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na_maka_hou_eight by linfengfengfz


									Na Maka Hou: Looking at the world from a new perspective
             D I G I TA L M E D I A A R T S P RO G R A M

 Volume I, Issue 8                                                                                                 April-May , 2011

DMA Open House II Showcases Student Work                                                                    Calendar of Events
                                                                         the programs.
                                                                                                          April 8: Hilo High Visita-
                                                                             ―Our aim for these Open      tion
                                                                         House programs is to show-
                                                                         case our course offerings
                                                                                                           April 12: Resume Work-
                                                                         and to invite the public to be   shop 12:30-2:00, Counsel-
                                                                         a part of the Hawai‘i Com-       ing Center
                                                                         munity College ‗ohana,‖
                                                                         stated DMA Coordinator,          April 14: Mock Interview
                                                                         Meidor Hu.                       2:-00-4:00 MPA-2
                                                                             ―It is really neat to see
                                                                         students and instructors work-   April 15: SOUPER FRIDAY
                                                                         ing side by side at the Open     10:30– 2:00 385C
                                                                         House events to introduce
Stacyn Lopez and Kiana Cook discuss their Art 107D Photography assign-   potential students to the fun    April 22: NO SCHOOL
ment.                                                                    things that can be done with     GOOD FRIDAY
                                                                         these computer programs, ―
     The second DMA Open              funding support from Alu           said Mililani Hughes, the pro-
 House is scheduled for Sat-          Like Inc., eligible Native Ha-                                      April 23: DMA OPEN
                                                                         gram‘s educational specialist
 urday, April 23 from 9:00            waiians students can enroll in     and a DMA student. At the
                                                                                                          HOUSE 9:00—12:00 noon,
 am to 12:00 noon in the              Art 112 and 115 on tuition         last Open House, over 20         Café
 college cafeteria.                   waivers this summer.               DMA students and instructors
      The twofold purpose of               Students and instructors      volunteered to help with the     May 4: Last day of Instruc-
 the event is: first, to expose       will demonstrate the use of        event, a tangible demonstra-     tion
 the community to the DMA             several software programs          tion of student and faculty
 courses and second, to pub-          essential for digital media        commitment to the program.       May 13: HAWCC COM-
 licize the exciting summer           art works. The interactive,        Many new students in our         MENCEMENT—
 session opportunities for            hands-on learning centers          program were at our first        KANAKA’OLE STADIUM
 new students. Thanks to              enable experimentation with        Open House.
                                                                                                          May 14: HAWCC COM-
 DMA Faculty and Students to Travel to Peru in August                                                     MENCEMENT—KONA

     Congratulations to faculty       the convention, ―Living our        nous groups in Hawai‘i and   May 16: Semester Ends,
 members Danny Miller and             Indigenous Roots,‖ the             also on the mainland.        Grades due in by 12:00
 Violet Murakami on the ac-           HawCC presentation will
                                                                            Students who will also be noon
 ceptance of their presenta-          focus on how cultural knowl-
                                                                         presenting include Kopa
 tion proposal for the upcom-         edge and sensitivities have                                       DMArt Faculty Meeting
                                                                         Nae‘ole, Richard Casey, and
 ing World Indigenous Peo-            been important in rendering
 ple‘s Council on Education           authentic perspectives in
                                                                         Kayla Leong. Hawaii Life       9:00—12:00 noon
                                                                         Styles faculty member, Noe       385C
 Convention in Cusco, Peru on         filmmaking. Mr. Miller has
                                                                         Noe Wong Wilson is an ac- May 31: First Day of Sum-
 August 14-18, 2011.                  had a number of experi-
                                                                         tive part of the WIPCE plan- mer Session I
                                      ences in working with indige-
     Based on the theme for                                              ning committee.
                           Na Maka Hou :                  Looking at the world from a new perspective

           Student Recognition Ceremony, Commencement Celebrate Success
                                                                  From Summer 2010 until           Program graduates are
                                                            Spring 2011, an estimated          invited to attend the cere-
                                                            24 students completed the          mony to see if they will re-
                                                            program requirements for the       ceive one of these prestigious
                                                            DMA Certificate of Comple-         DMA awards.
                                                                                                   Graduates and their sup-
                                                                Hawai‘i Community Col-         porters are also encouraged
                                                            lege will present a recogni-       to attend the commencement
                                                            tion ceremony to be held on        ceremony which will be held
                                                            Wednesday, May 4 at the            on May 13 at the Edith
                                                            UHH Cafeteria at 6:00 pm.          Kanaka‘ole Stadium begin-
                                                                                               ning at about 7:00 pm.
                                                                The DMA program will
                                                                                               Graduates check in at 5:30
          Graduating students James McElvaney (L)           recognize two students who
          and Kyle Santos(R) confer with Meidor Hu                                             pm. There will be a re-
                                                            best exemplify the standards
          about graduation.                                                                    hearsal at 12:00 noon on the
                                                            of the program.

                           Parente and Hu Serve as Judges for Local Art Shows
                               Faculty members serve        school to high school on this      is not easy. ― I was very im-
UHH—HAWCC                  the community as promoters       island.                            pressed by the strong selec-
STUDENT ART                of art shows as well as                                             tion of paintings which were
                                                                The other judges for this
                           judges. Recently, Lecturer                                          submitted,‖ she said.
EXHIBIT...DEADLINE IS                                       show were Gretchen Grove
                           Steven Parente served as one
                                                            and Steve Irvine, both very            Lecturer Tobias Brill won
FRIDAY, APRIL 8.           of the judges for the Hawai‘i
                                                            fine artists in their own right.   third place for his piece,
                           Department of Education‘s
SUBMIT WORK TO                                                                                 ―More ways to skin a cat.‖
                           Young at Art Show which was         This month, Meidor Hu
395 FROM 10:00-            held at the East Hawai‘i Cul-    served as a judge for the              The East Hawai‘i Cultural
                           tural Center in mid-March.       East Hawai‘i Cultural Center‘s     Center is located at 141
2:00.                                                       Spring Art Festival. Judging       Kalakaua Street in downtown
                              The art show included
SHOW OPENS ON                                               a wide variety of art pieces       Hilo.
                           work from students from pre-

                           Canadian Filmmaker Discusses Work at HawCC
                               Sarah Abbot, an artist       sues of being, human rights,       in many different parts of the
                           doing experimental docu-         and the environment.               world.
                           mentary and narrative films,
                                                                She has won awards for            Ms. Abbott founded mis-
                           was a guest speaker in the
                                                            her films, the latest from the     pon — A Celebration of In-
                           Art 209 Image in Motion
                                                            city of Regina for her film,       digenous Filmmaking, which is
                           class on March 7.
                                                            Out in the Cold. Her visit         a non-profit film festival and
                               She is on sabbatical leave   provided a rare opportunity        advocacy collective.
                           from the University of Regina    for students to see the work
                                                                                                   She was hosted by
                           in Saskatchewan, Canada.         of this exceptional artist who
                                                                                               HawCC DMA instructor, Vio-
                           She is very interested in is-    has had experience working
                                                                                               let Murakami.

                           Page 2
Volume I, Issue 8
Community Members Bring Industry Applications to Class
    DMA Board of Directors          dents to get involved in the      classroom helps students to
member, John Mason talked           film industry on this island.     understand the many intrica-
to students in Art 209 about                                          cies of business and art and
                                        Cody Anderson, owner of
the film industry on this island.                                     the standards of excellence
                                    Bolo Graphics is a home-
As the film commissioner, his                                         that are expected by the
                                    grown product of our island,
work is to attract filmmakers                                         public.
                                    having graduated from Wai-
to our island. In the past, the     akea High School and then             Some real life applica-
Film Office has worked with         the California Institute of the   tions help students to gain a
several feature film produc-        Arts in Santa Monica. His         broader understanding of the
tions that have come to Ha-         presentation to the Art 293       field of work and their need
wai‘i Island including Indiana      students focused on portfolios    to muster the skills, experi-
Jones, the Tempest, and             and the graphic design indus-     ence, social and communica-
Predators . A couple of             try in general.                   tion skills that add up to suc-
DMA interns worked on these                                           cess. The course instructor for John Mason, Film Commissioner for Ha-
                                        Having professionals from                                     wai‘i Island explains the purpose for his
films. He encourages stu-                                             209 is Violet Murakami.         office in promoting filmmaking.
                                    the industry come into the

                                                                                                                    HO’OLALE I KA
Bollywood Film Festival in Hilo in April at UHH                                                                     ‘AI A KA U’I.
  The UHH English De-               day, April 13 . Life in           campus from 5:30 –9:00                        PUKUI 1094
partment and the stu-               Mumbai exposes people             pm.
dents of English 469 are            to the conflict between                                                         SHOW WHAT
                                                                        The English students will
sponsoring a film festival          development and the               give a short introduction                     YOUTH CAN DO.
of modern Indian films              principles of Gandhi. It          to each film highlighting
that focus on issues such           will be followed by three         the key issues of interest
as gender, class and na-            other films each consecu-         to the audience.
tional identity.                    tive Wednesday: April
                                    20, April 27, May 4.                   Admission is free, but
   The first film, Lage                                               seating is limited to the
Raho Munna Bhai, will                 The screenings are in           first 50 people.
be shown on Wednes-                 UCB 114 on the UHH

Students Use Leaves to Create Native Birds
     Bang, bang, bang!! What        paper. The images of native       with Hawai‘i Life
is that racket all about? In-       birds were the basis of the       Style students to illus-
structor Sharon Ryba‘s Art          art work. Students had to         trate the rains of
115 students are creating           research native birds and         Hawai‘i Nei. HLS
native bird images using            choose an appropriate bird.       instructor Kihei Na-
leaves collected by students.                                         hale‘a provided help
                                        The students enhanced the
                                                                      and the Hawaiian
    To get the color and tex-       pictures by using water color
                                                                      perspective and cul-
ture of the leaves, students        to add to the colors left by
                                                                      tural value of rain.     Jenifer Turner pounds the leaves to cre-
used soft mallets to pound          the pounded leaves.
the essence of the leaves into                                                                 ate an image.
                                       The students also worked

                                                                                                Page 3
Na Maka Hou: Looking at the world from a new perspective

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                                Diminyatz, Ohara Open Art Show at idspace in April
                                                                     Lecturer Kevin Dimin-     fully integrate what is outside
                                                                yatz and UHH student Alan      the gallery into the gallery
                                                                Ohara will have a show         itself, ― said Diminyatz.
                                                                entitled ―Blind Curve‖ at
                                                                                                  The reason for the title of
                                                                the idspace gallery in Kur-
                                                                                               the show is because Dimin-
                                                                                               yatz is doing blind contour
                                                                    The inspiration for        drawings of Freedman‘s
                                                                Diminyatz‘ work is the col-    pieces. ―By blind, I mean
                                                                lection of Stephen Freed-      that my eyes scan the interior
                                                                man‘s sculpture.               and exterior lines of the ob-
                                                                                               ject while my hand records
                                                                     ―Whenever I go to
                                                                                               what I am seeing, ― he
                                                                 openings at the gallery, I
                                                                 take great pleasure in
                                                                 walking the grounds, being        Alan Ohara is a senior in
                                                                 with the garden and the       the UHH art program. He is
                                                                 immense canon of his work     often seen on the HawCC
                                                                 present there. I thought it   campus in the printmaking
                                                                 would be cool to do some-     studio. His work includes an
                                                              thing site specific and hope-    animation of drawings.

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