BK441--Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle by eg1pt23


									                                            Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle
Know all men by these presents: That in consideration of:______________________________________________
DOLLARS ($______________________) the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I/we do grant, sell, transfer and
deliver unto _________________________________________________________, his her or their heirs, executors,
administrators and assigns the following described motor vehicle: ___________________________________________
                                                                                     Make                   Type                   Model
with ________________ _________________ ________________ ________________ _______________
         (Motor Number)             (Serial Number)           (Body Number)          (License Number)              (State of)
To have and to hold the said vehicle forever, and the said grantor hereby warrants that said vehicle, including its tires, battery and
all other equipment is free of all liens, and encumbrances, except: ___________________________________________
Dated at __________________________this _________ day of _________________________, 20 ______

Sworn To and Subscribed Before Me This The ______________              _________________________________________
Day Of ________________________________ 20 _________                   Address:__________________________________
                    (Notary Public)                                    _________________________________________
My Commission Expires ________________________________                                         BK441/Bill of Sale of Motor Vehicle/013103

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