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					Robert Durette, UNLV, Psychology, 26-28 Feb 2005 Hello again everyone, hope you had a fun weekend. I see that some of you are getting the bad weather we experienced last week. good luck with all that. predicted sunny and 70's here for the rest of the week. look forward to the 80's, though. that was always the hardest time, for me, in charleston. spring, waiting for it to get warm enough to go to the beach or pool. almost warm and humid in the morning on the way to work, but not quite top down weather. Had company, Lisa's mom and dad, stay for the weekend. it is always a hectic weekend, when you have visitors. always trying to pack as much of Las Vegas into a few days as you can. I saw a Cirque show for the first time on saturday night. Lisa was able to get local's tickets, so wasn't that expensive. It was a very impressive show! Saw the one at Treasure Island, Mystere. very colorful and fun. we were all pretty tired, but had a good time. Went to Tangerine, the night club in Treasure Island afterward. lots of the older gentlemen hitting on the younger ladies and some scary bouncers, too. We were able to walk thru Bellagio, Venetian and TI all in one day. pretty worn out afterward. crush of people is the same every day of the week, any time of the day. Did some shopping at Fashion Show mall most of sunday and ate at Wolfgang Puck's italian restaurant in Mandalay Bay for dinner. Had some problems with the guest shower not getting hot water and then leaking into the downstairs. Susan must have broken it the last time she was here! Warranty (that's right, dad, I said warranty) guy is coming by this afternoon to fix us up. Will be happy when that is done. had a very good experience with Amazon.com last week. ordered some used hardcover books between 2 and 5 dollars each- and they got here within a week, in perfect condition. saved quite a bit of money. got some constitional law books and 2 of michael savage's political books. also, waiting for my new computer to arrive at the house. ordered a Dell last week and expect delivery this afternoon. lisa is home with her parents, so hopefully she can sign for it. I will have that set up this week, and along with my christmas present for mom and dad (a computer camera) we can go online and do video conferencing. So, if anyone has a computer camera (less than 100 dollars) we can call and talk via the internet. let me know. watched Old School last night on DVD. if you don't remember, at the beginning owen wilson comes home to find his girlfriend making movies with some internet "friends". owen gets kinda broken hearted. after a week or so, he is the best man in Will Ferrell's wedding. a wedding singer moment ensues, where owen wilson makes a toast that isn't so positive. Thomas, watch it again if it hasn't been a while, it'll put a scare into you.

i guess i should make sure and write my toast out ahead of time. funny movie anyway. the house is set up for wireless, so my next step after the computer set up, is making everything wireless. going to have someone come out and set the network up and lock it down. we do some of our banking online and i have school projects with confidential info, so can't have someone just downloading our stuff. then, i think i will try to hook up the TV either hardwire or wireless to watch stuff from the computer downstairs. like the media center you can buy from HP. they were selling it for 1,800 at tweeter, but I ordered the media center software for the Dell, so maybe we can make it work. probably going to consult the computer guy when we make an appointment. very popular stuff here in Las Vegas. Also, still messing around with my new aquarium idea. went to the local store, and it turns out they are the world's leader in acrylic tanks. got some quotes from them, but were a little too high for us. they just flew our rep to Poland to build a 1.5 million dollar tank. lots of homes have nice ones here. they even made the one in the Mirage casino lobby. going to do some saving and then see where we are. And now that it is warming up finally, have to get out in the yard and do some gardening, too! do me a favor and Please go to my web site @ http://complabs.nevada.edu/~duretter/contact.htm updated it alittle. please select the survey and take it. working on creating the web page that hosts the questions and how the answers are sent/stored. hope to do part of an internet survey for my graduate project and can't put out the unapproved questions just yet. but, i can work on the structure of the sites. Thanks, rob

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