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					                                           Miscoe Hill PTO General Meeting

                                                    October 5, 2011

                                          Miscoe Hill Middle School Library


President, Chris Lochhead

Officer’s Reports

September Minutes, Secretary, Kristen Offord

Motion to adopt minutes as written, Kathleen Murphy, second Kristen Offord. Minutes unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report, Treasurer, Tracy Kane

Tracy was not present, but Chris Lochhead distributed the Treasurer’s Report. There was a brief discussion about the
Nature’s Classroom scholarships. Ann Meyer said that we used all of the budgeted $2,500 with the 6th grade trip. We
will probably need more scholarships for the 5th grade trip this month. Ann will let us know. She also said that they
are careful that students meet qualifications for the scholarships, including qualifying for the free and reduced lunch
program. They make sure that only kids who truly need the assistance get it. Motion to adopt September Treasurer’s
Report made by Kathleen Murphy, second by Lill Richard. Treasurer’s Report unanimously approved.

Principal’s Report, Ann Meyer

The 6th grade just went to Nature’s Classroom. It was a fabulous trip. Fifteen students were awarded scholarships,
thanks to the PTO. Generally, there is great morale at the school. Teachers and students are happy. Many teachers
are offering enrichment programs. The 6th grade team is going to a spelling bee in Uxbridge. Also, a 6th grade
teacher is going to run a Math Olympiad. There is a different spirit in the school than in recent years past.

The first Professional Development Day is on Friday, October 7. The superintendent will address the staff. They will
also talk about MCAS and last year’s results. Some of the scores dipped due to larger class sizes. One of Ann’s
goals is to continue to reduce class sizes. On Friday, she will also continue to work with staff to align staff to course
standards and improve instruction.
New Business

Hannford Helps

Hannaford will collect receipts from parents to earn money for the school. The program runs 9/4 - 12/3. The drop box
is in the Uxbridge store. If parents prefer to send their receipts into the school, the PTO will take them to the store.
Chris will send an email to Anthony Amitrano with language about this to include in his blog.

Box Tops Contest

This event runs from 10/3-10/14. We will hold a drawing for prizes at the next meeting.

Mendon County Fair

On October 8 the PTO will have a table set up to sell t-shirts and 50/50 tickets for $5 each.

Games2U Truck

The truck will be at the school on Wednesday, October 26. We need to figure out how many kids we will have and
then how many chaperones we need.

PTO Manager

We would like to purchase an online program that would help us more efficiently coordinate our PTO volunteers,
including capturing their information and sending reminder emails. Clough Elementary uses the PTO Manager. Deb
Broe, our Volunteer Coordinator, has recommended it. We can purchase a license to use it for a year for $199. It is a
yearly renewal. Motion to purchase PTO Manager made by Kathleen Murphy, seconded, approved.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

The first Teacher Appreciation Day will be a breakfast on 10/28. Deb Broe is looking for two coordinators.

Committee Reports

Fundraising, Andrea Chase, Angela Tinio and Michelle Grant
The Entertainment Book fundraiser is over. We will send reminder letters this week to parents who have returned
neither the book nor a check. Gross sales were $7,100. It was not as well supported as we had hoped and profit fell
below our budgeted amount. Basically, as of the meeting, we had sold 233 books, 120 of those sold by 33 kids. Of
838 students, 17% supported the fundraiser. We are hoping that those who have not yet responded will buy their

Spirit Wear

Amy Burke is chairing the Spirit Wear sale. We need to place order in time to receive merchandise before the
holidays. We must make our selections and finalize our order form for next week, with an order deadline of Nov. 14.
Spirit Week is the week before February vacation. We will have a table for orders at the Book Fair family night. Ann
Meyer will include copy in her Alert Now about the Book Fair.

Book Fair

Carole Bellaire is chairing this event. It will be 11/14-11/18 in the upper cafeteria. We need to have it reserved on
11/10. Ann Meyer will reserve this with Laurie.

Teacher Reports/Requests

We have received three requests from the 8th grade science team. One will be rewritten for the next meeting to
describe how the supplies will be of use to the entire class. One we will table until the November meeting. The other
was Brain Pop, a science publication to be used in the science classrooms. A motion was made to approve the
purchase of a subscription to Brain Pop for $195. It was seconded and unanimously approved.

Old Business

Got Books

On Saturday, the Friends of Upton library donated books left over from their book sale.

T-shirt Sales

We are continuing to sell.

Motion to Adjourn, Seconded and Approved

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