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					Referencing documents: - This is a site related to
referencing documents at the end of papers and if you search on it you can find various
types of documents that you may come across as well as electronic documentation.

Text book site: - This is the
site made for the text book Science Power 10 that we use.

Sites to research statistics about Weather: - This site can give you weather statistics about major
cities around the world. - This site lets you look at big disasters on any given date in

Great Lakes Water Levels This site has a click active map that
downloads .pdf files on water levels . . . in each great lake. Water levels and Great Lakes Data Multi link page great resource.

Global Warming sites:\curri
culum\chemmatters\warming_0901.html (This long URL you must paste directly into
the browser address bar.) This is a great resource site with many links to global
warming issues. Global Warming: Glaciers, Polar Ice, Permafrost . . .. and
much more. - This is a site provided by the
CBC network discussing Global Warming. - This is a site provided by
USA Today on the effects of global temperature increases. - This site discusses a variety of aspects and
predictions related to Global Warming. - Another site with revolving pictures related to Global
Warming. This site presents information about what contributes to Global Warming. - This site has information related to the changing
climates of the Earth and discusses how Global Warming affects them.

Sites about Weather and the structures behind it in general: - This is a site provided
by the CBC network that reviews various aspects of weather. - This site has a variety of functions related to weather
including meteorology and various maps and images.

Sites about Meteorology: - This site describes various
meteorological terms and phenomena. - This is an awesome site about satellite images that are used
for meteorology all over the world! The pictures are in real time. - This is the Environment Canada web site and has a
variety of links related to weather and meteorology. - This site has information on severe weather
phenomena and on up to the minute weather and pictures of the atmosphere.

Sites about Severe Weather Phenomena: - This is a site about tornadoes. - This is an extension of the above site
related to the scale for tornadoes. - This is another great site about various severe
weather phenomena. It also has various links to other weather pages.

Sites about El Niño: - This site is about the phenomenon called El Niño and
describes weather phenomena related to it.

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