Oh_ My god_ No one follow and like my article

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					           Oh! My god! No one follow and like my Hub
                   (I feel bad with my hubs)
           I’m new writer to hubpages . When I started my first hub I expected a lot. that is “My
hub is going to be interest to everyone. So, most of the hub readers will like and follow my
article”. But after published the hub, I found no one of them didn’t follow or at least like .I felt
very sad and stopped my writing also. I shared my feelings with my friend he is another hub
writer. He said “Oh! My friend doesn’t worry about that. when I start my hub writing I also felt
like that but after that I wrote about 50 hubs and share the links with my friends through
Facebook ,Google plus , twitter and other social networking sites. You want to publish your link
to reach everyone. You can post forum sites and can use online marketing methods to get solid
                 After he said like that I started to write hubs now other think I have write five
hubs with this. but now also faced same problem. I think maybe my article s don’t interest to
anyone. and I have poor English knowledge because My mother language is Tamil English is
second language to me. So, I can make lots of mistake in my article so viewers don’t come to
read my hub. I’m an undergraduate of computer science field. Article writing is one of my
hobby. I’ve little knowledge in my field. I tried my share my knowledge through hubpages to
others. but now I’m sharing my feelings about my hub writing After l saw this I feel I’ve poor
knowledge. Everyone of you know Article writing is good hobby because It will useful for
others. but I realize this is useless for me also. I don’t know what problem I have. Anyone of you
could you tell me about my mistakes and problems. I expect from others.
        And I planned to share my computer science education knowledge. what do you thing
about. if you like please say through comment. I’ll share my little knowledge.

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