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INSURANCE                                                       Flexwing                                                   LIGHT FLIGHT LTD
   various types of covers available                             PEGASUS FLIGHT
                                                                                                                             MAIN UK PEGASUS AGENT
                                                                                                                             Pegasus Quik 912 and 912S

                                                                 TRAINING (OXFORD)
                                                                         Quality above all                                     demonstrators available

     SERVICES LIMITED                                           • Microlight training on top quality aircraft               New & Used Pegasus Spares
                                                                • SOLO FLYING ON SCHOOL AIRCRAFT                           Secondhand Quantum 912 due in
                                                                • Assistant flying instructor courses with
                                                                  the chairman of the panel of examiners
                                                                                                                               shortly – please phone
 Formerly ROBINSON INSURANCE BROKER Limited                     • Pegasus aircraft sales, Pegasus                          NEW ACCESSORIES include:
                                                                  permits, maintenance, Pegasus repairs,
                                                                  engine servicing (fly it in)                              Bar mitts, thick neoprene, map window £23
For highly competitive aviation quotes, wide cover              • Hangarage available                                              Heated bar grips from £45
  and top class service with experienced brokers                  ENSTONE AIRFIELD, CHURCH
                                                                  ENSTONE, OXFORD OX7 4NP
                                                                                                                            Saddle bags for most trikes, £85/pair
                                                                                                                             Mapboards, trike or 3-axis £25/£15
                                                                Tel 01608 678741 · M: 07860 864445
Including Instructorʼs Liability
                                                                                                                               Chinguards £18 • Visor locks £2

                                                                Email <>                       SECONDHAND PARTS include:
                                                                                                                                    Q1 sail, strong £500.
 3rd party insurance scheme for BMAA members                            PHOENIX                                                 Lynx radio interfaces from £30
      with quotations provided the next day.                   MICROLIGHT SCHOOL                                                       Icom A22E £200
                                                                                                                              Microair transponder with encoder
   New scheme arranged for the new addition:                   • Training Bars to fit all
                                                                 Flexwings – £60 a Pair                                   WANTED: Flexwings, complete or broken
  Foot Launched Microlights
                                                               • 2-stroke Oil £15 for 5 litres
                                                               • Jerry Cans (metal) £14 each                                        ANDY BUCHAN
                                                               • Secondhand Aircraft for sale
                                                                                                                          Mill House, Bathley, Newark, Notts NG23 6DD
                                                               • Part Exchange on New Aircraft

      IUS · Tel: 01457 877458 · Fax 01457 871213                       Brian Palfreyman                                        Tel 01636 708505 or 07850 942096
                                                               Watnall, Nottingham · J26–J27 M1                                     Email
 Dodle House, Oldham Road, Denshaw, Oldham, Lancs OL3 5RP

                                                                     Telephone 01773 785740                                  Visit for a regular
                                                                         or 0797 001 2060
                                                                                                                          update of our secondhand aircraft and stock
                                                                  GS AVIATION
                                                                                                                          Pegasus XL-SE, G-MWMV, 100
                                                                   (Europe) Ltd                                           hrs, one owner from new, always
                                                                       SALES AND SERVICE                                  hangared, serviced by Pegasus
                                                                                                                          dealer, permit to July 2004, large
                                                                 Aircraft for Sale                                        fuel tank, strobe, spare Newton
                                                                     Pegasus Quantum 912                                  prop, £3,500. Tel. 01753 654179.
ROTAX TWO STROKE AND FOUR STROKE ENGINES                                  Choice of two                                   (A1/30)
                                                                         Pegasus Quasar                                   Pegasus Q 462 , G - MWNG,
                                                                    Lovely condition includes                             eng two hrs, carb heat, 3-blade
                                                                     all equipment £11,500                                prop, new cables, mixer, plastic
                                                                   AX2000 HKS, Choice of two                              tank, pod and apron, £5,000. At
                                                                            Engine:                                       present converted for disabled,
                                                                     Rotax 582 ‘99’ Blue Top,                             hand throttle, hand steering
                                                                         Serviced £2,300                                  etc, £5,500. Tel. 01307 850268
                                                                                                                          or 07754 0 6 398 3 ( Per th).
                                                                  For further information contact                                                 (A1/31)
                                                                Tel: 01672 515535/07831 350928
                                                                                          Pegasus Quantum 912, Fly-Dat

                                                                                                                          instruments, blue pod, white/
            GENUINE ROTAX SPARE PARTS                                                                                     blue wing, strobes, any trial,
               (BEWARE THE BOGUS!)                                                                                        £14,995. Tel. Terry after 7pm on
                                                               Flash II Gemini 503, G-MTGA,                               01253 894071 or mobile 07976
                                                               ver y good condition, permit                               983582.                   (A1/34)
                                          FUEL SYSTEM          to May 2004, includes trailer,
                                          COMPONENTS           £2,600. Tel. 01524 824757.                                 Pegasus Quasar 503, excellent
                                                               (A1/23)                                                    condition, electric start, strobes,
                                                                                                                          usual instruments, any trial, only
SERVICE                                                        Chaser 508S, G-MVGG, very                                  £5,250. Tel. Terry after 7pm on
TOOLS                                                          fast, economical, red /white,                              01253 894071 or mobile 07976
                                                               two-blade eco-prop, s/bags,                                983582.                     (A1/35)
                                                               trailer, lots of spares, wing tunnel
                                                               u/dismantle, all covers, £3,800                            Blade 582, G-MYUN, white,
                                                               ovno. Tel. John any time on                                yellow/white wing, 200 hours,
                       PROPELLERS                                                                                         reserve tank, wing always fully
                                                               0208 5916908 or 01375 644952
                                                               (Essex).                       (A1/27)                     rigged, good condition, £8,500.
                  FLIGHT INSTRUMENTS                                                                                      Tel. 01772 785810 (Lancashire).
                                                               Mainair Blade 912, G-CBLT,
                          AND                                                                                             (A1/38)
                                                               2 0 0 2 , 5 8 h r s , ye l l ow p o d,
                  ENGINE INSTRUMENTS                           strobes, landing light, 65-litre                           Pegasus Quasar 503 TC, G-
                                                               tank, radio inter face, wired                              MWZP, Q2 wing, includes Lynx
     FOR FREE CATALOGUE, CONTACT SKYDRIVE LTD.                 for GPS, all covers, hangared                              intercoms, not used last two
        ON TEL: 01926 612188 FAX: 01926 613781                 and rigged from new, permit                                years, no permit hence £5350
                                                               April 2004, including trailer,                             ono. Tel. Mark on 01908 569696
           E-MAIL: SKYDRIVE@AVNET.CO.UK OR WRITE TO:                                                                      or 0780 3080118 (Milton Keynes).
                                                               immaculate, £16,950. Tel. 01707
   BURNSIDE, DEPPERS BRIDGE, SOUTHAM, WARWICKSHIRE, CV47 2SU   873955 (Herts).                (A1/29)                                              (A1/40)                

  54      January–February 2004
                                                                                                                                                                T h r u s te r T6 0 0 N , G - MZG Z ,
               SAFETY NOTICE                                                                                                                                    enclosed, electric start, recent
                                                                                                                                                                Dacron covers, good panel,
             MAINAIR SPORTS                                                                                                                                     excellent condition, 503, 300
              SAFETY BULLETINS                                                                                                                                  hrs, always serviced by Conair,
                                                                                                                                                                long permit, red, £11,750 ono.
              If you have recently bought                                                                                                                       Tel. Phil on 07831 467458.
                a secondhand aircraft, or                                                                                                                       (B1/57)
             think you may not be on our
                    computer listing
                     please contact:
                  MAINAIR SPORTS                                             Jabiru U/L 450 · G-BYYT                                                            Trial Exam Papers written to
                Unit B, Crawford Street,                     A&E 50hrs, permit to June 2004, Narco 810 + 760ch comm. Narco                                      help you study for your license
                 Rochdale OL16 5NU                                                                                                                              or just test your knowledge.
                                                             AT150 Transponder with mode C, Flightline intercom, Garmin GPS III                                 100 questions and answers per

                Full sets of Safety Bulletins                 plus, Murray Flint paint, hi-crank battery, based Cornwall, £26,900.                              subject, Micro Air Law, Technical,
                          available                                                                                                                             Meteorology, Navigation, £4.99
                                                                                 Telephone 01326 270631                     (B1/22)
                                                                                                                                                                each; 50 question HP&L £2.99;
          Mainair Flash II, G -MW VO,                                                                                                                           or £19.99 set. Cheque P/O or
          Alpha 582, airframe 245 hrs,                                                                    Thruster T600, G-MZHC, 582,                           cash to Pegasus Flight Training,
          engine two hrs since complete                    Mirage Mark II, G-MBSX, Rotax
                                                           variable pitch prop, Lou Perrin                ultra lam skins, high hours but                       Enstone Air field, Church
          overhaul, 65 litre tank, electric                                                               good condition, replacement                           Enstone, Oxford OX7 4NP. Tel
          start, strobes, permit July 2004,                conversion, full instruments,
                                                           pod and brakes, vgc, £2,000.                   engine, £ 8, 5 0 0. Te l. 07 971                      01608 678741, or 07860 864445
          excellent condition, £6,700 ono.                                                                950965.                   (B1/36)                     mobile. Email: <pft@enstone
          Tel. 07712 674818.                 (A1/42)       Also Rotax 447 and gearbox,
                                                           all in pieces, £200. Tel. 01767                                                            >       (E1/003)
          Pegasus XL-R, G-MTZK, Rotax                                                                     MW5D Warbird, midnight blue,
                                                           640698.                  (B1/24)               American navy insignia, tastefully                    Comunica intercom, PTT radio
          447, Newton prop, carb heat,
          256 hours, red LE undersurface,                  MW6T 582, G-MYMN, 450 hrs,                     enclosed cockpit, airframe 75                         interface, two Beta helmets,
          good condition, spare sail,                      wing tanks & header, electric                  hrs, new Rotax 503, new permit,                       headphones, t wo bat teries,
          helmets, intercom, could split                   back- up /priming, concealed                   excellent condition, £5,500. Tel.                     charger, Icom A20, Sporty E6C
          sail, new ticket, £3,250. Tel.                   Aileron cables, brakes, 415kg                  Will on 01263 579239 (Norfolk).                       navigation computer, £450. Tel.
          Dave on 01588 650277 or 07779                    legal, permit, usual instruments,                                        (B1/43)                     Gordon on 01302 724684 eve.
          480923.                            (A1/49)       £ 6 ,0 0 0. Te l. 014 5 2 414 374                                                                    (E1/25)
                                                                                                          Challenger II, G-MVZK, 582,
                                                           (Gloucester).             (B1/26)              oil injection, strobes, radio,                        Wanted parts for Rans 6ES
          Flash II Alpha 503, special
          edition, G-MTZY, one owner,                                                                     headsets, carb heat, A/F 350,                         Coyote II, 582 microlight, steel
                                                                                                          Eng 240, permit 10 months,                            cockpit cage, wings complete
          excellent condition, red pod,
          spats, red 3-blade Ivoprop, radio
                                                            Chevvron 2-32C                                good re liable plane, going                           with flaps, Ailerons, covers, lift
          aerial, full instruments, L/R tank,                        LATEST SPEC                          NPPL, £7,500 for quick sale. Tel.                     struts, aircraft with tail damage
          permit June 2004, hangared,                                                                     01743 860317 or 07968 401768.                         might suit. Also Rudd tiltloader
                                                              Complete, factory checked                                           (B1/48)                       trailer for Rans S6. Tel. Peter on
          £5,000. Tel. 01677 423337.
                                                               and Refurbished with 12                                                                          01494 432359.               (E1/28)
          (A1/50)                                                                                         Shadow DD, G-PBEL, 582, dual
                                                                   month permit.
          Gemini Sprint, G-MMSO, 2-                             With or without trailer.                  control, dual ignition, factory                       Simonini electric starter for 447,
          seater, Robin 440, permit expired,                                                              built, like new, yellow/white,                        503 including inner and outer
          health forces sale, includes                             READY TO FLY                           Wad e t r a i l e r, m a ny s p a r e s               spacers, professionally made,
          e n c l o s e d t r a i l e r, h e l m e t s ,     Telephone 01488 72224                        including electric start, gearbox,                    £250, save over £100. Tel. 01684
          intercom, radio, suit, £1,500. Tel.                                                             top of range with everything,                         292639.                   (E1/32)

                                                                       or email
          01302 854587 or 07761 572102                                                                    bargain, £18,950. Tel. 01892
          (Doncaster).                       (A1/53)
                                                                                                                       Icom ICA20 MK II transceiver,
                                                                                                          730980.                     (B1/56)                   charger excellent condition,
          Mainair Mercury, G-MYAV, 503                     MW5D, G-MZEI, 75 hrs, new                                                                            £160. Comunica headsets, radio
          engine, L/R tank, permit, 310                                                                                                                         interface, PTT charger, £120,
          hours, well maintained, good
                                                           Rota x 503, 3-blade Ivoprop,                    THRUSTER T600                                        Garmin GPS II with cradle and
                                                           midnight blue, new permit,                       Training daily with Mac Smith
          c ondition, inc luding trailer,                  hangared, excellent condition,                                                                       power/data cable, as new, £130.
          £4,500 ono. Tel. 01724 359734                                                                           at Popham Airfield,                            Tel. 01234 742284 (Beds).
                                                           £5,500. Tel. Will on 01263 579239                      Winchester, Hants
          home or 01724 845727 work                        (Norfolk).                 (B1/33)                                                                   (E1/45)
          (Scunthorpe).                      (A1/54)                                                                  PPL courses
                                                           Kolb Twinstar MK III, 582 with                                                                       Exciting video for all flexwing
          Pegasus XL-SE, G-MWOI, 447,                                                                             3-axis Conversion                             microlighters. Captures real-
          trailer, covers, carb heat, permit,              electric start, tinted canopy,
                                                                                                                       Instructor courses                       time on - board foot age and
          £3,000. Wanted urgently, Half                    spats, always hangared, current
                                                           permit, can be rigged/de-rigged                                 Aircraft Sales                       conversation of an engine out.
          Pint with 377 Rotax. Tel. 01233                                                                                                                       Good present despatched by
          641686 (Ashford, Kent). (A1/55)                  single handedly in 20 mins,                                     AirBourne                            return of post. £20 made out to
                                                           flies beautifully, looks beautiful,                       Tel. 01202 822486

                                                           £11,000 ono. Tel. 0161 980 1974                                                                      Cancer Research UK. “Engine
            Fixed-Wing                                     (Cheshire).              (B1/52)                              Out!”, Grove House, Whitley,
                                                                                                                                                                Warrington, WA4 4EJ.    (E1/46)
          Fly In A Foxbat before choosing

                                                                      BFC Challengers
          your new plane! You might save                                                                                                                        Rotax 582, oil injected model,
          future regrets. To arrange a                                                                                                                          118 hours since new, complete
          demo-flight email us from our                                                                                                                          with twin carbs, electric start,
          website at: <>                                                                  Upgraded new and used                                 instruments etc, excellent
          or contact: The Small Light Aero-                                                               Challengers plus easy-build                           condition, inspected by Micro
          plane Company Ltd, Otherton                                                                     kits available now through                            Air Services, £2,000. Tel. 01267
          Airfield, Staffordshire ST19 5NX.                                                                                                                      267094.                   (E1/51)
                                                                                                          UK Agents.
          Tel. 01543 673075 or 07831                                                                                                                            Icom Radio incl charger, case,
          811783.                        (B1/13)                                                 503 and 582 Custom and Cruise                                  aerial etc, £179, Smiths VSI,
          Immaculate Challenger, G -                                                             versions offering 100mph                                       £59, Warp Drive prop, £199,
          MWFU, maintained in superb                                                             performance in spacious dual                                   Ivoprop, £199. Rotax exhaust,
          condition, sensible, practical                                                         controlled aircraft with proven                                £199, Rotax radiator, new, £95.
          t o u r e r, l o t s o f f u n t o f l y,                                              safety record.                                                 Digital instruments, EGT, tacho,
          probably the best around, any                                                                                                                         water temp, £39 each. K&N 582
          trial/inspection, sensible offers                         Choice of 6 aircraft from £6,000 to £16,000 no VAT                                          air filter, £19, Rotax regulator/

          considered. Tel. Mark on 01772                                                                                                                        rectifier, £25. Tel. 0797 135 3038.
          690225.                        (B1/21)               Tel. 01947 821122 or 01253 735766                                                                (E1/58)

              1, 2 & 4-seat Light & Microlight Aircraft - visit

                                                                            Distributor enquiries welcome

                                                                                                                                                              January–February 2004       55
Offering an Engineering service
to the ‘Kit’ or ‘Plans’ builder.
                                                                                                                *Magazine Back Issues
                                                                                                                                                SHOP              *Airframe/Engine Log Book - soft..£3.98
Manufacturing Precision parts
and Fabrications including:                    WINTER SEASON:                                          (limited availability) .......................... £2.90    Microlight Pilot’s Handbook
                                               WE ORGANISE INTENSIVE                                     World Directory of Leisure Aviation                        7th Edition .................................. £17.50
 • Engine Mounts                                                                                                                                                  Pilot’s Weather (by B Cosgrove) ...... £23.75
                                               COURSES TO ITALY                                        New Edition 2003        ....................... £8.75
 • Undercarriages                                                                                         Airfields Landing Maps including                         Using GPS (by Ann Welch & Bill Scull)... £1.20
 • Control Columns                             Flying Instruction · Fixed wing only                                                                               * The Dream Video ...................... £6.98
                                                                                                          Seperate Microlight Sites Sections
 • Many Dress-up Components                    Intensive courses NPPL(M)                               2002 Edition ................................ £14.90       The Pilots Sky Video ................. £20.98
CAA Approved Welding                           SOUTH OF ENGLAND                                                 Affordable Aviation Book                          * PPL Syllabus ............................ £3.70
Visit our websites at:
                                               Brighton & Eastbourne area                              (by C. Finnigan) ............................ £17.50       *AFI Syllabus .............................. £6.50 or                        VOUCHERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS                            * Pilots Log Book (Hardback)........... £7.50                * Examiner & Instructors Guide .. £18.50                                                                             * Airframe/Engine Log Book                                   * Student Record Sheets – Pad .... £3.50
                                               For more information contact:
                                                                                                       (Hardback) .................................£15.50                *Indicates Official BMAA Product
Contacts:                                      Domenico on 01273 413212
Eric Bentley Tel: 01642 653745                 Mobile: 07899 724432                                 The following items are official BMAA promotional merchandise


Mike Ryder Tel: 01429 297000
Fax 01429 297277                     
                                                                                                                                            NEW DESIGN
                                                                                                            ew Style                       Pilots Cloth                           Sweatshirts
                                                                                                    Ties – N 0

                              Thames Valley                                                               £6.0                            Badge £5.00
                                                                                                                                                                                           y £25.00
                              Microlight Centre
                                                                                                                                Tea/Coffee                       NEW DESIGN
 Microlight Aircraft Maintenance                                                                         ticke
                                                                                                                      r            MUG                      Baseball Cap
                                                                                                    Car S .40                   £4.50 new                     £10.50                                    ge
     including: Rebuilds, Servicing, Permit Renewal,                                                   £1                                                                                     Suit Bad
                                                                                                                                                                                          - p
     Inspections, Check Flights and Engine Servicing                                                                                       SIGN
                                                                                                                                    NEW DE                                                    £9.50
             for both Weightshift and 3-Axis Aircraft                                                                Cloth
                                                                                                     Wings –       Logo Bad                                         Polo shirts
                    Please call: 01491 875200                                                                Cloth    £6.00                                                                             Keyring
                                                                                                        £4.20                                                        S/M/L/XL                           £0.90
                    or Mobile 07775 858198                                                                                                                        Various Colour


                                                                                                     Mrs K Tyler
                                                                                                     2 Murdock Close                                           S HOP
                                                                                                                                                         Micro SHOP
                                           “Our Business                                             Deddington, Banbury        Cheques/Postal Orders ONLY
                                       Is Making Good Pilots”                                        Oxon, OX15 0UL               Payable to: Mrs K Tyler
                                                 Deepak Mahajan (CFI)                                Website:
                                  Ground Exams
                                  Flight Training

                                                                                                   450 Engine Services

                            General Flight Tests
                   Residential Intensive Courses
   Aircraft Sales • Spares and Service of BMW,                                                         THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK
         Jabiru, Rotax & Simonini Engines.                                                             WITH OVER 32 YEARS OF ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE
        Permit Renewals and Check Flights
                                                                                                       We are now able to offer servicing and overhaul
    Shop Stocked with Essentials and Goodies
                                                                                                       facilities in the South East for:
    Everything for the Microlighter!                                                                   BMW • Jabiru • Rotax • Simonini • VW
        Free Landings for MSA Customers
                                                                                                       Should the need ever arise we can offer a recovery and mobile service
 CHATTERIS AIRFIELD, MARCH, CAMBS.                                                                                                                                                                                          (E1/17)
                                                                                                       For free and friendly advice give Bill a call on

 Telephone 01354 742 340 • Mobile: 07973 377 710                                                                       01323 761454 or mobile 07949 632620

                                                jay airsports
                                                                                                                                                                                  Training on the
                                                                                                                                                                                  Pegasus Quantum
                                                                                                                                                                                  912 and 582
                                                    Also Now Training                   Nearest 3-axis and weight-shift Microlight flying training to North
                                                    on the AX 2000 HKS                  London. Operating 1 mile outside the M25 in Hertfordshire
                                                                                                • Pegasus sales and service,
                                                    Derigged hangarage
                                                    available for weight-shift
                                                                                                  inspections and check flights
                                                    microlights                                 • Lynx Avionics distributor
                                                                                                • O-Zee Leisure wear etc.
Hunsdon Microlight site now open.
Visitors welcome but strictly PPR as  116 MOUNT PLEASANT, NEW BARNET, HERTS EN4 9HQ
Stansted have to be informed when       TELEPHONE: 020 8441 8766 • MOBILE: 07956 434958
we are operating.                    AIRFIELD: 01727 866066 • EMAIL:
We are actively seeking an
INSTRUCTOR to run the site             

   56        January–February 2004
                                            All your used or
                                           spare Rotax parts
                                                                                                                          PLEASE TICK ALL APPROPRIATE BOXES
      ENGINE SERVICE FROM 447 TO 582                                                                                             LINAGE ADS (maximum 30 words)
          Give us a ring for a competitive quote                                                                                 Member advertising privately               Other advertisers
      Lawrence Lane, Eccleston, Nr Chorley,
                                                 many parts
                                                  in stock
                                                                                                                                 £6.00* incl. VAT                           £12.85 incl. VAT
                 Lancs PR7 5SJ
                                                                                                                                 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY

         Tel/fax: 01257 453430 • After hours 01257 450052
                                                                                                                                 Price per single column cm: £4.03 to members,
                                                                                                                                 £5.72 to other advertisers, both inclusive of VAT
                                                            JSC Engineering                                                      Example: 2 columns wide x 5cm deep (10 x £4.03) = £40.30
                                                                                                                                 Minimum size: 1 column wide x 4cm deep, costs as follows:
FULL TIME SCHOOL                                                 Jabiru & 912                                                    Member advertising privately                Other advertisers
      at SCOTLAND’S
                                                                 engine servicing & repairs
                                                                                                                                 £16.12*incl. VAT                           £22.88 incl. VAT
Rotax service, permit inspections &                              Tel. 01202 430265 or
     wing stripdowns (fly it in)
                                                                 07734 602344                                                      No. OF CM DEEP                       No. OF COLS WIDE
     Solo & syndicate aircraft
  PEGASUS SALES & SERVICE                                        6 Riverside Road                                                BOX NUMBERS *£7 extra for BMAA member
    Contact: Marcus Dalgetty,                                    Bournemouth                                                     advertising privately, £10 extra for other advertisers
         Perth Airport                                           BH6 4LH          (E1/19)

       Tel. 01738 550044
                                                             T                                    T
     Mobile 07802 481285
                                                                    OP FLIGH
     THRUSTER                                                       S A I L S                                                    FLEXWING                               FOOT LAUNCHED
    OUTSIDE COVERS                                                SAIL MANUFACTURE & REPAIR                                      FIXED-WING                             OTHER AIRCRAFT
    NOW BEING SUPPLIED BY                                       with 20 years experience at Hiway now                            HYBRID CONTROL                         MISCELLANEOUS
   VOLAIR AVIATION                                          trading as TOP FLIGHT SAILS. If it’s first class

                                                                                                                                 NUMBER OF INSERTIONS
                                                                 work you’re looking for, call Nigel on
   Thruster wings, tails & engine.
       Full set £399 plus p&p.                                Telephone/fax 01495 718444
                                                              Approved sail manufacture and repair for
   T600 Jabiru engine cover POA
                                                                  Medway Microlights & Huntwing.                                 THIS ISSUE ONLY price as above

   Various colours. Items can be                              Other items: Leather helmets, Wing bags,
       purchased separately.                                   Panniers, Batten bags, Prop covers etc.                           THIS ISSUE & NEXT twice the price

   Also 500x5 4-ply tyres & tubes.
  CALL VOLAIR: 01635 299440                                                                                                      3 ISSUES OR MORE 3 times price LESS 5% discount
     Quality Shell Oil
                                                                      WINTER                                             WRITE BELOW: don’t forget phone no. and reg letters!
 WHY PAY MORE FOR YOUR 2-STROKE OIL?                                 SUNSHINE
  I BUY IN BULK – YOU CAN SAVE POUNDS                         30˚C AND NO RAIN OR WIND!
                            12 litres 20 litres
Advanced VSX 2-stroke          £65       £95
                                                             The Gambia is the place to chill
     The approved Oil for Rotax engines                                out this winter
Advanced SX 2-stroke           £45       £72                B&B for £85 per week per twin room
VSX 10W/40 4-stroke            £60       £95                only 20 minutes walk from the beach
Aeroshell 80/100+W80/W100 £42            £65                and the night life, low cost flights and
         TOP QUALITY OIL FROM                                       transport while there.
                                                                   For full details e-mail

01233 770231 (home) • 01634 847436 (work)                     <> or phone

         Email:                            Ian Stokes on 01840 213844.
  Order Online at:

               Very nice                                    HEATED CLOTHING
                                                             Extend the flying year with 12 volt
                                                              heated clothing – Gloves, Fleece

  AIRFIELD                                                     Jackets, Socks, Body Warmers
                                                             Simple installation and operation
                                                                                                                         If you’ve run out of squares, you’ve run out of space in a linage advert! —
 120 kms, Ouest Paris                                           Worn in a Flexwing at –5°C
                                                                                                                         please specify classified display and send wording on a separate sheet.
with hangars and big house, to sell                                and still kept warm!
complete or in five parts, speaking                          Rotax engine servicing and repairs                           Unless you have a trade account, all adverts must be prepaid.
  English. Information and price:                                     also carried out
                                                            Contact:                                                                                            for office use only
     Corrected Telephone No.                                       Tel. 01371 870904                                     Cheque no.                          Amount

      00 33 (2) 3749 86 23                                         Fax 01371 870615
  or Email:                                   Mobile: 07905 711555                                    Name:

     For all advertising in Microlight Flying contact:
                 PAGEFAST LIMITED                                                                                                                                                      Telephone:
4-6 LANSIL WAY, LANCASTER LA1 3QY• Tel. 01524 841010                                                                     Signed:                                      To qualify for your BMAA discount,
               Email                                                                                                                                you need to write your PERSONAL
                                                                                                                                                                      MEMBERSHIP NUMBER in this box


                                                                                                                                                          January–February 2004
                                                                                                                         Send this coupon with cheque or postal order payable to:
                                                                                                                         PAGEFAST LTD, 4-6 Lansil Way, Lancaster LA1 3QY

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