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The National Association for Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programmes and Associated Support Services MINUTES OF RESPECT’S FOURTH AGM WORTLEY HALL, SOUTH YORKSHIRE 25th MAY, 2004, 6pm 1. Present. 25 members: Rose Mary Owen, Dola Twomey, Mark Farrall, Chris Newman, John Walworth, Sue Dominey, Binah Taylor (application in process), Trish Roddy, Jenny Moody MBE, Tom McNally, Jackie Smith, Dave Potts, Trevor Rogers, Cat Grant, Diane Wellens, Mark McSherry, Paul Wolf-Light, Roger Grant, Stephen Madill, Amanda Capstick, Ian Juba, Louise Heywood, Susan Kennedy, Neil Blacklock, Monica Wilson.

3 non-members: Kath Goodchild, Gemma Waldron, Liz Durrant.

Staff: Jo Todd, Ippo Panteloudakis.

Apologies: Rebecca Holmes, Paul Wynn, Moira Andrew, Rory Macrae.

2. Welcome To new staff member, Ippo Panteloudakis, Phoneline Coordinator. 3. Minutes of last meeting. Minutes of last meeting received and accepted as a true record. Proposed: Catriona Grant. Seconded: Neil Blacklock. Accepted unanimously by meeting. 4. Matters arising. None. 5. Chair’s report. Monica Wilson said it had been an exciting year, the details of which she would leave to the director’s report. She then read a statement:

“Some of you may have read in the papers that Frank Dixon, Respect’s finance and information officer, was recently sentenced to 12 months in prison for false accounting. The circumstances of the offences relate to the collapse of Frank’s business in 2000. Respect is satisfied that no personal gain was involved. The Executive has discussed the issue and representatives will be meeting with Frank to discuss his future employment. We are absolutely certain that in his work for Respect, Frank has been honest and has made a very positive contribution to the organisation, especially to the financial systems. Because of confidentiality issues we are not able to discuss this with you now but will keep members informed.” 6. Director’s report. Jo Todd said it had been a very busy year, with so much to do for a small organisation. She went on to outline some achievements in year 2003-4:           Recruited finance and information officer. Set up an independent office within DVIP’s new premises. Successfully fundraised: Lankelly Foundation for feasibility study into accreditation (to be published in July, 2004) and Home Office for phone-line coordinator. Newsletter now quarterly. Consolidated Respect’s infrastructure: policy development, human resource structure, membership. More involvement in various strategy and public policy work including: A response to the Safety and Justice white paper after a consultation with members. Developed closer working relationships with national Women’s Aid groups in England, Scotland and Wales. Visited Scotland and Wales, including giving presentations to extra-parliamentary groups on violence against women. Sat on variety of committees including: Prison And Probation Domestic Violence Reference Group, Amnesty International’s Violence Against Women Working Group, Broken Rainbow Steering Group, Crown Prosecution Service’s Domestic Violence Project Board, Joint Risk Assessment Group, Stella Project, London-Wide Domestic Violence Forum She then set out some goals for 2004-5:    Launch of a national phone-line, towards which Ippo would be consulting in next few months. Take forward recommendations from accreditation feasibility study. Fundraise to set up a Scottish office

 

Develop minimum standards for same sex domestic violence work, risk assessment and trainers and consultants. Develop a pack for setting up a perpetrators programme with a linked women’s support service

Jo then asked attendees, if they hadn’t already done so, to complete an accreditation feasibility questionnaire and a members’ survey and invited any non-members to become members. 7. Accounts and treasurer’s report Paul Wolf-Light, Treasurer, presented the statement of financial activities for the year ended 31st March, 2004 and briefly outlined some significant features, concluding that Respect was in a pretty healthy financial position. Acceptance of report – Proposed: Dave Potts. Seconded: Catriona Grant. Unanimously accepted by meeting, subject to accountants report. 8. Appointment of auditors Proposal that Brookfield & Co. remain auditors. Proposed: Paul Wolf-Light. Seconded: Catriona Grant. Unanimously accepted.

9. Election of officers The officers and committee members stood down at this point and Jo Todd chaired this and subsequent item.    Chair- Monica Wilson. Proposed: Ian Juba. Seconded: Neil Blacklock. Vice Chair- Mark Farrall. Proposed: Catriona Grant. Seconded: Jenny Moody. Treasurer- Paul Wolf-Light stood down as required by constitution after four years in office. He was thanked for his work as Treasurer. Neil Blacklock was proposed by Monica Wilson and seconded by Stephen Madill.  Secretary- Similarly to above, Paul Wynn stood down and was thanked for his work. Dave Potts was proposed by Louise Heywood and seconded by Catriona Grant. All were elected unanimously. 10. Election of committee Two committee members stood down: Catriona Grant, who’d served two years, and Hala AlAhmadi, who’d served one year. Both were thanked for their contributions to the committee.

The following stood for election: Jenny Moody, Susan Kennedy, Paul Wolf-Light, Ian Juba, Louise Heywood, Paul Wynn, Sue Dominey and Mark McSherry. All were proposed by Rose Mary Owen, seconded by Catriona Grant and unanimously elected. 11. Subscriptions After being unchanged for three years, there was a proposal to increase the membership fees from 1st June 2004 as follows: Full membersStatutory sector projects from £100 to £110 Independent sector projects from £75 to £80 Individual practitioner/trainer/consultant from £25 to £30 Associate membersProjects from £20 to £25 Individual (waged) to remain £10 Individual (unwaged) to remain £5 Currently full project membership includes up to 5 named individual members – each member receives full membership rights such as receiving e-mail updates and newsletters directly and having the right to vote at the AGM and to nominate her/himself for the executive committee.

Proposal that if a project wants to add more named individual members they can do so at a cost of £15 per member (statutory sector) and £10 per member (independent sector). Proposed: Chris Newman. Seconded: Neil Blacklock. Carried unanimously.

12. Motions There were two motions proposed:

12a. AGM quoracy level Respect’s constitution currently defines quoracy as: The quorum at any Annual or Special General Meeting shall be one tenth of the number of members or five individual members, not including the officers, whichever is the greater.

This reflected a time when Respect’s membership was small. As Respect’s membership has grown, this quoracy level becomes difficult to achieve. Respect would therefore like to propose the following change to the constitution: Motion: The quorum at any Annual or Special General Meeting shall be one twentieth of the number of members or twenty individual members, not including the officers, whichever is the greater. Proposed: Stephen Madill. Seconded: Louise Heywood. Carried unanimously. 12b. Ratification of the new version of Respect’s Statement of Principles and Minimum Standards of Practice Respect has been updating the above document, which all members are expected to sign up to when they renew their membership. Motion: Respect proposes that the final draft of the Statement of Principles and Minimum Standards of Practice be adopted. There were two amendments put forward: Amendment 1: To add facilitator competencies to the Statement of Principles. Proposed: Susan Kennedy. Seconded: Dave Potts. Before vote was taken, Catriona Grant raised point of order to request time to read amendment and time was given for this. There then was some discussion as to the appropriateness of such a long document as the facilitator competencies being part of an amendment, without prior opportunity for members to consider it. The vote on amendment 1 was then taken – For:14. Against:5. Abstentions:3. Amendment 1 therefore accepted. Amendment 2: To add to 2.10 (Recruitment), “That all staff working with clients should be CRB/SCRO checked.” Proposed: Amanda Copstick. Seconded: Monica Wilson. It was then pointed out that “SCRO” should now be replaced by “Disclosure Scotland”.

With the above change, Amendment 2 was unanimously accepted. A further point of order was then raised as to whether the above change to amendment 2 could be accepted as it was raised after the deadline for amendments. After discussion, there was an accepted suggestion that the AGM vote on whether to accept this change, despite it being after the deadline. Ian Juba proposed and Susan Kennedy seconded that the change be accepted and it was unanimously accepted. 13. AOB or any questions The chair asked that thanks to Jo and Frank for all their hard work should be minuted. 14. Close of meeting The next AGM will take place at the National Practitioners’ Network meeting in approximately one year’s time, with the date and location to be advised.

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