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					  The mystery of
TuTankhamen Tomb’s
   By Kyilan Thomas
 Why is King tut so famous?
Are you wondering why king tut is so famous?

Well if you are here’s your answer.

He is so famous because his tomb was in perfect
 condition. His tomb had been robbed before it
 had been put back in it’s tomb, but they got
 back all of his stuff.
    The Curse of king TuT’s
Legend says that if anybody dared to open the
  tomb of King Tut would suffer the wrath of
  the mummy. It is thought that he was
  murdered by an official because his skull was
  bashed in. And only a person of great
  importance can get near him to harm him. His
  curse was so big that it affected other people
  who were standing right there when he was
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“I will kill all of those who cross this
threshold into the sacred precincts of the
royal king who lives forever.”

At first I could see nothing, the hot air
escaping from the chamber causing the
candle flame to flicker, but presently, as my
eyes grew accustomed to the light, details
of the room within emerged slowly from the
mist, strange animals, statues and gold—
everywhere the glint of gold…I was struck
dumb with amazement, and when Lord
Carnarvon, unable to stand the suspense
any longer, inquired anxiously, “Can you
see anything?” it was all I could do to get
out the words, “Yes, wonderful things.”
     The history behind the curse

He is known for being the boy-pharaoh from 1933-1323 B.C.
The name of Tutankhamen is really, really famous. King tut was living
way before our time so we cant prove to wethar somebody opened the
tomb or not.
          How did King Tut come to be?

Well it all started when he was a boy-king. He
did some really bad stuff. When he died since
he was king it was curse. He tomb was in
almost perfect condition, so that is how King
Tut came to be.
Map of Egypt

       Here’s a map of Egypt with
       the tomb on it.
Pictures of King Tutankhamen and the mystery!
              Who was Lord Carnarvon in this mystery?

Lord Carnarvon was also part of this
mystery. His curse was that he got a
mosquito bite on his left cheek and while
he was shaving he cut it open and then it
got infected. Who was Lord Carnarvon in
this mystery. Then they rushed him to
Cairo, a city in Egypt. A few days later he
Maps of King Tut’s Tomb
                The Location Of king tut’s tomb

King tut’s tomb is located in the valley of the kings.
                 The opening of the tomb

Many people have tried to open
the tomb, but only one man was
successful. Howard Carter was
brave enough to open the tomb
of King Tut.

King Tut was so famous that if
you even tried to open the tomb
you would put a curse on
yourself. Once they opened it all
of the lights in the city went out.
              Who was Howard Carter in this mystery?

•Howard carter was the man who
opened King Tut’s Tomb.
•He had to be brave enough to
open the tomb.
                  Will we everybody what happened
back a long time ago?

 Well know body will ever know what happened during
 that time. Did Howard Carter really see what was in the
 tomb or did he just see the burial? See what I mean
 this world is to big for everybody to know everything
 that’s why you cant believe everything.

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