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									                                     Geology Museum
                                     2004 Annual Report
                                     Celebrating 34 Years at the Helm
                                         In March, more than 100          friends took to the podium and
                                     people gathered in Tripp Com-        shared their favorite Klaus sto-
                                     mons at the Memorial Union for       ries. Based on the sustained
                                     a banquet to celebrate the ac-       standing ovation that followed
                                     complishments of Klaus               a video honoring his career, it
                                     Westphal, the longest serving        was clear that Klaus had
                                     director the Geology Museum          touched the lives of many
                                     has ever known. The hall filled      people. For his retirement, he
                                     with laughter many times as his      was presented with two pre-
                                                                          mium bottles of Scotch, a per-
                                     Klaus proudly displays his           sonalized Badger hockey jersey
                                     new clock.                           and an antique clock.

The Bigger They
    A student chain gang under
the leadership of Joe Skulan spent
the month of June digging up
Late Jurassic dinosaur fossils in
Wyoming. Equipped with a
backhoe, a diamond-tipped
rock saw, and delusions of gran-
deur, the crew removed more
than 200 tons of rock that was
covering a jumble of skeletal
material. This bonebed contains
the remains of multiple sauro-
pods - the largest animals to
have ever lived on land. Scat-
tered among these gigantic            ...the harder they are to lift.
bones are parts from lungfish,       Wyoming expedition members haul an excavated
turtles, crocodiles, and small       femur to the van.
predatory dinosaurs.
    Most of the Wyoming field        Wisconsin and beyond also take          In honor of the former mu-
crew consists of students who        the class and are able to join the   seum director, this new site was
have completed Joe Skulan’s          expedition. This field work is       named the Westphal Quarry.
online course “The Age of            supported with funds from the        Museum expeditions will be re-
Dinosaurs”. Although under-          College of Letters and Science       turning to this locality for many
graduates make up the bulk of        that are allocated for distance      summers to come.
the workforce, teachers from         learning courses.

                                                     55                                Annual Report for 2004
 A Friend of       Brooke Goes Underground
 Devil’s Lake is a
 Friend of Mine
     The museum now offers
 half-day guided tours in Devil’s
 Lake State Park on the geology
 of the Baraboo Hills. Graduate
 students John Marma and Jake
 Eaton coordinated this self-sup-
 porting program in 2004 and
 together introduced about 500
 students to some world-class         Brooke learns all about the dark side of paleontology while
 geology. These tours were            working in Cave of the Mounds.
 started as a private enterprise by
 Paul Herr, who generously                Brooke Swanson was hired       Madison middle school teachers.
 turned over operation of this        in February to oversee the             In August, Brooke escaped
 program to the museum.               museum’s outreach programs         the summer heat by excavating
                                      and in particular, to manage the   late Quaternary bone deposits
                                      Wisconsin Vertebrate Fossil        in Murphy Cave, the primary
 Out for the                          Project. Brooke earned her         research site for the Wisconsin
                                      Master’s degree from the de-       Vertebrate Fossil Project. This
 count in 2004                        partment in 2003 after finishing   year ’s excavation lasted two
                                      her thesis on the Eocene Green     weeks and involved students
 Number of people receiving
                                      River Formation of Wyoming.        and teachers from Argyle and
 guided tours: 12,200
                                      Like an educational whirlwind,     Waunakee high schools. Thanks
 Percentage of visitors from blue     Brooke coordinated the             again to Cave of the Mounds
 states, excluding Wisconsin: 62      museum’s tour program, par-        and Carol Vandersluis for team-
 Number of states with no             ticipated in family science        ing up with the museum to
 visitors: 2 (Utah and West Virginia) nights, and taught a four-part     make this opportunity possible.
                                      workshop on geology for

                                         Shiver Me Horn Corals
                                             The museum swelled to capacity once again with its
                                         annual open house. Several undergraduates dressed up as
                                         the Pirates of the Paleozoic and helped children go fishing
                                         for fossils in a mock Ordovician sea. Attendees also received
                                         rock and mineral specimens by playing the trilobite toss game
                                         and geology bingo. Matt Kuchta and Carrie Moeller regaled
                                         visitors with talks on gemstones and glaciers respectively.
                                             The museum thanks Burnie’s Rock Shop, Paul Mayer, and
                                         everyone else who contributed the geological booty that was
                                         given away at this event.

                                         Carrie “Polar” Moeller glides in to deliver her
                                         talk on glaciers.

Geology Museum                                       56
Fun with Friends
    In 2004, the museum began
providing special field trips and
programs to members of its sup-
port organization, the Friends of
the Geology Museum. So far,
these events have included a Be-
hind the Scenes Night at the mu-
seum and a fossil hunt at a local
quarry. During the collecting
trip, Friends filled their pockets
with fossils of cephalopods,
 brachiopods, and other sea
creatures. Museum staff were
on hand to help identify the dis-
    The museum also has
started publishing a quarterly       David Pontes and Scot Moss (l to r) prospect for fossils on a
newsletter for its members.          field trip for Friends of the Geology Museum.

Students Put Opposable Thumbs to Work for Museum
                                                  In other expedition news, Clint Boyd and Adam
                                              Behlke spearheaded the musuem’s Montana dinosaur
                                              program. Their field party recovered several limb bones
                                              from a juvenile duck-billed dinosaur and will return this
                                              summer to collect more. Clint, Adam, Beth Valaas and a
                                              crew of student volunteers also assembled and installed
                                              a 23-piece cast of the best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex
                                              skull known. Peter Larson and the Black Hills Institute
                                              of Geological Research donated this cast material to the
                                              museum at the 2003 open house. Like a fearsome weather
                                              vane, the skull now rests atop a swiveling mount next to
                                              the Edmontosaurus skeleton.

Adam Behlke, Clint Boyd, and Summer
Ostrowski (l to r) help remodel the
platform in the vertebrate room to make
way for the incoming T-rex skull.
During the renovation, the front limbs
of the Edmontosaurus were
temporarily removed.

                                                   57                              Annual Report for 2004
  Collections and programs benefit from donations
    The museum’s collections       quartz crystals, which is now on    found within the state. Peter dis-
 were bolstered with several       display. In addition, the Friends   covered these Cretaceous fossils
 specimens this year including a   brokered a trade with the Madi-     in nodules while collecting
 ten pound piece of tellurium      son Metropolitan School Dis-        rocks from glacial deposits.
 from Millard Goldsmith, and a     trict through which the mu-             The museum also received
 diverse collection of inverte-    seum received an important          especially charitable gifts from
 brate fossils from Gerald         gem and mineral collection. Be-     Ken and Linda Ciriacks, David
 Gunderson. The Friends of the     cause Wisconsin lacks Mesozoic      Jones, and Bob and Ramona
 Geology Museum donated a          bedrock, it was a surprise when     Sneider. Thank you for invest-
 football-sized sample of albite   Peter Rodewald donated some         ing in the museum.
 adorned with muscovite and        ammonite shells that he had

 The following people contributed to the success of
 the Geology Museum in 2004:
    Graduate Assistants               Devils Lake
    Carrie Moeller                      Tour Coordinators                  Erica McGrath
    Beth Valaas                       Jake Eaton                           Stephanie Kautzer
                                      John Marma                           Carrie Larson
    Prep Lab Supervisors                                                   Shasta McGee
    Adam Behlke                       Tour Guides and Volunteers           Simon Masters
    Clint Boyd                        Maya Ackerman                        Mike Mechelke
                                      Brooke Alderfer                      Rebecca Moeri
    Saturday Host                     Cyrus Anderson                       Summer Ostrowski
    Lou Goodman                       Andy Arntz                           Laramie Roecker
                                      Jessica Armstrong                    George Rothdrake
    Museum Specialists                Angie Barbian                        Craig Schiller
    Leslie Dundore                    Miriam Barquero-Molina               Kurt Spearing
    Matt Kuchta                       Katie Bott                           Colman Sutter
    Craig Pfister                     Sarah Edwards                        Ian Sweeney
    Troy Stoneman                     Peter Gill                           Arthur Talmadge
                                      Erin Gray                            Matt Tibbits
    Emeritus Director                 Anna Huntley                         John Worzola
    Klaus Westphal                    Dan Hyslop                           Meredith Wismer

    ... and the Friends of the                We appreciate your help. Thank you!
    Geology Museum
                                                       Rich Slaughter, Director
       Carlos Peralta - President
       Richard Emerson - Vice President
                                                       Brooke Swanson, Outreach Coordinator
       John Evans - Treasurer
       Maxine Triff - Secretary
                                                       Joe Skulan, Researcher and Instructor

Geology Museum                                    58

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