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									Mary Murphy

       I’m a sophomore Electrical Engineering major at UW-Madison, a
transfer student from UW-Marathon County in my hometown of Wausau,
WI. Spending quality time with family and friends is my favorite thing to
do. When I’m not busy with school, I enjoy backpacking, reading, coffee
shops, country music, and working on my scrapbook.
       I spent this past summer at UW-River Falls exploring the world of
astrophysics as I worked on a research project for the IceCube
Collaboration. My project dealt with benchmarking the performance of a
random number photon transport simulation that was implemented to run
on the GPU, which finishes the simulation 65 times faster than its CPU
implementation! After comparing the output of each implementation,
discrepancies in the data were highlighted to hone the performance of
the GPU simulation, which helps us model how Cherenkov radiation
moves and is detected in the ice.
       Next summer, I’m excited to travel to Sweden to continue research
for IceCube. I’m just a sophomore, but while I’m still getting used to
college, I’m also getting excited about what I’m learning. I’m considering
pursuing a Master’s degree in Physics or Electrical Engineering after I finish
my undergrad.

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