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9 October 2002 LHC Computing Grid Project

Access to the LHC Computing Facilities
Computing Resources Review Board, October 2002

The LHC Computing Grid Project, LCG, (http://lcg.web.cern.ch/LCG/) is the global, common computing infrastructure to support the needs of the LHC experiments worldwide. LCG aims to implement a global computational grid, with the goal of integrating large geographically distributed computing fabrics and coordinated applications into a virtual computing environment, serving the needs of the approved LHC experiments. Particular subsets of the general infrastructure will serve the individual approved LHC experiments. The use of an experiment’s infrastructure is an issue for each experiment to organise and decide. Similarly, each experiment is responsible for defining and keeping up-to-date the list of people who have access to its facilities. The guiding principle will be that all recognised and interested authors of collaboration publications should be eligible. It will be natural and helpful for the experiments to adopt essentially similar principles and procedures in this area, covered in due course by MoUs. A possible procedure is: - Each Collaboration should define the rules for the use of its “shared” computing facility (“shared”= that part committed for use by the whole collaboration). - Each Collaboration should issue the name and authorisation for each recognised member of its Virtual Organisation (VO). (It is assumed that each user is “authenticated” by a recognised authentication authority). - Each Collaboration should update this list at regular intervals and delete, in particular, all the names of all persons no longer recognised by the collaboration. For ease of implementation, commonality of approaches and close interaction with the LCG on implementation should be adopted by the collaborations wherever possible. The LCG itself will have to reserve agreed fractions of the resources to developments and tests needed to keep the facility up to date, for maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

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