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make money with facebook


make money with facebook

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									how to make money with facebook

1. Start a popular Facebook fan page
Facebook has recently taken steps to prevent unauthorized persons even
Facebook fan pages will create for existing products or brands. But
nothing prevents you from a fan to create for something completely
generic, such as "Belgian Beer" or "Funny T-Shirts". It helps of course
if you have a fan page for righting something no fanpage for it.Once you
have gathered enough fans (think 10000-1000000), you can do 2 things:

A) companies to provide a sponsored status update to post. All your fans
get this status update on their screen reading. For companies that are
worth money.Make sure the message is not too commercial comes on. The
company organizes a contest where prizes are related to the topic of the
Facebook fan page, which is much more interesting than a "buy with us
now" message.A good target for placing a sponsored status update is 0.01
euros per fan. Does your page 10,000 fans, you can ask so 100 euros.

B) You can also sell your Facebook fan page to a company. The fanpage
"Kisses" (with just over 1 million fans) was even the subject of a
"bidding war" between two companies: Orabrush (oral) and Hershey's
("kisses" are chocolate candies that the company sells). Eventually
Orabrush the page overbought, though the acquisition price is not

2. Place affiliate links on Facebook
For those who are not familiar with affiliate marketing: by registering
with affiliate programs as TradeDoubler and TradeTracker can post links
from advertisers, for example, mail order companies, travel agencies and
online computer stores. Every time someone places an order after clicking
on your affiliate link, you get commission. How do you do it, does not
matter. There are opportunities sat before placing affiliate links in
Facebook.Shame on you for nothing? Then place affiliate links in your
status update to your friends pointing to "bang deals" and promotions at
any particular advertiser.Others use the Facebook fan pages and groups
for their links to places (only do this with your own pages and
groups).But you can only really large-scale money by putting yourself
first money to stabbing. Through the Facebook ad program you can place
ads in Facebook. You do not need products or services to sell, rather
just links to the affiliate programs.

Note: Facebook will suggest you to offer 0.17 euros per click, but you
should not listen. 0.17 euro per click gives you never out. I usually
start to offer 0.05 euros, and I hope I between 0.05 and 0.10 euros per
click back swipe. That may seem little per click, but in affiliate
marketing make a great many small ones.

3. Facebook applications
Compared to a successful Facebook application bringing the previous two
ways to really peanuts. And "successful" does not really mean that you
need a million users.
10,000 users can be 1000 euros per month.
Your application needs to only three conditions:
- Useful and / or fun
- A valuable and / or prized "good" (virtual currency) include where
people are willing to pay
- Use of the antiviral properties of Facebook (news feed, notifications,

make money with facebook!

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