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                                                                 Sysco The


                                                         The Sysco Family of Brands
                                                         Sysco Supreme ...............................................................3
                                                         Sysco Imperial.................................................................4
                                                         Sysco Classic ....................................................................5
                                                         Sysco Reliance ................................................................6

                                                         Center of the Plate
                                                         Butcher’s Block ...............................................................7
                                                         Fire River Farms ..............................................................9
                                                         White Marble Farms .................................................. 10
                                                         Portico .............................................................................11
    Leading Quality.
    Leading Brands.                                      Specialty Segments
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    Allow us to introduce you to Sysco’s Leading         Block & Barrel ................................................................15
    Brands. We’ve built our reputation and success       Casa Solana ...................................................................17
    by focusing on quality, consistency, savings, and
    variety, and this guide is a great overview of our
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    most important brands. Here you will find all the
    most up-to-date information on Sysco’s Leading       Wholesome Farms ..................................................... 19
    Brands, along with some great ideas on how to        BakerSource ................................................................. 21
    mix them into a menu, some wonderful, palate-
                                                         Citavo .............................................................................. 23
    pleasing recipes and many heartfelt testimonials
    from devoted Sysco users. Sysco is leading the       Sysco Natural ............................................................... 25
    way in quality with these unique brands, and         Keystone ........................................................................ 27
    bringing the very best to you and your customers.
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    Thanks,                                              Fry-On ............................................................................ 29
    The Sysco Team                                       House Recipe ............................................................... 30

Sysco Story

Since 1970, Sysco has helped foodservice operators provide great meals
away from home. We’re committed to the success of our customers, with
more than 180 locations throughout North America and product lines as
diverse as the 48,000 employees who support our daily operations. Sysco’s
products and services are unsurpassed in the industry, with the finest meats,
the freshest seafood and the best produce, not to mention the staples and
supplies every restaurant needs to keep its operation fully equipped and
sparkling clean. With a world-renowned Quality Assurance Department, you
can be certain that if it comes from Sysco, it’s safe, reliable, and consistently
crafted with your needs in mind. Sysco does everything within its power
to live up to our guiding tenet—that “Good things come from Sysco.”


                      Superior. Unsurpassed. Outstanding.

                           Truly superior, the Sysco Supreme brand
                           encompasses elite products, differentiated by
                           the high quality of their ingredients, packaging
                           and applications and the uniqueness of their
                           formulations. These products are guaranteed to
                           enhance any menu or dish with their unmatched
                           flavor and quality. Sysco Supreme makes these
                           top-quality products available because Sysco
                           believes that the most discerning customers
                           deserve the absolute finest products.


                                                             SYSCO IMPERIAL
                                                              Delightful. Artisanal. Exceptional
Wisconsin Cheddar
Cheese and Poblano
Chili Soup
Yield: 4 servings                                                                                                    “The Sysco
1 T. bacon fat                   3/4 c. beer                                                                         Imperial soup
1 onion, chopped                 7 c. Sysco Imperial                                                                 base line is the
3 whole peeled                   chicken stock                                                                       highest quality
shallots, chopped                1/4 c. unsalted                                                                     of soup bases
1 whole peeled                   butter, softened
                                                                                                                     that I’ve found
garlic clove,                    1/4 c. all-purpose
chopped                          flour                                                                               in the last 20
1 jalapeno chili,                2 poblano chiles,                                                                   years of cooking.
seeded and                       roasted, seeded                                                                     There is nothing
chopped                          and diced                   The Sysco Imperial brand represents the very best
                                                             the foodservice industry has to offer. Carefully
                                                                                                                     comparable on
1/2 T. ground chili              4 c. sharp cheddar
powder                           cheese, shredded            crafted to Sysco’s exacting specifications, the         the market.”
                                 (1 pound)                   quality of Sysco Imperial’s ingredients stand out
2 T. cilantro,                                                                                                       Lonnie Bradshaw, Manager
                                                             in the industry. Sourced from around the world,         Bogart’s Restaurant
chopped                          Salt to taste
                                                             they offer premium performance and exceptional
1 T. chopped fresh               Fresh lime juice            value. Sysco brings a new level of artisanship
or 1 t. dried epazote            to taste                    to the creation of all Imperial products.
Pinch of cumin seed
Heat bacon fat in large sauté pan over medium
heat. Add onion, shallots, garlic, jalapeno and chili
powder. Sauté for two minutes or until soft. Add
cilantro, epazote, cumin seed and beer. Bring to a
boil. Boil for five minutes or until liquid has reduced by
half. Add chicken stock and bring to a boil, skimming
foam from top. Mix butter and flour together. Slowly
whisk into boiling soup, mixing until smooth. Lower
heat and simmer uncovered about 40 minutes.

Remove soup from heat and immediately stir in cheese.
Pour into blender by batches and blend until smooth.
Add reserved poblanos. Season with salt and lime juice.
Pour into warm soup bowls and serve immediately.
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
By Chef Dean Fearing

                                                                                                             THE SYSCO FAMILY OF BRANDS   | 4

               SYSCO CLASSIC
                             Appealing. Satisfying. Dependable

 “Sysco’s chicken                                                                     Asian Chicken Salad
     breasts have
                                                                                      Yield: 1 serving
   many uses on
   our menu and                                                                       4 oz. Sysco Classic          ½ c. sliced
                                                                                      Chicken Breast               cucumber rounds
 are very easy to
                                                                                      3 oz. Sysco Imperial         ½ c. julienned red
   work with. We                                                                      battered onion               peppers
 have tried other                                                                     strips                       2 oz. mixed lettuce
brands but came                                                                       Salt, as needed              greens
    back to Sysco                                                                     Black pepper, as             2 T. prepared
                                                                                      needed                       sesame-soy dressing
    Classic in the
                                                                                      Season the chicken breast with salt and pepper.
             end.”                                                                    Grill until done. Prepare onion strips according to
  Theresa Guthrie, Owner                                                              package directions. Toss cucumbers, red peppers
          White River Café                                                            and mixed lettuce greens with the dressing and
                             The Sysco Classic brand family includes an extensive     transfer to a serving bowl. Dice chicken and arrange
                             selection, from pantry staples, fresh and frozen foods   over salad. Top with onion strips and serve.
                             to prepared products and hundreds of other options.
                             Sysco Classic brings the quality businesses crave and
                             the range of choices customers demand under one
                             brand, and delivers them both to you! More value
                             for the price, with quality equal or better than other
                             national and leading brands—that’s Sysco Classic.


Economical. Gratifying. Reliable.

                                                        “We’ve been
                                                        using Sysco
                                                        for over seven
                                                        years. I love
                                                        the quality,
                                                        consistency and
                                                        value that is
                                                        offered in your
                                                        Brenda Rodriguez, Owner
                                                        Razzo’s Pizza and Salads

Sysco Reliance is there for food service operators,
offering competitively priced products which meet
all regulatory standards—and Sysco standards for
quality and food safety. A great value for the price,
Reliance products are more consistent than other
economy labels, and provide a lower cost option
for all types of applications. Deliciously reliable
Sysco quality is included in all Sysco Reliance
products—and that’s value you can taste.

                                                                             THE SYSCO FAMILY OF BRANDS   | 6

                                                                       BUTCHER’S BLOCK
                                                                                    Reserve. Choice. Hand-selected.

                                                                                    Butcher’s Block Reserve Angus

                                                                                    Part of the Butcher’s Block complete beef program,
                                                                                    Butcher’s Block Reserve Angus Beef is a hand-
                                                                                    selected, custom-sized product with exceptional
                                                                                    taste, specifically designed for operators who want
                                                                                    to serve premium beef that is high in tenderness and
                                                                                    flavor. The Butcher’s Block Reserve Angus Beef line
                                                                                    offers the most popular cuts, aged for a minimum of
                                                                                    21 days. Graded and certified for marbling, maturity
                                                                                    and other important quality factors, Butcher’s
                                                                                    Block Reserve Angus is available in commodity
                                                                                    and 1/4” trims in a convenient 40 lb. box for easy
                            Butcher’s Block brings the very best to your table.     handling and efficient inventory turns. A year-round
                            The finest cuts of beef, deliciously marbled pork,      crowd pleaser, this beef ensures a consistency
                            fork-tender veal and succulent lamb are all produced    of plate presentation and patron satisfaction
                            under optimum conditions, providing you with            unmatched by other boxed beef programs.
                            some of the most marvelous meats available.

                            Tender and delicious, every steak cut of Butcher’s
                                                                                    Butcher’s Block Quality
                            Block Boxed Beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days,
                            enhancing its natural flavor and making it a rare       Sysco Quality Assurance department ensures
                            treat. Available in 1/4” trim specifications, with      safety and flavor in every bite of Butcher’s Block,
                            consistent sizing and convenient packaging, these       overseeing the selection process and confirming
                            fresh USDA Choice and Select boxed beef cuts            that the final product meets Sysco’s stringent
                            are perfect for the discerning customer. Butcher’s      standards for texture, weight, and color. The best
                            Block Pork provides a full line of fresh and frozen     beef, the best pork, the best veal and lamb—the
                            pork products, all of which boast outstanding           best meats across the board are brought to
                            performance due to tighter specifications, which        you by Sysco quality and Butcher’s Block.
                            are upheld by Sysco’s award-winning Quality
                            Assurance team. Butcher’s Block Reserve lamb and
                            veal products carry USDA Process Verified shields, a
                            mark that they have undergone rigorous oversight,
                            ensuring quality and consistency. All of these
                            Butcher’s Block products set the standard in the food
                            service industry, bringing reliability, consistency,
                            and value together in one protein-rich package.

Steak Medallions Caprese Salad with
Roasted Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette

Yield: 24 servings                                                                 “I have been
Salad                                       Roasted Garlic
                                                                                   using Butcher’s
4 lbs. red tomatoes,                        Balsamic Vinaigrette                   Block center
sliced 1 ¼ inch thick                       ½ c. roasted garlic paste              cut strip loins
3 lbs yellow or heirloom                    ¾ c. balsamic vinegar                  for eight years.
tomatoes, sliced 1 ¼ thick                  2 ¼ t. kosher salt                     The trim as well
3 lbs. red onions,
sliced ¼ inch thick
                                            1 ½ t. coarse-ground                   as the quality
                                            black pepper
Olive oil, salt, and
                                                                                   is outstanding
                                            2 ¼ c. olive oil
pepper to taste                                                                    and consistent. I
6 lbs. Butcher’s Block beef                                                        have tried many
shoulder tender roast
                                                                                   other similar
3 lbs. fresh mozzarella cheese,
sliced ¼ inch thick
                                                                                   brands, but the
3 c. fresh basil, thinly sliced
                                                                                   size and quality
                                                                                   do not come
First, create vinaigrette by combining roasted garlic paste, vinegar, salt and     close to that of
pepper in a bowl. Whisk in oil; set aside. Next, toss tomato slices and onion
slices with enough oil to coat. Season with salt and pepper. Arrange vegetables
                                                                                   the Butcher’s
in single layer on sheet pans. Roast in 400˚ oven for ten to twelve minutes;       Block brand.
set aside. Season beef roasts with pepper as needed. Roast in 425˚ oven for        My customers
20 to 25 minutes for medium rare to medium doneness. Carve roasts into ½
inch thick medallions. Season with salt. For each serving, alternately layer
                                                                                   can tell the
four beef medallions, three red tomato slices, three yellow tomato slices, three   difference.”
onion slices, and three mozzarella slices on plate. Top with two tablespoons
                                                                                   Ercan Ekinci, Chef
of basil, drizzle salad with two tablespoons of Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette.        Green Turtle Market

                                                                                                         CENTER OF THE PLATE   | 8

                                          Hearty. Flavorful. Moist.

                                                                                           The Classic
     “The Fire River
                                                                                           California Burger
         Fresh Steak                                                                       Yield: 4 servings
 Burger is the only                                                                        32 oz. Fire River            8 tomato slices
                                                                                           Farms Ground Beef            1 sliced avocado
   burger we have
                                                                                           4 hamburger buns             Mayonnaise to
sold to our guests
                                                                                           8 oz. lettuce leaves         garnish
   in the five years                                                                       Form the Fire River Farms Ground Beef into
     we have been                                                                          four equal patties, then season them to taste.
open. Burgers are                                                                          Grill the burgers to the desired doneness.
                                                                                           Toast buns, then garnish burgers with
    easily the best-
                                                                                           mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and avocado.
   selling items on
 our menu. ‘This is
   the best burger                                                                      in a wide selection of sizes and shapes in easy-
                                                                                        to-use zip-lock bags. Bulk ground beef is also
         I have ever                                                                    available in a variety of grinds from fine to
 eaten!’ is a pretty                                                                    coarse—suitable for creating custom dishes such
                                  Fire River Farms is Sysco’s exclusive brand of
standard reaction                                                                       as chilis, enchiladas or your very own signature
                                  ground beef products. Available in both patty and     burger that patrons will come back for time and
 for a first-timer at             bulk, fresh or frozen styles, the line delivers an    again. Fire River Farms products include Fire River
    2 Fat Guys. You               exceptional level of oversight into the processing    Farms Angus, Fire River Farms Imperial, and Fire
  couldn’t pay me                 and food safety of ground beef. These stringent       River Farms Classic. The best possible quality for
                                  safety standards ensure that the raw materials        the best ground beef—that’s Fire River Farms.
    to use another                used to produce Fire River Farms products result in
             burger!”             flavorful, consistent products with a higher yield.
                                  Sysco also closely monitors the delivery of Fire
                    Tom Craft
      2 Fat Guys American Grill   River Farms ground beef from the manufacturer
                  and Catering    to your door, providing a consistent cold chain
                                  and ensuring a safe, wholesome product.

                                  Fire River Farms offers multiple options for
                                  maximizing your menu’s appeal. Patties come


                                                        WHITE MARBLE FARMS
                                                        Traditional. Succulent. Versatile.

Harvest Stuffed Loin of
Pork with Dried Fruit and                              Rich in tradition and flavor—that’s White Marble
                                                       Farms. Because White Marble Farms is focused
Pomegranate Au Jus                                     only on the production of rich, juicy pork, the
                                                       end product is incredibly consistent and flavorful.
Yield: 8 – 12 servings                                 Animals are held to a high standard, and only the
6 lbs. White Marble           6 fresh sage leaves      finest cuts make the grade. Meat is selected for
Farms Pork Loin,                                       generous marbling, rich color, and excellent texture.
                              2 t. Sysco Imperial/
center-cut                                             Sysco White Marble farms pork is an elegant,
                                                       versatile product that raises customer expectations
½ c. infused                  cinnamon
                                                       and then fulfills them, time and time again.
blueberries                   3 T. Sysco Imperial/
½ c. dried                    McCormick®
cranberries                   Montreal Steak®            Pomegranate Au Jus                                      “Whenever we
½ c. julienned dried          Seasoning
apricots                      2 T. rosemary
                                                                                                                 feature White
                                                         Yield: 8 – 12 servings
½ c. Flame-roasted            2 T. melted butter                                                                 Marble Farms
apples                                                   Pan drippings              2 oz. butter                 Eight Bone Pork
                              2 T. maple syrup
1 c. pecans,                                             2 oz. port wine            2 T. fresh sage, diced       Chops, customers
                              1 c. chicken stock
chopped                                                  16 oz. chicken stock
                                                                                                                 keep coming
Butterfly the pork loin so that it lies flat on a        2 oz. pomegranate
                                                                                                                 back for more.”
cutting board. Combine blueberries, cranberries,
apricots, apples, pecans, cinnamon, butter, maple        Deglaze roasting pan with port wine. Whisk in           Jeff Adams, Executive Chef
                                                                                                                 Scituate Country Club
syrup and chicken stock in a large bowl. Place           chicken stock and pomegranate puree. Reduce
the stuffing on top of the pork loin, then layer the     by half. Finish with butter and chopped sage.
sage leaves. Roll up the roast in a spiral, then tie
with butcher’s twine. Season the top of the roast
with Montreal Steak Seasoning and rosemary.

Sear the pork on all sides, then transfer
to a sheet pan. Bake in a preheated 375˚
oven until the internal temperature reaches
160˚, approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Let stand for 10 minutes before carving.

                                                                                                               CENTER OF THE PLATE     | 10

                                                                               PO R T ICO
                                                                                   Healthful. Consistent. Sustainable.

                                                                                   From whole fish to delicious fillets, from far-away
                                                                                   ocean selections to more domestic varieties, Sysco’s
                                                                                   Portico brand has a line on some of the world’s
                                                                                   most healthful, flavorful seafood selections. From
                                                                                   conveniently breaded and battered portions to
                                                                                   freshly frozen-at-sea products, Sysco’s Portico
                                                                                   brand makes your job easier at every step.

                                                                                   Bake it, broil it, grill it, fry it—doesn’t
                                                                                   matter how you prepare it, with Portico
                                                                                   products, you’re really cooking.

                                                                                   Black Tiger Shrimp

                                                                                   Only the best farm-raised Black Tiger Shrimp,
                                                                                   from modern, tightly controlled facilities make
                                                                                   the Portico grade. Available year-round, these
                                                                                   shrimp can be thawed in their unique polybag
                             Portico brings you the highest quality standards      packaging for convenience and food safety,
                             in the industry—and delicious, healthful seafood      and you can trust Portico Black Tiger Shrimp
                             selections that are imminently adaptable to any       to have a uniform size, appearance and flavor.
                             menu. Portico Bounty products meet established        Size, taste, and quality are consistent—and
                             industry standards for competitive value-added        consistent with what you expect from Sysco.
                             labels. Portico Prime brings you the best available
                             quality value-added products, packed to exceedingly
                             high expectations with better ingredients, limited
                             use of chemicals and unique recipes. Portico          Portico Quality
                             Simply brings you the basics—raw seafood with         Sysco is working closely with the World Wildlife
                             nothing added, providing you with maximum             Fund to identify sustainable fisheries, establish
                             versatility while delivering uncompromised quality    a sustainable seafood platform, and identify
                             and value. Portico also stands for integrity—we       renewable resources in every category—making
                             guarantee and list true net weights and species       certain that the products you need are always
                             that always match up with what’s in the box.          reliable, responsible, and ecologically sound.

                                                                                 “I have been
                                                                                 able to create
                                                                                 many versatile
                                                                                 and light recipes
                                                                                 with Portico
                                                                                 squid. I love
                                                                                 Portico squid
                                                                                 because it’s
                                                                                 clean, meaty
                                                                                 and beautifully
                                                                                 shaped. I can
                                                                                 stuff it, cut it in
                                                                                 circles, sauté it
                                                                                 and mix it with
                                                                                 a salad or pasta
Portico Guacamole Shrimp Wraps                                                   for more flavor.
                                                                                 Portico is my
Yield: 12 servings
                                                                                 favorite brand
                                                                                 because of its
5 lbs. large or jumbo Portico                5 T. fresh parsley, minced
shrimp, peeled and deveined
                                                                                 quality. Keep
                                             1 head cabbage, shredded
¾ c. butter or margarine
                                                                                 diving for good
                                             12 flour tortillas
¾ c. olive or avocado oil
                                                                                 seafood. A good
                                             16 oz. guacamole
6 cloves garlic, minced                                                          product makes
                                                                                 a chef creative
Thread five shrimps closely together on a thin wooden skewer. Repeat
                                                                                 and lets their
until all shrimp have been skewered. Melt butter in pan. Add oil, garlic
and parsley; heat just until bubbling, then remove sauce from heat.              imagination
                                                                                 run wild!”
Place skewered shrimp on a rack in a pan; brush generously with garlic
sauce. Broil shrimp four inches from heat until they turn bright pink            Chef Kiran Verma,
                                                                                 Executive Chef
(about four minutes). Baste at least once with garlic sauce. Turn and            Kiran’s
broil on the other side for about three minutes, or until shrimp feel firm
when pinched; baste once. (Or place skewers on a greased grill about six
inches from hot coals. Cook and baste as directed for broiled shrimp.)

Remove from skewers and put four or five shrimp in each tortilla. Add shredded
cabbage and guacamole. Roll into a cone and arrange on a plate.

                                                                                                       CENTER OF THE PLATE   | 12

                                                                                   Robust. Diverse. Authentic.

                                                                                   Arrezzio Pizza Toppings

                                                                                   Arrezzio knows that everybody’s different.
                                                                                   And that everybody likes something different
                                                                                   on their pizza! That’s why Arrezzio offers a
                                                                                   great range of pizza toppings, from pepperoni
                                                                                   (the most popular pizza topping, appearing
                                                                                   on 40% of all American pizzas!) to fully cooked
                                                                                   Italian-style pork toppings, pork topping seasoned
                                                                                   with black pepper and sage and delicious beef
                                                                                   topping with a spicy home-cooked flavor. All
                                                                                   these toppings combine wonderfully with the
                                                                                   flavors of Arrezzio Italian cheeses, from fresh
                                                                                   mozzarella and nutty parmesan, from sharp
                                                                                   Romano to mellow provolone, from string cheeses
                                                                                   to 50–50 two-cheese blends. Arrezzio has all
                                                                                   the dependably delicious products you need
                                                                                   to make pizzas worthy of the Arrezzio name!

                            Italian zest at your fingertips—that’s the Arrezzio    Arrezzio Quality
                            line from Sysco. Whether the menu is authentic         The core objective of Sysco’s Quality Assurance
                            Italian or has just a taste of Tuscany, Arrezzio       department is ensuring the quality and safety of
                            products are the perfect choice, punching up           all Sysco brand products, including Arrezzio, from
                            the flavor and the profits. Arrezzio is the go-to      angel hair to ziti. Great care is taken with each of
                            source for reliable, real Italian flavor. From pesto   our brands, making certain that all our products
                            sauce to cheeses, from canned tomatoes to pizza        are reliably safe and reliably delicious. Sysco’s
                            dough, Arrezzio products are a fresh take on old-      Quality Assurance team of over 150 highly trained
                            world cuisine—robust, diverse, and authentic.          experts work tirelessly to make sure that meats are
                                                                                   kept at the correct temperature, fresh veggies are
                                                                                   handled with care, and canned goods stay good,
                                                                                   all the way from our facilities to customers’ plates.

Wisconsin Gorgonzola, Tomato
and Spaghetti Squash Frittata

Yield: 4-6 servings

1/2 small diced yellow onion                    8 large eggs
1/4 small diced red bell pepper                 1/2 c. heavy cream
4 T. extra virgin olive oil, divided            1-1/2 t. Worcestershire sauce
1 c. quartered, seeded cooked                   4 shakes Tabasco sauce
spaghetti squash, drained and                   1 medium tomato, thinly sliced
patted dry
                                                4 oz. Arrezzio Wisconsin
1-1/2 t. salt, divided                          Gorgonzola cheese, broken
3/4 t. fresh ground black                       into 8 chunks
pepper, divided

In small skillet, sauté onion and bell pepper in 2 T. of the olive oil until
soft, two to three minutes. Stir in the squash, 1/2 t. of the salt and
1/4 t. of the pepper. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.

Heat oven to 350˚ F. In large bowl, whisk together the eggs, the remaining
salt and pepper, cream, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce. Drain
any liquid from the squash mixture and stir into the eggs. In 10-inch oven-        “The Old
proof skillet, heat the remaining 2 T. olive oil until slightly smoking. Pour in   Spaghetti Factory
the egg and squash mixture. Remove from heat. Top with tomato slices and           for years has
cheese. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until custard is set and slightly browned.
Let rest 10 minutes. Serve by cutting finished frittata into wedges
                                                                                   depended on
                                                                                   and demanded
For each serving: Slide frittata onto serving plate. Cut into wedges.
                                                                                   that Sysco deliver
Recipe provided by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board                              the best products
                                                                                   possible, and
                                                                                   that’s why we
                                                                                   have continued
                                                                                   the tradition of
                                                                                   sourcing the
                                                                                   Arrezzio Brand
                                                                                   for our tomato
                                                                                   Adolph Lehman
                                                                                   The Old Spaghetti Factory

                                                                                                               SPECIALTY SEGMENTS   | 14

                                                                                BLOCK & BARREL
                                                                                    Delicious. Wholesome.

                                                                                    Block & Barrel Ham

                                                                                    Ham is the meat with a place at any meal, and it’s
                                                                                    one of America’s favorites. All Block & Barrel hams
                                                                                    are fully cooked and ready to eat, hugely flavorful
                                                                                    and easily sliced and portioned for sandwiches,
                                                                                    ham steaks, or shaved thinly for party platters.
                                                                                    Block & Barrel hams are truly versatile, available in a
                                                                                    variety of flavors such as smoked and honey-glazed,
                                                                                    and they’re cured and smoked with natural juices,
                                                                                    ensuring great texture and optimum flavor. Whether
                                                                                    it’s pizza or breakfast, buffet-style or fine dining,
                                                                                    Block & Barrel hams have a place on any menu.

                            You can’t spell “delicious” without deli! Block &
                                                                                    Block & Barrel Quality
                            Barrel brings you the most delicious, delightful
                            deli offerings around. High-quality deli meats          Meats, cheeses, breads and sides … everything
                            (both bulk and pre-sliced), such as roast beef,         you need for a perfect picnic is available from
                            ham and turkey make an amazing sandwich                 Block & Barrel. Monitoring the quality of a line
                            when combined with Block & Barrel bulk and              that encompasses so many different types of
                            sliced cheeses. Put it all on one of Block & Barrel’s   products isn’t easy, but Sysco’s Quality Assurance
                            sandwich rolls or ready-made breads, and serve          department, composed of over 150 highly
                            with a crisp Block & Barrel kosher pickle spear or      trained professionals, is dedicated to ensuring
                            some delightful prepared soup on the side.              the quality of everything Sysco produces, from
                                                                                    appetizers to sweet finishes. We’re committed
                            Add some Block & Barrel chips or pretzels, and          to quality, and to providing the safe, reliable,
                            lunch is served! Any way you slice it, Block & Barrel   delicious products our customers depend on.
                            products are a delicious way to fill out a menu.

Cuban Pork Sandwich with
Ancho Mustard

Yield: 4 servings

1.4 c. vegetable oil                        4 oz. sliced Block &
2 T. fresh lime juice                       Barrel ham

1 oz. sliced onions                         16 pickle slices

½ t. Sysco Imperial/                        4 oz. sliced Swiss cheese
McCormick Ground
Black Pepper                                 Ancho Mustard
1 T. McCormick Coarse Grind                 1 t. McCormick Ancho Chile
Garlic Salt with Parsley                    Pepper
1¼ lb. pork loin                            1/3 c. yellow mustard
                                                                                     “In the catering
4 baguettes                                                                          business,
First, combine the oil with the lime juice, onions and seasonings; add pork and      consistency of
toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate for two hours, turning once. Roast in oven       product is a vital
at 350° until internal temperature reaches 155° to 160°. Allow to rest 15 minutes
before slicing. Prepare ancho mustard by lightly toasting ancho chile pepper in
                                                                                     component of
a dry skillet over medium heat until it begins to release its aroma, approximately   what we promise
30 seconds. Allow to cool for five minutes, then mix into yellow mustard. Next,      our customers.
spread 2 tsp. Ancho Mustard onto each side of a baguette. Layer 4 oz. pork
on the bottom half of the baguette; top with 1 oz. ham, five pickle slices and
                                                                                     In working with
1 oz. Swiss cheese. Top with crown of baguette. Finish sandwich on Panini grill      Sysco throughout
or wrap in foil and heat in a 375° oven until warm. Serve sandwich warm.             the years, we
                                                                                     know we can rely
                                                                                     on Sysco branded
                                                                                     products to
                                                                                     provide that
                                                                                     It’s impressive
                                                                                     and reassuring
                                                                                     that Sysco’s
                                                                                     commitment to
                                                                                     the integrity of
                                                                                     their brand is real
                                                                                     and tangible.”
                                                                                     Cade Nagy, Chef/Owner
                                                                                     Catering by Design

                                                                                                             SPECIALTY SEGMENTS   | 16

                                                                       CASA SOLANA
                                                                                  Spicy. Exciting. Fantastic.

                                                                                  Casa Solana Tortillas

                                                                                  Without the tortilla, you’d be hard-pressed to
                                                                                  make a great Mexican meal! The perfect base for
                                                                                  quesadillas, nachos, soft tacos, enchiladas and more,
                                                                                  Casa Solana tortillas are made with deliciously moist
                                                                                  unleavened dough, and are available in either corn
                                                                                  or flour variations, with heat-pressed or stretched
                                                                                  styles (for tender flakiness after frying). After they’ve
                                                                                  been grilled, Casa Solana tortillas are packed air-tight
                                                                                  and refrigerated, sealing in their authentic flavor
                                                                                  and freshness—and every tortilla has passed the
                                                                                  rigid requirements of our Quality Assurance team.
                                                                                  Quality, freshness, and authentic flavor—Casa
                                                                                  Solana tortillas have it all. And that’s a wrap!

                                                                                  Casa Solana Quality
                                                                                  Sysco practices the continuous evaluation
                                                                                  of its canned fruit and vegetable products,
                                                                                  inspecting and assessing them every step of the
                            If you’re looking for the ingredientes for a truly    way. The Lot Set Aside program allows Sysco
                            authentic south-of-the-border meal or just a          to ensure that such products as Casa Solana
                            little added heat, our Casa is your Casa. The Casa    canned tomatoes are evaluated by inspectors
                            Solana line includes both block and shredded          from harvest through the canning process,
                            cheeses, tortillas, chips, refried and black beans,   and labeled only if they meet or exceed Sysco’s
                            prepared avocado and guacamoles and salsas—           high standards of safety and excellence.
                            not to mention mouth-watering, eye-watering
                            green chilis and jalapenos! Casa Solana has you
                            covered with both precooked and ready-to-cook
                            seasoned fajita meats and fire-roasted and salsa-
                            style tomatoes. A great pick-me-up for any menu,
                            Casa Solana means affordability, consistence,
                            quality and convenience—in any language!

Casa Solana Chicken Fajitas

Yield: 4 servings

2 T. canola oil                              1 green bell pepper, seeded
1 – 1 1/2 pounds Casa Solana                 and cut into strips
white meat fajita strips                     1 zucchini, trimmed, cut in strips
1 medium onion, cut in wedges                8 flour tortillas, warmed                   “With all the
2 cloves garlic                              1/2 c. sour cream                           potential
4 mild green or red chile                    Guacamole to taste
                                                                                         unknowns in
peppers, seeded and sliced                   1 bunch green onions, trimmed
1 sweet red bell pepper, seeded              and sliced
                                                                                         our business it
and cut into strips                                                                      is comforting
                                                                                         to know that
Defrost breast strips according to package instructions and set aside.
Heat the oil in a heavy skillet. Add the onion, garlic and chile peppers to              the Casa Solana
the oil in the pan and sauté over high heat for two minutes. Add the bell                line of products
peppers and zucchini; cook over high heat for four minutes, or until the
                                                                                         are consistently
vegetables have begun to have a blackened look around the edges.
                                                                                         going to be of
Add the chicken to the pan and heat until sizzling hot. Serve right away, with warm      high quality.”
tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, sliced green onions, and chopped tomatoes.
Garnish with lime slices and serve with hot cooked rice and refried beans, if desired.   Louie Hamlett
                                                                                         Buffalo Gap Saloon

                                                                                                              SPECIALTY SEGMENTS   | 18

                                                            WHOLESOME FARMS
                                                                                 Nourishing. Comforting. Rich

                                                                                 Wholesome Farms Heavy Creams

                                                                                 Wholesome Farms Heavy Whipping Cream is
                                                                                 created by blending milk and cream to a 36 percent
                                                                                 butter fat content, which is then ultra pasteurized,
                                                                                 homogenized and packaged. Formulated for high-
                                                                                 volume usage in sauces, soups, and whipped creams,
                                                                                 this product has a 60-day shelf life from the date of
                                                                                 manufacture. Wholesome Farms ESL Heavy Cream is
                                                                                 formulated with a 40 percent milk fat and maximum
                                                                                 butter fat content for quicker thickening in extra-rich
                                                                                 sauces, and is a key component of such favorites as
                                                                                 Alfredo cream sauce, au gratin potatoes and desserts
                                                                                 such as custard and crème brulée. This product is
                                                                                 stabilized for superior performance in foodservice
                                                                                 applications and has a rich, clean, sweet flavor.

                          Farm-fresh offerings from Wholesome Farms are a        Wholesome Farms Quality
                          reliable, nutritive staple in any menu. From heavy     All Wholesome Farms products either meet or exceed
                          cream for whipping to the half and half that makes     Sysco’s stringent quality requirements. Sysco takes
                          coffee a creamy delight, from pre-scrambled eggs to    incredible care to ensure that all Sysco dairy is kept at
                          wholesome Grade AA shell eggs, Wholesome Farms         the proper temperature and shipped in a way that’s
                          products are typically produced at dairies located     conducive to maximum preservation, making certain
                          closer to our customers, resulting in fresher, more    that you receive nothing but the best product.
                          dependable dairy products with longer shelf lives.

                          Cottage cheese, milk in a range of sizes from half
                          pints to gallons and delicious ice cream help round
                          out the Wholesome Farms product portfolio. Butter,
                          sour cream, margarine, whipped topping—chances
                          are, if you need it and it comes from dairy country,
                          Wholesome Farms has it! Like all of Sysco’s leading
                          brands, Wholesome Farms has a wide variety of
                          products at a consistently high level of quality.

Cardamom Saffron Rice Pudding

Yield: 12 servings

3 qts. Wholesome Farms milk                 1 t. ground green cardamom
1 qt. heavy or light                        pods
Wholesome Farms cream                       1 t. saffron threads
(may substitute half and half)              1 ½ c. dark seedless raisins
2 ¼ c. U.S. basmati or U. S.                1 c. toasted almond slices, plus
jasmine rice (medium or long                additional toasted almond
grain)                                      slices as needed
1 ¼ c. light brown sugar                    2 T. orange zest (optional)

In a heavy pot, bring milk and cream to a boil over medium heat, stirring
frequently to prevent scorching. Add rice, reduce heat to medium-low
and continue cooking, stirring occasionally, until liquid is absorbed and
the mixture reduces and thickens to the consistency of custard. Rice
should be soft and creamy (45-50 minutes). Remove from heat.

Stir sugar into hot rice mixture. Add ground cardamom seeds (removed
from pod and ground), saffron threads, raisins and almonds to
rice mixture and mix well. Add orange zest, if desired. Turn mixture
into deep-half steam table pan. Cool, cover and refrigerate.

For each serving, place 1 c. pudding into a dessert dish and serve with
additional toasted almond slices on top. Dish may be served with a
variety of fresh tropical fruit including: mango, papaya, pineapple, star
fruit, etc. If desired, garnish with a sprig of mint or lemon verbena.

                                                                               “Our restaurant
                                                                               uses Sysco brand
                                                                               products at every
                                                                               we get. The
                                                                               quality is second
                                                                               to none and the
                                                                               price point is
                                                                               Kevin Englehart,
                                                                               General Manager
                                                                               The Blue Goose

                                                                                                   CATEGORY LEADERS   | 20

                                                                                 Decadent. Appetizing. Convenient.

                                                                                 BakerSource Breakfast Breads

                                                                                 From the sweet to the savory, nothing says breakfast
                                                                                 comfort like BakerSource breakfast breads. Our
                                                                                 muffins are available as mixes, batters or fully
                                                                                 prepared, and English muffins are the foundation
                                                                                 of an elegant breakfast, whether served with butter
                                                                                 or as the basis for Eggs Benedict. And nobody can
                                                                                 say no to a BakerSource donut, one of America’s
                                                                                 favorite grab-and-go snacks at any time of the
                                                                                 day. The BakerSource cinnamon roll is a versatile
                                                                                 addition to the breakfast table, and can be served
                                                                                 as-is, made into a bun for a newfangled breakfast
                                                                                 sandwich, or dipped in egg and grilled for a modern
                                                                                 take on French toast! Croissants, bagels, biscuits,
                                                                                 danish … BakerSource breakfast breads take diners
                                                                                 around the world … before they’ve had breakfast!

                                                                                 BakerSource Quality
                                                                                 Sysco’s number one commitment is to quality.
                          BakerSource brings you parbaked and finished           We merchandise a brand, not a label—and each
                          artisan breads and rolls, muffins and cookies.         item under the Sysco brand is produced under
                          There’s nothing like a crusty ciabatta to take a       manufacturing conditions that assure product
                          sandwich from the ordinary to the extraordinary,       safety and wholesomeness. Items that carry the
                          and a just-baked cookie is a sweet finish to any       Sysco brand are produced by a wide supplier
                          meal. BakerSource also has dry, mixable ingredients,   base of individual processing companies, and
                          perfect for the creation of delightful from-scratch    we’ve developed a quality process that requires
                          baked goods. BakerSource brings Sysco’s superior       cooperation and communication between Sysco
                          quality to a wide range of home-baked flavors,         suppliers, Sysco merchandising and marketing
                          taking the time and effort out of your baking          departments, and Sysco Quality Assurance
                          routine. The BakerSource line of products is always    professionals. This kind of teamwork ensures that
                          oven ready, table ready, and ready for you             Sysco customers will continue to get the consistency
                                                                                 and quality they depend on and deserve.

BakerSource Chocolate
Marbled Mini Cakes

Yield: 54 servings

5 lbs. (full box) BakerSource                3 c. cream cheese, softened
Chocolate/Chocolate                          1 c. sugar
Cake Mix
                                             3 eggs
5 c. water, divided

Place 2 ½ cups of water and BakerSource Chocolate/Chocolate Cake Mix in mixer
bowl. Using paddle, mix on medium speed for three minutes. Change to low
speed and mix for one minute while adding remaining water. Scrape bowl and
paddle. Continue to mix on low speed for two more minutes, then set aside.

Place cream cheese in a separate mixer bowl. Using a paddle, mix on
medium speed for three minutes or until smooth. Add sugar and eggs;
continue to mix on medium speed for two minutes or until well-blended.

Using a #16 scoop, scale cake batter into 54 prepared six-ounce
ramekins (0.6 oz. mixture in each ramekin). Swirl with the tip of a
knife using large circular motions to create marbled effect.

Place ramekins on baking sheet. For standard oven, bake at 350˚F for
23-28 minutes; for convection oven, bake at 300˚F for 23-28 minutes or
until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean. Chill thoroughly
                                                                                I haven’t used
before serving. Plate with chocolate or raspberry sauce, if desired.            any Sysco brand
                                                                                product that I
                                                                                haven’t liked—I
                                                                                wish I could
                                                                                purchase Sysco
                                                                                brand products
                                                                                in the grocery
                                                                                Susan Barlett, Food Service
                                                                                Director-Dietary Manager
                                                                                South Central Kansas Regional
                                                                                Medical Center

                                                                                                                CATEGORY LEADERS   | 22

                                                                                  C I TA V O
                                                                                  Exotic. Exhilarating. Eye-opening.

                                                                                  Citavo 100% Arabica West Coast Blend

                                                                                  Citavo’s 100% Arabica West Coast Blend is our take
                                                                                  on the flavor profile many of today’s discerning
                                                                                  coffee drinkers prefer. A blend of Central and South
                                                                                  American high-grown, mild coffee beans are dark-
                                                                                  roasted to create a distinctive taste, rich aroma and
                                                                                  a deep, full-bodied flavor. This signature blend is
                                                                                  available in both regular and decaffeinated varieties.

                                                                                  Citavo Quality
                                                                                  Drink a cup. Feed a child. That’s the idea behind
                                                                                  Citavo Organic Coffee’s efforts to benefit both
                                                                                  coffee-farming families and at-risk children around
                                                                                  the world. Organic production helps protect the
                                                                                  health of coffee producers and the surrounding
                                                                                  environments by eliminating chemicals used in
                                                                                  production, while Fair Trade certification ensures
                          The Citavo line of fine coffees and beverages           coffee producers a guaranteed living wage. Sysco
                          encompasses the flavors and traditions of the           stands behind these principles as well as donating
                          coffee-producing world, and it includes several         to children’s charities dedicated to feeding, clothing
                          treats for coffee lovers worldwide. No matter           and educating children in coffee-growing countries.
                          what’s on the menu, there’s no better end to a          Sysco is proud to support these humanitarian efforts,
                          great meal than a delicious cup of Citavo coffee.       and to run a business that’s invested in the future
                                                                                  success of these children, and in a better tomorrow.
                          Whether refreshingly iced or piping hot, Citavo
                          coffees and beverages show customers that you
                          know quality. A variety of roasts are available in
                          both caffeinated and decaf versions, along with
                          creamy, delicious European-style cappuccinos, hot
                          chocolates, and fair-trade coffees. Wake up to Sysco
                          quality and flavor with Citavo coffees and beverages.

Citavo Irish Coffee

Yield: 1 serving

1 oz. Irish whiskey                        4 oz. hot water
2 t. turbinado sugar                       Whipped cream for topping
3 oz. Citavo Dark Roast or
West Coast Blend

Mix whiskey and turbinado sugar in serving cup. Stir in espresso, then add
the warm water. Top with whipped cream and serve immediately.

                                                                             “Citavo coffee
                                                                             beans are smooth
                                                                             and flavorful.
                                                                             It’s what keeps
                                                                             my customers
                                                                             coming in daily.”
                                                                             Lester Farnsworth
                                                                             Farnsworth Café

                                                                                                 CATEGORY LEADERS   | 24

                                                                       SYSCO NATURAL
                                                                                 Fresh. Colorful. Crisp.

                                                                                 Sysco Natural Fresh-Cut Lettuce

                                                                                 The average American consumes approximately
                                                                                 30 pounds of lettuce a year, making it our second-
                                                                                 favorite fresh vegetable. And it’s no wonder Sysco
                                                                                 Natural Fresh-Cut Lettuce is so popular—it’s
                                                                                 available in many different cuts and blends, it’s
                                                                                 additive and preservative free, and it saves you labor
                                                                                 while providing the variety and consistency your
                                                                                 customers demand. Sysco Natural Fresh-Cut Lettuce
                                                                                 goes above and beyond regulatory requirements,
                                                                                 ensuring that all growers and processor partners
                                                                                 meet the requirements of annual food safety
                                                                                 audits. Fresh, healthy salad made with Sysco Natural
                                                                                 Fresh-Cut Lettuce—there’s just nothing like it!

                          Sysco is the leading supplier of fresh produce in
                          North America—so we know fresh! Sysco Natural
                                                                                 Sysco Natural Quality
                          value-added produce brings the very best and
                          freshest fully cleaned, fully washed produce to your   Sysco’s quality specialists are leading the way in
                          doorstep, providing a fast, easy way to create great   the provision of the most reliably fresh produce in
                          sides and entrees. Packed under strict GAP (Good       the industry. Trained product inspectors evaluate
                          Agricultural Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing    Sysco Natural produce at every step in its journey
                          Practices) standards, Sysco Natural’s fresh, healthy   from the field to your plates, inspecting it for
                          produce exceeds the industry’s best standards.         freshness, color, and holding it to Sysco’s stringent
                                                                                 quality and safety standards—which are many
                          Sysco’s ground-breaking packaging solutions allow      times more exacting than those required by the
                          Sysco Natural produce to arrive in a state of crisp    foodservice industry. When you serve Sysco Natural
                          freshness unmatched by any other brand—with            products, you serve the very best in the business.
                          less shrinkage and extended shelf life, to boot!
                          Sysco Natural products are harvested at peak
                          flavor and color, making them a bright, sparkling
                          addition to any plate. Sysco Natural offers an
                          amazing breadth and depth of produce, from
                          recipe components like pre-sliced onions and
                          peppers to plate-finishing parsley. When nothing
                          but Natural will do, count on Sysco Natural.

Blue Field Salad

Yield: 4 servings

8 oz. Sysco Natural mixed                    2 tart green apples, cored and
salad greens                                 thinly sliced
3/4 c. walnuts, chopped                      8 oz. raspberry vinaigrette salad
8 oz. Sysco Imperial Blue                    dressing
Cheese, crumbled

In a large bowl, combine salad greens, walnuts, apples and blue cheese. Pour
into a serving bowl and drizzle with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Serve chilled.
                                                                                      “Sysco Natural
                                                                                      Romaine Hearts
                                                                                      are by far the
                                                                                      best product out
                                                                                      there. They are
                                                                                      consistently fresh
                                                                                      and typically I get
                                                                                      a much better
                                                                                      per-case yield
                                                                                      than comparable
                                                                                      products from
                                                                                      other vendors.”
                                                                                      Rocky Packard, Corporate
                                                                                      Executive Chef
                                                                                      Andronicos Markets

                                                                                                                 CATEGORY LEADERS   | 26

                           Complete. Clean. Easy.

                                                    With Keystone, a complete cleaning system from
                                                    Sysco, cleanup is truly a breeze. Keystone’s ultra-
                                                    concentrated products are always properly diluted,
                                                    getting it clean the first time and eliminating
                                                    time spent on second passes. It’s compact,
                                                    convenient, and fast while being simple to use.
                                                    With a wide range of products, Keystone keeps
                                                    your business clean from the floor up, leaving
                                                    you with more time to focus on other details.


                                                        SYSCO EARTH PLUS
                                                        Responsible. Effective. Safe.

Sysco’s EarthPlus is a line of environmentally
friendly cleaning chemicals and biodegradable
disposable and paper products. Just as effective
as original cleaning formulations, these formulas
have been updated and improved to be in line
with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s
Design for the Environment (DfE) program,
which is a voluntary EPA program that seeks and                                         “We recently
promotes innovative chemical products and the                                           changed to
technologies and practices that lead to better,
                                                                                        a Leeds level
more environmentally friendly chemical usage.
EarthPlus is perfectly in line with this program, and                                   company and
is just one of the ways Sysco demonstrates                                              Sysco’s Earth Plus
environmental stewardship every day.                                                    paper goods
                                                                                        supplied us with
                                                                                        an attractive,
                                                                                        high end,
                                                                                        alternative that
                                                                                        was readily
                                                                                        Karla Engel
                                                                                        B and I FM Global

                                                                                        CATEGORY LEADERS    | 28

                               Balanced. Long-lasting. Lighter.

“I was using basic
                                                                                       Chili-rubbed Onion
frying shortening
        for my 200-                                                                    Rings with Smoky
       seat seafood                                                                    Ranch Sauce
          and after a
                                                                                       Yield: 1 serving
    from my Sysco                                                                      8 oz. Sysco Imperial         2 t. chili spice
                                                                                       3/4” Gourmet
           Marketing                                                                   Breaded Onion
                                                                                                                    1 oz. smoky
                                                                                                                    barbecue sauce
           Associate,                                                                  Rings
                                                                                                                    1 oz. ranch dressing
         I upgraded
            to Fry-On                                                                  Prepare the Gourmet Breaded Onion Rings
                                                                                       according to package directions. Remove onion
          Liquid ZTF.
                                                                                       rings from the fryer and transfer them to a medium
      The features,          Fry-on ZTF is the first and last word in frying.
                                                                                       bowl. Sprinkle the chili spice over the onion rings,
                             Sysco Fry-On ZTF brand high-performance frying
        advantages           shortening lasts longer, tastes better, and is better
                                                                                       and toss gently. Make the dipping sauce by
                                                                                       combining the barbecue sauce and ranch dressing.
       and benefits          for your patrons than other shortenings you may be
                                                                                       Serve in a paper-lined wire cone or in a paper-lined
        of using this        using. Fry-On ZTF lasts up to 40 percent longer than
                                                                                       basket with the smoky ranch sauce on the side.
                             other oils and shortenings, making it a cost-effective
   quality product
                             kitchen lifesaver. And foods fried in Fry-On ZTF taste
          have been          wonderful. It’s a unique blend of canola and corn oil
      outstanding.”          with a light, subtle, melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Fry-On
       David Sweat, Owner
                             ZTF also resists flavor transfer, letting you get even
        Outback Crab Shack   more life out of each batch. The ZTF stands for “Zero
                             Trans Fat.” The public is becoming more and more
                             aware of the health risks increased by trans fat, which
                             increases “bad” cholesterol while lowering “good”
                             cholesterol. When you offer fare fried in Fry-On ZTF,
                             which has only 10 percent saturated fats and no
                             cholesterol, and proudly proclaim it on your menu,
                             your clientele can snack with a clear conscience!


                                                         HOUSE RECIPE
                                                          Tasty. Tempting. Essential.

What’s life without a few little extras? House
Recipe products provide those little incentives
                                                                                        “House Recipe
that just make everything a little bit more
worthwhile. With both front-of-house and back-                                          products are
of-the-house packaging, it’s a brand full of                                            some of the
solutions that can be applied across the board.                                         best I’ve used. I
Add quality and appeal to all sorts of meals with                                       would buy House
Sysco House Recipe Fancy Ketchup. Specially                                             Recipe Ketchup
formulated with 33% solids and fresh tomato taste, it
boasts a higher thickness than an everyday ketchup.
                                                                                        over the national
It has a unique flavor profile, making it great not                                     brands any day! I
only on sandwiches and fries, but also an excellent                                     have been using
base for your flavorful sauce creations. Available in
                                                                                        them for years
both front and back-of-the-house varieties. House
Recipe has a place in every course, in every category.                                  and it’s one of
                                                                                        the stronger
                                                                                        selling points of
                                                                                        using Sysco.”
                                                                                        Mark Sofia, Head Chef
                                                                                        The Hilltop Club

                                                                                        CATEGORY LEADERS        | 30
Sysco’s Quality Assurance team of 150 highly trained professionals
is dedicated to one mission: delivering Sysco brand products that
meet the most exacting safety, reliability and quality standards.

Through written product specifications and on-line inspections, the
Quality Assurance team functions as Sysco’s eyes and ears through all
stages of Sysco brand product development. Such close monitoring
guarantees our customers consistently safe, wholesome and high-
quality products. We can truly say “good things come from Sysco.”

Visit us at www.sysco.com for more information.

Winners of the 2009 International IPM Achievement Award for
contributions to reduced-risk integrated pest management.

Winners of the 2008 US EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program
Champion Award for voluntarily and consciously reducing and preventing
environmental and health concerns associated with pesticide use.

Winners of the 2008 EPA Safer Detergents Stewardship
Initiative Award, recognizing environmental leaders who
voluntarily commit to the use of safer detergents.

“The race for quality has no finish line.”

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