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					    The Age of Exploration
► SSH1:  The student will evaluate the development
  of Native American cultures and the impact
  European exploration and settlement on the
  Native American cultures in Georgia
► Essential Understandings:
      *Evaluate the impact of European contact on
       Native American cultures
      *Explain the reasons for European exploration
       of North American and settlement
The Age of Exploration & Discovery
     ►The    Major Players
►Portugal: Navigation Experts
►Spain: Funded Columbus’ voyage
 west to find Northwest Passage
►France: Sailed up the NA east
 coast to Nova Scotia
►England: Fights rival Spain for
 control of the New World by
 colonizing North America
The Age of Discovery &
Motives for Exploration
      The Age of Exploration
►  Europeans traded with Asia for centuries
► Middlemen: a trader who buys goods from
  producers and sells them to other traders an
► Middlemen drove up the prices of the goods
► Europeans wanted to find new trade routes
  that didn’t involve the middlemen.
► Marco Polo’s publications Travels led many
  to believe that China could be reached by
     The Age of Discovery &
► The  Three major colonizers of the New World
  were: France, Spain, and England
► Amerigo Vespucci an Italian navigator gave his
  name to the New World
► Spain and Portugal start off in a race for the
  New World
► Pope is scared they will begin a war. They are
  both Catholic nations he gets involved
► Line of Demarcation Divides the New World
  between Spain and Portugal
    The Age of Exploration
►  Columbus believed that a new trade route
  could be found by going West (Northwest
► Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain
  financed his voyage
► On August 3rd 1492 the Italian Columbus set
  sail on the Pinta, Nina, & Santa Maria
► On October 12, 1492 landed on a Caribbean
  Island he named San Salvador
► Columbus died believing he had reached
     The Age of Exploration
►  Spain searched the Caribbean for wealth
► Spain’s two main goals for exploration were
  finding gold and spreading Christianity
► Hernando de Soto left Cuba in search for
► He and his group of 600 men landed in
► In 1540 he entered Georgia
► His search for Gold was a failure
► His men killed thousands of Indians, and
  even more died from disease the explorers
  brought with them
       The Age of Exploration
► Missions:  Catholic outposts along the Atlantic and
  Gulf coasts used to convert Indians to Christianity
► In 1566 Spaniards moved up to St. Catherine’s
  Island and founded the mission Santa Catalina
► The first city settled in the New World was St.
  Augustine – Spanish Florida
► St. Marys, St. Catherines, & Ossabaw were all
  missions a part of the Spanish province Guale
► Mocama was another Spanish province that had
  several missions
        The Age of Exploration
► The  race for the New World heated up
  between England and Spain
► Spain’s success in finding gold made it very
  rich and powerful.
► Spain’s rise to power caused tension
  between England and Spain and led to an
  undeclared war between the two
► England and their strong navy came out on
  top and beat the Spanish Armada
  England Settles the New World
► Jamestown   was the first permanent settlement in
  the New World
► Many problems plagued this colony: disease,
  harsh weather, location
► They found that tobacco grew very well in this
  area and were able to trade it.
► Hugenots were French Protestants that explored
  the eastern coast of North America
► Indentured Servants agreed to work for someone
  for a set period of time in return for passage to
  the New World
► Slave: Had few rights and spent the entire lives in
  service to others
  England Settles the New World
► Colonists  came to the New World for,
  religious freedom, spreading Christianity,
  escape persecution.
► Primary reason for settlement was economic
► Wanted to establish a system of
► Mercantilism: colonies would ship raw
  materials to England. Englishmen would
  make goods and sell them to other nations.
  England Settles the New World
► England  sets up more colonies in New England
  and Carolina
► This creates more conflict between Spain and
► England sets up Fort King George on the
  Altamaha river to protect them from France
  and Spain
► In 1721 the garrison (a fort where troops are
  housed) was finished
► European nations were able to spread
  Christianity, gained riches, found new raw
  goods and materials

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