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									Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 17, 2008 III. Consent Agenda Issue: Each month we put business activities into our consent agenda. Background: It normally includes: A. Minutes of previous regular meeting August 13, 2008 B. Approve Payment of Monthly Bills C. Monthly Money Transfers D. Cash Balance Report People Involved: Margie Allen Dianna Pratt Magie Stuart


Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 12, 2007 IV. Communications to the Board, A. Correspondence Issue: This is a monthly agenda item for the Board to hear what people have sent during the last month. Background: Unland Insurance made a donation of $500 for books. I used this money to purchase novels for Kristin Moon class. I will be sending a thank you to Unland and sharing how we used their donation. People Involved: Insurance guy Tami Roskamp Chad Cox Teacher


Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 17, 2008 V. Reports, A. Carl Sandburg College Report – Ms. Sherry Berg Issue: Each month Sherry Berg gives a report from Carl Sandburg College. Background: She keeps us in contact with what is happening at the College. Our students often attend Carl Sandburg for dual credit classes either at their campus or by distance learning in our building. People Involved: Sherry Berg


Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 17, 2008 V. Reports, B. Food Service Report Issue: This month, Lynda Peek, our Food Service Director will give a report. Background: Here is Lynda’s written report. She will be here in person to give the report and answer any questions from the Board. FOOD SERVICE REPORT It has been a busy start for the new year with Breakfast being added at Middle and High School. The counts are slowly increasing, and I look more student to take part in the breakfast program as it gets colder outside. The food bids are in and there has been an increase in food prices as we all knew would happen. Here are a few examples of prices increases this year: Project Pancake syrup Corn Applesauce Fruit cocktail Ranch dressing Margarine Last Year $10.90 $16.41 $18.70 $26.15 $26.50 $17.45 This year $14.90 $18.80 $19.44 $29.24 $27.89 $20.40

These are just a few of our products that will make a difference in budgeting food. Meat has also increased. The start-up Breakfast Grant has now been approved . The grant has allowed me to purchase a new conveyor toaster , half racks, and a new hot art. The half racks are used in food van where full racks would not fit. We are awaiting the new hot cart which replaces one that did not work most of the time. I would like to thank the Board of Education for approving the purchase of the food van. The new van is more reliable than the old one. I have 3 food companies this year from which to order. Abingdon belongs to the school food co-op. The ventors are Reinhart who bought out Harker s, Kohl Wholesale, and Fox River foods. I continue to watch for quality of the food as well as the pricing, because I have found that sometimes the cheapest food has lower quality. I want to provide food for students that they will eat and the quality many times predict this. The coolers and walk-in cooler and freezer have needed some repairs this fall. These units are getting old and wearing down. The new stoves will be installed the long holiday weekend of Oct 11th (Homecoming). The Grade School is without a steam table and dish machine. This is a challenge. I tried offering Strawberry milk this year, and the kids love it. This cost use 30 cents of which I just found out on 9/10/2008. With this higher price, I will probably only serve this as a perk for holidays. have continued from last year to sell pint jugs of white, chocolate and strawberry milk to Ala Carte at $1.00. It is still a big hit with Middle and High school. It is good our kids are drinking more milk.


We will start using the Skyward lunch program in October after Homecoming. This will be a very efficient and time-saving tool. My goal is to provide good nutritious meals that the kids enjoy and be able to stay within my budget. I will continue to analyze which food items students like as it is important for our kids to eat breakfast and lunch to succeed academically. I feel we are providing the best nutrition along with a balanced diet that our children need both to grow and stay healthy!!! FOOD SERVICE DIRECTOR LYNDA PEEK ANDERSON September 12, 2008 People Involved: Lynda Peek Anderson Cooks Cafeteria Workers


Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 17, 2008 V. Report, C. Transportation and Buildings & Grounds Report Issue: Mark Branch will give us an update about our bus routes and the facilities in our district. Background: Transportation Starting this new year of school I have hear many positive comments to the paving and HVAC at Hedding. Parents are adjusting to the traffic flow at the Middle/High School which reduces the risks for students. The new road to the bus barn is great. It improves the bus pickup and drop off traffic flow. People are amazed of how resourceful we were to reused pavement from the parking lot project. Buildings and Grounds The past week we have been meeting with Architech Bill Phillips to check on the “punch list” of the summer construction items. This is a final check off process. We have made a list of a few items that the contractor will need to complete before we give the final ok that the project is completed to our specifications. Inside Hedding Grade School the roof HVAC units are all up and running. Only touch up work needs to be completed such as touch-up paint on the walls. The kitchen items will be replaced starting Thursday, October 9 through the 12th. The annual bleacher in section has been completed with the paperwork on its way to the ROE. From the paving project, I have been able to sell $1300 worth of fill dirt. We also traded some soil for removal of trees and the use of equipment to finish the outdoor bleachers. The Good news again this year is our architect tell us preliminary figures in our Health/Life/Safety work completion and we are under budget! Conclusion All staff has been trained in the green cleaning as required by the state. This has been a very busy and productive summer. There were days when I was pulled “every which way” and became somewhat— OK very—stressed. I want to thank all my workers for their hard work, the Board for your support; and the faculty, staff, and students for their patience and help throughout. In spite of everything we had to complete in a short time, though, I feel we got off to a very good start this school year! Mark Branch Director of Transportation and Buildings & Grounds TRANSPORTATION AND BUILDING & GROUNDS REPORT

People Involved: Mark Branch


Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 12, 2007 V. Report, D. Legislative, School Report Card, and Enrollment Reports Issue: Monthly I give a Legislative Report. This month I am also including information regarding the Illinois School Report Card, 6-day enrollment, and Teacher Cohorts. Background: Legislative Report Legislators John Sullivan and Don Moffitt spoke at the WIU Roundtable on Friday, September 5. Mr. Adcock and I myself represented Abingdon school district. Representative Moffitt spoke of his part in the Wind Turbine legislation which has been approved. He told how this legislation originated because of research by students at Abingdon with Mr. Phil Willis. He also talked about an Agriculture Educator Teacher Bill to assist in the recruitment of people to pursue this career. He explained that the legislature is considering that a private company lease and run the Illinois Lottery instead of having state control. Before this can occur, there have to be provisions in place that the same proceeds continue to be given to education funding. Rep. Mike Smith from Canton, IL, who is the Chairman of the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee announced a series of hearings regarding proposals for funding of public education. In August, Governor Rod Blagojevich called a special session “to consider measures aimed at increasing school funding, improving the school funding structure and eliminating any current inequities,” but no such legislation was considered by either the Senate or House of Representatives. The Senate has several proposals that have been discussed: SB 2288 contains a comprehensive tax structure/school funding proposal and SB 3055 contains a proposal for “open enrollment” among Illinois’ public schools. Chairman Smith stated that the hearings will give “taxpayers, education professionals, business and labor organizations, and civic groups a chance to have their say” regarding education funding reform. The closest hearing is Thursday, October 9, 1:00 p.m. at the State Capitol in Springfield, IL. Other hearings are near the Chicago area. Illinois School Report Card 2008 The Illinois School Report Card has been released. A copy is enclosed. This document includes data regarding the school’s student demographics, instructional setting, school finances, and academic performance. This allows the state to compare school districts with the same data. For example, the Registered Mail featured the operating expenditure per pupil from Illinois School Report Card Data of 2006. Abingdon was listed as spending $6,325, Knoxville $6,430, and Galesburg $6,781. Some other local districts are spending up to $11,491 dollars for operating expenditures per pupil. Abingdon is providing an outstanding curriculum enriched with technology and innovation. We continue to “get the most bang out of our buck.”


6-day enrollment The sixth day enrollment data is enclosed:
20032004 368 194 239 801 20042005 357 191 239 787 20052006 333 181 228 742 20062007 323 189 229 741 20072008 309 191 237 737 20082009 319 168 261 748

Hedding MS HS Total District

See the attached chart. Abingdon enrollment is up 11 students this year from last year, the highest since 2005-2006. Teacher Cohorts The WIU teacher leader cohort is continuing with 25 teachers from Abingdon, Knoxville, and Galesburg. This summer the cohort group completed a course on grant writing. This semester they are completing a technology class and Leadership Development and Self-Assessment. The Bradley Administrative
leadership cohort will begin soon with seven teachers enrolled in this program. Research from the Center for Public Education reports, “Teacher quality stands out for its potential to close the gap in academic achievement.” Teacher quality more heavily influenced differences in student performance than did race, class, or school of the student; disadvantaged students benefited more from good teachers than did advantaged students (Nye, Konstantopoulos, & Hedges, 2004). Graduate education in a subject area makes a difference. An advanced degree specific to the subject area that a teacher teaches is associated with higher achievement (Goldhaber & Brewer, 1996). This week I also spent time with Terry Cavanaugh and talked about what parents and grandparents can do to help their children learn, phonemic awareness with Dr. Michael Heggerty, and our book study, The Last Lecture. During our conversation, she told me about her planned visit to Abingdon School District on October 10 to Mrs. Cindy Arthur’s technology class that produces radio shows. My next time with Terry Cavanaugh is October 1.


Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 17, 2008 V. New Business, E. Principal’s Reports Issue: The principals will give their open of school year report. Last month open house was the same night as the BOE meeting. Background: Their reports are included People Involved: Chad Cox Stan Adcock Michelle Andrews Principal’s Report to Abingdon Board of Education—September 2008 Abingdon High School Principal—Chad M. Cox
AHS Demographic Information (9/3/2008)

Students Males Females Special Education Free Lunch Reduced Lunch

9th 64 32 32 7

10th 76 43 33 12

11th 52 23 29 8

12th 67 29 38 7

Total 259 127 132 34 65 22

News on AYP Status Unfortunately, preliminary results from ISBE declare that Abingdon High School did not hit the required targets to make AYP for a 3rd consecutive year. This is disappointing news to our current seniors and staff, but these results do not accurately reflect the determination, persistence and hard work put into making 2007-08 a success at AHS. We are back to school preparing for an outstanding year in 2008-09. We are ready to face the challenges of AYP and achieve our 2008-09 goals. This success comes only with the support and collaboration of all AHS stakeholders. We all know the old African proverb, ―It takes a village to raise a child,‖ and this is so true. AYP Results from ISBE (Source: 2008 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Status Report) Reading Math Graduation Rate (% Meets + Exceeds Standard) State AYP Minimum Target 62.5% 62.5% 75% AHS Results 55.9% 39% 84.5% School Improvement Plan for 2008-09


If you recollect last year, I submitted our School Improvement Plan (SIP) regarding 2006-07 & 2007-08 at the September 2007 meeting to forward on to ISBE. This SIP (e-Plan) is still in effect and includes the specific details and outlines regarding our goals from 2007-08 and for 2008-09. Goal: On the ACT/PSAE, 20% of our "IEP Students" will make AYP in 2007-08 and 30% in 2008-09. Goal: Our "Economically Disadvantaged" students will make AYP in Reading and Math in 2007-08 and 2008-09. Goal: Each semester, every teacher will utilize one parent/guardian in his/her classroom to assist with student learning. At AHS, we will continue to offer educational programs and instructional practices that will challenge and support all students of all ability levels in order to reach these goals. Focal points for staff: Math/Reading integration across the curricula and Standards-Aligned CurricuIa (SAC). It is my opinion and my duty to make sure that we follow and reinforce our mission—The 4 C’s and to reach our goals and ultimately attain our vision—A.H.S. for Success! These are not just words, but must translate into actions. AHS Mission—The 4 C’s We will do our best to provide a Caring, yet Challenging, education and ensure quality Communication and Consistency in our approach to educating all who enter our school! AHS Vision “A.H.S. for Success”—Achieving High Standards for Success New Staff in 2008-09 Please welcome these new staff members to AHS and Abingdon for the 2008-09 academic year: Mrs. Stacy Nagel – Counselor Ms. Caylin Mahr – Math Teacher Mrs. April Marshall – Special Education Teacher Mrs. Selena Pratt – Business Teacher Ms. Shannon Cummins – Special Education Aide Mrs. Patty Sloan – Special Education Aide Overview of Additions and/or Changes Our library is now a ―Library/Media Center‖ with 44 student computers and 3 – 4 work areas Our outdoor bleachers are completed and we meet ADA requirements and safety codes Our parking lot is newly paved, striped and allows more, better parking spaces and a Bus Lane Our sportsmanship banners, ―Attitude—Do What’s Right!‖ are posted in the gym and outdoors Other Miscellaneous Info “Skyward” student data management—All staff are trained and are utilizing Skyward to track grades and daily attendance. Skyward will allow us to keep our stakeholders informed and allow them access to important, current information on their students’ academics/attendance in 200809. Wilson Reading—Mrs. Emory will continue to help remediate students who enter AHS below grade level in reading. She uses Wilson methods to aid these students in improving reading skills. Learning Express Advantage (LEA)— We are entering our second year with this educational software that will be utilized with AHS students and teachers to address a variety of academic


areas. If accepted and implemented by students and staff, LEA will allow teachers to assess student skills in reading, math and writing via computer. If remediation and/or skill-building are needed, LEA allows for interactive drills, practice, exercises that supplement the classroom teacher’s curriculum. The beauty of this program is its ability to give immediate feedback via scoring, explanation of student responses/results, and suggestions for practice for building skills. LEA also offers ACT, SAT, ASVAB practice tests. Students will be able to access LEA and its many features via assigned log-ins and passwords. If utilized properly, LEA will supplement and greatly enhance the teaching and learning processes at AHS. Positive Acknowledgements (PAs) for Students/Staff—Once again, we would like to acknowledge and publicly recognize those individuals who provide inspiration to others with a positive incentive program. These PAs are valued only as much as they are rewarded. Therefore, support and resources from local patrons are vital to making our PA program successful. Once again, I will seek financial assistance and/or donations from AHS stakeholders for these PA categories: *Top Dept. Scholars—(see departments listed below) (Math, Vocational, English, the Arts, Spanish, PE/Health, Science, Social Studies, Sp. Education) *Most Inspirational Scholar *Teacher’s Choice Award *Most Improved Student *Most Inspirational Staff Member *Most Inspirational Parent/Guardian *Graduation Recognition—grads who are PA winners, Mentors, join the military, and serve AHS *H.A.T. program—Homework (100% done), Attendance (100% present), Tardy (100% on time) *Staff/Faculty/Student Recognition—with a card and/or gift on their birthdays! Principal Newsletter, Commando Corners, BAC, PAC, AHS Leadership Team—I will continue to communicate news to all stakeholders via monthly newsletters. I will continue to offer monthly ―open forums‖ for people to meet with me at local businesses. I will continue to try to get the Building Accountability Committee (BAC) up and going at AHS. BAC would host monthly meetings to allow staff, parents and community members to get actively involved in the decisionmaking process. I will continue to host Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC) every 2 weeks to communicate with and listen to AHS student leaders. PAC and BAC will give feedback to the AHS Leadership Team so we can make more informed decisions in the best interests of AHS. We look forward to another exciting, successful year in 2008-09. Feel free to visit AHS, or contact me by phone and/or e-mail with questions or concerns on AHS and/or our programs. Thank you for supporting AHS students and staff, our district and our community!
Principal Report Abingdon Middle School Stan A. Adcock New School Year 08-09 Enrollment

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade Total

29 35 26 90

21 31 32 84

50 66 58 174


Although these numbers represent a drop from last year, we have noted several new enrollments which show promise for continues overall growth. Free and reduced lunch numbers 49/free 23/reduced Total percentage Free and Reduced 42% (this number is used to calculate poverty level in middle school)
School Improvement Goals –Last year, we went to a two-year School Improvement Plan so we could better watch our big picture goals and try to stop changing horses each year as new data arrives. We can always add goals, but our efforts are to make very strong, attainable goals that we can develop into long term success stories. The middle school leadership team and I will be using information and data available to develop strategies for developing strong school improvement goals. Among those are: Strengthening a structured advisory period which focuses on student needs and growth development; school wide classroom management plan which is consistent across the board in ALL classrooms; and developing strategies to improve reading comprehension (especially in our IEP student population). In an effort to improve this particular area, I have discussed providing training in the Wilson Reading program to Keri Jamison and Randy Owen. Both have readily agreed to train and use this exceptional reading program. In doing this, I will continue to implement regular, bi-weekly leadership meetings and expand the team to include our special education department. On the personal side, I will continue pushing teachers to become more involved in our P.A.T.H.S. group so their voice will have meaning for parents in that group. I will also be looking for ways to begin focusing on how we can develop an enrichment program for our stronger students, which will include a school newspaper designed, written and distributed by students (with staff supervision). I also plan to develop more methods to recognize and reward student performance in both the regular classroom and on standardized tests (ISAT and Stanford Achievement Tests). Finally, I am asking parents to invite me into their homes for an informal group meeting to discuss thoughts or issues about middle school. This group would be about four to six families where we sit and talk in their setting. I hope this gives them a little more comfortable atmosphere to discuss concerns. I am asking parents to keep this light and informal and also telling them it is not necessary to serve anything such as deserts, food or drinks. I have had several who have stated they would like to do this, but have no commitments at this time. ISAT Testing and AYP Once again, our students did a fine job on standardized testing and we have met AYP again this year. Although the staff and I know we can still improve, and will continue to do so, we achieved strong scores and are happy with the results (for now) in all areas except our special education students. The state percentage for AYP this year was set at 62.5% and will be increased to 70% next year. As a school, we had 80% at meet or exceeds levels on reading tests and 82.2% meet or exceeds on math tests.


Staff As you are already aware, we have several staff changes for this year. Drew Witherell has taken over as 6 th grade World History and Language Arts. We replaced the computer section with language arts for Drew, thus giving Mrs. Guthrie more time to implement a stronger reading and writing program by devoting two full periods to her class. Melissa Sutton has taken over the 8th grade Math and Science classes. I am very happy with the changes and additions to the staff and look forward to a fantastic year in our new location. New This Year Although we purchased the Study Island ISAT prep program in the middle of last year, it is basically new to us as a tool for growth as well as something we can use to assist in the decision making process for possible changes in instruction (ISAT Prep). We are also going to purchase a program called AIMS Web. This program will be used to assess all students in an effort to determine learning growth as well as identify any areas a student may need to have reinforced. Our teachers will begin using the program as part of our RTI (response to intervention) practice as mandated by the State of Illinois.

Principal’s Report September 2008 Michelle Andrews, Hedding Grade School Principal ATTENDANCE As of today, we have 320 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. At this time last year, there were 308 students, and we ended the year with 299. There has been a marked


increase in our kindergarten class with 62 students as compared to 46 last year. We certainly hope this increased enrollment continues. Pre-K numbers are down from 38 last year to 33 this year. ISAT SCORES We have received our corrected ISAT scores and are quite pleased. The percentage of students at each grade level meeting or exceeding state standards is listed below. 2006/2007 2007/2008 rd 3 reading 83% 85% 3rd math 85% 98% th 4 reading 85% 83% 4th math 96% 89% 4th science 85% 89% 5th reading 79% 77% th 5 math 87% 85% 5th writing 44% 51% PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Our continued focus is on reading, especially for special education students, and writing. Dr. Michael Heggerty, a 24 year first grade teacher and nationally renowned reading and writing expert, came here to work with the K-5 teachers on Saturday, September 6 in Kristi Kramer’s room at the middle school. The majority of teachers came out on a Saturday, as well as five teachers from Canton and one teacher from ROWVA. We will plan on having Dr. Heggerty back at the beginning of next school year for more training on writing. There are also two groups of four teachers each involved in SAC (Standards Aligned Curriculum) training. Jan Smith is the coach of these groups, which will meet each month for the entire year to do just as the name says, align the curriculum with the state standards. The component of SAC that really makes it powerful is that students are made aware of the standards-based target(s) they are working toward hitting for each lesson taught. Students also are taught to self-assess their success at hitting the target. School Improvement/RtI/Title 1 Teacher and parent committees will begin meeting this month to work on this year’s School Improvement, RtI and Title 1 plans. Teachers and parents will be looking at assessment scores, curriculum and interventions, community relations and buildings and grounds to decide upon priority goals to reach during this school year and set long terms goals to work on over the next three years. The first meeting will be September 25 in Mrs. Collier’s room at Hedding. All of you are invited to attend.


Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 17, 2008 VI. New Business, A. Second Reading and Adoption of New Policies Issue: Our Policy Service was sent to use last month. Background: Ray Archer and I have reviewed the policies last month and we had the first reading. Tonight we have a second reading and then approve them Recommendation: A motion to approve the policies as listed in the agenda. People Involved: ISBE Policy Service Ray Archer Magie Stuart


Issue: Grant Awarded

Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 12, 2007 VI. New Business, B. Grant Awarded

Background: The Blue Ribbon Committee under the guidance of Dr. Magie Stuart has been awarded a $5000 grant. The grant is from Purdue University regarding Community and Rural Education Service Grant. Names in the Grant are Bonnie Froelich, Don Smith, Sheila Day, and Deb Fowlkes. I will be writing thanks to the Blue Ribbon committee and grantees. The grant includes two paid attendees to the National Rural Education Convention in October. I would like Bonnie Froelich, Don Smith, and myself to attend to pick up the award.

Communities And Rural Education Service Award

C.A.R.E.S. Award 2008
ABOUT THE AWARD: The CARES Award recognizes outstanding efforts to build strong ties between rural school districts and the communities they serve. The winning entry will demonstrate innovative or creative ways a district has contributed to its community. WHO CAN ENTER: Qualifying rural school districts must be School District Members of the NREA. School districts are encouraged to self-nominate. WHAT TO ENTER: Districts should submit eight copies of the CARES Award Nomination Form and Work Plan (no longer than three pages, double spaced), along with any supporting materials, such as brochures, curricula, multimedia, etc. For the 2008 CARES Award, projects must have been in place during the 2007-2008 school year. DEADLINES: Nominations will be accepted through May 30, 2008. The winning district will be notified by September 15, 2008. THE JUDGES: Nominations will be evaluated by the NREA Award and Recognition Committee. To evaluate the success of the initiative, the judges will be looking for evidence of careful planning as well as results that indicate the project met its objectives. THE AWARD: The winning district will be honored with a $5,000 prize and recognized at the NREA Convention, Oct. 25-29, 2008, in San Antonio, Texas. Airfare, hotel accommodations and conference registrations will be provided for two representatives from the winning school district. WHERE TO SEND ENTRIES: Return eight copies of the Nomination Form and Work Plan to: NREA CARES Award, Attn: GAFRI/CMS, 525 Vine St., 7th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202, by May 30, 2008. Please note that support materials will not be returned. QUESTIONS: Please contact Dr. John Hill, the NREA Executive Director, at (765) 494-0086 or
Cost: The intent of the grant is give $2500 to the school and $2500 to community projects coordinated by the Abingdon Blue Ribbon committee. My convention registration would be paid from another grant.


Recommendation: I recommend a Board Member move that we give $2500 to the Abingdon Blue Ribbon Committee as the grant intended with $2500 to the school district following grant requirements.. People Involved: Magie Stuart Bonnie Froelich Don Smith Sheila Day Deb Fowlkes


Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 17, 2008 VI. New Business, C. Approve Application for Recognition of Schools for ISBE Issue: Each year the school is required to complete the Application for Recognition of Schools for ISBE which requires board approval Background: There is a series of seven questions to be answered about each building. Question number one includes a list of paraprofessionals. I have enclosed a copy of the questions and the lists of paraprofessionals to be submitted after this approval. Cost: None Recommendation: I recommend that a Board Member move that we approve the Application for Recognition of Schools. People Involved: Toby Whiteman Stan Adcock Tami Roskamp


Recommendation Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 17, 2008 VI. New Business, D. Middle School Athletic Participation Issue: Middle School sport participation numbers. Again I would like to have discussion from you since I am new and do not know the history or past reasoning on this issue. Background: In the past there has been low participation for the Middle School football program in which the school has allowed sixth grade students to participate. This year the girl’s basketball team has low numbers under 8. Instead of making decisions each year if sixth graders should participate. We would like to recommend some guidelines to address low participation to allow 6th grade participation? Cost: None Recommendation: I recommend that a Board Member move that we approve the policy language and guidelines for middle school sports participation as per your discussion. People Involved: Toby Whiteman Stan Adcock Tami Roskamp 6th Grade participation on Middle School GIRLS BASKETBALL, BOYS BASKETBALL and VOLLEYBALL

1. If numbers at the 7th grade level dictate, 6th grade participation on the above mentioned teams would be added.

2. If the following sports, GIRLS BASKETBALL, BOYS BASKETBALL and VOLLEYBALL have nine (9) or fewer players for the 7th grade team, then 6th graders would be able to participate for that particular sport in that particular year . 3. IESA rules stipulate that come regional time you may only dress fifteen (15) players for the state series. So the number of 6th graders on the 7th grade team will be determined by this number. Ex. If there are eight (8) 7th graders on the team then there would be up to seven (7) spots available for the 6th graders. If there are more than seven (7) 6th graders that would like to participate then a tryout will be held to determine which 6th graders would get the seven (7) spots. Coaches of the 7th and 8th grade teams will make this determination. 4. If there are 6th graders on the 7th grade team they will follow all rules set forth by the IESA, school and coaches. 5. If the following sports, GIRLS BASKETBALL, BOYS BASKETBALL and VOLLEYBALL have nine (9) or fewer players for the 8th grade team, then 7th graders would be able to participate for that particular sport in that particular year. If, and only if, the coaches decide they would like to move a 7th grader up to the 8th grade team.


Abingdon CUSD 217 Board of Education September 17, 2008 VII. Old Business, D. Approve 2008-09 Abingdon CUSD 217 Budget Issue: The preliminary budget has been on display for 30 days. The updated, most accurate, budget is presented tonight. Background: During the Budget Hearing, you were given a review of the budget and you have had the analysis sheets in your packet. We now need approval of the budget so that it can be filed with the County Clerks by the end of September and the ISBE by October 31, 2008 The budget has been updated with revenue and expenses and all funds are projected to have a positive balance except for the new fund 80 called Tort. Starting July 1, 2008, there are required changes because of the updating of the Illinois Program Accounting Manual. There is a powerpoint from the Illinois State Board of Education outlining the details at There is the creation of Fund 80 called Tort. Tort is a restricted fund that has in the past been recorded in the Education Fund. Previously Fund 80 has been Rent. Rent will be included in the Education Fund 10. Two funds have had name changes. Fund 30 was Bond and Interest Fund and is now named Debt Services. Fund 60 was called Site and Construction/Capital Improvements and is now named Capital Projects. These changes made it challenging with the financial software. The Revenue is going to look different from last year because:  The Tort levy revenue is now placed in Fund 80.  Last year monies were received for the sale of the middle school.  Last year monies were received from the sale of Life Safety Bonds.  Early tax dollars were received in last year’s budget.  EAV has been declining. Expenses will increase over last year in the following areas:  Rising fuel costs in the area of transportation.  Besides rising utility costs, there will be increased usage of electricity for Hedding School due to HVAC installation—The installation of air conditioning will provide a learning environment that will be more conducive to student success and improved achievement. We feel in the long run the expense of more electricity will outweigh the results we will see in student achievement.  Increased costs in food because of rising fuel.  Abingdon will be required to start a breakfast program at the middle/high school based on the fact that last year’s free and reduced lunch percentage was over 40%. There is funding for the start-up of the program to help with equipment purchases. Additional labor costs are not covered by the breakfast start-up grant, the district will need to cover these additional labor costs.  Increase in Federal mileage reimbursement rate to 58.5 cents per mile.


With the separation of the Tort Fund 80 from the Education Fund 10, the expenses will exceed the amount of Tort that was levied by $49,050. The auditor from Gorenz has recommended with this year’s required changes in the accounting numbers to place all tort expenses in the new Fund 80 even if the ending balance will be a deficit in the proposed budget. An interfund loan will need to be made during the year as recommended by our auditors. Overall, the budget has two accounts with negative ending balances (Operations and Maintenance and Tort). A budget reduction plan is not required. With the previous year’s balances, the district should remain in the positive side of financial status, although the budget will reflect more expenses than revenue. Cost: None Recommendation: I recommend a Board Member move that we approve the budget as presented tonight. People Involved: All Principals All Directors Magie Stuart Tami Roskamp updated 9/17/2008 (and others)


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