BILL OF SALE AND GUARANTEE
          Kelly Dullea Robery agrees to sell one Doberman Pinscher puppy to :




Cell Phone:_________________________ Home Phone:__________________________

E Mail:_____________________________

FOR: $1250.00

SEX:___________________________ COLOR:__________________________________


: CHARASMATIC’S SUPER COOPER (WS11261904) red & rust


STELLA STAR OF TEXAS (WS19573103) black & rust

Litter whelped on:_________________________________________________________

To the best of my knowledge, this puppy is in excellent health and is guaranteed free from
communicable disease. Said puppy is of sound temperament, and is further guaranteed (under
favorable conditions) against behavioral atypical to the breed. All puppies have been vet
checked, de-wormed and vaccinated. The buyer has been provided with a copy of said puppy’s
medical history (including present status of vaccinations and de-worming) and is hereby urged to
have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours when buyer assumes
custody of puppy. In the event that, upon examination, said Veterinarian finds the puppy to be
sufficiently medically unsound as to warrant return, the buyer shall immediately notify the seller.
The puppy shall be returned at the expense of the buyer to the seller accompanied by a written
and signed statement by said Veterinarian of all findings along with all paperwork supplied by
the seller at the time of the sale. In which case, said puppy shall be replaced with another puppy
of equal value, if/when one is available. Guarantee is for puppy replacement only, no refunds will
be given. Please note that cryptorchidism and/or pyometra does not warrant a return or a
replacement of another pup. At no time will seller be responsible for any vet bills. Any further
claims made against the seller shall be evaluated based upon the dogs resulting physical
incapacity to continue to serve the purpose for which it was purchased (e.g., family pet). Breed
registration papers will be forwarded to the buyer upon breeder’s receipt from the breed registry.
I offer a lifetime return policy on my dogs. If a buyer can no longer keep the purchased dog, the
seller shall agree whenever possible to take back the dog from the buyer and find it a good home.
Other than those stated above, seller makes no further guarantees. (initials)__________

If at any time during the first year your puppy is found not to be compatible with the situation of
the original buyer (e.g., family pet) the pup may be returned (along with their AKC Certificate)
to me and replaced with another puppy if/when available. The pup must have completed a puppy
class and at least 6 obedience classes and be unaltered and unbred. If ears have been cropped
they must be erect and standing.

                     LIMITATIONS OF GUARANTEE
 The guarantee applies to the original puppy only and is non-transferable. No replacement will be
given for males or females that have been bred or if the pup was not altered before 10 months or
either whose registration application form has expired. The original buyer must have the pup
examined by a licensed Veterinarian with 72 hours of the pups return to us, along with a signed
copy of his/her findings, a copy of pups health records and vaccination schedule, pup must be
current on all vaccinations. Original owner is responsible for transportation costs and ear
cropping (if applicable) of replacement pup.




*Actual Agreement may vary this is a living document and changes are made at different times.

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