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									  Online education is the future of learning for those who are handicapped. With more
courses becoming digitally available, people who suffer physical or mental disabilities
                              now have access to expand and shape their own learning.

Online degrees offer the flexibility to learn on the go from any location meaning you
don't always have to travel to a university to complete your degree. This is of
particular benefit to people with physical disabilities, as some universities are not
100% accessible. Online distance learning degrees are designed to give all students
the necessary knowledge and skills to progress their current level of education, to
make a career change or to develop their existing job role regardless of their abilities.

Even though the practice of online distance learning is a new concept, it is becoming
widely accepted and noticed by potential employers as an innovative method of
achieving degrees. You no longer have to attend university in the traditional manner
to gain the attention from employers. Foundation and Bachelor degrees are available
to study online via many universities; they are constructed to fit in with your schedule
or impairment. Online tutors are offered to support all learning throughout the
courses, so there is always help at hand. These tutors have vast experience in the
degree specialism and in supporting those with physical challenges.

They are highly dedicated to ensuring all students receive the support they need.
Another benefit for the physically challenged of a one to one tutor is the attention
each student receives. In a normal university setting, classes can vary in size and leave
some students fighting to receive the help and guidance they need however, the
interaction in an online degree is heightened to a more personal level.

There are also a variety of ways in which learning is carried out. It's not all reading
online modules or writing essays. Online degrees are constantly updating their
methods of learning and many now use sound bites, video, journal reports and case
studies to keep the degrees interactive and interesting. This is extremely beneficial to
those with mental or physical disabilities as online degrees can be finely tuned to suit
the learner.

Online distance learning is the perfect option for people wanting to develop at their
own pace, with no time constraints on how long you take to complete your course.
With learning materials constantly at your disposal and help and guidance always
available, online degrees offer a less pressured and stressful environment to develop.
No matter what your circumstance, you can always develop your education and make
steps towards achieving your dream job.

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