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                         O v E r S E A S P r I v AT E I N v E S T m E N T C O r P O r AT I O N             SPrING 2009

                                                                                            >> Dr. Lawrence Spinelli Named
                                                                                            Acting OPIC President >> OPIC
                                                                                            Launches Partnership Award >> OPIC
                                                                                            Loan Brings Mobile Banking Services
                                                                                            to Underserved in Uganda >> OPIC
                                                                                            Announces New Commitment to
                                                             i n TH is issuE >>             Transparency >> California’s CITD
                                                                                            Named Newest Member of Partners
                                                                                            Program >> What’s NEWs at OPIC

 Dr. Lawrence Spinelli Named Acting OPIC President

          resident Barack Obama named       Lecturer at American University. Dr.
          Dr. Lawrence Spinelli, longtime   Spinelli is the author of Dry Diplo-
          Director of Public Affairs for    macy: the United States, Great Britain
          the Overseas Private Invest-      and Prohibition.
 ment Corporation (OPIC), to                   Dr. Spinelli received his under-
 be Acting President of OPIC on             graduate degree from Drew University,
 January 20, 2009.                          a Master of Arts degree in government
     Dr. Spinelli had directed OPIC’s       from Georgetown University, and an
 public affairs programs since 1998.        M.A. and Ph.D. in history from New
 In that capacity he was responsible        York University. n
 for all public diplomacy and outreach
 activities. He spearheaded several
 OPIC initiatives, including the agency’s
 Partners Program, which is a collabora-    OPIC Launches Partnership Award
 tion with organizations throughout
 the United States; a series of nation-
 wide workshops for minority and
 women-owned businesses; and OPIC’s
                                            E   arlier this year, the agency launched
                                                the OPIC Partnership Award, which
                                            recognizes organizations for cooperating
                                                                                             “OPIC is pleased to make the
                                                                                        Corporate Council on Africa the inau-
                                                                                        gural recipient of its Partnership Award,”
 international investment conferences,      with OPIC to encourage American invest-     Spinelli said upon presenting the award to
 held annually since 2003. Dr. Spinelli     ment in emerging markets, by dissemi-       CCA President Stephen Hayes at the CCA
 also served as OPIC’s Director of Small    nating information about OPIC products      annual meeting. “Creating opportunity
 Business from 1998 until 2002.             and services to their constituencies.       and hope in Africa through private sector
     Prior to joining OPIC, Dr.                 On March 4, Dr. Spinelli presented      partnerships is CCA’s main objective and
 Spinelli served as Vice President for      the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA)       it is an important part of OPIC’s mission.”
 Corporate Communications at the            with the inaugural OPIC Partnership              The second OPIC Partnership
 National Alliance of Business. He          Award for its longstanding and mutual       Award was presented to Mr. Warren
 spent over a decade on Capitol Hill        effort to facilitate U.S. private sector
 as a policy adviser and communica-         investment in Africa.                                              CONTINuED ON PAgE 2
 tions director for three members of
 Congress, including then-Senator
 Joseph R. Biden, Jr. He was an                 The Corporate Council on Africa, Mr. Warren Gross, former
 Assistant Professor of Political Science       longtime president of the Export Finance Assistance Center of
 at Drew University, where he directed          Washington, and the Greater San José Hispanic Chamber of
 off-campus programs in Washington              Commerce are the first recipients of OPIC’s Partnership Award.
 and London, and was a Professorial

                                                                                An Agency of the United States Government 1
OPIC Loan Brings Mobile Banking Services to underserved in uganda

O     PIC has begun
      disbursement of its
direct loan to MAPSwitch
Uganda, a wholly-owned
subsidiary of MAP Interna-
tional, a U.S. small business
that utilizes integrated
electronic identification and
mobile financial technology
in order to transform finan-
cial services infrastructure
in developing countries.
With its biometric data and
the use of mobile devices,
MAP can provide access
to financial services to the
unbanked citizens in rural,
remote or under developed areas,
                                             “OPIC is pleased to support innova-     at an individual level, particularly for
bringing these citizens into the
                                         tive projects that promote sustainable      underserved rural banking customers,
formal economy.
                                         development,” said OPIC Acting              this project will accelerate the integra-
                                         President Dr. Lawrence Spinelli. “By        tion of thousands of ordinary Ugandans
    A loan from OPIC will                improving financial infrastructure          into state-of-the-art banking services.” n
    enable the deployment of
    transformational financial
    infrastructure in Uganda             Partnership Award   CONTINuED frOM PAgE 1
    that will provide Ugandan
    citizens, currently left out         Gross, former longtime president            ment opportunities in emerging
    of the formal economy,               of the Export Finance Assistance            markets.
    with access to an array of           Center of Washington (EFACW), for               “The GSJHCC has worked hard
    financial services, including        serving as OPIC’s foremost advocate         to invest its membership with a truly
    banking services.                    in the American Northwest. Dr.              global outlook, particularly in looking
                                         Spinelli presented the award at an          toward emerging markets, and as
                                         international partnerships workshop         such has been an ideal partner for
    The model begins with obtaining      conducted at the World Trade Club in        OPIC. The Chamber has emerged as
unique biometric data from appli-        Seattle, Washington.                        OPIC’s first point of contact in our
cants. MAP then issues a financial           “Warren Gross has done more             efforts to reach entrepreneurs in the
identification card based on that        than any individual to inform Amer-         San José area” said Dr. Spinelli.
data that connects the card-holder to    ican entrepreneurs in the Northwest             Dr. Spinelli noted that the
a host of products and services via      about OPIC products and services,           GSJHCC was profiled in OPIC’s 2008
access points throughout the country,    and for his longstanding service to the     annual report for its members’ partici-
including ATMs, Point of Sale units,     agency we are pleased to present him        pation in OPIC’s 2007 international
and mobile banking.                      with the OPIC Partnership Award,”           investment conference in El Salvador,
    The OPIC financing will enable       Dr. Spinelli said.                          which may result in an affordable
MAP to fully deploy its technology in        Dr. Spinelli recently presented         housing project in the Dominican
Uganda, where, in partnership with       the third Partnership Award to the          Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador
the government of Uganda, it will        Greater San José Hispanic Chamber           and Kenya involving 14 GSJHCC
tackle the challenge of reaching up to   of Commerce (GSJHCC) for its                members. GSJHCC members also
two million citizens where today only    consistent efforts to educate its           attended a recent OPIC workshop for
five percent of the population has       members about OPIC services in              minority- and women-owned busi-
bank accounts.                           order to help them access invest-           nesses, conducted in San Francisco. n

2 Overseas Private Investment Corporation
OPIC Announces New Commitment to Transparency
New steps prioritize public input on environmentally-sensitive projects

I n early April, OPIC Acting President
  Dr. Lawrence Spinelli announced that
OPIC is significantly expanding the
                                           before the agency decides to support
                                           the projects.
                                               The detailed summaries will
                                                                                      posting summaries of the findings
                                                                                      of third-party audits to the OPIC
volume and breadth of information it       include information such as total          posting quarterly listings of subproj-
discloses to the public about the proj-    project costs; potential project impact    ects of OPIC-supported invest-
ects the agency supports. In particular,   on the U.S. economy; description of        ment funds to the agency website;
OPIC will enhance the opportunity for      the main environmental and social          previously, subprojects were posted
public comment on environmentally-         risks and impacts associated with          annually. n
sensitive projects that the agency plans   the project; measures required to
to support.                                mitigate those risks; action required
    OPIC will post to the agency           to achieve compliance with applicable
website brief summaries of environ-        environmental and social standards;
mentally — or socially-sensitive —         and description of investors’ engage-
so-called Category A – projects at least   ment with local stakeholders on
60 days before OPIC makes a decision       environmental and social issues.
to support them. Public comment            Comment on the projects will
on the projects will be invited, and       be posted on OPIC’s website
considered by OPIC, in advance of the      and provided to the OPIC Board
decisions. The summaries will include,     at least seven days before the
for the first time publicly, information   relevant Board meeting.
such as the rationale for designating          Dr. Spinelli also announced that
the projects Category A, environmental     OPIC would revise its environmental

    “The transparency measures OPIC commits itself
    to today will not only result in disclosure of an
    unprecedented breadth of information about OPIC
    projects, and in particular Category A projects, but
    involve public comment in the OPIC decision-making
    process at a new level,” Dr. Spinelli said. “We do so
    based on a firm conviction that transparency of
    operations is the best way to ensure that government
    is accountable to the public and in response to
    President Obama’s call for government to be more
    open and transparent.”

and social standards used in project       hand book, last updated in 2004,
assessment, and a location for local       to include information about policy
access to environmental and social         requirements that OPIC applies to its
project information.                       projects. The new document will be
   And for all Category A projects and     named the OPIC Environmental and
projects scheduled to come before the      Social Policy Statement.
OPIC Board of Directors, OPIC will             Other new steps include:
post to its website detailed project          posting summaries of all OPIC-
summaries at least 40 days before             supported projects to the agency
OPIC makes a decision to support              website; previously, only summaries
them. Similarly, public comment will          of Board-approved projects were
be invited and considered by OPIC             posted;

                                                                             An Agency of the United States Government 3
                               California’s Centers for International Trade Development
                               Named Newest Member of Partners Program

O      n April 28, Dr. Lawrence Spinelli,
       Acting President of OPIC,
announced that California’s Centers for
                                                                       “OPIC is extremely pleased to add California’s Centers for
                                                                       International Trade Development to our Partners Program,” Dr.
International Trade Development (CITD)                                 Spinelli said. “The CITD is the premier informational resource
is the newest member of OPIC’s Partners                                for California companies looking to expand into international
Program.                                                               markets, and will likewise serve as an ideal point of contact for
    Through the Partners Program, OPIC
                                                                       companies who could benefit from OPIC’s products and services.”
works with selected trade, business and
foreign policy organizations nationwide
to increase public knowledge of OPIC’s                         and import education programs; a Help                                                              REEM09 was sponsored by the
work. By utilizing the resources of                            Desk to field questions about interna-                                                          Centers for International Trade Develop-
geographically-diverse organizations                           tional trade and help solve international                                                       ment and coordinated by the Bay Area
with different memberships, information                        business transaction challenges; and                                                            Center for International Trade Develop-
about OPIC is disseminated to a larger                         an award-winning international trade                                                            ment.
audience.                                                      information database.                                                                              OPIC’s participation at this confer-
    The CITD provides value-added                                  Dr. Spinelli made the announce-                                                             ence reflects the importance OPIC is
assistance to member companies aiming                          ment while participating at the Imple-                                                          placing on renewable energy projects. n
to expand their operations internation-                        mentation of Renewable Energy in
ally. It offers free or low-cost services to                   the Emerging Markets of Africa, Latin                                                           To learn more about oPiC’s Partners
enable them to succeed as an exporter,                         America and the Caribbean (REEM09)                                                              Program and its members, please visit
importer or global marketing organization                      Conference, which was held April 27-29                                                
through individualized assistance; export                      in San Francisco, CA.                                                                           index.asp

What’s NEWs at OPIC                                           OPIC Staff Participates in IGI                                                                   facultative reinsurance with senior repre-
                                                              Insurance Training                                                                               sentatives of IGI Insurance. The purpose
SAVE THE DATE                                                 After signing a MOU authorizing OPIC                                                             of the training was to review OPIC’s
OPIC has announced 2009 dates for its                         to act as a reinsurer to IGI insurance for                                                       approach to underwriting and forms of
hugely successful workshop series:                            investors in Pakistan with U.S. participa-                                                       coverage, explain its statutory and policy
                                                              tion, OPIC representatives traveled to                                                           requirements, and develop a policy form
Expanding Horizons: A Workshop                                Bahrain on February 10-11 to conduct                                                             for political risk that OPIC can reinsure
About investing overseas for                                  trainings on business development and                                                            on a facultative basis.
Minority and Women-owned
                                                                                                                                                                      for more info
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The fall 2009 Workshops                                                                                Women
                                                                                           rit   y and
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will be held September 24                sho   p   About
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in Boston, Massachusetts                                                                                                                                        Tel: 202-336-8799

                                    2009 THE DATES
and October 22 in St. Louis,                                                                                                                                    Website:
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                                                                                                                                   , MO •
                                                                                                                          St. Louis
                                                                                                           24, 2009

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