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									Last week, an ad exchange network decided to shut down after 10 years in
business. This goes to show that the online advertising industry has been
more demanding than ever to meet clients’ goals; but AdOnion is up for
the challenge.

Here at AdOnion, we open a transparent marketplace that connects
Advertisers’ wants with Publishers’ needs. As Advertisers, you can easily
find what you want by simply searching the ad format and category. We
offer four different ad formats and over 100 categories listed in our
marketplace. With thousands of listings, you can easily find the traffic
that you want within minutes.

As Publishers, earning money has never been easier. Unlike blind
networks, you will be connected with premium Advertisers that provides
targeted ads to your website. In addition, take advantage of our
AdGration feature that gives you the opportunity to earn from more than
one source to maximize your revenue stream.

It’s time to move forward to future and take control of your own
advertising. Get started today with AdOnoin and experience the next
generation of advertising.

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