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									Benefits of Being a Boy Scout]

The Boy Scouts of America is a youth organization that provides a way for
children to develop character, leadership skills, and citizenship,
personal health, and promote the piteuniseueul Being the Boy Scouts to
participate in reconnaissance activities and participate in the most
popular thing for many players, but the kids benefit can be large.

Boy Scout troops to join the boy, and when he out scouting for the start.
Can be achieved by several people to move in its ranks, and the rank, he
learns about He also learn about the advantages badge. Boy earns the
advantages baejieul Scout activities as contributing to the high rank
achieved, he also developed and the technology that can be used
throughout his lifetime learn

Includes activities such as camping and Scout. Ready to camp out,
children will learn basic skills like tying different kinds of notes. He
used to know the situation in this field that can help the wound with a
bandage dress eyelashes or pillars he set up a tent notes.

Camping, but the scout match without finding water and fire and drink
safely, you will learn the basic survival skills such as seeking refuge.
Scout, you can learn how to identify the various plants safe to eat how
to track game. Can also have fun exploring nature and learning to find
their way around with maps and GPS devices.

Reconnaissance with children and families. Father and lead the troops to
participate in the activities can be helpful. Dad to scout some special
skills, those skills can be taught. Cold weather, I Scouts in Alaska,
when we specialists from Arctic survival skills learned. We can even
build a winter shelter and minus 44 degrees from the fucks.

More modern Scouts also learn about graphic design, computer
technologies, and building Web sites. Seukawooteueun 100 years ago, as
did the modern scout to perform service projects, and learn the value of
service to others.

Look at the name of a part of the history, scouting achieve the rank of
Eagle Scout, the highest rank. Former U.S. President Gerald Ford was an
Eagle Scout. Eagle Scout is the first person to walk on the moon, Neil
Armstrong. Steven Spielberg, J. Welcomed by Marriott and Bill Gates
received the rank of Eagle Scout. People is a pretty big name, and I
think they learned to scout some of the people that will help you to
achieve what you've done.

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