YWCA Holiday Wish List 2012

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					                                    YWCA Holiday Wish List 2012
                0-4 year olds                          5-11 year olds                        12-17 year olds
   Rattles, Bibs, Play Keys                  Board and handheld games                    Personal CD Players w/
   Building Geometric Blocks                 Baby Dolls (ethnic races)                    batteries & MP3 Players
   Infant Music, Musical Table or            Interactive Learning Games(Kid              Watches, Jewerly
    Musical Talking Books                      Laptops)                                    Movie Gift Certificates
   Musical Piano                             Action figures                              Purses & Wallets
   Bottles                                   Hungry Hippo                                Board & handheld games
   Baby monitors                             Arts and craft projects                     Body lotions & body spray
   Spill proof cups                          Walkie Talkies                              Miscellaneous animated DVD’s
   Fisher Price Products (Toys R’ US)        Balls (all sports)                           ( up to PG-13)
   Baby Learning Laptop (V Tech              Lego’s & Blocks                             Hair Accessories & items
    Products)                                 Princess themed toys                        Hats, socks and gloves, Clothes
   Baby stroller                             Scooters & Bikes                            Wii or WiiU, Xbox 360 and DS
   Kitchen Tea Sets                          Hats, sock, and gloves                       games
   Educational games                         Remote Control toy cars                     Nail & Salon products
   Big Jumbo Puzzles & Fake Baby             Barbie Castles                              Gift Cards*
    Cell phones                               New Disney or Pixar DVD’s                   Digital Cameras
   Educational DVDs (Barney, Dora,           Talking Elmo, Bounce Tigger                 Key Board
    Max & Ruby, Diego, The                    Color Bean Bags                             Hot Wheels 50 Pack Car Set
    Backyardigans, Yo Gabba Gabba,            Playhouse for Outside                       Portable DVD Player
    Wonder Pets etc…)                         Play Mats                                   Headphones
   Bath Squirt Squishy Toys (Rubber          Railroad Sets or Construction Sets          Singing Karaoke w/ Microphone
    Ducks, Rubber Frogs)                      Barbie Doll Castles                         IPods
   Sesame Street Products                    Play Guitars, Singing Karaoke, and Toy      Interactive Hand Held Games
   Baby Dolls                                 Cars for Kids to Drive and Sit-In
   Teething Ringlets                         Easy bake oven
   Squishy Play Toys

   Compact Umbrellas and Ponchos                              Slippers, Bath robes, Bath towels
   Journals, Bibles, Devotionals                              Hats gloves and Outerwear
   Radios, Alarm clocks                                       Clothes for all sizes (5-3X)
   Body lotions, Perfume and Body sprays                      Warm socks, underwear, throw blankets, sheets
   Costume Watches and Jewelry                                Pots, Pans, Kitchen accessories, Iron
   Pajamas & thermals (S-3X)                                  Gift cards*
   Flat Iron & Blow dryer & Hair Products ( Creams)           Victoria Secret Gift Card
   Make Up                                                    Furniture ( Chairs, Desks)
   Hair Accessories                                           Bed Sets
   Portable DVD Player

Gift Cards
The holidays are often both joyous and stressful. Finding the perfect present for a loved one can be a fun and
exciting part of holiday shopping/ giving. Gift cards allow the parents to choose the best and most needed item for
each family member and to ensure correct sizing and style (in the case of shoes and clothes) or fulfill a need that
has not been met. Consider purchasing a gift card from one or more of the following:

   Target and Wal-mart                                        Restaurant Gift Cards
   Barnes and Noble                                           Gas Cards
   Major Department Stores (JC Penney’s, Macy’s,              Phone Calling Card
    Nordstrom, Victoria Secret)
                                                               Visa Gift cards ( Can be purchased at Rite Aid,
   Payless or other shoe retailers                             Walgreens, Office Max, etc)

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