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Network World Fusion
“MXCluster could help Zultys users with MX250 IP
PBXs increase their system capacity by linking
multiple low-cost boxes, instead of upgrading to a
high-end IP PBX from Zultys or other vendors…
Tying together MX250s in a cluster also increases
the failover capabilities of the device and public
switched telephone network (PSTN) links.”
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— By Phil Hochmuth, 5 July 2004

mission?” Iain Milnes: “Zultys will add
tremendous value to a customer’s operation by
the application of technology to solve their
communications needs. We will continue to offer
the best technology in order to provide important
competitive advantages to our customers.”
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— CEO Spotlight, June 2004

“Zultys Technologies continues to innovate and
impress in the SMB PBX market (IP or otherwise).
Today they announced another significant
upgrade for their MX250 Enterprise Media
Exchange -- MXcluster, which lets companies
scale the MX250 solution to 500, 750 or 1,000
users with optional hardware redundancy.”
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— 28 June 2004

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Network Computing Magazine
"The Zip 4x5 is a great example of the innovation
that's possible when standards compel vendors to
compete on functionality instead of vendor
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- Peter Morrissey, 24 June 2004

BBC News Online
"Iain Milnes is a UK technology entrepreneur
who has been taking on Silicon Valley at its own
game for 20 years."
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— 17 May 2004

"After using the Zultys system, the phone on my
desk feels about as up to date as a rotary dial. I’ve
long been skeptical of the convergence of
telephones and computers, but my experience
with these products suggests that their time has
definitely come."

— Steven Wildstrom, 17 May 2004

"By plugging the ZIP 4x5 into a broadband
connection, the [remote worker] now becomes a
full-fledged extension off the corporate PBX,
complete with extension dialing, presence,
Instant Messaging (IM), and the like."
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— Greg Galitzine, 22 March 2004

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"But before the PBX, we always liked their ZIP end
points -- or LAN nodes in the shape of a phone.
Today they just announced immediate availability
of the latest here -- the ZIP 4x5 IP phone. And it
appears to be a winner as well."
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— By the editors, 22 March 2004

"Since the ZIP 4x5 is based on open standards
such as Linux, the IPsec security protocol and
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the phone
operates with Zultys IP-PBXes or compatible
equipment from other vendors."
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— By Jennifer Hagendorf Follett, 19 March

"The new MXgroup product from the Sunnyvale,
Calif.-based IP telephony vendor is a software
option for the company's VoIP gateway, the
MX250. With MXgroup, a business can enable
voice, video, fax, instant messaging and other
presence-based applications across multiple
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— By Jim Rendon, 23 February 2004

"As for distributed feature sets, we're not talking
simple traditional TIE lines here. MXgroup
networking lets you build a distributed system
with applications like voice mail, instant
messaging, and presence available to users
across the entire enterprise, regardless of

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— By Jennifer Tamaro, 23 February 2004

Network World Fusion
"Because IP Security and Secure Sockets Layer
are included in Linux, these can be applied to the
[ZIP 4x4] for securing VoIP traffic."
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— By Phil Hochmuth, 19 January 2004

Communications Convergence
"Obviously, we were very impressed by [the
MX250]. It's extremely easy to deal with from an
administrative standpoint, a fact we think is
particularly important considering the system's
rich features and the market it's targeted at. The
client interface, which has probably only begun to
grow, is still one of the most advanced desktop
communications UIs we've seen. If you haven't
heard of Zultys before, we believe you will."
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— the Editors, 5 January 2004

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