitment to Australian-made products.
The quality of our products is never comprised and with over 80% of our core products either made
or converted here in Australia, we continue to offer competitive prices that allow us to support the
Australian economy. At every opportunity we will source an Australian-made alternative where available.

Special Order Service
To supplement our catalogue range, we offer a Special Order Service on both the Talas and University
Products/Lineco ranges. Simply quote the Talas or University product code from their respective websites,
www.talasonline and, and we can provide an immediate quote in
Australian dollars including freight. Orders generally take 4-6 weeks to arrive depending on availability.
You will also see in the catalogue that we now hold stocks of some of the more popular lines that
are requested on a regular basis.

Made-to-order Service
Our made-to-order service allows us to convert high quality raw materials into customised storage products.
With the recent purchase of a computerised box-making machine, we can now produce a wider range of
customised boxes and folders even faster and at better prices. Examples of the types of materials we can
custom-make include:
• Polyester (DuPont Mylar/Melinex) sheets and sleeves
• Boxes in a variety of styles, made from archival corrugated archival board,
  solid fibre board or rigid polypropylene
• Storage folders in a range of designs including four-flap folders, document wallets,
  manilla folders and map folders
• Polypropylene & polyethylene sleeves
• Paper and tyvek envelopes
• Custom sheeting of archival barrier papers, tissues and boards

Your Partner in Preservation
Archival Survival is committed to offering the highest quality archival products at the best value. Along with
our fast delivery and friendly customer service, we are honoured to be your partner in preservation and
welcome your feedback to keep us on track. To place an order, simply complete the Order Form at the
back of the catalogue or send a Purchase Order to the address/fax number below. To enquire about any
of our products or services, don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Tel 1300 78 11 99                              Email
Fax 1300 78 11 46                              Post PO Box 1139, Doncaster East Vic 3109
Please note prices are correct at the time of publication and may change without notice.

boxes                     5

PROV approved products    12

boards                    15

cards & tuberolls         18

folders                   19

papers & tissues          20

enclosures                22

binders                   27

films                     28

labels                    30

packaging                 32

tapes                     33

lineco tapes              35

photocorners              37

adhesives                 38

insect control products   39

accessories &
conservation materials    41

index                     52

order form                55
                                                                      Image courtesy of National Archives of Australia

    Bulk Discounts
    Archival Survival is pleased to offer the following discounts
    on products featured in this catalogue*

    5+ items or packs of the same code = 5%
    10+ items or packs of the same code = 10%
    20+ items or packs of the same code = 15%

    NAA & PROV box discounts
    10 packs of the same code = 5%
    20 packs of the same code = 10%

    For further information on special pricing for large runs
    of any items, don’t hesitate to contact us in person on:
    Archival Survival Pty Ltd
    ABN 27 114 117 967
    Telephone: 1300 78 11 99
    Facsimile: 1300 78 11 46

                                              *Discounts not available on A4/foolscap/A3 cut papers
                                                                                           archival boxes

Corrugated blue/grey board Boxes
An economical range of high quality storage boxes constructed from buffered archival corrugated
board that meets NAA standards. Offering a broad range of styles and sizes to accommodate most
records and objects, these boxes do not require glue for assembly and are shipped flat to reduce
freight & storage costs. Discounts apply on bulk quantities. Custom-made boxes, trays and
printing are also available on request.

NAA range                          Box dimensions all internal (LxWxD)                                      Pk         Price ex GST
BXNAA1P                            Type 1: 371x168x250mm (standard files up to foolscap)                    50                    $175.00
BXNAA2P                            Type 2: 371x79x250mm (small consignments of f/c files)                   50                    $200.00
BXNAA3P                            Type 3: 371x159x112mm (index cards, audio tapes, microfilm)              50                    $137.50
BXNAA4P                            Type 4: 371x292x250mm (lever arch files, large registers)                25                    $137.50
BXNAA5P                            Type 5: 371x210x137mm (large index cards, video tapes)                   50                    $175.00
BXNAA6P                            Type 6: 310x410x116mm (computer printouts, registers)                    25                    $143.75
BXNAA8P                            Type 8: 852x103x100mm (rolled maps/plans)                                50                    $212.50
BXNAA9P                            Type 9: 371x106x188mm (bank cheques)                                     50                    $200.00
BXNAA10P                           Type 10: 371x429x115mm (xrays & large documents)                         25                    $137.50
BXNAA17P                           Type 17: 1100x153x150mm (rolled maps/plans)                              25                    $255.00
BXNAA18-85P                        Type 18: 750x553x85mm (large registers)                                  10                    $225.00
BXNAA18-116P                       Type 18: 750x553x116mm (large registers)                                 10                    $275.00
BXNAA19-100P                       Type 19: 400x553x100mm (large registers)                                 10                    $119.50
BXNAA19-200P                       Type 19: 400x553x200mm (large registers)                                 10                    $130.00

                                                            D                                                                             D
                           D                                                                        D
                                               L                          L
      L                                                                                                          L

                   W                                    W                                  W                                      W

            Type 1                                 Type 2                         Type 3                             Type 4

                               D                                    D             L                                                   D
  L                                            L                                                                 L

                       W                                        W
                                                                                                W                             W

          Type 5                                   Type 6                                Type 8                       Type 9

                               D           L
                                                                                                        D                                     D
                                                                              L                                  L
  L                                                             D
                   W                                                                            W                                     W

   Type 10                                          Type 17                           Type 18                         Type 19

    archival boxes

    Corrugated blue/grey board Boxes
    Documents (LxWxH)                                                                        Pk   Price ex GST
    BXTAS1P                Tas Archives Office Type 1 371x168x250mm.                         50         $175.00
    BXMUBA4-50             A4 230x320x50mm. Attached lid, clamshell.                          5          $32.50
    BXMUBA4-100            A4 230x320x100mm. Attached lid, clamshell.                         5          $35.00
    BXMUBA3-50             A3 315x440x50mm. Attached lid, clamshell.                          5          $42.50
    BXMUBA3-75             A3 315x440x75mm. Attached lid, clamshell.                          5          $43.75
    BXMUBA3-100            A3 310x440x100mm. Attached lid, clamshell.                         5          $45.00
    BXMUBF/C-50            Foolscap 270x405x50mm. Attached lid, clamshell.                    5          $38.00
    BXMUBF/C-100           Foolscap 270x405x100mm. Attached lid, clamshell.                   5          $40.00
    BXMUBA2-50             A2/newspaper tabloid 440x616x50mm. Attached lid, clamshell.        1          $16.95
    BXMUBA2-75             A2/newspaper tabloid 440x615x75mm. Separate lid & base.            1          $19.95
    BXMUBA2-100            A2/ newspaper tabloid 440x615x100mm. Attached lid, clamshell       1          $17.50
    BXMUBA1-100            (A1) 610x910x100mm. Drop-front, s/w lid & base                     1          $34.50
    BXMUBAO                (AO) 880x1200x60mm. Drop-front, s/w lid & d/w base                 1          $50.00
    BXMUBPLAN              Plan box 1405x910x80mm. Drop-front, s/w lid & d/w base             1          $75.00
    BXMUBBO                (BO)1120x1400mmx60mm. Drop-front, d/w lid & base                   1          $95.00
    BXMUBPB                Standard pamphlet box 240x75x280mm (150mm high at front)           1           $4.95
    BXMUBPB-XL             Large pamphlet box 280x100x280mm (150mm high at front)             1           $6.75
    BXMUBLARCH-L           Large lever arch file box (stores 6) 465x355x315mm. Attached lid.  1          $16.45
    BXMUBLARCH-M           Small lever arch file box (stores 4) 355x355x315mm. Attached lid.  1          $13.95
    BXMUBSATCH             Foolscap satchel 371x40x250mm. Attached lid.                       5          $24.95
    BXMUBSUS-H             Suspension Hanging Bar box, foolscap.                              1           $9.95
                           383x164x250mm. Holds suspension files. Attached lid.
    Textiles (LxWxH)
    BXMUBTEXL              Large textile 540x1350x145mm. Separate lid & base.                1          $69.00
    BXMUBTEXM              Medium textile 600x950x145mm. Separate lid & base.                1          $49.00
    BXMUBHAT-S             Small hat box 300x300x150mm. Attached lid.                        1          $15.95
    BXMUBHAT-M             Medium hat box 350x350x150mm. Separate lid & base.                1          $20.00
    BXMUBHAT-L             Large hat box 350x350x300mm. Separate lid & base.                 1          $22.50
    BXMUBHAT-SLOUCH        Slouch hat box 400x285x110mm. Attached lid.                       1          $19.95
    Prints (LxWxH)
    BXMUB1114              (11x14") 295x375x60mm. Drop-front, s/wall sep lid & base          1          $12.95
    BXMUB1216              (12x16") 320x420x75mm. Drop-front, s/wall separate lid & base     1          $18.95
    BXMUB1620-C/S          (16x20") 430x540x75mm. Attached lid, Clamshell.                   1           $17.00
    BXMUB1620              (16x20") 430x540x60mm. Drop-front, s/wall sep lid & base          1          $22.50
    BXMUB2125              (21x25") 560x675x60mm. Drop-front, s/wall sep lid & base          1          $25.00
    BXMUB2434              (24x34") 700x900x60mm. Drop-front, s/wall sep lid & base          1          $40.00
    Photographic (LxWxH)
    BXGLSNEG85x110-2       83x83mm glass negs, 185x125x100mm, double row                     1            $7.75
    BXGLSNEG4x5            4x5" glass neg 145x65x118mm                                       1           $5.00
    BXGLSNEGQP             3.25x4.25" (quarter plate) glass neg 130x65x110mm                 1            $4.75
    BXGLSNEGHP             6.5x4.75" (half plate) glass neg 190x70x150mm                     1           $5.50
    BXGLSNEGWP             6.5x8.5" (whole plate) glass neg 245x70x185mm                     1           $6.50
    BXGLSNEG8x10           8x10" negative 275x65x225mm                                       1           $8.95
    BXCELNEG4x5            4x5" Cellulose neg 120x195x155mm                                  1           $8.00
    BXCELNEG4x6            4x6" Cellulose neg 140x195x190mm                                  1           $8.50
    BXCELLNEG5x7           5x7" Cellulose neg box 195x185x150mm                              1           $9.95

                                                                             archival boxes

Corrugated blue/grey board Boxes
Trays                                                                                           Pk      Price ex GST
TRAYBOX1-1/2              Trays to fit Type 1 box. Creates 2 levels for storing small objects    2               $3.40
TRAYBOX1-1/3              Trays to fit Type 1 box. Creates 3 levels for storing small objects    3               $4.80
TRAYBOX4-1/2              Trays to fit Type 4 box. Creates 2 levels for storing small objects    2               $4.30
TRAYBOX4-1/3              Trays to fit Type 4 box. Creates 3 levels for storing small objects    3                $6.10
TRAYBOX18-1/2             Trays to fit Type 18 box. Creates 2 levels, 35mm deep                  2              $10.80
TRAYBOX18-1/3             Trays to fit Type 18 box. Creates 3 levels, 35mm deep                  3              $16.20
TRAYTEXL                  Trays to fit large textile box, 540x1350x70mm high. Pk 2*              2              $35.00
TRAYTEXM                  Trays to fit medium textile box, 600x950x70mm high. Pk 2*              2              $30.00
*One pair of trays creates two levels inside textile box, each level 70mm high.
Index cards (LxWxH)
BXIND285x295x165          285x295x165mm, attached lid                                            1               $12.15
BXIND360x90x260           360x90x260mm, attached lid                                             1              $10.95
BXIND390x260x170          390x260x170mm, attached lid                                            1              $14.95
BXIND395x215x140          395x215x140mm, attached lid                                            1              $12.95
BXNAA3P                   NAA Type 3: 371x159x112mm                                             50             $137.50
BXNAA5P                   NAA Type 5: 371x210x137mm                                             50             $175.00
BXPROV-ICL                PROV large: 371x210x137mm                                             25              $87.50
BXPROV-ICS                PROV small: 385x170x120mm                                             25              $87.50
Audio-Visual (LxWxH)
BXMUBREC1-10              10" Record box 281x114x310mm                                           1              $10.50
BXMUBREC-12               12" Record box 336x114x366mm                                           1              $12.50
BXMUBREC-16               16" Record box 430x90x440mm                                            1              $14.50
BXMUBFILM-6               Microfilm reel box, 283x108x108mm (holds 6 reels)                      1               $8.95
BXMUBCD                   Compact Disks 260x135x150mm. Attached lid.                             1               $9.46
BXMUBCD-L                 Compact Disks 371x135x150mm. Attached lid.                             1               $9.95
BXMUBDVD                  DVDs 371x195x145mm (holds 24)                                          1              $13.45

                                                                                                     Drop-Front Box

                         Clamshell Box
                         (attached lid)

    archival boxes

    Solander Boxes
    Individually handcrafted buckram-covered boxes are made using the finest quality materials.
    Sealed with pH neutral adhesive and lined with buffered archival paper, our solander boxes
    offer the ultimate in presentation and preservation for documents and works of art.
    Hoop pine base available at additional cost.

    Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
    BXSOL11x14             295x370x60mm (to fit 11x14")                                         1        $240.00
    BXSOL12.5x18           325x463x60mm (to fit 12.5x18")                                       1        $240.00
    BXSOL16x20             415x520x60mm (to fit 16x20")                                         1        $260.00
    BXSOL16x22             415x563x60mm (to fit 16x22")                                         1        $260.00
    BXSOL20x24             513x614x60mm (to fit 20x24")                                         1        $285.00
    BXSOL19x25             487x640x60mm (to fit 19x25")                                         1        $295.00
    BXSOL20x27             513x690x60mm (to fit 20x27")                                         1        $329.00
    BXSOL21x29             538x741x60mm (to fit 21x29")                                         1        $335.00
    BXSOL22x32             563x817x60mm (to fit 22x32")                                         1        $359.00
    BXSOL25x32             640x817x60mm (to fit 25x32")                                         1        $396.00
    BXSOL25x34             640x868x60mm (to fit 25x34")                                         1        $396.00
    BXSOL30x40             767x1021x60mm (to fit 30x40")                                        1        $454.00
    BXSOL32x40             817x1021x60mm (to fit 32x40")                                        1        $472.00
    BXSOL33.5x49.25        855x1255x60mm (to fit 33.5x49.25")                                   1        $567.00

    Kraft Boxes
    A non-archival and economical alternative for temporary records not requiring long-term or permanent
    retention. Distinguished by its brown colour, the standard sized Type 1 container houses standard files
    up to foolscap size. Other sizes can be custom-made- minimum quantities apply.

    Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
    BXKRAFT1P              Type1 non archival 371x168x250mm for temporary records, brown 50               $80.00
    BXKRAFT4P              Type 4 Non archival 371x284x250mm                                   25         $61.25
    BXMAPTPS-NA            Non archival map carrier for transportation of maps & plans          1          $9.95

          Solander Box                                                        Polypropylene Boxes

                                                                        archival boxes

Polypropylene Boxes
Our polypropylene boxes offer complete protection from dust and light. Made of inert material and
passing the PAT, these boxes are safe for storage of photographs as well as documents and textiles.
Durable and waterproof, polypropylene boxes withstand considerable wear and tear and are especially
suitable for touring collections. Tab construction allows boxes to be shipped flat. Available in light grey
to complement most modern offices and storage repositories, the Box 1 and A2 boxes are also
available in Charcoal (please specify colour when ordering). Custom boxes are available on request.

Documents (LxWxH)                                                                        Pk       Price ex GST
BXPPA4                  A4 320x230x100mm. Separate lid & base.                            1               $9.95
BXPPA3                  A3 440x310x100mm. Separate lid & base.                            1              $12.95
BXPPA2                  A2/newspaper 610x440x100mm. Separate lid & base.                  1              $19.95
BXPPBOX1                Box 1 (foolscap files upright) 390x175x250mm. Attached lid        1               $7.95
BXPPBOX3                Box 3 (index card, audio tapes, microfilm) 371x159x112mm          1               $7.95
BXPPBOX5                Box 5 (large index cards, video tapes) 371x210x137mm              1               $9.95
BXPP-PB                 Open pamplet box 310x85x250mm                                     1               $6.95
BXPPSATCHA5             A5 satchel 215x30x155mm                                           1               $6.95
BXMUBA4-7               A4 satchel 320x7x225mm                                            1               $6.95
BXMUBA4-15              A4 satchel 320x15x225mm                                           1               $6.95
BXMUBA4-20              A4 satchel 320x20x225mm                                           1               $6.95
BXMUBA4-30              A4 satchel 320x30x225mm                                           1               $6.95
BXMUBA4-40              A4 satchel 320x40x225mm                                           1               $6.95
BXMUBA4-50              A4 satchel 320x50x225mm                                           1               $7.95
BXPPSATCHFC             Foolscap satchel 350x25x250mm                                     1               $6.95
BXPPSATCHA3             A3 satchel 450x40x315mm                                           1               $9.95
BXPPSATCHB3             B3 large satchel 510x25x407mm                                     1              $10.95
Photographic (LxWxH)
BXPPMFICHE              Microfiche 168x44x125mm                                           1               $2.80
BXPPMFILM-25            Microfilm/floppy disk 98x25x98mm                                  1               $1.95
BXPPMFILM-43            Microfilm/floppy disk 98x43x98mm                                  1               $1.95
BXPPNEGHP               Half plate glass neg 195x60x145mm satchel style                   1               $8.95
BXPPNEGWP               Whole plate glass neg 235x65x175mm satchel style                  1               $7.95
BXPPNEGQP               Quarter plate glass neg 145x37x120mm satchel style                1              $10.95
BXPPNEG6X4              Glass neg, CD, 6x4" print, microfiche 280x160x130mm, box style    1               $9.95
Textiles (LxWxH)
BXPPTEX-S               Small textile 800x450x85mm. Separate lid & base.                  1              $29.95
BXPPTEX-L               Large textile 1350x540x145mm. Separate lid & base.                1              $62.50
BXPPTEX-M               Medium textile 950x600x145mm. Separate lid & base.                1              $57.50
BXPPHAT-FS              Hat box 450x450x300mm. Fixed spine.                               1              $34.95
BXPPHAT-DS              Hat box 450x450x300mm. Drop spine.                                1              $34.95
Audio-Visual (LxWxH)
BXPPREC7"               7" record box 206x60x231mm, holds approx 10 records               1               $7.95
BXPPREC10"              10" record box 281x60x310mm, holds approx 10 records              1               $9.95
BXPPREC12"              12" record box 336x60x356mm, holds approx 10 records              1              $12.95
BXPPREC16"              16" record box 465x60x440mm, holds approx 10 records              1              $16.95
BXPPTAPE5"              5" open tape box 135x17x133mm                                     1               $5.95
BXPPTAPE7"              7" open tape box 185x17x183mm                                     1               $6.95
BXPPTAPE10"             10" open tape box 270x17x270mm, including hub                     1               $8.95

     archival box kits

     Single & Triple Deck Object Box Kits
     These versatile boxes allow smaller objects to be stored together within the one box. The Single Deck
     Object box is one third the height of the Triple Deck Object box. Both boxes take the same trays/divider
     inserts. Divider insert creates 12 separate compartments, each approx 90x90mm. No tape or adhesive
     is required for assembly. All components are constructed with National Archives-approved corrugated
     archival board and are 100% Australian made. Trays can be used without divider inserts if required.
     Boxes can also be purchased on their own. Custom dividers can be made to fit specific objects
     such as golf balls, etc.

     Range                                                                                             Pk         Price ex GST
     BXMUBOB-KITM               Triple Deck Object Box Kit                                              1                  $26.95
                                (incl 3 trays & divider inserts) 390x295x240mm (id)
     BXMUBOB-KITS               Single Deck Object Box Kit                                              1                  $18.95
                                (incl 1 tray & divider inserts) 390x295x80mm (id)
     BXMUBOB-M                  Triple Deck box only 390x295x240mm (id)                                 1                  $20.95
     BXMUBOB-S                  Single Deck box only, 390x295x80mm (id)                                 1                  $16.95
     BXMUBOB-KITL               Large Object box kit, 473x575x60mm. Single level with 21 divisions 1                       $29.95
     BXMUBOB-KITXL              XL Object box kit, 473x575x250mm. Four levels, 21 divisions/level       1                  $49.95
     BXMUBOB-L                  Large outer box only, 473x575x60mm. Separate lid & base                 1                  $24.50
     BXMUBOB-XL                 XL outer box only, 473x575x250mm. Separate lid & base                   1                  $34.50

              Triple Deck Object box with trays & dividers                   Single Deck Object Box with tray & dividers

                                                                          archival box kits

Modular Object Box System
Modular Object box system comprises an Outer box and lid which holds 2 x Half Insert boxes,
4 x Quarter Insert boxes, 8 x Eighth Insert boxes, 16 x Sixteenth Insert boxes, 32 x Thirty-second
Insert boxes, 64 x Sixty-fourth Insert boxes, or any combination of the above. Ideal for a variety of
small object sizes including coins, badges, natural sciences and maritime collections. Board used in
the construction of the boxes is National Archives of Australia-approved archival corrugated board.
Insert boxes are made of 100% Australian-made narrow corrugated E-flute board. Boxes do not
require any tape or adhesive for construction and are shipped flat.

Insert boxes are available as lid and base, or lid only within the kit. If open compartments are required,
the box lid only is required, which is turned upside down to produce the tray compartment. A clear
250 micron Mylar lid is also available for viewing collections while providing protection from dust
and handling. Individual Insert boxes and Outer box are available as separate items.

Range                                                                                               Pk        Price ex GST
BXMODKIT-BX                 Kit containing Outer Box & Lid with complete Insert boxes                1                 $49.95
                            (Lids & Bases) – any combination to fit Outer box
BXMODKIT-TRAY               Kit containing Outer Box & Lid with Insert trays                         1                 $39.95
                            (Lids) only – any combination to fit Outer box
BXMOD-OUTER                 Outer Box only – Base & Lid 600x440x60mm (external dimensions) 1                           $27.50
BXMOD-MYL-LID               DuPont Mylar Lid, 250um                                                  1                   $7.50
BXMOD-E-1/2BOX              Half Insert box 400x280x40mm                                             1                 $ 9.90
BXMOD-E- 1/4BOX             Quarter Insert box 270x200x40mm                                          1                   $7.90
BXMOD-E-1/8BOX              Eighth Insert box 200x135x40mm                                           1                  $5.90
BXMOD- E-1/16BOX            Sixteenth Insert box 130x95x40mm                                         1                  $5.50
BXMOD-E-1/32BOX             Thirty-second Insert box 95x65x40mm                                      1                  $4.90
BXMOD-E-1/64BOX             Sixty-fourth Insert box 60x45x40mm                                       1                  $3.90

        Modular object box kit – complete boxes with lids           Modular object box kit – lids used as tray compartments

     public record office victoria
     approved archival storage products

     An economical range of high quality storage boxes constructed from NAA approved buffered archival
     corrugated board that meets the PROV standards for long term storage. Offering a broad range of styles
     and sizes to accommodate most records, these boxes do not require glue for assembly and are shipped
     flat to reduce freight & storage costs. Pack quantities listed result in cost-effective freight charges.
     Other quantities are available – please contact customer service for further assistance.
     Measurements are L x W x H

     Code                    Description                                                    Pk    Price ex GST
     BXPROV-1                PROV 1 box (holds standard files up to foolscap)               50          $175.00
                             Internal 387x170x250mm. External 400x175x255mm
     BXPROV-1.5              PROV 1.5 box (holds standard files up to foolscap)             50          $207.50
                             Internal 387x120x250mm. External 400x126x256mm
     BXPROV-2                PROV 2 box (holds standard files up to foolscap)               50         $200.00
                             Internal 387x83x250mm. External 400x89x256mm
     BXPROV-3                PROV 3 box (holds card registers)                              25          $148.75
                             Internal 440x175x310mm. External 455x180x320mm
     BXPROV-4                PROV 4 box (holds larger records up to A3)                     25          $223.75
                             Internal 580x170x350mm. External 600x180x380mm
     BXPROV-DF               DF box (holds computer printouts and rate books)               25          $162.50
                             Internal 430x380x120mm. External 440x390x125mm.
     BXPROV-ICL              ICL box (holds large index cards)                              25           $87.50
                             Internal 371x210x137mm. External 386x217x150mm
     BXPROV-ICS              ICS box (holds small index cards)                              25           $87.50
                             Internal 385x170x120mm. External 400x180x125mm
     BXPROV-LAM              Medium PP album 2 ring (to replace lever arch binders)          1           $16.50
                             Internal 280x47x355mm. External 283x50x360mm
     BXPROV-LAL              Large PP album 2 ring (to replace lever arch binders)           1           $22.50
                             Internal 280x60x355mm. External 283x70x360mm.
     BXPROV-NF               NF box (holds folded foolscap records-small consignments)      25          $112.50
                             Internal 385x120x255mm. External 400x130x260mm
     BXPROV-N2F              N2F box (holds folded foolscap records-larger consignments)    25          $112.50
                             Internal 385x140x255mm. External 400x150x260mm
     BXPROV-PLL              Plan box (holds large rolled maps and plans)                   25          $198.75
                             Internal 1000x150x150mm. External 1020x160x160mm
     BXPROV-PLS              Plan box (holds small rolled maps and plans)                   25          $102.50
                             Internal 852x103x100mm. External 870x110x110mm

                      These archive boxes meet Public Record Office Victoria
                      specifications for the archival storage of permanent public records

                                     public record office victoria
Please note sketches are not to scale                                    approved archival storage products
and indicate the style of box only.

                            D                                                                                             D

        L                                            L                                               L

                   W                                             W                                              W

BXPROV-1/BXPROV-1.5/BXPROV-2                             BXPROV-3                                         BXPROV-4

                                 D                                           D                                                D
       L                                         L                                               L

                        W                                            W                                           W

            BXPROV-DF                                    BXPROV-ICL                                      BXPROV-ICS

                                                                                 W                                                W
       L                                          L                                               L
                            D                                            D                                            D

    BXPROV-LAM/BXPROV-LAL                                BXPROV-NF                                       BXPROV-N2F

                                                             D                                           D

                                                         W                                        W

                                           BXPROV-PLL                                     BXPROV-PLS

                                                    These archive boxes meet Public Record Office Victoria
                                         specifications for the archival storage of permanent public records

     public record office victoria
     approved archival storage products

     A comprehensive range of alkaline-buffered archival folders made from NAA approved folder
     board that meets the PROV standards for long term storage. Individual documents and files up to
     A3 size can be safely stored in a choice of manilla folder, document wallet (half and fully enclosed),
     four flap folder (for fragile documents and booklets of varying thicknesses) and lateral file
     (for suspension filing). All folders except A3 size are 260gsm

     Range                      Description                                                                Pk     Price ex GST
     FLDMAN                     Foolscap manilla folder 355x245mm with 8mm top tab                        100            $45.00
     FLDHDW25                   Foolscap half encl doc wallet 355x230mm, expands to 25mm                   50            $46.36
     FLDFDW40                   Foolscap fully encl doc wallet 355x230mm, expands to 40mm                  50            $49.09
     FLDFDW25                   Foolscap fully encl doc wallet 355x230mm, expands to 25mm                  50            $48.00
     FLD4FLP15-50               Foolscap 4 flap folder 355x230, 15mm exp, 50mm side flaps                  50             $48.18
     FLD4FLP25-290              Foolscap 4 flap folder 355x230, 25mm (1”) exp, 290mm side flaps 50                       $90.00
     FLD4FLP13-290              Foolscap 4 flap folder 355x230mm,                                          50            $76.00
                                13mm (1/2”) exp, 290 side flaps
     FLD4FLPA4-MULTI            A4 4 flap folder 220x310mm,                                                50            $69.50
                                scored at 7/13/25mm, 170mm side flaps
     FLD4FLPA5-MULTI            A5 4 flap folder 160x220mm,                                               100            $54.50
                                scored at 7/13/25mm, 170mm side flaps
     FLDLAT40                   Foolscap lateral file 355x230, expands to 40mm, 20mm end tab               25            $48.62
     FLDFDW40-A3                A3 fully encl doc wallet 435x310mm, expands to 40mm, 320gsm                25            $40.00
     FLDMAN-A3                  A3 manilla folder 470x370mm                                                50            $80.00

        Manilla folder      Half enclosed          Fully enclosed         Fully enclosed       Four-flap folder     Lateral file
                           document wallet       document wallet –      document wallet –                            with tab
                                                 40mm expansion         25mm expansion

     Map Bags
     A versatile range of inert polyethylene bags that provide economical and safe storage for maps,
     plans and other large documents. Made of 150um low density polyethylene (LDPE), bags are extremely
     durable and provide good support for more fragile materials. All bags are open on one long side for
     ease of inserting items.

     Range                      Description                                                                Pk     Price ex GST
     ENCPEMAP-S                 Small map bag 775x600mm                                                    50             $72.00
     ENCPEMAP-M                 Medium map bag 850x840mm                                                   50           $100.00
     ENCPEMAP-L                 Large map bag 880x1370mm                                                   50           $165.00

                         These archive boxes meet Public Record Office Victoria
                         specifications for the archival storage of permanent public records

                                                                   archival boards

Blue-grey Corrugated Board
Tested and approved by the NAA, blue-grey corrugated board is available in single wall (3mm) and
double wall (5mm) thicknesses. A versatile material for box-making, backing of frames and creating dividers,
this board is also available in custom-sized sheets (minimum quantities apply).

Single Wall                                                                          Pk       Price ex GST
BRDMUB116x96-S         1160x960mm Single Wall Blue/Grey                                5             $41.25
BRDMUB119x190-S        1190x1900mm Single Wall Blue/Grey                               5             $80.00
BRDMUB232x96-S         2320x960mm Single Wall Blue/Grey                                5             $75.00
Double Wall
BRDMUB116x96-D         1160x960mm Double Wall Blue/Grey                                5             $80.00
BRDMUB119x190-D        1190x1900mm Double Wall Blue/Grey                               5            $162.50
BRDMUB232x96-D         2320x960mm Double Wall Blue/Grey                                5            $155.00
E-flute Board
BRDMUB119x190-E        1190x1900mm narrow corrugation E-flute 400gsm board             5             $59.95

Grey/White Folding Box Board
Manufactured in the US by Legion Paper to the exact specifications of Rising conservation board.
100% sulphite. Acid-free and buffered with calcium carbonate. This versatile duplex grey
white board is popular in libraries and conservation labs for folder and box making.
Clean, non-cracking folding properties.
Range                                                                                Pk       Price ex GST
BRDRISBB1GW40x60       1 ply 1016x1524mm, grey, 240gsm                               10              $79.50
BRDRISBB2GW40x60       2 ply 1016x1524mm one layer white, one layer grey, 490gsm     10             $149.50
BRDRISBB3GW40x60       3 ply 1016x1524mm two layers white, one layer grey, 770gsm    10             $189.40
BRDRISBB4GW40x60       4 ply 1016x1524mm, 3 layers white, 1 layer grey, 1030gsm      10             $249.50

White Folder Board
Made of a single ply of material, our 100% Australian-made folder board does not contain any
adhesives and is produced in accordance with the NAA’s archival quality standard. White folder
board has many practical applications including folder-making, bookbinding and production of card
supports. With a minimum alkaline reserve of 2%, the buffered board promotes longevity of
paper-based collections by neutralising acids present within original materials that are stored
in contact with it. Custom sizes available on request. Minimum quantities apply.

Range                                                                                Pk       Price ex GST
BRDFLD83123-320        830x1230mm 320gsm white                                       50             $195.00
BRDFLD505735-260       505x735mm 260gsm white                                       100             $110.00
BRDFLD665970-260       665x970mm 260gsm white                                       100             $170.00

     archival boards

     Grey/green Library Board
     A durable stock available in two thicknesses, our Australian-made library board is an economical and
     high quality alternative to expensive imports. The naturally dyed grey/green colour disguises unsightly
     marks. Sturdy & durable buffered board has many applications including folder-making, wrapping,
     interleaving, production of phase boxes, backing for framing as well as lightweight mats for mounting.

     Range                                                                                          Pk       Price ex GST
     BRDLIB120160-240          1200x1600mm 240gsm, 10pt grey/green                                  50            $290.68
     BRDLIB120160-490          1200x1600mm 490gsm, 20pt grey/green                                  25            $337.25
     BRDLIB80120-240           800x1200mm 240gsm, 10pt grey/green                                  100            $290.68
     BRDLIB80120-490           800x1200mm 490gsm, 20pt grey/green                                   50            $337.25

     Rising Museum Board
     Machine-made by Rising, this 100% cotton rag is buffered with calcium carbonate for added protection.
     Rising Museum board is the first choice of framers, museums and conservators for mounting, matting
     and preservation of fine prints and precious documents. A large range of whites are available ex stock.
     Other colours available on request, POA. Colour swatches are available on request.

     Range                                                                                          Pk       Price ex GST
     BRDRISMUS32X40-2          813x1016mm (32"x40") 2 Ply (no cream or ivory)                       25            $199.95
     BRDRISMUS32X40-4          813x1024mm (32"x40") 4 Ply (all whites available)                    25            $419.95
     BRDRISMUS40X60-4          1016x1524mm (40"x60") 4 Ply (all whites available)                   25            $839.05
     BRDRISMUS32X40-8          813x1016mm (32"x40") 8 Ply (no cream or ivory)                           10        $529.95
     BRDRISMUS40X60-8          1016x1524mm (40"x60") 8 Ply (no cream or ivory)                          10        $999.95
     BRDRISM48X96-4            1219x2438mm (48"x96") 4 Ply (warm white)                                 10        $895.95
     BRDRISM60X104-4           1524x2641mm (60"x104") 4 Ply (antique white, white, warm white)          10       $1275.85
     “whites” range includes: white, warm white, antique white, cream, ivory, natural and polar white

     Rising Photomount Board
     Machine-made by Rising, this 100% cotton rag is neutral pH and unbuffered, making it ideal for use
     with photographic prints and textile mounting when excessive alkalinity should be avoided.

     Range                                                                                          Pk       Price ex GST
     BRDRISPM32X40-4           810x1020 (32"x40") 4 Ply white                                       25            $419.95
     BRDRISPM40X60-4           1020x1520 (40"x60") 4 Ply white                                      25            $839.05

                                                                 archival boards

Lightweight board with an acid and lignin-free outer and polystyrene core, used for box making
and as a backing board for mounting and label creation.

Range                                                                                Pk       Price ex GST
BRDFC-AF32x40-3        White 813x1016mm, 3mm thickness                               25            $321.00
BRDFC-AF32x40-5        White 813x1016mm, 5mm thickness                               25            $349.00
BRDFC-AF40x60-3        White 1016mx1524mm, 3mm thickness                             25            $435.00
BRDFC-AF40x60-5        White 1016mmx1524mm, 5mm thickness                            25            $465.00
BRDFC-AF32x40-5-SA     White self-adhesive 813x1016mm, 5mm                           25            $460.00

Coreflute (archival grade)
Inert and chemically stable corrugated polypropylene board has a variety of uses including box making,
frame backing, drawer lining and artefact support.

Range                                                                                Pk       Price ex GST
BRDCF183X91.5-3        White 1830x915mm, 3mm thick                                    5             $55.00
BRDCF183X122-5         White 1830x1220mm, 5mm thick                                   5             $95.00
BRDCF183X122-3         White 1830x1220mm, 3mm thick                                   5             $55.00
BRDCF244X122-5         White 2440x1220mm, 5mm thick                                   5            $125.00
BRDCF244X122-3         White 2440x1220mm, 3mm thick                                   5             $75.00

Ethafoam 220
Ethafoam 220 polyethylene foam is a rigid, medium-density closed cell foam. Chemically inert and
non-abrasive, it is suitable as a cushioning component for lining drawers and boxes, and support
for museum artefacts and artworks. Other sizes available on request.
NB: To reduce possible high freight charges, planks can be cut in half at no additional charge.

Range                                                                                Pk       Price ex GST
BRDETHA10-B            2740x600x10mm black                                            1             $68.95
BRDETHA10-W            2740x600x10mm white                                            1             $68.95
BRDETHA20-B            2740x600x20mm black                                            1            $119.95
BRDETHA20-W            2740x600x20mm white                                            1            $119.95
BRDETHA50-B            2740x600x50mm black                                            1            $257.15
BRDETHA50-W            2740x600x50mm white                                            1            $257.15
BRDETHA100-B           2740x600x100mm black                                           1            $533.15
BRDETHA100-W           2740x600x100mm white                                           1            $533.15

     archival cards & tuberolls

     Support Cards
     Made from our buffered Folder Board stock, these cards provide excellent support for fragile
     documents and photographs. A variety of document and print sizes can be mounted on the card
     using photo-corners and the white stock is annotated using a permanent pigma pen. Used in conjunction
     with our hole-punched polyester or polypropylene sleeves and stored in our attractive archival binders,
     the support cards are the ideal basis for a true archival scrapbook.

     White                                                                                    Pk         Price ex GST
     CRDA4W                  A4 210x297mm white, 260gsm                                       25               $10.95
     CRDFCW                  Foolscap 216x330mm white, 260gsm                                 25               $14.95
     CRDA3W                  A3 297X420mm white, 260gsm                                       25               $18.50
     CRDA2W                  A2 420x594mm white, 260gsm                                       25               $37.00
     CRD6x4W                 110x160mm (6x4") white, 260gsm                                   25                $7.95
     CRD5x7W                 127x177mm (5x7") white, 260gsm                                   25                $8.95
     CRD8x10W                210x265mm (8x10") white, 260gsm                                  25                $9.95
     CRDA4B                  A4 210x297mm black, 270gsm                                       25               $14.95
     CRDA3B                  A3 297x420mm black, 270gsm                                       25               $28.95
     LP Record Cards
     CRD7"REC                To fit 7" records.                                               50               $30.00
                             Folded in middle with circular cut-outs both sides
     CRD10"REC               To fit 10" records.                                              25               $18.00
                             Folded in centre with circular cut-outs both sides
     CRD12"REC               To fit 12" records.                                              25               $20.00
                             Folded in centre with circular cut-outs both sides
     CRD16"REC               To fit 16" records.                                              25               $36.00
                             Folded in centre with circular cut-outs both sides

     Archival Tuberolls
     Tubes are manufactured from NAA approved white folder board and adhesive.
     Ideal for rolling storage of textiles and large rolled documents. Three diameter sizes available.

     Range                                                                                    Pk         Price ex GST
     TUBEROLL3"              Diameter 72mm external, 66mm internal, 3mm wall, 2m length         1              $19.95
     TUBEROLL6"              Diameter 162mm external, 154mm internal, 3mm wall, 2m length       1              $49.95
     TUBEROLL9"              Diameter 228mm external, 220mm internal, 4mm wall, 2m length       1              $79.95

                                                                              archival folders

Archival Folders
Our range of buffered white archival folders are made from NAA-approved folder board and tailored
specifically for documents up to A3. For A4 and foolscap documents, choose the economical manilla
folder, or where a more secure housing is required for different sized items, the half enclosed and
fully enclosed Document Wallets are ideal. Very fragile papers can be safely stored in Four-Flap
Folders where the documents are carefully lifted out, reducing the risk of further wear and tear.
Oversized map folders and custom sizes are also available – minimum quantities apply.

Range                                                                                       Pk           Price ex GST
FLDMAN                     Foolscap manilla folder 355x245mm with 8mm tab                   100                    $45.00
FLDHDW25                   Foolscap half encl doc wallet 355x230mm, expands to 25mm         50                     $46.36
FLDFDW40                   Foolscap fully encl doc wallet 355x230mm, expands to 40mm        50                     $49.09
FLDFDW25                   Foolscap fully encl doc wallet 355x230mm, expands to 25mm        50                     $48.00
FLD4FLP7-45                Foolscap 4 flap folder 7mm exp, 45mm flaps                       50                     $46.95
FLD4FLP15-50               Foolscap 4 flap folder 355x230, 15mm exp, 50mm side flaps        50                     $48.18
FLD4FLP25-290              Foolscap 4 flap folder 355x230,                                  50                     $90.00
                           25mm exp, 290mm side flaps (1")
FLD4FLP13-290              Foolscap 4 flap folder 355x230mm,                                50                     $76.00
                           13mm exp, 290 side flaps (1/2")
FLD4FLPA4-MULTI             A4 4 flap folder 220x310mm,                                     50                     $69.50
                            scored at 7/13/25mm, 170mm side flaps
FLD4FLPA5-MULTI             A5 4 flap folder 160x220mm,                                     100                    $54.50
                            scored at 7/13/25mm, 170mm side flaps
FLDLAT40                    F/cap lateral file 355x230, expands up to 40mm, 20mm side tab    25                    $48.62
FLDFDW40-A3                 A3 fully encl doc wallet 435x310mm, expands to 40mm, 320gsm      25                    $40.00
FLDMAN-A3                   A3 manilla folder 470x370mm                                     50                     $80.00
FLDFDW-20MUS                Music 4 flap folder 295x395mm, expands to 20mm                  50                     $69.50
FLDMAP-LGE                  Large Map folder, 1370x800mm with 20mm lip, 320gsm               1                     $19.95
FLDMAP-MED                  Medium Map folder, 1180x850mm with 20mm lip, 320gsm              1                     $17.95
All folders except A3 and map folders are 260gsm

        Manilla folder                        Half enclosed document wallet            Fully enclosed document wallet –
                                                                                               40mm expansion

  Fully enclosed document wallet                        Four-flap folder                          Lateral file with tab
         – 25mm expansion

     archival papers & tissues

     Perpetuum Wove
     Watermarked & NAA approved, our 90gsm & 120gsm Perpetuum Wove papers feature the
     NAA’s Q-infinity trademark, making them readily identifiable as archival papers. 100% Australian-made,
     these papers are acid and lignin-free and alkaline buffered to neutralise acids that exist in original papers,
     packaging and the atmosphere. Perpetuum Wove meets stringent tear strength tests, making it suitable
     for the creation of permanent records. Larger rolls and sheets are ideal for interleaving, wrapping,
     envelope manufacture etc. Sheeting service available.

     Copy paper                                                                                 Pk        Price ex GST
     PAPA4-90                 Perpetuum Wove A4 210x297, 90gsm                                500               $17.95
     PAPFC-90                 Perpetuum Wove foolscap 216x330mm, 90gsm                        500               $26.95
     PAPA3-90                 Perpetuum Wove A3 297x420, 90gsm                                500               $38.95
     PAPA4-120                Perpetuum Wove A4 210x297, 120gsm                               500               $29.95
     PAPA3-120                Perpetuum Wove A3 297x420, 120gsm                               500               $57.50
     PAPA2-120                Perpetuum Wove A2 420x594mm, 120gsm                              250              $57.50
     PAPA2-150                Perpetuum Wove A2 420x594mm, 150gsm                              250              $86.25
     Barrier/wrapping paper
     PAP103R-90               Perpetuum Wove 1030mmx100m, 90gsm                               1 roll            $99.00
     PAP6591-90               Perpetuum Wove 650x910mm, 90gsm                                  250             $130.91
     PAP80120-90              Perpetuum Wove 800x1200mm, 90gsm                                 250             $163.64
     PAP65R-120               Perpetuum Wove 650x50m, 120gsm                                  1 roll            $84.95
     PAP135R-120              Perpetuum Wove 1350x50m, 120gsm                                 1 roll           $149.95
     PAP160R-120              Perpetuum Wove 1600x100m, 120gsm                                1 roll           $325.00
     PAP80120-120             Perpetuum Wove 800x1200mm, 120gsm                                250             $305.00
     PAP6591-120              Perpetuum Wove 650x910mm, 120gsm                                 250             $199.95
     PAP80120-150             Perpetuum Wove 800x1200mm, 150gsm                                125             $229.95
     PAP104142-150            Perpetuum Wove 1040x1420mm, 150gsm                               125             $355.75
     PAP103R-150              Perpetuum Wove 1030mmx100m, 150gsm                              1 roll           $249.95
     PAP160R-150              Perpetuum Wove 1600mmx50m, 150gsm                               1 roll           $195.25
     Please note – no bulk discounts on A4, foolscap and A3 paper

     Neutral pH glassine available in sheets and rolls, in a variety of widths and weights.
     Suitable for a variety of wrapping and interleaving applications. Smooth, translucent and
     off-white in colour, glassine is particularly useful in situations where transparency is required.

     Range                                                                                      Pk        Price ex GST
     PAPGLAS36X100-40         914mm x 91.4m (36"x100yds) 40gsm                                1 roll           $185.00
     PAPGLAS60X100-40         1524mm x 91.4m (60"x100yds) 40gsm                               1 roll           $295.00
     PAPGLAS48X50-60          1219mm x 45.7m (48"x50yds) 60gsm                                1 roll           $196.00
     PAPGLAS48X100-60         1219mm x 91.4m (48"x100yds) 60gsm                               1 roll           $349.00
     PAPGLAS60X80-40          Canson glassine sheets 600x800mm, 40gsm                           50              $49.95

                                       archival papers & tissues

A broad range of pH netural blotters to suit a variety of applications and budgets.
All blotters are 100% cotton except the 135gsm, which is an economical option
for disaster recovery purposes. Sample booklet available on request.

Range                                                                                   Pk       Price ex GST
PAPBLOT-3852            Talas Extra-Heavy 100% cotton, 2.5mm thick, 965x1320mm           10            $399.95
PAPBLOT-2638            Talas Extra-Heavy 100% cotton, 2.5mm thick, 660x965mm            10             $199.95
PAPBLOT-COSMOS          Cosmos 100% cotton, 200gsm 610x965mm                             10              $99.95
PAPBLOT-91123           Canson 100% cotton, 250gsm 500x650mm                             25              $75.64
PAPBLOT-111100          Canson 100% cotton, 250gsm. 800x1200mm                          50              $310.89
PAPBLOT-135             Neutral pH acid-free blotter, 135gsm. 445x570mm                 50               $39.95

Archival Tissues
Range of high quality archival tissues to suit a variety of preservation and repair applications.
The Light Impressions tissues pass the PAT making them safe for use with photographic material.
The heavier 45gsm tissues are watermarked for identification, with the buffered being suitable for
interleaving and wrapping paper-based materials as such works on paper, books and documents.
The unbuffered 45gsm is suitable for interleaving and wrapping of photographic materials. The lighter
weight 20gsm tissues are an economical alternative to the above tissues, and are ideal for textile
storage (the unbuffered version is suitable for all textiles incl silk & wool).

Unbuffered Greens Lens Tissue (L tissue) is very soft, lightweight & long-fibred, making it ideal for
wrapping delicate objects, textiles (incl silk & wool), as well as repairs to papers. Crompton Heat-set
tissue is a long fibred repair tissue, coated on one side with an acrylic heat set adhesive. Almost invisible
after application, heat-set tissue can be used for repairs, full lamination and hinging. Reversible with
heat or mineral spirits.

Light Impressions® Buffered Apollo™ 45gsm (watermarked, passes PAT)                     Pk       Price ex GST
TIS16x20BF              406x508mm                                                      100               $59.00
TIS32x40BF              825x1016mm                                                     100              $159.00
TIS32X100BF             825mmx100m                                                    1 roll            $149.00
TIS43x100BF             1090mmx100m                                                   1 roll            $189.00
Light Impressions® Unbuffered Renaissance™ 45 gsm (watermarked, passes PAT)
TIS16X20                406x508mm                                                      100               $59.00
TIS32X40                825x1016mm                                                     100              $159.00
TIS32X100UB             825mmx100m                                                    1 roll            $149.00
TIS43x100UB             1090mmx100m                                                   1 roll            $189.00
Light Impressions® Wrapping tissue 20gsm (passes PAT)
TIS40X1000-20UB         1016mmx304.8m unbuffered                                      1 roll            $169.00
TIS20x32-20UB           508x812mm unbuffered                                           250               $79.00
TIS40X1000-20BF         1016mmx304.8m buffered                                        1 roll            $169.00
TIS20X32-20BF           508x812mm buffered                                             250               $79.00
Unbuffered Green’s Lens Tissue (100% abaca tissue)
TIS-L                   Soft, long fibred 9gsm repair/wrapping tissue. 609x914mm         10              $35.00
Crompton Heat Set tissue
TISCHS-36x82            Crompton heat-set tissue 914mmx25m                            1 roll           $324.00

     archival enclosures

     Buffered Paper Envelopes
     Our Australian-made buffered paper enclosures are manufactured from NAA-approved Perpetuum Wove
     and are suitable for storing paper documents, pamphlets and black & white photographic material.
     Particularly suitable in humid environments where risk of mould growth is high, or where regular
     access is not generally required.

     Photographic & Document Envelopes                                                 Pk       Price ex GST
     ENCPAP4X5NEG              110x137mm (4x5"), no flap                               100             $25.00
     ENCPAP4X6                 128x170 (4x6")                                          100             $25.00
     ENCPAPM/FICHE             155x80mm (microfiche) open long                         100             $58.00
     ENCPAP5X7                 137x185 (5x7")                                          100             $27.50
     ENCPAPA5                  162x229mm (6x9"/A5)                                     100             $27.50
     ENCPAP8X10                215x265mm (8x10")                                       100             $40.00
     ENCPAPA4                  229x305 (A4)                                            100             $42.50
     ENCPAPF/C                 241x342mm (foolscap)                                    100             $50.00
     ENCPAP9X14                230x356mm (9x14")                                       100             $50.00
     ENCPAPTYPE1               245x360mm (Optimum fit for Type 1 archive box)          100             $55.00
     ENCPAP11X15               290x380 (11x15")                                        100             $55.00
     ENCPAPA3                  324x458mm (A3)                                          100             $85.00
     ENCPAPREC7"               181x191mm (7" record)                                   100             $60.00
     ENCPAPREC10"              270x270mm (10" record)                                  100             $75.00
     ENCPAPREC12"              310x310mm (12" record)                                  100             $85.00
     Seamless Envelopes
     ENCSEAM85x110             85x110mm (quarter plate)                                100             $28.45
     ENCSEAM90x145             90x145mm                                                100             $32.25
     ENCSEAM4X5                105x125mm (4x5")                                        100             $28.45
     ENCSEAM4.25X5.25          110x135mm (4.25x5.25")                                  100             $28.45
     ENCSEAM4.5x5.25           115x135mm (4.5x5.25")                                   100             $28.45
     ENCSEAM125x178            125x178 (half plate)                                    100             $47.45
     ENCSEAM5X7                135x195mm (5x7")                                        100             $47.45
     ENCSEAM165X215            165x215mm (whole plate)                                 100             $73.10
     ENCSEAM8X10               215x265mm (8x10")                                       100             $78.00
     ENCSEAM260x310            260x310mm                                               100            $153.95
     (custom sizes available on request. Minimum quantities apply)

     DuPont™ Tyvek® Envelopes
     Made of 75gsm inert tyvek, these ungummed envelopes provide excellent protection for documents,
     artworks and photographic material. Resists water, mildew and chemicals, tyvek envelopes are robust
     and will not rip or tear.

     Range                                                                             Pk       Price ex GST
     ENCTYV229X324             A4 229x324mm                                            100            $159.00
     ENCTYV255X380             Foolscap 255x380mm                                      100            $179.00
     ENCTYV305X405             12x16" 305x405mm                                        100            $199.00

                                                               archival enclosures

Polypropylene Sleeves
Inert, durable and economical polypropylene sleeves allow easy viewing of photographs and documents,
thus reducing wear and tear caused by additional handling. Multi-hole punched to fit a range of binders.
Passes the PAT.

7 hole-punched for binder storage                                                                 Pk        Price ex GST
ENCPP35NEG-HP            35mm Negs (7 horizontal strips) 90micron.                                100                  $37.50
                         Page size 317x250mm
ENCPP120HOR-HP           120mm Negs (4 horizontal strips) 90micron.                               100                  $37.50
                         Page size 290x250mm
ENCPP120VER-HP           120mm Negs (3 vertical strips) 90 micron.                                100                  $37.50
                         Page size 290x245mm
ENCPPSLIDE-HP            35mm Slides, centre load, 20/sh. 90micron.                               100                  $37.50
                         Page size 315x235mm
ENCPP3X4-HP              3x4" prints, 8 per side. Pocket size 102x74mm.                           100                  $37.50
ENCPP3.5X5-HP            3.5x5" prints, 5 per side. Pocket size 90x129mm.                         100                  $37.50
ENCPP4x5-HP              4x5" Prints/Transparencies. 4 per side, 90micron.                        100                  $37.50
                         Page size 267x230mm
ENCPP4X6-HP              4x6" Prints vertical, 4 per side, 90 micron.                             100                  $37.50
                         Page size 315x230mm
ENCPP4x6HOR-HP           4x6" Prints horizontal, 3 per side.                                      100                  $37.50
ENCPP5X7-HP              5x7" Prints, 2 per side, 90 micron. Page size 315x230mm                  100                  $37.50
ENCPP6X8-HP              A5/6x8" prints, 2 per side. 90 micron. Page size 315x230mm               100                  $37.50
ENCPPA4-HP               A4/8x12" Prints, 1 per side, 90micron. Page size 315x230mm               100                  $37.50
ENCPPCOLLCRD-HP          Trading cards, 9 per side. Pocket size 60x90mm.                          100                  $37.50
ENCPPCOMBO-HP            Choice of 4 packs x 25 from above hole-punched formats                   100                  $42.00
ENCPPFC-HP               Foolscap 349x240mm, 90micron. Page size 349x249mm                         25                  $15.95
ENCPPA3-HP               A3 430x324mm, 90micron. Page size 430x324mm                               25                  $19.95
ENCPPA2-HP               A2 445x610mm, 120micron (12 hole). Page size 610x445mm                     5                  $12.00
ENCPPCD-HP               CD double pocket, 120um. Page size 265x145mm                              25                  $14.95
CRD4X6INSERT             Card inserts for 4x6" horizontal sleeves                                 300                   $4.00

           35mm Negs       120mm Negs        120mm Negs        35mm Slides          4x6" Prints     4x5" Prints/Negs
                            (horizontal)       (vertical)                            (vertical)

 3.5x5" Prints    4x6" Prints        5x7" Prints     A5/6x8" Prints     A4/8x12" Prints     Trading Cards       3x4" Prints

     archival enclosures

     Polypropylene Sleeves
     Non hole-punched – for box storage                                          Pk    Price ex GST
     ENCPPA5               A5 220x152mm                                          100              $27.50
     ENCPPA4               A4 305x220mm, 90um                                    100          $40.00
     ENCPPFC               Foolscap 340x225mm, 90um                              100          $64.00
     ENCPPA3               A3 430x305mm, 90um                                    100              $74.00
     ENCPPCD               CD single pocket, 135x135mm, 120um                     25               $9.95
     ENCPP45               To fit 4x5", 110x135mm, 90um                          100              $20.00
     ENCPP46               To fit 4x6", 110x155mm, 90um                          100              $22.00
     ENCPP57               To fit 5x7", 135x185mm, 90um                          100              $25.00
     ENCPP68               To fit 6x8", 160x210mm, 90um                          100              $26.00
     ENCPP810              To fit 8x10", 210x260mm, 90um                         100          $39.00
     ENCPP8511             To fit 8.5x11", 220x290mm, 90um                       100          $40.00
     ENCPP9512             To fit 9.5x12", 245x310mm, 90um                       100              $42.00
     ENCPP1114             To fit 11x14", 290x365mm, 90um                        100          $56.00
     ENCPP1216             To fit 12x16", 315x415mm, 90um                        100              $73.00
     ENCPP1620             To fit 16x20", 415x525mm, 90um, open long             50           $65.00
     ENCPP4X6-4            4x6" 4 per side. Page size 320x230mm                  100          $40.00
     ENCPPM/FICHE          To fit microfiche 110x150mm, 5mm lip, 40um            100              $13.95
     Suspension sleeves for hanging bars
     ENCPP6X4-BAR          4x6" prints landscape, 4 per page                     100          $69.50
     ENCPP35MM-BAR         35mm slides, 6 across, 4 down                         100          $69.60
     ENCPP120MM-BAR        120mm negs, 4 across, 3 down                          100          $69.50
     ENCPPA4-BAR           A4/8x12" single pocket                                100          $69.50

                               Suspension sleeves for hanging bars

          4x6" Prints                 120mm Negs                   35mm Slides         A4/8x12"

                                                            archival enclosures

DuPont™ Melinex®/Mylar 516 Polyester Sleeves
DuPont polyester sleeves offer high clarity for display and are approved by the Library of Congress
for long term storage. Inert & slightly rigid, DuPont polyester provides support for very fragile items
(NB not suitable for charcoal, pastel & similar mediums). Passes the PAT. Sleeves are available in
4 standard styles, see below for details. Pre-cut sheets up to A3 also available in packs of 200.

Document sizes, non-hole punched (please specify style)                                  Pk       Price ex GST
ENCMYLA5                To fit A5 158x225mm 75um                                         25                $22.00
ENCMYLA4                To fit A4 221x307mm 75um                                         25                $28.60
ENCMYLF/C               To fit Foolscap 221x352mm 75um                                   25                $40.70
ENCMYLA3                To fit A3 312x430mm 75um                                         25                $57.20
ENCMYLA2                To fit A2 435x600mm 100um                                        25                $85.80
ENCMYLA1                To fit A1 600x900mm 100um                                        25               $198.00
ENCMYLAO                To fit AO 900x1200mm 100um                                       25               $291.50
Photographic sizes, non-hole punched (please specify style – see below for details)
ENCMYL4X5               To fit 4x5" 110x135mm 75um                                       25                $22.00
ENCMYL4X6               To fit 4x6" 110x160mm 75um                                       25                $22.00
ENCMYL5X7               To fit 5x7" 135x185mm 75um                                       25                $22.00
ENCMYL6.5X9             To fit 6.5x9" 175x235mm 75um                                     25                $29.70
ENCMYL8X10              To fit 8x10" 210x265mm 75um                                      25                $33.00
ENCMYL9.5X12.5          To fit 9.5x12" 250x325mm 75um                                    25                $39.60
ENCMYL9X14              To fit 9x14" 235x365mm 75um                                      25                $39.60
ENCMYL10X14             To fit 10x14" 265x365mm 75um                                     25                $40.70
ENCMYL12X14             To fit 12x14" 315x365mm 75um                                     25                $44.00
ENCMYL12X16             To fit 12x16" 315x415mm 75um                                     25                $55.00
ENCMYL12.5X17           To fit 12x17" 325x440mm 75um                                     25                $60.50
ENCMYL16X20             To fit 16x20" 415x520mm 100um                                    25                $88.00
ENCMYL20X24             To fit 20x24" 520x620mm 100um                                    25               $110.00
ENCMYL24X34             To fit 24x34" 620x875mm 100um                                    25               $187.00
ENCMYL27X37             To fit 27x37" 700x950mm 100um                                    25               $209.00
ENCMYL31X43             To fit 31x43" 800x1100mm 100um                                   25               $247.50
ENCMYL36X48             To fit 36x48" 930x1230mm 100um                                   25               $349.00
3 hole-punched for binder storage – Style B
ENCMYLA4-B              To fit A4 221x307mm 75um                                         25                $38.50
ENCMYLF/C-B             To fit Foolscap 221x352mm 75um                                   25                $44.00
ENCMYLA3-B              To fit A3 312x430mm 75um                                         25                $60.50
ENCMYLA2-B              To fit A2 450x600mm 100um                                        25                $94.60
ENCMYL11X14-BBA         To fit 11x14" 279x355mm 75um (top loading)                       25                $50.00

                               Melinex/Mylar Sleeve Style Guide
                                        (please specify style when ordering)

                                                                               A                 L                  E

                        A                   L                        E               B

                                                                                                      welded edge

     archival enclosures

     Polyethylene Minigrip (ziplock) Bags
     Polyethylene sleeves are an inert and economical storage alternative with a ziplock closure for
     securing contents. Thickness 50um. Other sizes are available on request. Minimum quantities apply.

     Range                                                                                Pk       Price ex GST
     ENCPEZ-2X3             50x75mm (2x3")                                               100                  $4.00
     ENCPEZ2.5X3.5          65x90mm (2.5x3.5")                                           100                  $4.50
     ENCPEZ3X5              75x125mm (3x5")                                              100                  $5.50
     ENCPEZ4X7              100x180mm (4x7")                                             100                  $9.00
     ENCPEZ5X8              125x205mm (5x8")                                             100                 $12.00
     ENCPEZ6X9              150x230mm (6x9")                                             100                 $13.00
     ENCPEZ8X8              195x201mm (8x8") Fits 7" LP records                          100                 $23.00
     ENCPEZ7X13             180x330mm (7x13")                                            100                 $23.00
     ENCPEZ8X10             205x255mm (8x10")                                            100                 $20.00
     ENCPEZ9X12             230x305mm (9x12")                                            100                 $22.00
     ENCPEZ11X11            278x270mm (11x11") Fits 10" LP records                       100                 $28.00
     ENCPEZ11X15            280x380mm (11x15")                                           100                 $28.00
     ENCPEZ13X13            330x330mm (13x13") Fits 12" LP records                       100                 $31.00
     ENCPEZ14X16            355x405mm (14x16")                                           100                $54.00
     ENCPEZ15X20            380x510mm (15x20")                                           100                 $70.00

     Polyethylene Bags
     Lightweight but durable low density polyethylene bags (LDPE) are an economical alternative for
     storing documents, photographic materials, books, textiles etc when high clarity for presentation is
     not a priority. LDPE is flexible and can house three-dimensional objects such as books and textiles.
     Other sizes available on request – minimum quantities apply.

     Range                                                                                Pk       Price ex GST
     ENCPE230x330           To fit A4/foolscap, 230x330mm, 50um                          100                 $17.00
     ENCPE305x460           To fit A3/12x18", 305x460mm, 50um                            100                 $29.00
     ENCPE460x610           To fit A2/18x24", 460x610mm 38um                             100                $44.00
     ENCPE710x990           To fit A1/28x39", 710x990mm 38um                             100                $98.00

     Polyethylene Map Bags
     Inert polyethylene bags are an economical alternative for storing maps and other large documents.
     Made of heavyweight 150um LDPE, bags are extremely durable and provide good support for more
     fragile materials. All bags are open on one long side for ease of inserting items.

     Range                                                                                Pk       Price ex GST
     ENCPEMAP-S             Small map bag 775x600mm                                       50                 $72.00
     ENCPEMAP-M             Medium map bag 850x840mm                                      50                $100.00
     ENCPEMAP-L             Large map bag 880x1370mm                                      50                $165.00

                                                                            archival binders

Polypropylene Binder & Slipcase
Our attractive Australian-made binder & slipcases provide complete protection and easy access for
document and photographic collections. Made of inert polypropylene, the binder & slipcase combination
creates a dust and light proof storage system that safely houses documents and prints up to A2. The 3 ring
binder accommodates our hole-punched polyester and polypropylene sleeves. Used in conjunction with
hole-punched sleeves, archival card-supports and photo-corners, these binders safely and attractively
protect a wide range of photographic material, ephemera and documents to produce a true archival
scrapbook! Passes the PAT. Ring assembly has a solvent-free synthetic polymer powder coating
that does not off-gas.

Range                                                                                        Pk      Price ex GST
BINDPPA4-LG                  A4 document/photo album, light grey 280x325x40mm. Three ring.    1             $16.50
BINDPPFC-CG                  A4/foolscap document album, charcoal grey 280x355x40mm.          1             $16.50
                             Three ring.
BINDPPFC-CG2                 A4/foolscap charcoal grey document album, 280x355x40mm.          1             $16.50
                             Two ring.
BINDPPFC-LARCH               A4/foolscap album 280x355x60mm. Two ring.                        1             $22.50
                             To replace lever arch folders.
BINDPPA3-CG                  A3 document album, charcoal grey 365x445x40mm. Three ring.       1             $22.50
BINDPPA2-CG                  A2 document album, charcoal grey 490x620x40mm. Three ring.       1             $39.50
BINDPPAS-40                  Survival Photo Album, black A4, 290x330x60mm                     1             $22.50
                             with fully enclosed slipcase. Three ring.

Presentation Binder & Slipcase
Handcrafted, black buckram-covered 3 ring binder & slipcase provides a high quality of preservation
as well as preservation for precious documents and photographs. Other sizes and colours can be
made to order.

Range                                                                                        Pk      Price ex GST
BINDPRES-A4                  To fit A4, 290x330x75mm                                          1             $59.95
BINDPRES-FC                  To fit Foolscap, 370x285x75mm                                    1             $63.50
BINDPRES-A3                  To fit A3, 450x380x75mm                                          1             $85.00
BINDPRES-A2                  To fit A2, 620x500x75mm                                          1            $125.00
BINDPRES11X14                To fit 11x14" black buckram                                      1            $106.00
(other sizes available on request)

      Survival Photo Album
                                                                                   Polypropylene Document Albums
                                             Presentation Binder and Slipcase

     archival films

     DuPont™ Melinex®/Mylar 516 Polyester
     Inert and crystal clear DuPont polyester film is available ex-stock in 75um, 100um and 125um thicknesses.
     DuPont polyester has many uses including wrapping of paintings and books, document encapsulation,
     sleeve manufacture and interleaving of prints and artworks (not recommended for charcoal,
     pastel or similar mediums). Passes the PAT.

     Range                                                                                 Pk      Price ex GST
     FILMYL50UM-50           50 metres x 1070mm, 50um                                        1            $134.70
     FILMYL50UM-100          100 metres x 1070mm, 50um                                       1            $249.75
     FILMYL75UM-10           10 metres x 1040mm, 75um                                        1            $54.00
     FILMYL75UM-50           50 metres x 1040mm, 75um                                        1           $169.99
     FILMYL75UM-100          100 metres x 1040mm, 75um                                       1           $306.00
     FILMYL100UM-10          10 metres x 1067mm, 100um                                       1            $65.00
     FILMYL100UM-50          50 metres x 1067mm, 100um                                       1           $221.99
     FILMYL100UM-100         100 metres x 1067mm, 100um                                      1           $431.00
     FILMYL125UM-10          10 metres x 1250mm, 125um                                       1            $95.00
     FILMYL125UM-25          25 metres x 1250mm, 125um                                       1           $225.00
     FILMYL160UM-10          10 metres x 1250mm, 160um                                       1           $125.00
     FILMYL160UM-25          25 metres x 1250mm, 160um                                       1           $305.00
     FILMYL250UM-10          10 metres x 1250mm, 250um                                       1           $195.00
     FILMYL250UM-25          25 metres x 1250mm, 250um                                       1           $475.00

     DuPont™ Mylar® KL
     Du Pont™ Mylar® KL is a versatile inert wrapping and lining material. Lightweight and thin,
     Mylar KL is suitable for wrapping of paintings and is approved by the Library of Congress.

     Range                                                                                 Pk      Price ex GST
     FILMYLKL23-50           1700mm x 50m, 23um                                              1           $125.00
     FILMYLKL23-250          1700mm x 250m, 23um                                             1           $425.00

     Silicone-coated Polyester
     This clear film is dimensionally stable and will not wrinkle from application of heat, making it suitable
     for use in vacuum hot tables, where a transparent membrane that will not stick to surfaces is required.
     Also suitable for many other applications, such as wrapping, covering work surfaces, humidification, etc.
     where a non-stick barrier is required.

     Range                                                                                 Pk      Price ex GST
     FILMYLSC2-24            24" x 150' (609mmx45m) coated 2 sides                       1 roll          $195.00
     FILMYLSC2-39            39" x 150' (990mmx45m) coated 2 sides                       1 roll          $278.00
     FILMYLSC2-63            63" x 150' (1.6mx45m) coated 2 sides                        1 roll          $394.00
     FILMYLSC1-63            63" x 150' (1.6mx45m) coated 1 side                         1 roll          $334.00

                                                                            archival films

DuPont™ Tyvek®
Opaque, inert spunbonded polytheylene used for wrapping and interleaving, as well as a protective
covering for larger items. Passes the PAT. Tyvek is also suitable for envelope manufacture and can be
sewn to create fitted covers.

Range                                                                                    Pk        Price ex GST
FILTYV43-50             1524mmx50m, 43gsm                                                  1             $219.95
FILTYV43-100            1524mmx100m, 43gsm                                                 1             $398.75
FILTYV75-100            1016mmx100m, 75gsm                                                 1             $371.25
FILTYV650x914           650x914mm sheets, 75gsm                                         100              $285.95

Polypropylene film
Inert, clear and non-adhesive flexible film for covering hardback and paperback books.
Polypropylene film is resistant to adhesion so books will not adhere to one another when
next to each other. Other sizes available on request.

Range                                                                                    Pk        Price ex GST
FILPP450-50             Polypropylene film 100um, 450mmx 50m                           1 roll             $66.00
FILPP900-50             Polypropylene film 100um, 900mmx 50m                           1 roll            $117.00

Reemay®, Bondina & Hollytex
Range of chemically inert, non-woven polyester materials in various thicknesses. Random weave
prevents pulling or stretching in any direction, and is a strong support material for preservation and
conservation treatments, interleaving and backing.

Range                                                                                    Pk        Price ex GST
FILREM2250-36/50        Reemay Style 2250 4mil thick 17gsm 914mm x 46m                 1 roll            $114.00
FILREM2250-36           Reemay Style 2250 4mil thick 17gsm 914mm x 91.4m               1 roll            $207.00
FILREM2014-51           Reemay Style 2014 8mil thick 34gsm 1295mm x 91.4m              1 roll            $362.00
FILREM2024-36           Reemay Style 2024 12mil thick 71gsm 914mm x 91.4m              1 roll            $395.00
FILBOND-1x50            Bondina 30gsm 1000mm x 50m                                     1 roll            $320.00
FILHOLLY-3257           Hollytex 3257 .0029" thick 1193mmx91.4m                        1 roll            $370.00

Beva Films
BEVA 371 solution sprayed into film form for easy workability without solvents.
Transparent, ideal for relining dark canvas with Mylar or Stabiltex. 1 mil suitable for mounting
lightweight papers and fabrics. 2.5 mil suitable for use on canvas & heavyweight materials.

Range                                                                                    Pk        Price ex GST
FILBEVA2-27             27"x20' 2.5mil (685mmx6m)                                      1 roll            $165.00
FILBEVA1-27             27"x20' 1mil (685mmx6m)                                        1 roll            $165.00
FILBEVA2-54             54"x20' 2.5mil (1.3mx6m)                                       1 roll            $333.00

     archival labels

     Foilbacked Self-Adhesive Labels
     Versatile range of archival quality permanent labels. Used for labelling sleeves and containers that
     house archival material. Foil layer prevents ink from penetrating the label and affecting the adhesive,
     and also prevents adhesive penetrating the foil layer to attack the ink and cause excessive fading.
     Flexible properties of the foil allow moulding to irregular surfaces and the aggressive high tack
     pH neutral PS1 adhesive ensures labels stay firmly attached.

     Range                                                                                   Pk       Price ex GST
     LABFB1                  A4 Sheet 210x297mm, 1 per sheet                             100 sh                $109.00
     LABFB2                  Call Number small 18x25mm, 91 per A4 sheet                  100 sh                $129.00
     LABFB3                  Call Number large 24x37mm, 50 per A4 sheet                  100 sh                $129.00
     LABFB4                  Microfilm box 38x88mm, 12 per A4 sheet                      100 sh                $115.00
     LABFB5                  Lantern slide box 76x102mm, 6 per A4 sheet                  100 sh                $109.00
     LABFB7                  Slide label 11x43mm, 80 per A4 sheet                        100 sh                $129.00
     LABFB8                  Small box label 25x50mm, 35 per A4 sheet                    100 sh                $119.00
     LABFB9                  Medium box/PP album label 25x75mm, 21 per A4 sheet          100 sh                $119.00
     LABFB10                 Small box label 70x68mm, 12 per sheet                       100 sh                $115.00
     LABFB13                 Manuscript/Type 1 box label 100x127mm, 4 per A4 sheet       100 sh                $109.00
     LABFB14                 Stack box label 40x210mm, 7 per A4 sheet                    100 sh                $109.00
     LABFB15                 Stack box label 70x210mm, 4 per A4 sheet                    100 sh                $109.00
     LABFB16                 Tabloid box label 70x105mm, 8 per A4 sheet                  100 sh                $109.00
     LABFB18                 Small box label 35x89mm, 16 per sheet                       100 sh                $119.00
     LABFB21                 Accession label 38x41mm, 30 per A4 sheet                    100 sh                $119.00
     LABFB22                 Picture box label 60x95mm, 9 per A4 sheet                   100 sh                $109.00
     LABFB26                 Box label 90x95mm, 6 per sheet                              100 sh                $109.00
     LABFB28                 Slide label 5x35mm, 165 per sheet                            50 sh                $89.50

                                                                        archival labels

3L Polypropylene Clear Pocket Labels
Clear self-adhesive polypropylene pockets come with a removable card insert to allow information to be
easily amended. Sizes are ideal for labelling the archival binder & slipcases and polypropylene boxes.

Range                                                                                  Pk        Price ex GST
LABPP55102              Clear pocket with card insert 55x102mm. Self adhesive            6              $5.50
LABPP3575               Clear pocket with card insert 35x75mm. Self adhesive           12               $5.00
LABPP75150              Clear pocket with card insert 75x150mm. Self adhesive            3              $5.95

Artefact Id Tags
An inexpensive range of buffered archival artefact id tags made of high quality archival card.
Tags come with inert cotton strings for secure attachment to museum objects.

Range                                                                                  Pk        Price ex GST
LABCAR1922              260gsm card, 19x22mm                                          100              $20.72
LABCAR3876              260gsm card, 38x76mm                                          100              $46.64

Tyvek® Id Tags
Inert tyvek id tags are suitable for storage conditions where a more durable label is required
for museum objects ie outdoor use, for larger tools and implements etc. Can be attached
using polyester twine or unbleached linen thread.

Range                                                                                  Pk        Price ex GST
LABTYV4020              20x40mm                                                       100              $16.40
LABTYV7540              40x75mm                                                       100              $17.95
LABTYV60120             60x120mm                                                      100              $19.86
LABTYV35x100            35x100mm, reinforced double hole                              100              $37.50

                                                  3L Polypropylene
                                                 Clear Pocket Labels

     archival packaging

     Inert polyethylene foam is a versatile packing material used for the wrapping of objects and lining
     of boxes and shelves etc. Provides cushioning for fragile items during transportation and storage.

     Range                                                                                  Pk       Price ex GST
     FILFPEOAM1              Polyethylene foam, 1200mm x 100m roll, 1mm thick                1             $99.00
     FILPEFOAM2              Polyethylene foam, 1200mm x 100m roll, 2mm thick                1             $154.00
     FILPEFOAM4              Polyethylene foam, 1200mm x 100m roll, 4mm thick                1             $243.00

     Bubble Wrap
     Inert polyethylene bubble wrap provides cushioning for items during transportation and storage.

     Range                                                                                  Pk       Price ex GST
     FILBUBWRAP10            1500mm x 100m roll, 10mm bubble                                 1             $122.00
     FILBUBWRAP20            1500mm x 100m roll, 20mm bubble                                 1             $130.00

        Special Boxes for
        Special Collections
        Did you know we make boxes
        for non-standard items?
        Our computerised box-making machine makes it easier than
        ever to produce high quality archival boxes to suit special
        collections or individual items. With a large range of box styles
        already available, we can quickly and economically produce
        custom-fitting containers such as:
        • Clamshell boxes for rare books
        • Large boxes for oversized items
        • Compartmentalized boxes and trays for mixed collections

         For further information or a no-obligation quote, contact us on:
         Tel 1300 78 11 99 or Email

                                                                          archival tapes

3M Double Sided Tape
This consistent high quality range of 3M pH neutral double-sided tapes is essential for professional
results when encapsulating documents using polyester sheets. Passes the PAT.

Range                                                                                      Pk         Price ex GST
TAP3M06                  3M #415 neutral pH adhesive, 6mmx33m roll (1/4" width)              1                $21.00
TAP3M12                  3M #415 neutral pH adhesive, 12mmx33m roll (1/2" width)             1                $31.00
TAP3M19                  3M #415 neutral pH adhesive, 20mmx33m roll (3/4" width)             1               $39.00
TAP3M25                  3M #415 neutral pH adhesive, 25mmx33m roll (1" width)               1                $41.00

Neschen Filmoplast® Tapes
The Neschen range of acid-free, alkaline buffered tapes are suitable for document repair,
book repair and for hinging/folder making. Self-adhesive tapes are reversible with solvents,
however it is recommend that a professional conservator be consulted prior to undertaking
repairs to original material. Other Filmoplast products are available on request.

Range                                                                                      Pk         Price ex GST
TAPFILP                  P tape for document repair & hinging, 20mmx50m roll, clear          1                $19.95
TAPFILP90                P90 tape 20mmx50m roll, white                                       1                $19.95
TAPFILSAL                Self adhesive linen tape 30mmx25m roll, white                       1               $29.95
TAPFILR-20               Filmoplast R heat-set tissue, 20mmx50m roll                         1                $19.95
TAPFILR-31               Filmoplast R heat-set tissue, 310mmx50m roll                        1              $195.00
TAPFILR-62               Filmoplast R heat-set tissue, 620mmx50m roll                        1              $395.95
TAPFILP-40               Filmoplast P tape, 40mmx50m roll                                    1                $27.95
TAPFILP90-40             Filmoplast P90 tape, 40mmx50m roll                                  1                $27.95

  3M Double Sided Tape                   Filmoplast P and P90 Tapes                   Benchmark Polyethylene Strapping

     archival tapes

     Cotton Tying Tape (non adhesive)
     Versatile range of unbleached cotton tapes available in a range of popular widths.
     Uses include tying bundles of papers, securing loose book covers, labelling of textiles etc.

     Range                                                                                  Pk       Price ex GST
     TAPCOT06                6mmx1000m roll, white                                           1             $70.00
     TAPCOT09                9mmx500m roll                                                   1             $73.50
     TAPCOT12                12mmx500m roll, white                                           1             $77.00
     TAPCOT20                20mmx250m roll, white                                           1             $52.00

     Tyvek® Tape (self adhesive)
     Pressure sensitive, permanent acrylic adhesive which eliminates the need for using water
     near original material. White, spun-bonded polyethylene resists tears and is ideal for mat hinges,
     folder spines and book repairs.

     Range                                                                                  Pk       Price ex GST
     TAPTYV25                25mmx46m roll, white                                            1             $29.00
     TAPTYV38                38mmx46m roll, white                                            1             $37.00
     TAPTYV57                57mmx46m roll, white                                            1             $59.00

     Benchmark Polyethylene Strapping
     Softer than conventionally used Melinex strips, the Benchmark clear non-adhesive 4mil strap
     does a kinder job when pages need to be restrained, when correcting text block drag or to safely
     adhere barcodes without damaging rare books.

     Range                                                                                  Pk       Price ex GST
     TAPPESTRAP1"            1" x 100ft (25mm x 30.5m)                                       1             $37.85
     TAPPESTRAP2"            2" x 100ft (50mm x 30.5m)                                       1             $38.95
     TAPPESTRAP3/16          4.76mm x 30.5m                                                  1             $34.35
     TAPPESTRAP3/8           9.53mm x 30.5m                                                  1             $36.65

     Textile labelling tape
     White 100% cotton woven twill fabric tape, used for recording the catalogue number of textile
     collections with permanent, waterproof ink. Tape accepts ink well and is ideal for use with Pigma Pens.
     Tape is hand-stitched to the inside of the artefact.

     Range                                                                                  Pk       Price ex GST
     TAPTLT-1x72             Textile labelling tape, 25mm x 65.8m                            1             $35.50

                                                                           lineco tapes

Hayaku Japanese Hinging Tape
Japanese Mulberry Paper coated with acid-free water activated adhesive. Extremely strong,
long fibered hinging material passes the Photo Activity Test and is used for hinging works of art
on paper, repair of paper and structural applications in art, bookbinding, memorabilia and conservation.
Reversible with water.

Range                                                                                 Pk          Price ex GST
TAPGJH-1x100            25mm x 30m. Lineco ref: 533-0752                                1               $45.90

Self adhesive linen tape
Extra strong, very thin linen cloth coated with a neutral pH non-yellowing, pressure sensitive
acrylic adhesive. The high thread count makes it an excellent choice for hinging window mats
to backer mats, or for making repairs in books, etc.

Range                                                                                 Pk          Price ex GST
TAPSAL-1.25x50          31.75mm x 45m. Lineco ref: L533-1055                            1               $87.80

Gummed linen tape
Water activated tape with 65/55 thread count fabric, provides superior strength for hinging,
mounting, or repair applications. Neutral pH adhesive has high tack, lay flat properties making
it ideal for hinging mats and heavy pieces of artwork.

Range                                                                                 Pk          Price ex GST
TAPGL-1x50              25mm x 45m. Linceo ref: L533-1050                               1               $41.85
TAPGL-1x100             25mm x 91m Linceo ref: 533-1010                                 1               $80.15
TAPGL-1.5x100           38mm x 91m. Lineco ref: L533-1520                               1               $91.80
TAPGL-2x100             50mm x 91m. Lineco ref: L533-2020                               1              $124.20

Gummed paper tape
Water activated hinging tape with high tensile strength that supports all but the heaviest works of art.
Paper is acid-free with a calcium carbonate buffer and pH of 8.5. The neutral pH adhesive has excellent
tack to hold firmly without slipping or creeping.

Range                                                                                 Pk          Price ex GST
TAPGP-1x43              25mm x 40m Lineco ref: 533-0751                                 1               $20.75

     lineco tapes

     Mounting/hinging tissue
     Pressure sensitive mounting/hinging tissue is a fine, long fibered tissue with an archival quality
     pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is permanent and non-yellowing. Ideal for hinging translucent
     art such as Japanese paper, papyrus, and other light weight art because it won’t show through.
     Mineral spirits are required for removal.

     Range                                                                                 Pk       Price ex GST
     TAPMHT-1x32             25mm x 29m Lineco ref: L533-0126                                1                $45.80

     Pressure Sensitive Mending/Document repair tissue
     Very thin and transparent neutral pH pressure sensitive document repair tape that is non-yellowing.
     To use, dispense a length of tissue, place over tear and burnish with a bone folder. Working the adhesive
     into the tear causes the adhesive to strengthen the tear as well as cover and support the area around
     the tear. Removable with solvents.

     Range                                                                                 Pk       Price ex GST
     TAPDRT-1x32             25mm x 29m. Lineco ref: 533-0198                                1                $39.95
     TAPDRT-.5x16            12.5mm x 15m. Lineco ref: L533-0017                             1                $19.50

     Frame Sealing tape
     Developed specifically to seal backing board to frames, pressure sensitive tape attaches firmly
     to almost any surface and conforms well to most surface irregularities. Manufactured from Lineco’s
     exclusive Perma/Seal label stock with a foil layer and non-yellowing permanent acrylic adhesive.
     Available in white or blue/grey.

     Range                                                                                 Pk       Price ex GST
     TAPFSG-1.25x27          Blue/grey 31.75mm x 25.4m. Lineco ref: L387-0151                1                $30.05
     TAPFSG-1.25x166         Blue/grey 31.75mm x 152.5m. Lineco ref: 387-0155                1            $115.05
     TAPFSG-3.5x27           Blue/grey 89mm x 25.4m. Lineco ref: L387-0156                   1                $73.30
     TAPFSW-1.25x27          White 31.75mm x 25.4m. Lineco ref: L387-0152                    1                $30.05
     TAPFSW-1.25x166         White 31.75mm x 152.5m. Lineco ref: 387-0154                    1            $115.05
     TAPFSG-3.5x166          Blue/grey 89mm x 152.5m. Lineco ref: L387-0156F                 1            $298.75

     Volara Foam Rabbet Tape
     Inert .8mm thick foam tape has an aggressive acrylic adhesive for lining frame rabbets.
     Protects canvas transfers, digital media and other forms of art by providing a cushion.

     Range                                                                                 Pk       Price ex GST
     TAPVOLRAB-36            6mmx33m Lineco ref: 018-1436                                1 roll               $40.30

                                                archival photo corners

Polyester (Mylar) Corners
These crystal clear polyester corners have a pH neutral adhesive which does not come in contact
with original material resulting in a completely reversible and near-invisible archival method of mounting.

Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
CORMYL16                Lineco brand 1/2" (L533-0020),                                  240              $12.09
                        height 16mm, 19mm across diagonal.
CORMYL32                Lineco brand 1 3/8" (L533-0021),                                240              $22.45
                        height 35mm, 47mm across diagonal

Polypropylene Corners
Popular and economical range of clear and inert polypropylene corners.
Available in a range of sizes that accomodates various sized prints and documents.
These corners offer a safe and fully reversible method of mounting.

Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
CORPP14                 Eternity Corners, Height 14mm, 20mm across diagonal             250               $5.50
CORPP19                 3L brand, Height 19mm, 28mm across diagonal                     250              $10.86
CORPP32-RV              Lineco L533-0034, height 32mm (1.25"), 45mm diag regular view 250                $33.66
CORPP75-RV              Lineco L533-0036, height 75mm (3"), 105mm diag regular view     100              $46.55
CORPP32-FV              Lineco L533-0035 1.25" full view, 32mm                          250              $33.66
CORPP75-FV              Lineco L533-0037 3" full view, 75mm                             100              $46.55

Pre-scored Archival Mounting Corners
Pre-scored Mylar corners with 3M 415 double-sided tape.
Ideal for mounting bulky items such as magazines, with no seams to split.

Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
CORSFC-625              Size .625" (15.8mm) Lineco ref: L545-2336                       100              $12.60
CORSFC-825              Size .825" (20.9mm) Lineco ref: L545-2337                       100              $16.55

See-Thru Polyester Mounting Strips
Sturdy polyester strips with self-adhesive backing for safe, hinge-less mounting of artworks to mats.
No adhesive comes in contact with artwork.

Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
CORMSTRP-4              4" (102mm) strips Lineco ref: L533-4015                          60              $19.95
CORMSTRP-12             12" (305mm) strips Lineco ref: L533-4020                         60              $39.95

     archival adhesives
     Versatile range of adhesives suitable for various bookbinding, framing, conservation and
     repair applications. PVA and EVA adhesives dry clear, are reversible with water and do not brittle
     or discolour with age. Wheat starch adhesive is reversible with water and is a highly purified grade
     of starch used for traditional museum mounting, repair and creative work (must be cooked prior to use).
     Methyl Cellulose dissolves in water, dries clear, easily reversible in cold water, and is used for repairing
     tears, as a size and paint binder. Paraloid B72 adhesive is an ethyl methacrylate copolymer reversible
     with solvents, used as a general purpose object adhesive. Plextol B500 is commonly used as an
     adhesive for canvas lining and consolidation of special plasters.

     Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
     ADHPVA-8                Lineco PVA adhesive (901-1008) neutral pH.                        1               $8.95
                             Reversible and dries clear 8oz
     ADH3113-1L              Adhesin 3113 EVA neutral pH adhesive 1litre NAA approved          1              $22.00
     ADH3113-500ML           Adhesin 3113 EVA neutral pH adhesive 500ml NAA approved           1              $12.00
     ADHWS-100               Museum quality Aytex-P wheat starch 100gm                         1              $19.95
     ADHWS-2KG               Museum quality Aytex-P wheat starch 2kg                           1              $69.00
     ADHMETCELL              Methyl Cellulose, 500g                                            1              $45.00
     ADH-B72                 HMG Paraloid B72 adhesive 14ml                                    1              $22.95
     ADHPLX500               Plextol B500, 1litre                                              1              $90.00
     ADH-HWA                 HMG Heat & waterproof adhesive 14ml                               1              $22.95

        Survival Kits for
        Personal Collections
         We now have handy starter kits for storing personal collections
         utlising the same archival quality materials favoured by
         professional curators and conservators.
         The guesswork has been taken out of choosing suitable storage
         for popular personal collections including:
         • Photographic prints, negatives & slides
         • Documents including A4, foolscap, A3 and A2
         • Textiles such as christening gowns, sporting memorabilia
           and embroidery samples
         • Newspapers, posters and other larger paper items

         For further information, click on the “Caring for Personal Collections” tab on our website at or request a brochure via email at

                                                insect control products

Silverfish Traps
Boric acid, paper pack and glue within the traps are infused with an attractant that is irresistible to silverfish.
Insects crawl inside package to eat and are quickly killed. Silverfish traps are clean and don’t leave residue.

Range                                                                                      Pk          Price ex GST
PESTSFISH                   Silverfish Traps                                               24                  $20.55

Cockroach Traps
Cockroach monitoring system is a cardboard box (210x100x22mm) with non-toxic layer of non-drying
adhesive lining its base. Designed to be attractive to insects. Easy to assemble and safe to handle.
Use in cafeterias and collection storage areas. Additional pheromones sold separately.

Range                                                                                      Pk          Price ex GST
PESTCROACH                  Cockroach Traps (10 traps & 10 pheromones)                     10                   $28.10

Beetle Traps
Durable, long lasting traps capitalize on the climbing behaviour of some beetles. Circular style creates
full 360 degree access and design of the traps reduces insect escapes. Traps utilize pheromone of
Cigarette Beetle for optimum attraction. Oil used in the trap is also essential for capture.

Range                                                                                      Pk          Price ex GST
PESTBEETLE                  Beetle traps                                                    5                  $101.25

         Silverfish Traps                            Cockroach traps                            Beetle traps

     insect control products

     Webbing Clothes Moth Trap Kit
     The most common museum pest worldwide is the Webbing Clothes Moth (Tinecia bisselliell).
     Clothes Moth larvae feed on wool, hair, feathers, fur, upholstered furniture, bristles, dried hair and leather.
     Each kit contains 10 hanging sticky traps and 10 bullet lures to trap male moth and prevent reproduction
     of larvae.

     Range                                                                                     Pk        Price ex GST
     PESTWCMOTH               Webbing Clothes Moth Traps                                    pk 10             $204.65

     Museum Monitoring Kit
     Collection of insect traps designed to capture pests most common in museum environments.
     Each kit contains 10 stealth traps, 10 Trapper Monitor traps, 2 lures for varied Carpet Beetle,
     2 lures for Black Carpet Beetle, 2 lures for Cigarette Beetle and 2 lures for Warehouse Beetle.
     Kit also contains 10 food baits for Cockroaches and Silverfish. Details instructions included.
     Contains no pesticides.

     Range                                                                                     Pk        Price ex GST
     PESTMMKIT                Museum Monitoring Kit                                         pk 38              $214.35

               Webbing Clothes Moth Traps                                             Museum Monitoring Kit

     accessories & conservation materials

Polyester Twine
A white, inert twine with many practical applications including tying of loose items,
securing tyvek labels to objects etc.

Range                                                                                     Pk       Price ex GST
ACCPT1200               White Polyester Twine, 1200m                                       1              $22.95

Cotton Gloves
White, unbleached gloves are available in two sizes and are recommended when handling
photographic material to avoid transferring acidic fingermarks to original materials.

Range                                                                                     Pk       Price ex GST
ACCGLOV-L               Large, white                                                 12 pairs             $12.96
ACCGLOV-S               Small, white                                                 12 pairs             $12.96

Nitrile Gloves
Used for handling objects to prevent transference of body oils and dirt. Smooth finish does not catch
on delicate textiles. Particularly useful when handling flaking materials. Suitable for use with organic solvents
or if an individual is sensitive to latex.

Range                                                                                     Pk       Price ex GST
ACCGLOV-NIT-L           Nitrile gloves, powder-free blue, large                          100              $19.00
ACCGLOVE-NIT-M          Nitrile gloves, powder-free blue, medium                         100              $19.00
ACCGLOVE-NIT-S          Nitrile gloves, powder-free blue, small                          100              $19.00
ACCGLOVE-NIT-XL         Nitrile gloves, powder-free blue, extra large                    100              $19.00

Paraloid (beads and solution)
Paraloid B67 is an acrylic resin used as a modifier in oil paints to improve drying speed, hardness,
colour enamel holdout and gloss retention. Also used as a varnish. Paraloid B72 is a general purpose
resin with excellent flexibility. Used as a clear protective metals coating, cloth coating and is excellent
as a varnish. Both B67 and B72 are now available in solution as a ready-made Objects Labelling Kit
(B72 20% solution in acetone, B67 20% solution in white spirits). Kit comes with instructions for use,
as supplied by Artlab SA.

Range                                                                                     Pk       Price ex GST
CONPARB67-500           Paraloid B67 beads, 500gm, isobutyl methacrylate polymer           1              $16.90
CONPARB72-500           Paraloid B72 beads, 500gm, ethyl methacrylate copolymer            1              $16.90
CONPARKIT-15            Paraloid B67 & B72 kit,                                            1              $18.00
                        15ml bottles with brush applicator & instructions

     accessories & conservation materials

     Our comprehensive range of pens have many practical applications. Pigma pens are suitable for
     permanent recording of information on to archival paper labels, card supports and folders, while Sharpie
     pens are a quick drying and permanent labelling solution for archival plastics including polypropylene and
     polyester. The handy Light Impressions pH testing pen tests for acid content of papers that come in contact
     with artworks, photos and documents. It contains Bromcresol Green, a chemical ink that changes colour
     when applied to paper. A yellow dot indicates high acid content, green dot indicates some acid and
     blue dot indicates no acid.

     Range                                                                                  Pk    Price ex GST
     ACCPENPIG005           Pigma Pen 0.20mm width                                            1           $5.35
     ACCPENPIG01            Pigma Pen 0.25mm width                                            1           $5.35
     ACCPENPIG03            Pigma Pen 0.35mm width                                            1           $5.35
     ACCPENPIG05            Pigma Pen 0.45mm width                                            1           $5.35
     ACCPENPIG08            Pigam Pen 0.50mm width                                            1           $5.35
     ACCPENPIGCOMBO         Pigma Pen 0.25, 0.35, 0.45mm Set                                  1          $14.50
     ACCPENSHARP            Sharpie Pen, Black (ideal for mylar/polypropylene labelling)      1           $1.51
     ACCPENPH               Ph Testing Pen                                                    1          $11.22

     Archival quality arrow-head clips are rust-proof, non magnetic and computer safe. Available in three
     practical sizes, the 21mm clip comfortably holds 10 sheets of paper, 25mm clips 20 papers and the large
     35mm clip 30 sheets of paper. Multi-coloured for coding of files etc.

     Range                                                                                  Pk    Price ex GST
     ACCPPC21               Polystyrene paper clips, 21mm Assorted Colours                 1000          $16.40
     ACCPPC21-W             Polystyrene paper clips, 21mm White                            1000          $16.40
     ACCPPC25               Polystyrene paper clips, 25mm Assorted Colours                 1000          $18.14
     ACCPPC25-W             Polystyrene paper clips, 25mm White                            1000          $18.14
     ACCPPC35               Polystyrene paper clips, 35mm Assorted Colours                 1000          $34.28
     ACCPPC35-W             Polystyrene paper clips, 35mm White                            1000          $34.28
     ACCPPCCOMBO            Polystyrene paperclips, 21/25/35mm set, Assorted Colours        420          $12.95
     ACCPPC60               Polystyrene paperclips, 60mm, Assorted Colours                  100           $9.95

     Document Cleaning Pad/Powder
     Used for gentle cleaning of fragile papers, these pads contain a super-soft grit-free powder that absorbs
     dirt and dust. Squeeze and twist the pad to allow powder to sift through the mesh and adhere to the cloth.
     Soiled paper is gently rubbed with the pad to remove dirt marks. For very fragile papers, powder is sifted
     over the page and dirt gently removed with a soft brush.

     Range                                                                                  Pk    Price ex GST
     ACCDCPAD               Document Cleaning Pad                                             1          $11.22
     ACCDCPOW2              Document Cleaning Powder, 900gm                                   1          $31.00

    accessories & conservation materials

Dry Cleaning Sponges
Suitable for removable of soot and other surface deposits from flat surfaces.
Made of vulcanized rubber. Non-toxic and leaves no residue. Always test before using.
Available in two sizes and can be cut into smaller blocks.

Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
ACCDCS-S                Small dry cleaning sponge 152x76x19mm                              1           $7.95
ACCDCS-L                Large dry cleaning sponge 177x101x50mm                             1          $13.95

Groom Stick
Non-abrasive cleaner made of processed, kneadable rubber. For use in dry cleaning paper
and degreasing metals, glass and other solids. Contains no solvents and will sometimes remove
sticky residue of rubber-based adhesive tapes. Permanently tacky.

Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
ACCGROOMSTICK           Groomstick cleaner                                                 1          $25.00

Paper and Book Cleaner
Dough-like material that cleans dust, dirt, smoke and film from books and paper documents
without leaving a residue.

Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
ACCPBC                  Absorene paper and book cleaner 425gm (15oz)                       1          $13.95

Dusting Brushes
Traditionally used as artist mixing brushes, Hake brushes have very fine, soft bristles making them
suitable for gentle dusting of books and documents.

Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
ACCBRHAKE25             Hake brush, 25mm width                                             1           $6.50
ACCBRHAKE50             Hake brush, 50mm width                                             1           $8.50

Dust Bunny
A gentle dusting cloth with a slight electrostatic charge that attracts dust. Completely washable.

Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
ACCBUNNY                Dusting cloth (with slight electrostatic charge to attact dust)    1          $11.00

     accessories & conservation materials

     Bone Folders
     A versatile implement used for box and folder making, bone folders form strong creases in paper,
     polyester and lightweight boards. Also useful for burnishing tapes. A must for bookbinding and repair.

     Range                                                                                   Pk    Price ex GST
     ACCBF19140              19x140mm (6") one end round, one pointed                         1               $6.30
     ACCBF25203              25x203mm (8") one end round, one pointed                         1           $10.00
     ACCBF25203-C            25x203mm (8") one end round, pointed end curved                  1               $13.00
     ACCBFRIB                Teflon Folding Rib, ergonomic shape, 92x49x6mm                   1           $38.00

     Leather Weights
     Handcrafted using soft undyed leather, weights are filled with lead shot and suitable
     for holding works in place in the conservation lab and office environment.

     Range                                                                                   Pk    Price ex GST
     ACCLWFGR                Natural colour finger weight 110x30mm                            1               $9.95
     ACCLW250                Natural colour 250gm (55x80mm)                                   1               $19.95
     ACCLW500                Natural colour 500gm (70x100mm)                                  1           $23.95
     ACCLW2KG                Natural colour 2kgm (90x150mm)                                   1           $46.95

     Polyprong Fasteners
     Inert polypropylene 3-piece file fasteners secure 2 hole-punched documents with 8cm between holes.
     Multi-pack contains two sized fasteners – 15 x Small hold up to 20mm capacity and 15 x Large
     hold up to 35mm capacity.

     Range                                                                                   Pk    Price ex GST
     ACCPRONG                Polyprop 2 prong doc. fasteners, 20mm & 35mm capacity           25               $14.00

     Humidity Indicator Strips
     Convenient strips provide an inexpensive and fast method of checking the relatively humidity level
     of storage and display areas. As humidity levels change, the chemically impregnated spots change
     from blue (dry) to lavender (normal) to pink (humid).

     Range                                                                                   Pk    Price ex GST
     ACCHIS                  Humidity Indicator Strips, pk 5                                  1           $26.00

     accessories & conservation materials

A non-abrasive, streak-free Perspex cleaner, ideal for exhibition preparation.

Range                                                                                       Pk          Price ex GST
ACCKUNSTOFF               Kunstoff Perspex cleaner, 500ml                                     1               $34.00

Monel Staples
Made of 100% rust-proof Monel stainless steel alloy.
Standard chisel point staples fit all regular desktop staplers.

Range                                                                                       Pk          Price ex GST
ACCMONELSTP               Monel Staples, 100% rust-proof Monel metal. Box 5000                1              $119.95

Silica Gel
Water absorbent chemical that reduces humidity in closed containers, reducing possibility of rust, corrosion,
mould and mildew. Beads available in non-indicating white and orange indicating.

Range                                                                                       Pk          Price ex GST
ACCSGO-500                Orange indicating silica gel, 500gm                                 1               $49.50
ACCSGW-500                White non-indicating silica gel, 500gm                              1               $19.50
ACCSGS-33                 Silica gel sachet, 33gm                                             5                $9.95

Ty-Tite Fasteners
Popular string and disc fasteners, used for securing folders, phase boxes etc
without the need for adhesives.

Range                                                                                       Pk          Price ex GST
ACCTYTITE                 String & disc fasteners. Box 200                                    1               $55.95

           Polyprong Fasteners

                                                                            Humidity Indicator Strips

     accessories & conservation materials

     Archival Bookmarks (rare book id strips)
     Buffered Australian-made archival rare bookmarks with semicircular slot for securing onto book pages.
     Protuding tab allows for the recording of information.

     Range                                                                                Pk      Price ex GST
     LABBKMARK              Buffered archival bookmarks with tab. Size 57x127mm. Pk 100    1              $22.00

     Compact 2-way mini vacuum cleaner with low suction that gently removes dust and debris from
     even the most delicate objects, rare books, computer and photographic equipment etc. Can also
     be used as a blower. Kit includes lens brush, utility brush and a pair of interchangeable wands.
     Requires 1 x 9-volt battery (not included).

     Range                                                                                Pk      Price ex GST
     ACCMINIVAC             Mini-Vac with 2 brush attachments                              1              $49.50

     Light Meters
     Compact battery operated UV and lux meters, ideal for a variety of laboratory and gallery applications.
     UV light meter measures both UVA & UVB. Range 1.999, 19990 uW/cm2. Spectrum range 290 to 390
     nm. Features Hi & low measurement range, separate UV light probe, LCD display and low batter indicator.
     Digitial light meter has three ranges and measures Lux or foot candle (FC). Features Data hold, range
     switches, Low battery indicator, overload indication and zero adjustment.

     Range                                                                                Pk      Price ex GST
     ACCLM-LUX              Three range digital light meter (lux/foot candle)              1            $249.50
     ACCLM-UV               UV Light meter (UVA & UVB)                                     1            $319.95

                     Mini-Vac                                         Lux Light Meter           UV Light Meter

    accessories & conservation materials

Acid Detection Film Strip Kit
Kit used to determine approximate extent of acetate support degradation of individual films or as a survey
tool for assessing overall condition of entire film collections. Created by the Image Permanence institute,
kit comes with 250 strips, colour reference pencil and instructions.

Range                                                                                  Pk        Price ex GST
CONADSTRIP              A-D Strips pk 250, colour reference pencil & instructions        1              $90.00

Metal Hanging Bars
Economical hanging bars to hang horizontal format photo storage pages in filing cabinets.

Range                                                                                  Pk        Price ex GST
ACCMHB-16               Metal Hanging bars, 16"                                         50              $46.00

Museum Wax
Secures glass, china, etc. from movement while on display or in storage.
Removes easily without residue. Applicator and instructions included.

Range                                                                                  Pk        Price ex GST
ACCMW-4                 Museum Wax, 113gm (4oz)                                          1              $27.00

Museum Gel
Clear, near invisible gel secures glass, crystal and other clear objects from the accidental knocks that
might damage them. Removable and reusable. 113gm jar is enough to secure up to 300 small objects.
Note: For use on non-porous objects and surfaces only. Contains silicone which may stain porous materials.

Range                                                                                  Pk        Price ex GST
ACCMG                   Museum Gel, 113gm (4oz)                                          1              $29.00

Museum Putty
Secures objects from falling and breaking. Can be used on most surfaces including ceramics,
porcelains and laminates, as well as on walls to help stabilize pictures. Comes ready to use in a flat sleeve.
Sets within 30-minutes and comes off cleanly. One packet will secure up to 40 items of average size.

Range                                                                                  Pk        Price ex GST
ACCMP                   Museum Putty                                                     1              $29.00

     accessories & conservation materials

     Digital Hygrometer Thermometer
     Compact battery-operated instrument records relative humidity from 25-99% and temperature
     from minus 10° - 60° Celsius. Memory function allows review of maximum and minimum levels
     reached from the time monitoring began.

     Range                                                                                   Pk        Price ex GST
     ACCDHT                     Digital Hygrometer Thermometer                                 1               $80.00

     Time Capsule
     Attractive and generously-sized capsule holds a range of materials including photographs,
     documents, artwork, small pamphlets, newspapers etc. Capsule can be buried or stored on a shelf
     and is ideal for schools, libraries and societies. Made from polished, non-corroding, long-life stainless
     steel and includes a tight-fitting, screw-on lid. Capsule features the words “Time Capsule” embossed
     on the bottom. Sealant kits are available and sold separately. Indoor kit includes silica sealant,
     applicator and instructions. Outdoor kit includes silica sealant, wax, applicator and instructions.
     Other sizes available on request.

     Range                                                                                   Pk        Price ex GST
     ACCTC-L                    Time Caspule 609mm x 152mm diameter                            1              $248.00
     ACCTC-ODS                  Outdoor sealant kit                                            1               $29.50
     ACCTC-IDS                  Indoor sealant kit                                             1               $29.50

     Tacking Iron
     Excellent professional iron to use with heat set tissue when mending pages or consolidating brittle
     documents. Features 100% Blackstone non-stick flat sole plate with pointed end and sloping sides.
     Adjustable temperature gauge from 65 to 198 degrees C and holds the heat within 1.7 degrees C.
     Heats to temperature within 90 seconds. Comes with stand.

     Range                                                                                   Pk        Price ex GST
     ACCTIRON                   Anderson (formerly 21st Century) Tacking iron,                 1               $78.00
                                240v with tapered end. Adjustable temperature dial.

     Digital Hygrometer Thermometer                     Time Capsule                          Anderson Tacking Iron

    accessories & conservation materials

Excellent tool for a variety of tasks including removal of photographs from sticky peel-back albums,
label removal, applying adhesives etc.

Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
ACCMS#1                 Microspatula # 1. Stainless steel, 203mm length                    1            $7.25
                        One flat rounded end, one flat tapered end.
ACCMST#1                Microspatula # 1. Teflon, 203mm length                             1           $15.50
                        One flat rounded end, one flat tapered end.

Cork backed ruler
Handy tool for scoring, cutting or drawing. Cork backing helps to prevent slipping.
Ruler features both inches and millimetres.

Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
ACCRULERCB-24           Cork backed ruler 610x32mm (24")                                   1           $30.00
ACCRULERCB-36           Cork backed ruler 910x32mm (36")                                   1           $36.00

Tie-Down Straps
Range of heavy-duty straps required for occupation health and safety requirements
for securing of overhead bulk loads in storage.

Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
ACCSTRAP-250            250kg Ratchet strap with S Hook. 25mm x 4.3m                       1           $12.45
ACCSTRAP-350            350kg Ratchet strap with S Hook. 25mm x 4.3m                       1           $14.95
ACCSTRAPBELLY           500kg Belly strap with triangles each end. 25mm x 1.3m             1           $ 9.95

Art Gum Eraser
A soft, non-abrasive eraser often referred to as “soap eraser.”

Range                                                                                     Pk    Price ex GST
ACCAGE                  Art Gum eraser 25x50mm, soft non-abrasive formula “soap eraser”    1            $1.95

                      Microspatula                                          Cork Backed Ruler

     accessories & conservation materials

     Activated Charcoal Cloth
     Cloth made from 100% activated carbon in textile form, laminated to a polyester liner.
     Used for absorption of pollutants in storage and display cases, as well as an anti-tarnish cloth
     for silver objects. Can be cut and sewn to make pouches, line drawers and display cases etc.

     Range                                                                                 Pk       Price ex GST
     CONACCLOTH              42" wide x 36" length (1.06m x.91m)                             1             $114.00

     Orvus Paste
     Neutral pH gentle detergent for cleaning textiles (except silk). Synthetic, anionic detergent removes
     common dirt and stains but not stubborn stains. Readily soluble in hot or cold water and can be used
     as a wetting, emulsifying and sudsing agent. Professional advice from a conservator is recommended
     prior to cleaning textiles.

     Range                                                                                 Pk       Price ex GST
     CONORV-QRT              1 quart (946ml)                                                 1              $22.90
     CONORV-GAL              1 gallon (4.5 litre)                                            1              $52.50

     Specimen Pins
     Specimen pins feature a nylon head and angle ground points. Hard black lacquer guards against rust.

     Range                                                                                 Pk       Price ex GST
     ACCPIN-000              Size 000, 37mm x .25mm                                         60              $29.95
     ACCPIN-1                Size 1, 37mm x .4mm                                            60              $29.95
     ACCPIN-3                Size 3, 37mm x .5mm                                            60              $29.95

             Orvus Paste                                Picreator products                         Specimen Pins

     accessories & conservation materials

Picreator Pre-Lim is used in the professional restoration of arms, armour, sculpture, brass & copper
exhibition cookware, ceramics & automobile paintwork. Formulation based on Neuburg silica chalks
in a water/white spirit emulsion. Cleaning/burnishing action achieved with soft rag and light pressure.
Residual chalky deposit is easily removed with a clean rag.

Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
CONPRELIM               Pre-Lim 200ml                                                   pk1               $32.00

Picreator De-Corroder selectively ruptures the bond between base metal & corrosion layer,
reducing rust to a sludge which is easily wiped away.

Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
CONMDECOR               De-Corroder 250ml                                                 1               $32.00

Renaissance Wax
Picreator Renaissance wax is a high quality blend of refined micro-crystalline waxes. Cleans & polishes
all solid surfaces including wood, metal, marble, onyx, shell, stone, ivory, plastic, leather & paper.

Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
CONRENWAX-200           Renaissance wax 200ml                                             1               $32.00
CONRENWAX-3KG           Renaissance wax 3kg                                               1             $149.50

Picreator Vulpex soap is safe for cleaning most materials including feathers, textiles, leather, carpets,
furniture, armour, precious metals, shell, marble & stone. Vulpex emulsifies dirts, fats, mineral oils, waxes &
hydrocarbons. Must be diluted before use. Professional advice is recommended prior to cleaning textiles.

Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
CONVULPEX               Vulpex soap 250ml                                                 1               $32.00

Picreator Starter Kit
Starter kit containing 200ml PreLim, 250ml De-Corroder, 200ml Renaissance wax and 250ml Vulpex.

Range                                                                                    Pk       Price ex GST
CONPIC-KIT              Picreator starter kit                                             1             $121.60

     Absorene paper & book cleaner           43        Hat                                6, 9
     Accessories                             41        Index card                            7
     Acid-Detection Film Strip               47        Kraft                                 8
     Activated Charcoal Clth                 50        Lever Arch                            6
     Adhesin 3113                            38        Microfiche/film                       9
     Adhesives                               38        National Archives of Australia        5
         Adhesin 3113                        38        Newspaper                          6, 9
         EVA                                 38        Object                           10, 11
         HMG Heat & Waterproof               38        Pamphlet                           6, 9
         Paraloid B72                        38        Plan                                  6
         Plextol B500                        38        Polypropylene                         9
         PVA                                 38        Print                                 6
         Methyl Cellulose                    38        Public Record Office Victoria        12
         Wheat Starch                        38        Record                              7, 9
     Albums                                  27        Tape                                  9
         Document                            27        Tasmanian Archives Office             6
         Photo                               27        Textile                            6, 9
         Survival                            27        Trays                                 7
     Apollo tissue                           21        Solander                              8
     Archives Office of Tasmania boxes         6       Video                                 5
     Artefact ID labels                      31    Box Kits                             10, 11
     Art Gum Erasers                         49    Bubble wrap                              32
     Audio tape boxes                          5   Buffered tissue                          21
     Barrier paper                           20    Card supports                            18
     Beetle traps                            39    CD boxes                                  7
     Beva Films                              29    Charcoal Cloth                           50
     Binders                                 27    Cleaner, paper & book                    43
         Polypropylene                       27    Clear pocket labels                      31
         Presentation                        27    Cockroach traps                          39
         Lever arch                          27    Copy paper                               20
     Blotters                                21    Cork backed ruler                        49
     Boards                                  15    Coreflute                                17
         Coreflute                           17    Corrugated board boxes                 5, 6
         Corrugated                          15    Corrugated board                         15
         Ethafoam                            17    Cotton gloves                            41
         Folder                              15    Cotton tying tape                        34
         Folding boxboard                    15    Crompton heat-set tissue                 21
         Fomecore                            17    De-corroder                              51
         Library                             16    Digital Hygrometer Thermometer           46
         Rising Museum                       16    Digital light meter                      46
         Support                             18    Document boxes                       5, 6, 9
     Bondina                                 29    Document Cleaning Pad                    42
     Bone Folders                            44    Document Cleaning Powder                 42
     Bookmarks                               46    Document wallets                     14, 19
     Boxes                                     5   Double-sided tape                        33
         Audio tape                         5, 9   Dry-cleaning sponge                      43
         Compact Disc                          6   Dust Bunny                               43
         Corrugated board                   5, 6   Dusting Brush                            43
         Document                        5, 6, 9   Enclosures                               22
         Glass negative                     6, 9      Paper                                 22

   Polyester                   25    Leather Weights                   44
   Polyethylene ziplock        26    Lever Arch binders                27
   Polypropylene            23, 24   Lever Arch boxes                   6
   Melinex/Mylar               25    Library board                     16
   Suspension                  24    Light meters                      46
   Tyvek                       22    Lux light meter                   46
Erasers                        49    Map bags                          26
Ethafoam                       17    Map folders                       19
Filmoplast tapes                33   Manilla folders                   19
Films                           28   Methyl Cellulose                  38
    Melinex/Mylar               28   Melinex/Mylar enclosures          25
    Polyester                   28   Melinex/Mylar film                28
    Polypropylene               29   Microfiche/microfilm boxes         9
    Reemay                      29   Microspatula                      49
    Tyvek                       29   Mini-Vac                          46
Foilbacked labels               30   Monel Staples                     45
Folder board                    15   Mounting Strips                   37
Folders                         19   Museum Boards                     16
    Document wallets            19   Museum Gel                        47
    Four-flap                   19   Museum Putty                      47
    Lateral file                19   Museum Wax                        47
    Manilla folders             19   NAA boxes                          5
    Map                         19   Newspaper boxes                  6, 9
Folding box board               15   Nitrile Gloves                    41
Fomecore                        17   Object box kits                10, 11
Four-flap folders               19   Object Labelling Kits             41
Gel, Museum                     47   Orvus Paste                        50
Glass negative boxes          6, 9   Packaging                          32
Glassine                        20   Bubblewrap                         32
Gloves                          41   Polyfoam                           32
    Cotton                      41   Pamphlet boxes                   6, 9
    Nitrile                     41   Paper & book cleaner               43
Groomstick                      43   Paper enclosures                   22
Hanging Bars                    47   Paper                              20
Hat boxes                        6       Barrier                        20
Hinging/repair tape             36       Blotting                       21
Humidity Indicator Strips       44       Copy                           20
Hygrometer/Thermometer          48       Glassine                       20
Index card boxes                 7       Perpetuum Wove                 20
Insect Control products     39, 40   Paraloid                           41
Kraft boxes                      9       Adhesive                       38
Kunstoff                        45       B67                            41
Labelling kits                  41       B72                            41
Labels                      30, 31       Labelling kit                  41
    Artefact ID                 31   Pens                               42
    Clear pocket                31       pH testing                     42
    Foilbacked                  30       Pigma                          42
    Tyvek                       31       Sharpie                        42
Lateral file                    19   Perpetuum Wove                     20
Lens (L) tissue                 21   Pest traps                     39, 40

     Photocorners                             37    Straps, tie-down                     49
          Polyester                           37    Support cards                        18
          Polypropylene                       37    Suspension sleeves                   24
          Pre-scored mount corners            37    Tacking Iron                          48
     Photomount board                         16    Tapes                                 33
     pH testing pens                          42         Cotton tying                     34
     Picreator products                       51         Double-sided                     33
     Pigma pens                               42         Filmoplast                       33
     Plan boxes                                6         Frame-sealing                    36
     Plastiklips                              42         Gummed                           35
     Plextol B500                             38         Hinging/repair                   36
     Polyester film                           28         Lineco                       35, 36
     Polyester enclosures                     25         Linen                            35
     Polyester corners                        37         Paper                            35
     Polyester twine                          41         Polyethylene strapping           34
     Polyethylene foam                        32         Textile labelling                34
     Polyethylene strapping                   34         Tyvek                            29
     Polyethylene ziplock enclosures          26    Tasmanian Archives Office boxes        6
     Polyfoam                                 32    Teflon microspatula                   49
     Polyprong fasteners                      44    Textile boxes                       6, 9
     Polypropylene binders                    27    Thermometer/Hygrometer                48
     Polypropylene boxes                       9    Tie-down straps                       49
     Polypropylene enclosures             23, 24    Timecapsule                           48
     Polypropylene corners                    37    Tissues                               21
     Polypropylene film                       29         Apollo                           21
     Pre-Lim                                  51         Buffered                         21
     Presentation binders                     27         Crompton heat-set                21
     Public Record Office                                Lens (L)                         21
     Victoria products                 12, 13, 14        Renaissance                      21
     Putty, Museum                            47         Unbuffered                       21
     Print boxes                               6         Wrapping                         21
     Rare Book ID Strips                      46    Traps, pest                       39, 40
     Record boxes                              9    Tuberolls                             18
     Record sleeves                       22, 26    Ty-tite Fasteners                     45
     Record support cards                     18    Tyvek envelopes                       22
     Reemay                                   29    Tyvek film                            28
     Renaissance Tissue                       21    Tyvek labels                          31
     Renaissance Wax                          51    Tyvek tape                            34
     Rising Museum board                      16    Unbuffered tissue                     21
     Roll tubes                               18    UV light meter                        46
     Ruler, cork backed                       49    Vacuum Cleaner                        46
     Sealant, timecapsule                     48    Video boxes                            5
     See-thru mount strips                    37    Wax, Museum                           47
     Sharpie pens                             42    Wax, Renaissance                      51
     Silica gel                               45    Webbing Clothes Moth traps            40
     Silicone coated polyester                28    Wheat Starch                          38
     Silverfish traps                         39    Wrapping paper                        20
     Solander boxes                            8    Wrapping tissue                       21
     Specimen pins                            50    Ziplock enclosures                    26
     Staples, Monel                           45

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