; Wait till Helen comes
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Wait till Helen comes


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									By Mary downing Hahn
Main Characters:
 Molly – the main character, Michael’s
  older sister.
 Michael – Molly’s little brother
 Heather – Molly and Michael’s
  younger step-sister.
 Helen – a ghost who becomes
  Heather’s friend, and tries makes
  Molly, Michael, and their mom’s life
 Main Setting
The church that Molly, Michael,
and Heather’s family moves
into. Mainly the church, in the
graveyard behind the church,
and around the old house that
burnt down a long time ago.
Summery -
    In Molly’s new “House”, her bratty, little
step sister finally finds a friend. Her name is
Helen , and she’s a GHOST!!! Molly gets
scared, not for her, but for Heather. She tries
to tell Heather that befriending a ghost is
dangerous, but she won’t listen. Instead, she
tells Molly that she is going to wait till Helen
comes, and that Helen will ruin her life.
   The next day, when Molly and Michael get
home from a walk, they find everything in
their room in ruins.
   Molly knows that she has to do something
before Helen comes again – what will Helen
do next time?

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