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									When it comes to their child's education, every parent wants the best. Therefore, more
families are beginning to explore the benefits of sending their child to a private school
as compared to the public education system. While there are a few things that are
similar, a private school will offer the advantages of smaller class sizes, a greater
focus on individual achievement and opportunities for parental involvement. In order
to make the right choice for their family, there are a few things parents should know
about what they can expect from a private school.

Highly                                    Qualified                                 Staff
Private schools take pride in being able to offer a highly qualified staff that includes
certifications in specific areas of specialization. From preschool and all the way up to
high school, every teacher is expected to be certified in their area of expertise.
Additionally, many private schools also make it a requirement of employment that a
teacher's beliefs be aligned with the goals of the school. In the case of a religious
private school, this kind of support is what sets a private school apart from a public

Rigorous                                                                     Curriculum
Every private school must provide a curriculum that includes all state-mandated
objectives and that will prepare students to pass any required standardized tests.
However, private schools also have more flexibility when choosing their curriculum.
Therefore, their curriculum and lesson plans often reflect a more rigorous path of
learning than a public school system may offer. Additionally, their curriculum can
also be tailored to fit the specific goals of the private school. For instance, they may
choose a curriculum with a strong foreign language component in order to prepare
their students for life in an increasingly global society.

Current Technology
A private school has more choices over how they handle their funding. Additionally,
it is important for them to stay current in order to attract prospective students and their
families. For these reasons, a private school will offer more opportunities for their
students to interact with the latest technology in the classroom. This includes using
social media in order to enhance learning and to keep families informed of upcoming
events. Additionally, many schools offer classes in advanced computer knowledge
such as programming and web design.
Extracurricular Activities
A quality school will recognize the importance of extracurricular activities for
developing a well-rounded child. Therefore, most schools will offer a variety of
sports, clubs and activities that will allow a student to be an active participant in a
group. Additionally, many schools will also offer service-learning projects in which
students are encouraged to be involved in their communities. This allows students to
gain real-life experience that can supplement their classroom learning.

When a student attends a private school, they will be offered opportunities that are
designed to prepare them for higher education and a future career. Additionally, a
quality school will offer a range of benefits that will also support a child's
independence and social development. Because a private school's success is based
upon its students' achievements, a parent can expect that a school will provide an
optimum education for their child through a rigorous course of study and the support
of other students and staff.

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