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					Case No. UETT(CPC)/CIE-023(TC)&24

University Computerization & Network Enhancement Program 2005
1. Overview University of Engineering and Technology invites sealed Technical and Financial Proposals for the Purchase/Installation of Labs Equipment, LAN/WAN equipment, computer hardware, software and other accessories. The equipment is described in Annex B enclosed. The clarifications, if any, may be sought from the Chairman Central Purchase Committee. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. General Requirements The solution provider must adhere to the following general requirements: The bidders shall provide proof of sales-tax registration and sound financial standing. The bidders shall enclose earnest money 2% of the total quoted price. The bidders shall submit the technical proposal and financial proposals separately as specified in the tender documents. The winning bidder shall have to sign the prescribed agreement on stamp paper of the prescribed value. The equipment shall have to be supplied and installed at the University premises within 60 days from the issue of work order. Computer Manufacturers must have ISO certified assembly line [will be inspected by UET Technical Purchase Committee]. The payment of bill shall be subject to satisfactory inspection report from the concerned department of the University. Security equal to 10% of the billed amount shall be retained for at least six months from the date of delivery and installation To install the equipment and provision of software and hardware at the University of Engineering & Technology Taxila. To undertake identification and removal of defects in hardware for a period of two years. To provide warranty for the network/hardware components as identified in Section-5, clause (ix) Manufacturers/Vendors/Dealers etc should quote separately for different components, which are (Hardware and Software). A firm can bid for one or both components. The Central Purchase Committee shall have the powers to reject any or all of the tenders or a part thereof without assigning any reason thereof. The quantity of supply may be reduced or enhanced depending upon the availability of funds.

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.


Implementation & Payment Schedule (i) Implementation of the systems should be as per following schedule: (a) Signing of Contract – one week from issue of LOI (b) Completion of deliveries and installation of Hardware/Software– Eight weeks from signing of contract (ii) Payment schedule for Networking Infrastructure will be as follows: (a) 60% upon completion of delivery and installation of hardware/software. (b) 30% upon successful testing and acceptance by UET Taxila (iii) The remaining 10% amount will be released after 1 year


Format for Technical & Financial Proposals The responding organization (RO) to provide the technical and financial proposals separately and strictly as per Annexure A and B. The following additional information has to be provided as annexure to the Technical Proposal. (i) General The responding organization should provide the following.  Name of all participants in the responding organization including their scope of involvement  Years of incorporation of the firm, projects in hand along with their value (ii) Financial Capabilities The responding organization shall describe the financial position of its organization. If the organization has traded over the past 2 years, then the Income Statement or Annual Report shall be included. If the responding organization is a newly established organization, then its business partners or equity holders shall present their Income Statement or Annual Report. The National Tax Numbers and Sales Tax Registration Numbers of the company and/or its directors/partners may also be indicated. (iii) Relevant Experience Details of experience of the responding organization in similar projects, including references. (iv) Project Implementation/Management Plan The responding organization shall provide a detailed implementation and project management plan along with the technical proposal . (v) Deliverables The RO to clearly mention and list all the deliverables to be provided under this contract. It should address, but may not be limited to, the following areas:  Installation of Hardware and Software  Three year support for identification and removal of defects

(vii) Support Capabilities The selected vendor will provide two-year service for identification and removal of defects, which should include, but may not be limited to the following  Problem reporting process  Problem escalation process  Time frame for providing support services  Assurance in writing that the supplier will maintain the equipment fully functional within a down time of less than 24 hours during the warranty period 5. General Terms & Conditions (i) Bid Price Prices shall be quoted for each item separately on the company letterhead duly stamped and signed by authorized representative. Bidding form must be duly filled, stamped and signed by the authorized representative of the Bidder. Prices must be inclusive of all taxes e.g. income tax, GST, etc and duties indicating unit price and total bid price. (ii) Bid Bond A bid bond, in the shape of a Bank Draft/Pay Order in the name of the Treasurer, University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, equivalent to 2% of the total cost of bid should be submitted along with the tender. (iii) Validity of the proposal All proposal and price shall remain valid for a period of 60 days from the closing date of the submission of the proposal. However, the responding organization is encouraged to state a longer period of validity for the proposal. (iv) Performance Bond The successful vendor shall be required to deposit in the form of a Bank Guarantee, a Performance Bond upon execution of the contract, a sum equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the contract value. This Bank Guarantee shall be issued by a scheduled bank operating in Pakistan and shall be kept valid from the date of issue until 1 year after all contractual obligations have been fulfilled. The Performance Bond shall be forfeited by the Government If the responding organization breaches any of its obligations under the contract, including slippages in the committed schedules. (v) Penalty Clause The Contract to be executed between UET Taxila and the selected vendor will contain penalty clauses for delay in the implementation schedule given at Section-3 as well as failure to comply with the provision of work at the identified Location as per Section 4 clause (v).

Failure to comply with the scheduled delivery and implementation as per Project Implementation/ Management Plan, penalty will be imposed on defaulting solution provided as follows: a. b. 0.5% of the cost of entire order of such items as remained not supplied/ completed for every day up to maximum of 10 days. If supply and completion of work is not done even after payment of penalty for 10 consecutive days, the University has the right to cancel supply/ work order and to purchase the required items elsewhere at the risk and cost of defaulter.

(vi) Technical evaluation There will be a two-stage technical evaluation. Preliminary evaluation of technical bids will be done as per information requested at Annexure-A to qualify only those companies who:  have been in the IT for at least five years, or its key directors/CEO have been in the IT business for at least five years  have successfully completed some similar projects  are incorporated in Pakistan  The equipment should be industry standard Note: In case where in-house expertise is not locally available, the Pakistani companies may collaborate with foreign companies with the condition that such collaboration should ultimately lead to transfer of technology. Detailed technical evaluation will be done for firms who qualify the preliminary evaluation. These firms may be asked to give presentations on their solution. The technical evaluation will be made by UET Central Purchase Committee on the parameters given in Section-4. Ratings for the technical evaluation will be as follows:  Relevant Experience 25%  Brand Quality 40%  Capability to deliver 20%  Support Capabilities 15% Financial bids of firms who score at least 75% on the technical evaluation will be opened before the representatives who wish to attend the tender opening. The decision of this Committee will be binding on all concerned and will in no case be challengeable in any forum. (vii) Currency All currency in the proposal shall be quoted in Pakistan Rupees (PKR). (viii) Withholding Tax & GST The responding organization is hereby informed that the Government/University shall deduct tax at the rate prescribed under the tax laws of Pakistan, from all payments for services rendered by any responding organization who signs a contract with the Government/University. Further GST must be clearly mentioned in the bid price on all items on which it is applicable. The RO must also copies of income tax and Sales Tax Registration certificates.

(ix) OEM relationship and warranties   The RO to be authorized re-seller, from the original manufacturer, for the hardware and licensed software in Pakistan. This condition may be relaxed for items not locally available. Servers and PCs should have three years on-site warranty, including parts and labour. Proof of purchase from OEM will be required at the time of delivery. All other hardware components should have one-year parts and labour warranty. Servers & PC vendors should have WHQL certification for their products and must be authorized partners of senior ranking Active Networking products should have five years on-site warranty Selected vendor will provide maintenance/support service, after expiry of warranty, for each category of products identifies at above at a rate, which is not more than 10% of the initial purchase/license cost. Selected vendor will also be committed to provide maintenance/support service for a period of at least five years after expiry of warranty period. This does not commit UET Taxila to avail this service. Complete details of the features of equipment(s) quoted accompanied with third party equipment performance benchmarks will be required. The university representative shall have the right to inspect the equipment to confirm their conformity to the supply/work order specifications at any stage during supply/installation. If University representative found that the equipment and/or its installation is not as per specification of the purchase order(s), the. RO shall be instructed in writing to replace the same. Failing to do so the purchase order(s) will be cancelled and all retained value(s) will be forfeited in favor of University. the supplier shall warrant the item supplied against the purchase order(s) shall have no defect arising from design, material, installation or workmanship, or from any act or omission of supplier/contractor that may develop under normal use of the supplied item. University shall promptly notify the vender in writing of any claim arising under this warranty. Upon receipt of this notice, the supplier shall immediately repair or replace the defective item(s) without any cost during the warranty period of 3-year. Technical material/brochures of all the quoted equipment

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(x) Ownership The ownership of all products and services rendered under any contract arising as a result of this RFQ will be the sole property of UET Taxila. (xi) Contracting The selected vendor will submit Contract, as per draft to be provided by UET Taxila, within two days of issue of LOI. Contract has to be finalized within one week of issue of LOI.

(xii) Governing Law This RFQ and any contract executed pursuant to this RFQ shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan and all responding organizations responding to this RFQ and parties to any contract executed pursuant to this RFQ shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Pakistani Courts. 6. Instructions to Responding Organizations (i) Communication Enquiries regarding this RFQ shall be submitted in writing to: Contact Name : Prof. Umar Farooq Designation : Project Director Organization : University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila Email Address : (ii) Submission of Proposal The complete proposals, technical and financial, should be submitted by 11:00 am on 09-05-2006. Separate Quotation for HW to be submitted for all RFQs under the Tender notice. The responding organization shall deliver six copies of the technical proposal each copy being physically separated, bound, sealed and labeled as “Technical Proposal” (one master and five copies, labeled as such on their respective envelopes). All six copies to be further bound in one envelope. Format for submission of Technical proposal is attached as Annex-A. The quotations shall be opened by the Committee at 12:00 p.m. on 09-05-2006. The representatives of the bidders can be present if they so desire. The responding organization shall deliver six copies of the financial proposal each copy being physically separated, bound, sealed and labeled as “Financial Proposal” (one master and five copies, labeled as such on their respective envelopes). All six copies to be further bound in one envelope. Financial Proposals shall provide a cost-estimate for the overall project along with detailed cost-estimates for various discrete parts of the project, as per format provided at Annexure-B. The Bank Draft to be enclosed in a separate envelope, labeled as “Bank Draft”, and which should be sealed. (iii) Mode of Delivery and Late proposals Proposals shall be delivered by hand, mail or courier so as to reach the address given at section 6 (i) by the last date indicated for submission. Any proposal received after the prescribed deadline will be returned unopened. Note: In case of joint bid, the Lead Firm should be clearly indicated. The Lead Firm should provide consolidated information for all the participating companies/firms.


(to be executed on a stamp paper of the value as per Government instructions)

This agreement is drawn between the University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila (through the Chairman Central Purchase Committee) hereinafter referred to as the University; and M/s _Name and Full Address of the Supplier (through its authorized representative viz. Name of the rep) hereinafter called the Supplier. 1. The supplier shall supply the equipment, equipment, and machinery, strictly in accordance with the Specifications mentioned in Case No. UETT(CPC)/CIE-025 at the rates/prices mentioned in the quotations submitted by the Supplier. The supplier shall be responsible for: Supply of the equipment, machinery, equipment etc. at their cost to the premises of the University as may be determined by the University b. Installation and commissioning of the said equipment and troubleshooting within the period as may be prescribed. c. Providing training (local/foreign), at his own cost, to the official(s) of the University, so nominated to work on the said equipments/ software. d. Maintenances of equipment during the warranty period and replacement of any parts free of charge. 3. In case the supplier is unable to fulfill any of the obligations under Sr. No. b to d above, the University shall have the right to get these works done by a third party and deduct the expenditure out of the security. a. 2.

Signature_____________________________ (Name and rank of the authorized representative) for M/s _____________________________________ (Full name and address of the Supplier) Countersigned

Chairman, Central Purchase Committee University of Engineering and Technology Taxila

Format for Technical Proposal
Cat A S. NO 1 2 3 4 C 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 E INFORMATION REQUIRED General Years in business in Pakistan Offices locations in Pakistan Annual Turnover Value of projects in hand (details given at ___ in main proposal) Experience Years in Business Staff employed: Technical Cumulative Experience (in years) Expertise/Skills (In different topologies and protocols) Customers Turnover No and value of government project completed (details given at ___ in main proposal) No and value of non-government project completed (details given at ___ in main proposal) Support capabilities Years in Business Staff employed: Cumulative Experience (in years) Expertise/Skills (tools/application/packages) Customers Turnover No and value of government project completed (details given at ___ in main proposal) No and value of non-government project completed (details given at ___ in main proposal) Project teams to be deployed (List number and names of each category of required staff to be deployed) Technical Managerial


Annex B S. No Item Description/specification of items Pentium D 3.0 GHz (930) processor, Intel D945GNT motherboard, 256*2 MB DDR2 RAM, 80 GB HDD Segate with 7200 RPM SATA, USB keyboard, optical mouse, 15” Monitor, NIC, 945 motherboard with Intel validated HT casing, 52X CDROM, Windows XP license /Or Pentium D 2.66 GHz processor, Intel D101GCC motherboard, 256*2 MB DDR2 RAM, 80 GB HDD Segate with 7200 RPM SATA, USB keyboard, optical mouse, 15” Monitor, NIC, 945 motherboard with Intel validated HT casing, 52X CDROM, Windows XP license Tektronix TDS5032B, Agilent or equivalent oscilloscope Instek PST3202 or equivalent Feedback, Fluke or equivalent for resistance, current and voltage measurement Sony CX-86 or equivalent XGA, 3000 lumens, LCD, USB WiFi LAN connec., power shutter, power zoom, power tilt, power focus, side shot, 128 MB memory stick (Optional motorized remote controlled projection screen 8x6 with hanging facility) Tektronix or Agilent or equivalent Tektronix’s or Agilent’s or equivalnet 32 channel or higher with accessories HP laserJet 2300, Samsung or equivalent or HP laserJet 1320, Samsung or equivalent Dell PowerEdge 2800 or equivalent Server Dual Intel(R) Xeon 3.0GHz/2M, EM 64T,800MHz FSB, Integ. Dual Intel Giga NIC, Integ. Dual Channel Ultra 320 SCSI RAID controller with 256MB, ULTRA 320 HDDs 2x72GB, 512 x 4 DDR2 ECC RAM, 15" CRT, with key board, mouse and all accessories or Server Blade Chassis with support for 14 Blades, 3 x Compute Blades with Intel E7520 Chipset, Support Dual Xeon Processor, 2Mb, 800 MHz with 2 x 3.2 GHZ Xeon Processor, Support upto 2 integrated 2.5” SFF ULTRA 320 HDDs with HW RAID, with 2 x 36GB drives, 512 x 4 DDR2 ECC RAM, 1 x 18 Port GB Ethernet Switch Layer 3 , 1 x Management Module with IP over KVM and NIC, 2 x 1-Gigabit Ethernet channel, 2 x 2000W Power Supply, Media Bay including USB Port, CD Drive & FDD, Ventilation blowers, Noise suppression system & management Software Fluke or equivalent Details in Tender Doc & Website Fluke or equivalent Details in Tender Doc & Website HP or equivalent CAD CAM Simulators Details in Tender Doc & Website LG or Mitsubushi or equivalent Compaq / Dell Laptop / Inbox / Toshiba Satellite Notebook with Intel (1.73 GHz P4 centrino mobile HT-1MB L2, 512 MB, 80 GB, 15" XGA, CD/DVD Writer, Wi-Fi Support, 56K Modem, Fast Ethernet, Infrared, Bluetooth and GPS, Windows XP Professional license HP 2300 or equivalent or better Feedback TT179 or equivalent Single phase transformer trainer Qty




2 3 4

Oscilloscopes DC Regulated Power Supply, Digital Multimeter,

30+10 20+10 25+15


Multimedia with accessories Function Generators Logic Analyzer, 32 Channel Printer

6 40+10 7 7

6 7 8




10 11 12 13 14

Cable Test Equipment LAN/WAN/Cat5,6 Tester Plotters Simulators Air-conditioning System, split unit 1.5 Ton Laptop Computer Scanner Transformer Test Equipment

10 1 2 20 6 10 1 10

15 16 17

18 19 20 21

Insulation Tester ADDS-BF-535-EZLITE Black fin processor Board Tiger shark dev. Board Embedded CSB226PXA255SBC ARM micro processor development board FPGA Development Boards Switches UTP tookit

Qtek KT 200 or equivalent clamp meter with High resistance measuring provision plug-in ADDS-BF-535-EZLITE Black fin processor Board Tiger shark dev. Board Embedded CSB226-PXA255SBC ARM micro processor development board XESS XSB-300E 48 port SNMP managed with 2 gigabit ports, 2 GBIC,~ 15 Mbps backplane steel tipped Crimping tool for RJ-45 & RJ-11, still tipped Impact tool, stripping tool, Cable tester, Screw driver set, pliers, nose pliers, scissors, cutting blade with carrying box SC connector Fiber Optic toolkit including crimping tool with die-sets for various SC connectors, cleaver/stripping tool, oven, fast drying epoxy, alcohol wipes (100), Kevlar cutting scissors, Fiber Optic micro-scope, polishing foils (2) and pads Fluke DTX 1800 Level IV with UTP CAT 6/class E module, Multimode & Single mode fiber modules, comm. Headsets, linkware SW and carrying case /or Fluke DTX 1200 with modules for UTP and Fiber Agilent, Anrit, Ando or equivalnet Spectrun Analyser Details in Tender Doc & Website EMI/RFI/EMC trainers, Modulator/Demodulator trainers, proximity devices, CAD/CAM Software, Communication and wireless lab tools, wireless lab tools, Radio Equipment, Wireless Transmitters, Antennas, Walkie Talkies, Digital Recorders (Details in Tender Doc & Website) Networking of 500 nodes including CAT 6 cable, patch panels, 19" racks, ducts, PVC pipes, cable laying/termination services (Details in Tender Doc & Website) 48 ports Modular Managed Stacked Fast Ethernet Switch unit with matrix cables, ~15Gbps or higher switch fabric, 2 Giga UTP ports, 2 GBICs, 1 1000/100/10 GBIC port 8 port IP enabled KVM switch Storage Box with support of 12 hot-swappable SATA Drives in 2U Rack-mount form factor with Rack-mount Chassis capable of 6TB Storage, 2 TB Storage with 8 x 250GB SATA Drives, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports for iSCSI, Disk on Module (DOM) boot device, containing the OS and SAN application, iSCSI & Fiber Channel Support, Support for RAID 1, 0, 5, 10, 50, Support for Clustering, Dynamic Sizing & Auto Snapshot or equivalent solution for storage

10 20 6 20

22 23 24

2 4


Fiber Toolkit



Fiber Optic + UTP Cable Testing Equipment Spectrum Analyser for Fiber Optic equipment Misc Lab equipment

1 1




Passive Networking Active Network Equipment KVM Switch

30 31

10 2


Storage Solution


Details of *Passive Networking equipment S.No Item Description of Item 42 U Cabinet with lockable glass door, 10x power sockets, fan tray, casters, 100 x cage nuts and bolts qty

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


Data Racks
6 U/8 U Cabinet with lockable glass door, 2x power sockets, fan tray, casters, 40 x cage nuts and bolts


CAT6 double insert faceplate with 1 CAT 6 Rj-45 I/O and back box CAT6 patch cables 05 ft machine terminated CAT6 patch cables 10 ft machine terminated CAT6 Patch panel 48 ports CAT6 Patch panel 24 ports CAT 6 UTP cable roll (1000 ft) Ducts of various size (100x100, 60x60, 40x40, 16x25) PVC pipes of various size (3 in, 2 in, 1 in ) both hard & flexible **Labor charges

Fiber Optic
6/8 core 50/125 micron armored direct buried Fiber Optic cable with rodent protection (m) 2 core Zip cord (m) SC/SC Fiber Optic pigtails SC/SC Fiber Optic patch chord 3M LIU/OFDF/fiber patch panel for termination of 4 fiber cores ***Fiber laying charges Fiber Fusion splicing charges


1 1 1 1 1

* The quantity of passive components may vary depending upon actual final design and lay-out. The unit price quoted will be used as index for comparison. Vendors are welcome to visit the site in order to finalize their quotes as per actual requirements. Quantities of passive components are tentative and payment will made as per actual
quantities and measurements.

**Labor charges will include but not limited to laying of ducts, PVC pipes, drilling, through
walls/roofs, masonry work, termination of cables at I/Os and Patch panels, end to end labeling of cables, network maps, testing and commissioning of cabling system. Any charges not shown or shown separately will be added to the quoted price. ***Fiber laying charges will include but not limited to laying of fiber as per PTCL standard direct burial procedure into 5 ft deep trench