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4-26-2006 - New Plymouth News


									                                                                               To: Postal Customer                                                            Presort Standard
                                                                               New Plymouth, ID 83655                                                         Permit #10
                                                                                                                                                              New Plymouth,
                                                                                                                                                              ID 83655

The Community Responds to QRU
                                                            delight as she clutched her new Princess Barbie doll.       The New Plymouth Fire district was on hand, shooting
                                                             Volunteers of all kinds turned out to support the all-   an impressive stream of water to keep down the dust, in
                                                            volunteer QRU medical emergency crew. Kiwanis             anticipation of a visit from St. Al’s LifeFlight helicop-
                                                            members manned the concession stand, where Mayor          ter.
                                                            Scott Moscrip and Rob Fitch were busy flipping bur-         And after the burgers were all eaten and the auction
                                                            gers, trying to stay ahead of the hungry crowd. Other     was over, the winning raffle tickets were drawn. Winner
                                                            volunteers watched over the baked goods sale, where       of the steer was Hazel Bates; the hog went to Randy
                                                            customers lingered, trying to decide between the poppy-   Frates; and Penny Wilson went home with the hand-
                                                            seed bread and the oatmeal cookies.                       made afghan.
                                                                                                                        But the greatest prize of all was the tremendous show
                                                                                                                      of support for the QRU, thanks to the generous dona-
                                                                                                                      tions of auction items, prizes, baked goods, and hours
                                                                                                                      and hours of hard work. In recognition of his 26 years of
                                                                                                                      service with QRU, crew member and auction organizer
                                                                                                                      Rod Tegethoff was presented with a fishing trip for two
                                                                                                                      on the Salmon River. The QRU would like to express
                                                                                                                      their deep gratitude to Rod for his dedication to this unit.

 Going…going…gone! The 27th annual QRU Auction is
over. But the proceeds from Saturday’s event – a total of
$10,000 after expenses, will help fund New Plymouth’s
Quick Response Unit for months to come.
 Blue sky and bright sun drew a great crowd to the fair-
grounds, where the wide array of auction items prom-
ised something for everyone. The team of auctioneers
did a terrific job of working their way through the
mountain of merchandise. Among the happiest of bid-           Dakota Martinez was just delighted with her
ders was little Dakota Martinez, who just glowed with         new Princess Barbie doll.                                      The QRU’s fully-equipped ambulance.

School lunches p 2                                Chili Feed Draws Even
Scouts tackle service projects p 2
Weather p 3                                       Elvis to New Plymouth
Kindergrarten/PreSchool Roundup p 3                          (see story on page 18)
Kiwanis Notes, p 3
Senior Center p 4
Shriners Hospitals Offers Screening p 4
Von Continues p 5
Kiwanis Helps Pave the Way p 6
Payette County Fair Update p 6
Tales of Old New Plymouth p 7
Legislative News p 8
New Plymouth Child Find p 8
Pilgrim Press p 9-11
Track Informer p 12-13
Spelling Word Puzzles p 14
Mayor’s Message p 17
Obituaries p 15 & 17
Payette County Sheriff p 17
Idaho Fish & Game p 15-16
Chili Feed & Auction p 18                                                                         Carol Hooper and a crew of volunteers are busy serving customers
Classified Ads p 20-21                                                                            at the baked goods sale during Saturday’s QRU Auction at the fair-
Church News p 22-23                                                                               grounds in New Plymouth..
Responses & Notices p 23
page 1                                                          NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                  Issue 118                                   Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Cub Scouts Tackle Community Service Projects                                                                 Elementary School Lunches
                                                                                                    Weds Apr 26: Chili            Fri Apr 28:; Cheeseburger,
The Cub Scouts of Pack 387, chartered by Corpus                                                     Cripito, Spanish Rice, Re-    French fries, fresh veggies,
Christi Catholic Church, that meets at the Plymouth                                                 fried Beans, Corn, Fruit      peaches, milk.
Congregational Church, planted flowers on Tuesday                                                   Roll-ups, milk.
                                                                                                                                  Mon May 1: Beef Bites,
evening, April 18. The Cub Scouts wanted to thank the
                                                                                                    Thurs Apr 27: Soft Flour      potatoes & gravy, corn,
Congregational Church for allowing them to meet in
                                                                                                    Taco, salsa, salad, vanilla   cran-apple crisp, milk.
their basement and to help make New Plymouth look
                                                                                                    pudding, chocolate chip
more colorful and more Spring-like.                                                                                               Tues May 2 Ham & cheese
                                                                                                    cookie, milk.
                                                                                                                                  sandwich, cottage cheese,
The Cubs also thank everyone who is using the recycle                                                                             carrots, cherry tart, milk.
bin in the Post Office parking lot. These two service
projects are teaching the Cub Scouts the value of hard
work and the importance of taking care of the environ-
ment.                                                                                                        School Directory
Any boy, first grade through fifth grade that is inter-                                             District Office
ested in Scouts, can join the Pack in the Fall. Look for                                             278-5740                     Transportation Dept
registration details in September.                                                                  Elementary School             278-3168
                                                                                                     278-5333                     Treasure Valley
Right: A Cub Scout beams with pride as he helps                                                     Middle School                   Mennonite School
with the gardening project at Plymouth Congrega-                                                     278-5788                     2110 SW 1st Ave
tional Church.                                                                                      High School                   278-3368

                                                                                                                           Pancake Breakfast
                                                                   Cub Scout Pack 387                                         & Plant Sale
                                                                   takes a break from                               The Boy Scouts of Troop 367
                                                                   their hard work plant-
                                                                   ing flowers , a project                          are having a Pancake Breakfast
                                                                   they undertook as a              and Plant Sale on Saturday, April 29, from
                                                                   thank-you to the                 7:00-10:30 am. The proceeds are used for
                                                                   church where they
                                                                   meet.                            all the activities the Troop participates in.
                                                                                                    Breakfast menu includes pancakes, sausage,
                                                                                                    eggs and hash browns. Tickets are available
                                                                                                    at the door, or contact Pierrette or Luke at
                                                                                                    278-0123. Family tickets are $15., adults
                                                                                                    are $5. and children ages 3 to 12 are $3.
                                                                                                    The Breakfast is at the Nu Acres Grange
                                                                                                    Hall, south on Hwy 95, west on Del Mar.

  Spring Fling Sale!

  50% off All Clothing

      April 28 & 29, 2006
    Pioneer Enterprises
             229 S. Plymouth

page 2                                                     NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS            Issue 118                            Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Kindergarten and Preschool Round Up                                                                                         Weather Forecast
Pre-School and Kindergarten Round Up Parent Orienta-        This program is an orientation and registration time.
tion will be held on Monday, May 1, 2006, at 6:30 p.m.      Screenings for children will be scheduled at the meet-
and Tuesday, May 2, at 9:00 a.m., at the Elementary         ing. The screening appointments will be made for Fri-                       Wed Apr 26
School at 704 South Plymouth Avenue. This is for par-       day, May 5, 2006, and May 12. Each child will be                        Partly Cloudy 75°/48° 20 %
ents of incoming kindergarten children who are not          scheduled for a specific time slot. After the testing, the
currently enrolled in the New Plymouth Kindergarten         parents will meet with Mrs. Nichols to discuss the re-                       Thu Apr 27
or Special Ed. Pre-school. This meeting is for parents      sults. At the same time, the New Plymouth School Dis-
only. Children do not need to attend.                       trict will conduct a Child Find for preschool children                  Mostly Sunny 76°/50° 20 %
                                                            ages three to five who may qualify for the district’s
Children who will be attending Kindergarten during the special education pre-school program during the 2006-
                                                                                                                                          Fri Apr 28
2006-2007 school year should be enrolled. Parents of        2007 school year. They will be screened for develop-                        Sunny 81°/52° 0 %
children entering first grade during the 2006-07 school mental delays. Children with delays may have difficulty
year should attend only if they are not currently en-       talking, walking, hearing, seeing, or learning. They may                      Sat Apr 29
rolled in the New Plymouth Kindergarten.                    have behaviors that appear different from other children                Partly Cloudy 81°/52° 20 %
                                                            their age. If parents have concerns about the develop-
A certified birth certificate should be presented at regis- ment of their preschool-age child and would like to be                       Sun Apr 30
tration. Please be prepared to provide information con- screened, please contact Phyllis Rhodig at 278-5333 to                      Partly Cloudy 79°/51° 10 %
cerning diseases, inoculation, and immunizations. You schedule an appointment.
must have proof of immunizations, including 5 DPT, 3                                                                                    Mon May 01
Polio, 2MMR, 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine for chil- Additionally, if you have a child who is age three to
dren born after November 22, 1991, or a waiver for          twenty-one and has a disability or developmental delay,                   Showers 77°/48° 60 %
medical or religious reasons may be signed. Entry ages: please contact Lynda Hall, Special Education Director,
By state law, students entering kindergarten must be        at 278-5035 for more information about the district’s                        Tue May 02
five years old on or before September 1, 2006. Students Special Education Programs. Again, the only time the                        Partly Cloudy 72°/46° 10 %
entering first grade must be six years old on or before     child needs to be present is at the scheduled appoint-
September 1, 2006.                                          ment for screening.

                                                                                                                          New Plymouth Children’s Choir
Kiwanis Meeting Notes – April 18, 2006                                                                                            Spring Concert
We had a wonderful turn-out for the Easter Egg Hunt. Some 300 children showed up to hunt eggs. There was
lots of Bragging on Jim Callis for his role as a great Easter Bunny. Thank you to everyone who participated
                                                                                                                               April 27 – 7:00 p.m.
with the Easter Egg Hunt this year.                                                                                      High School Multi-Purpose Room
The QRU Auction is April 22. The Kiwanians are slated to help with the chuck wagon. We encouraged every-                         Come and join us for
one to attend the New Plymouth Senior Center's Fundraiser Chili Feed on Friday, April 21.
                                                                                                                             a celebration of springtime,
Our Guest Speaker was Larry Grant from the Payette County Democratic Party. We appreciated him coming                             Easter, and music.
and giving us a nice rundown on how the party works. Larry's strongest feeling towards any election is, “If you
                                                                                                                                        Free Admission
don't like what the politician is doing, vote them out.”

LaDonna Wilkerson, who uses a power chair, expressed a gracious thank-you for our help in extending and
widening her sidewalk. She is happy to be able to get from her house to the road on solid ground now, in spite
of all the rain and mud.

 Thank you to this week’s ad-
  To advertise in the paper,
 contact us at 278-3330 or via
           email at
                                                            KIWANIS CLUB OF                                     Helping trucks find freight for 10 years. 1-800-203-2540
                                                            NEW PLYMOUTH
  New Plymouth businesses re-
 ceive special advertising rates,                                                                                 New Plymouth resident now working at ReMax!
and advertisers from other com-
   munities are welcome and

Remember that classified ads are
  free to New Plymouth folks!

page 3                                                           NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                    Issue 118                             Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                  Senior Center Menu                                                                         The Senior Corner
                                                                                               Hey! Come on in and try our famous Friday Breakfast. We start
                                                                                      serving at 8:00am and go to 9:00am. The price is very affordable. Seniors
                                                                                      60+ are $4.00 and under 60 are $5.00. That is ALL YOU CAN EAT. You
  Thursday, April 27                        Friday Breakfast Menu                     can't beat that price anywhere. Our Menu: Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon, Sau-
  Sweet & Sour Chicken, Cottage             Pancakes, Toast, Bacon, Sausage,          sage, Hash browns, assorted Fruits, Fruit juice, Coffee, Tea and Milk.
  Cheese Salad, California Mixed            Eggs, Hash-Brown Potatoes,                Come on in and enjoy the company and a good breakfast.
  Vegetables, Rice, Roll & Butter,          Choice of Fruit, Orange Juice, V-8                 Also for the Seniors in New Plymouth and the outlying areas, our
                                            Juice, Coffee, Tea, Milk, or Hot          lunch meal times are Tuesday and Thursdays at noon. Other than other
  Pudding, Coffee, Tea or Milk
                                                                                      Senior Centers, you can not find a better meal for the price! Just watch
  Tuesday, May 2                                                                      the paper for the Menu.
  Sweet & Sour Meatballs, Herbed                                                               Every Wednesday is Western Dance from 6:00pm - 9:00pm.
                                                                                      Bring some kind of finger food. There is no age limit. You do not have to
  Rice, Mixed Vegetables, Juice,
                                                                                      be a Senior! So come on in and have a good time.
  Wheat Bread & Butter, Butter-                                                                 Starting up pinochle on Thursday afternoon at the New Plymouth Senior
  scotch Pudding, Coffee, Tea or                                                      Center.

                                             Kathleen Farrell, D.O.
                                               Jim Callis, PA-C                                             The family of Betty Brown
                                               Shela Gable, RMA
                                               Maria Ruiz, CMA
                                                                                                              (New Plymouth) wishes
                                                Ursula Carrillo                                                      to invite all
                   Full spectrum family practice with Obstetrics.                                              to a party celebrating
         Your Hometown Medical Team                                                                              her 80th birthday.
 300 N. Plymouth Ave * New Plymouth, ID 83655 (across from City Hall) Open M-F                                   April 29th, 2-4 p.m.
            from 8-5. New Patients and Walk-ins are always welcome.
                 VFHC is a non-profit Community Health Center                                                   at the New Plymouth
               Free Yoga Classes: Call for more information
                                                                                                            Church of Jesus Christ of
                                                                                          Latter-Day Saints - 521 S. Plymouth Avenue.

                                                                                      Shriners Hospitals Offers Free Screening Clinic April 29

                                                                                      Goal of clinic is to identify children who need free, expert care
                                                                                      for orthopedic problems or burn/scar revision

                                                                                      Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland will conduct a free screening
                                                                                      clinic on Saturday, April 29, from 10 am-2 pm at the Malheur Memorial
                                                                                      Health Clinic in Nyssa. The clinic will help identify children up to age 18
Cute and cozy 2 BD 1BA home on large lot in Payette. Remodeled from top to bot-       who would benefit from free, expert care for orthopedic problems or
tom, excellent craftsmanship! Call Myra. $109,900. #794-06.                           burn/scar revision.
Zoned light industrial - run your business from this 4 BD 2.5 BA home in Fruitland.
Small rental home included. Approx. 1.5 acres. Call Cathy. $195,000. #768-05.         Shriners Hospitals treats problems such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida,
                                                                                                            club foot, cleft lip/palate, and burn/scar revisions.
Nice rural building site on 1.55 acres. Close to freeway access. Has domestic well
and power is close by. Room for animals. Nice view! Call Myra. #67,500. # 746-05.
                                                                                                             The Malheur Memorial Health Clinic is located at
Artesian well with water feature & pond at this well maintained manufactured                                 410 Main Street in Nyssa, Oregon. For more infor-
home in NP. One acre – peaceful country living. Call Cathy or Mike. $152,500.                                mation about the screening clinic, call (208) 452-
#791-06                                                                                                      4241 in Fruitland, Idaho, or (541) 372-3690 in
3BD, 2BA home on corner lot, close to town. Hot tub w/ deck, low maintenance                                 Nyssa.
yard, vinyl windows, remodeled recently. Call Carla or Mike. $115,000. #779-06.

                                                                                                                         City /County Directory

                                                                                                                         City Hall         278-5338
                                                                                                                         Emergency         911
                                                                                                                         Post Office      278-5868
                                                                                                                         Library          278-5338
                                                                                                                         Sheriff          642-6006

page 4                                                       NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS              Issue 118                                Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                                                    VON CONTINUES
One story should be told of Mama and        there long for it was discovered she was        alongside the road to put the top up on his   ance company was buying him a new
Daddy's Houston Avenue period. The          pregnant with their third child. Beside,        convertible. A car side-swiped him and        convertible to replace his smashed one.
couple my folks rented from lived down-     she claimed he beat her to make her par-        dragged him down the road. When he was
stairs. They used to go to the sales held   ticipate in the robberies. No bruises or        well into his recovery, a large Packard       Finally we attended a dance at Rock
every weekend out in the country. They      any noises of someone being beaten up           touring car pulled up one day and one of      Springs Amusement Park where many of
would come home with nice pieces of         were apparent to us. The police believed        his buddies came to my door.                  our usual gang danced nightly and he
furniture, clothing, bushel baskets full of her and she got off; later divorced him                                                       proved to himself that he could, indeed,
grocery items, children's toys, a type-     while he was still in the pokey. Their little   “Rich wants to see you,” he said. I sug-      dance with other girls. We drifted apart as
writer, etc.                                Crosley car wouldn't be making any more         gested if he wanted to see me that he         soon as he felt secure and got some confi-
                                            evening raids on their old neighbors.           could get out of the car and come in. “He dence back. Dated him only a few times
One day the police came and started toss- The tiny apartment Mama and Daddy                 can't handle that artificial leg very well,” more and also dated his younger brother
ing stuff out into the back yard. Seems     were living in was simply not big enough        he coaxed. I assured him Rich had jolly       who was every bit as good-looking as
they had been going to the sales all right, for me and my sister, Naomi. We quar-           well learn to handle that leg or stay in the Rich.
only to see who was there and then would reled over anything and everything. Fi-            car like an invalid. I wasn't going to be
go rob that person's home, store, etc. The nally, I decided Mama and Daddy didn't           summoned by anyone. He could call on          It was while I lived on Sugar Street at
husband had grown up in that area and       need that kind of aggravation when they         me or not. It was entirely up to him.         Youngs that Ardyth began to talk. I dis-
knew all the farms and families. Their      were so cramped for space. They were                                                          covered her on her knees on the vanity
little Crosley car had been spotted leaving both getting too old to put up with it. I       Rich dragged himself out and came in and bench, rocking herself back and forth,
a crime scene. Our neighborhood was         knew I could handle myself and was mak-         we talked a long time while his buddy         gazing into the mirror and trying the line
aghast! What was worse were the people ing enough money to afford my own                    waited patiently in the Packard. Rich was with every different inflection she could
who arrived to claim their stolen items.    place. Not a big place but a sleeping room      concerned about dancing again. He             muster. “Heddo, piddy dirl! Heh dooo
One woman even tried to claim a dozen       in a private home was all I needed. Some-       wanted me to go with him to some out of pitty DIRL!” It translated to “Hello,
brand new towels our landlord had just      place to take my little girl on the week-       the way roadhouse to see if he could do it. Pretty Girl.” Seems that's what Joe
received that week in a neighborhood        ends.                                           I agreed and, after quite a number of false McKinnon said to her every evening
towel club the local ladies had monthly.                                                    starts, he finally got the hang of it. Unfor- when he came home from work. She was
Seems there are thieves and then there are Hallie Young had a private bedroom with          tunately, he got the idea he could only       18 months old and had finally said some-
thieves.                                    an outside entrance. It could be locked off     dance with me. I had other things on my thing. I was tickled pink.
                                            from the rest of her house and only             mind. Also, I wasn't all that keen on him.
The police started up into our part of the opened when the tenant needed the bath-          He'd always been a conceited guy, knew (by Von Gail Hamilton from her
house. Mama set them straight on that       room facilities.                                how gloriously handsome he was, how
                                                                                                                                          Dec 2004 book ON LEAVING.)
issue and the new towels as well.                                                           good he looked astride his beautiful stal-
                                            I began dating a new fellow, Rich               lion in his buff-colored jodphurs and
Of course, the couple went to jail and the Martell. In our off and on romance, he           bright yellow T-shirt. Now he really
two children into foster care. She wasn't   lost his leg in an accident. He'd stopped       thought he was hot stuff since the insur-

                                                                                                                                      Mahlon's Lawn Care
                                                                                                                                           Mahlon Nightingale
                                                                                                                                           New Plymouth Idaho
                                                                                                                                       (208)278-9270, (208)739-0667
                                                                                                                                          Call for Free Estimates
                                                                                                                                 Lawn Mowing and Trimming, Spring Clean-up
                                                                                                                               Quality Workmanship, Reasonable Rates,
                                                                                                                                      Prompt Courteous Service


                                                                                                                              P.O. Box 730 Payette, ID 83661

                                                                                                                          BANDANNA RUNNING AND
                                                                                                                              WALKING SHOP
                                                                                                                              “A run a day keeps extinction away!”
                                                                                                                                5th & Main, Downtown Boise.

page 5                                                           NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                     Issue 118                                    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Kiwanis Helps Pave the Way                                                                                                      Dessert Banquet to Honor
                                                                                                                                 All 8th Grade Students
                                                              LaDonna Wilkerson usually zips around New Ply-
                                                              mouth in her power chair, but this spring the mud               We are planning a dessert banquet in honor of
                                                              almost stopped her in her tracks.                               all 8th grade students at 6:30 pm on Wednes-
                                                                                                                              day, May 24, 2006, at the New Plymouth Mid-
                                                              The sidewalk from her front door was very narrow                dle School Gym. Each family is asked to bring
                                                              and stopped several feet short of the street. If she            their favorite dessert to share.
                                                              managed to maneuver her chair without tipping off
                                                              the sidewalk, that last muddy stretch took a real toll          We are asking parents to provide a baby pic-
                                                              on the wheels.                                                  ture of their 8th grader for a special presenta-
                                                                                                                              tion during the banquet. Please bring the baby
                                                              But on April 7, help arrived. The New Plymouth                  picture with the student's name on the back to
                                                              Kiwanis Club donated enough cement to widen and                 Mrs. Alderson at the Middle School office.
                                                              extend the sidewalk, and LaDonna’s friends Myrna                ALL PICTURES NEED TO BE TURNED IN
                                                              and Clyde Gross and their family worked together                TO THE OFFICE BY FRIDAY, MAY 5,
                                                              to complete the project.                                        2006. Pictures will be returned on the night of
                                                                                                                              the banquet.
                                                              Now LaDonna’s way is safely paved and, thanks to                If you have any questions or would like to help
                                                              the generosity of the Kiwanis Club and her friends,             with this, please call Suzanne Nishizaki or
                                                              she’s free to zip around New Plymouth once again.               Tammy Arnzen at 278-5333.

                                                              LaDonna Wilkerson enjoys the freedom that
                                                              her newly-paved sidewalk gives her.

Payette County Fair Announces New Staff, Website and Logo
The Payette County Fair Board an-            run smoothly, but also to provide a facil-   Shively-Brown resides near Parma with         cluded in the progress we’re making.”
nounces the hiring of David Calvert, New     ity that can be of greater value to the      her husband, Dan, and together they have      In the future, Malson hopes to have the
Plymouth, as the new groundskeeper for       community.”                                  eight children. She has a culinary degree     premium book available online, as well as
the Payette County Fairgrounds, and                                                       and enjoys catering as a hobby.               a feedback form for the public to fill out
LeeAnn Shively-Brown, Parma, as the          David and his wife, Susan, reside in New                                                   and send back into the fair.
new secretary for the Payette County Fair.   Plymouth. In his spare time, Calvert en-     The Payette County Fair has also recently
Maggie Malson, who served as the previ-      joys spending time with his six children     launched its official Web site,               Another communication tool is the newly
ous secretary, will stay on board as the     and 12 grandchildren.               Currently the      designed fair logo to be used on all
new communications director.                                                              site lists general information about the      printed materials. “It was also time to
                                             Shively-Brown’s enthusiasm and organ-        fair, the 2006 fair schedule and a fair-      establish an identity for the Payette
“We’re at a point where we want the fair-    izational skills have her prepared for the   grounds map, along with information for       County Fair,” Malson says. “We are
grounds to become a multi-use facility       position of secretary. She brings with her   food and commercial vendors, 4-H/FFA          known for being a down-home, commu-
and to be utilized more than one week a      several years of bookkeeping experience,     exhibitors and open class participants.       nity fair, which we want to maintain. But,
year,” says Keith Hyatt, Fair Board          including owning her own storage and         The Web site is continually being up-         we also want to position ourselves for
Chairman of Fruitland. “We realize we        truck rental business in Caldwell. Having    dated.                                        future growth and improvement. We want
need to have the proper resources in place   participated in 4-H and FFA as an exhibi-                                                  our communications materials to reflect
in order to reach the growth and improve-    tor, she is familiar with the fair atmos-   “With so many people of all generations        that.
ment goals we visualize.”                    phere as well.                              having access to a computer and the Inter-
                                                                                         net at home, school or at a public place,      “We not only have an annual event, but
As a retired police officer, Calvert brings “We are fortunate to have hired both of      like the library, we felt it was time to es-   also a venue we can market as a place to
25 years of public service to the job. He    these individuals,” Hyatt adds. “We feel tablish a Web presence for the fair,” says        hold other events throughout the year.
also previously served as the manager for that with the added staff, we can meet the Maggie Malson, communications direc-               During the fair, our mission is to both
Cascade Lake 4-H Camp for seven years. goals and expectations of the county, thus tor. “The Internet is an inexpensive means            educate and entertain people of all ages.
                                             providing a multi-use facility and a better for us to communicate with the public and      We have a well-established, fun commu-
“David’s knowledge and team building         fair. LeeAnn will also be a direct contact share information in a timely manner. We        nity event and we want to brand it as
skills will be invaluable in this position,” with the public and will have established are excited about the growth and direction       such.”
Hyatt says. “He has a desire to use his      office hours in order to better serve the   of the fair, and want to do all we can to
expertise to make not only the fair event community.”                                    inform the public and have them feel in-

                                                                                                                                  New Plymouth City Website:
                                                                                                                              City Council minutes
                                                                                                                              and agendas, city or-
                                                                                                                              dinance info, Cham-
                                                                                                                               ber of Commerce
                                                                                                                                news, and more.

page 6                                                          NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                    Issue 118                                   Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Tales of Old New Plymouth
By Dave Goldsmith                                                                                                                            The Clinic at
   When I was growing up in New Plymouth, I heard all             It was a big three-holer and had been pushed over
                                                                                                                                            New Plymouth
kinds of stories about the tricks played by teenagers on
Halloween. I heard of wagons put up on a schoolhouse
                                                                  many times in years gone by. The last time it had been
                                                                  rebuilt, 2 by 4 anchors had been installed deep in the                         278-3406
roof and of Model T Fords put on top of barns. By the             ground at each corner. However, it stood a foot or so                           Beverly Schiffler, FNP
time I was a teenager, these really serious tricks seemed         away from the wall of Hatfield’s feed store. About six                          Jennice Cordova, PA-C
to have been a thing of the past, but the modern-day              of us got between the feed store and the outhouse and                           Steven Ollie, MD
“trick or treat” had not yet become the Halloween norm.           managed to push it over, breaking the anchors in the                            Rita Lacquement, LPN
In the early 30’s, girls in New Plymouth were known to            process.                                                                        Jonette Kingston, Office Manager
go around soaping windows, and the boys specialized in               After that success, we went on to see what devilment
tipping over outhouses. A sewer system was installed in           we might do at the school building. However, the jani-
the early 1930’s, but almost all of the houses and many           tor came out and shooed us away. Since he had a six-                        Providing family medical care.
of the stores in downtown New Plymouth still relied on            shooter in a holster on his hip, we thought he probably                Full services available with lab & X-ray.
outhouses.                                                        meant business, and left the schoolhouse alone. We                                Patients Welcome
   It was strange how many of these adventures in-                headed on out of town going south on Highway 30,                                  Walk-ins accepted
volved my old buddy, Bill Knight. It seemed that we               looking for excitement in the country. We found a few                          Appointment-based clinic
complemented each other in thinking up things out of              more outhouses to upset, but that was beginning to get                        Located at 112 S. Plymouth
the ordinary to try. In our preteen years we begged our           a little humdrum by that time, so Bill and I left the                         (across from High School)
folks to let us go out with the gang of boys on Hallow-           gang and went on home.                                                              An Affiliate of:
een, but they made us wait until we were thirteen for                When the next Halloween came around, Bill and I
our first outing.                                                 weren’t very interested in outhouses. We had been                 West Valley Medical Center
    We started out as soon as it was almost dark and              there and done that. We decided to make a call on
  pushed over our first outhouse of the evening. We               Abraham Venable. We spent an hour or so sitting
  thought it was so funny that we almost laughed our-             around with old Abe and listening to some of his ghost
  selves into the open pit. When we got on downtown,              stories. In many respects, that was more fun than push-
  we joined a group of about ten or twelve older boys             ing over outhouses, and we still had memories from
  and pushed over any number of conveniences. The one             the previous year to tell our grandchildren about.
  in the back of the Old Merc store was a real challenge.                                                                             SECURITY STORAGE
                                                                                                                                       CARS JUNK FURNITURE BOATS BOXES INVENTORY

               FINANCIAL FOCUS                                   that any one area of the world will be particularly “hot”—            9 SIZES—120 UNITS—FENCED & LIGHTED
 Look Beyond U.S. Borders for Investment Opportunities           from an investment point of view—at any given time. The                315 E. IDAHO, NEW PLYMOUTH, ID 83655
                                                                 fact is that any one geographical area may lead the invest-                 RES. MGR. PH / FAX 208-278-5556
                                                                 ment world one year, only to fall far down the list the next.            JUSTIN & MELISSA FRATES
                   Provided by Jeff Mackey,                      And it’s almost impossible to predict which country will be
                   Edward Jones Representative                                                                                           E-MAIL:
                                                                 up and which will be down. Consequently, you’ll want to
                    On any given day, you could talk on a        spread your international investment dollars among a variety                            OWNERS
                    Samsung cell phone, watch a Sony televi-     of companies, industries and countries.                                 ALAN & BEVERLY BLAIR SINCE 1982
                    sion, take a Bayer aspirin or eat a Nestle
                    Crunch bar. What do all these products         Special Risks to Consider
                    have in common? They’re manufactured
                    by companies based outside the United           International investing has some benefits—but it carries
States. In fact, many of the goods and services you use are      some special risks, as well. Political or economic instability,
internationally based — which gives you an idea of how           along with changes in foreign currencies and interest rates,
many investment possibilities there are in the world. Are you    can affect the performance of global investments. Also, for-
taking advantage of these opportunities?                         eign market practices and accounting standards can vary
   If not, maybe it’s time you expanded your investment hori-    widely, and it may be difficult to trade or obtain relevant
zons. After all, about half the world’s stock market is made     information. That’s why investments in foreign securities
up of non-U.S. companies. So if your portfolio lacks foreign     generally carry higher expenses than domestic investments.
companies, you are likely keeping out many industry leaders
in a variety of market segments. Many foreign companies are        Limit Your Holdings—and Get Some Help
among the 10 largest within their respective industries, which
include airlines, automobiles, banks, life and health insur-        It’s almost certainly a good idea to limit your foreign hold-
ance, and food and commercial products.                                                                                            
                                                                 ings to no more than 10% to 20% of your portfolio’s total
   Furthermore, international investing can help you diversify   value. The exact percentage will depend on a variety of fac-           Rob             Peggy          Derrell
your portfolio. If we enter a recession, many American com-      tors, including your risk tolerance, time horizon and long-
panies may go through some rough times—and this might                                                                                   Fitch          Childers        Childers
                                                                 term goals. And before you buy any foreign stocks, get some
show up in their stock prices. But you might be able to blunt    help. Most people don’t have the time or expertise to really         989-8173        739-1966        739-8358
the effects of an economic downturn by adding some interna-      understand all the factors that go into picking foreign invest-         1808 7th Ave N Payette, ID 83661
tional stocks to your holdings. Keep in mind that not all mar-   ments. But a qualified investment professional can help you
kets move together. For example, when the U.S. market is         make the choices that are appropriate for your individual
down, the Pacific Rim countries may be up. In fact, foreign      needs.You may plan to visit many different countries some-
markets have outperformed U.S. stocks about half the time        day—but your investment dollars can start traveling today.
over the past 25 years.                                          And with luck, they’ll send you more than a postcard.
   A word of caution, however: Don’t be fooled into thinking                                                                                        NOW OPEN
                                                                                                                                    Griffith House Assisted Living
                                                                                                                                           in New Plymouth
                                                                                                                                             Dedicated & Caring
                                                                                                                                    Couples Welcome-Single Rooms Available
                                                                                                                                            Accepting Reservations
                                                                                                                                      Frank and Kathleen Griffith, Owners

                                                                                                                                           Call 208-870-4981

page 7                                                                 NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                         Issue 118                              Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                                         Local Legislators in the News
 CRAPO ANNOUNCES DOMESTIC                   vital to keep our kids safe and out of abu-      IDAHO DELEGATION ADVOCATES     ing all it can to help foster economic
     VIOLENCE SUMMIT                        sive relationships that have negative life-     FOR TWIN FALLS POSTAL DISTRIBU- growth rather than hindering it. Not only
                                            long affects,” Crapo said. “Our young                    TION CENTER            does this center provide efficient mail
   A summit to raise awareness in Eastern students need all the tools to confront the                                                        delivery, but it does its part in allowing
                                                                                           A proposal to merge the mail distribution
Idaho about domestic violence is set to     problem of teen dating violence. This                                                            area post offices to provide quality ser-
                                                                                           center in Twin Falls with the one in Boise
take place in June, announced Fred Zun- curriculum provided by Liz Claiborne is                                                              vice to customers in the Magic valley.”
                                                                                           faces opposition from the Idaho Congres-
del, coordinator of the summit, and Idaho just one of many that can help provide
                                                                                           sional delegation. In a letter to the United Senator Larry Craig said, “The Magic
Senator Mike Crapo today at a news con- those resources.”
                                                                                           States Postal Service (USPS), the delega-    Valley is one of the fastest-growing re-
ference in Idaho Falls. Crapo also voiced
                                              The Liz Claiborne teen dating violence       tion expressed concern over the economic     gions in Idaho, so the need for high-
his support for resources in high schools
                                            prevention curriculum, “Love Is Not            impact of the proposal, timely mail deliv-   quality mail services will only increase in
that will address the growing problem of
                                            Abuse,” draws on poetry, essays, writing       ery and service availability for the people  the future. Moving the Twin Falls proc-
teen dating violence.
                                            and literature for students to build open      who rely on the Twin Falls Center.           essing operation to Boise would be very
   The Idaho Summit on Developing a         discussion, life skills and literacy. The                                                   shortsighted and a big blow to the area
                                                                                           The proposal would reassign or transfer
Coordinated Community Response to           curriculum is designed to be used as a                                                      economy. We want to ensure the Postal
                                                                                           30-35 employees from the Twin Falls
Domestic Violence, which will be held at resource in classrooms and encourages
                                                                                           Pioneer Station mail processing center to Service recognizes that and considers
Idaho State University in Pocatello and     discussion between teens and with teach-       the Boise facility or other postal responsi- some alternatives.”
will feature community leaders, health      ers and other adults about abusive behav-      bilities in the Twin Falls area. Closing the Congressman Mike Simpson said, “It is
professionals, law enforcement and oth-     ior.                                           center, which processes between 50,000- my hope that the United States Postal
ers. Crapo is scheduled to speak specifi-
                                              Crapo has been a long-time advocate          80,000 pieces of mail for 30 post offices Service will listen to our request and keep
cally on teen dating violence at the sum-
                                            for raising awareness on violent relation-     daily, could affect the timeliness of mail the Twin Falls Pioneer Station open. The
mit on June 2. Crapo also endorsed a cur-
                                            ships and authored a Senate resolution         delivery to the area.                        station provides a service that is impera-
riculum, provided free to schools, that
                                            earlier this year that declared February 6-    Senator Mike Crapo said, “Twin Falls is a tive to residents, not only in Twin Falls,
helps raise awareness of teen dating vio-
                                            10 National Teen Dating Violence               leader in economic development in the        but to all of the surrounding rural areas in
lence, both physical and emotional.
                                            Awareness Week.                                state and closing this center could hinder the Magic Valley.”
   “Bringing this information to schools is
                                                                                           that progress. Government should be do-

                                             (R) -3rd Term HOME ADDRESS: Box 114,          Rules & Administration CAREER: Teacher            ID 83702; 336-9831
Where to write                               Midvale 83645 PHONE: Home 355-2374
                                                                                           SEN. LARRY CRAIG 520 Hart Building,               REP. MIKE SIMPSON 1339 Longworth
                                             FAX 355-3334 E-mail:
local legislators:                  COMMITTEES:
                                             MAJORITY LEADER Resources & Conser-
                                                                                           Washington, DC 20510; (202) 224-2752 225
                                                                                           N. 9th St., Suite 530, Boise, ID 83702; 342-
                                                                                                                                             Building, Washington, DC 20515; (202) 225-
                                                                                                                                             5531 802 W. Bannock, Suite 600, Boise, ID
                                             vation Revenue & Taxation Ways & Means        7985                         83072; 334-1953
Senator Monty Pearce (R) HOME                CAREER: Farmer
                                                                                           SEN. MIKE CRAPO 239 Dirksen Building,             Governor Dirk Kempthorne Office of the
ADDRESS:2001 County Line Rd., New Ply-
                                                                                           Washington, DC 20510. (202) 224-6142 251          Governor 700 West Jefferson, 2nd Floor PO
mouth 83655 PHONE:Home 278-5408 E-       Representative Clete Edmunson                     E. Front St., Suite 205, Boise, ID 83702. 334-    Box 83720 Boise, Idaho 83720-0034 208-334-
mail:         (R) --1st Term HOME ADDRESS: PO Box               1776 .                       2100 or Fax 208-334-2175
COMMITTEES: Finance/JFAC Resources &
                                         131, New Plymouth 83655 PHONE: Home
Conservation (Vice-Chair) CAREER:Rancher
                                         452-3890 E-mail: ced-                             REP. C.L. "BUTCH" OTTER 1711 Long-
                                COMMITTEES:               worth Building, Washington, DC 20515; (202)
Representative Lawerence Denney Environmental Affairs State Affairs Judiciary,             225-6611 802 W. Bannock, Suite 101, Boise,

 Child Find at New Plymouth school agencies, engages in Child Find                        tact Lynda Hall, Special Services Direc-
                                            services throughout the school year.          tor, 278-5035. These children may have            Farmers and Ranchers Form
The New Plymouth School District will Child Find activities are conducted: (1)            difficulty walking, talking, hearing, or          Team to Help Elect Semanko
conduct a Child Find on Monday, May         to create public awareness of special         learning, or may display behaviors that
1, at 6:30 p.m. and Tuesday, May 2, at 9 education programs, (2) to advise the            appear different from other children their        The Norm Semanko
a.m. at the Elementary School at 704        public of the right of students, and (3) to   age. Pre-school children may not be de-           for Congress campaign
South Plymouth Avenue. At these meet- alert community residents of the need for           veloping their speech at an appropriate           has announced the
ings, parents will receive information      identifying and serving children with         rate. If parents have concerns about the          formation of a Farm
about services the district provides. They disabilities from the age of 3 through the     development of their pre-school child or          and Ranch Team to
may make an appointment to have their semester in which they turn 21.                     other school aged children, and would             help get Norm elected.
child screened for possible disabilities or                                               like to have them screened, please come
                                                                                                                                            Semanko says he has
developmental delays for the district’s     If you know of a child who is 3 through       to the above meetings or contact the spe-
                                                                                                                                            spent many years
pre-school program or school age pro-       21 years of age who may have individual       cial services department at any time to                                     Norm Semanko
                                                                                                                                            fighting for our farm-
gram. These assessments are provided at needs that result from disabilities or de-        learn about the district’s special educa-
                                                                                                                                            ers and ranchers and is
no cost to the families. The district, in   velopmental delays, and who is not en-        tion programs.
                                                                                                                                            honored that so many of them now want
cooperation with parents and nonpublic rolled in a school program, please con-                                                              to help him. Norm has been in the
                                                                                                                                            trenches in support of Idaho’s farm,
                                                                                                                                            ranch and dairy families for almost 20
                                                                                                                                            The Chair of the North Idaho District of
                                                                                                                                            the Semanko Farm and Ranch Team is
                                                                                                                                            Wayne Meyer of the Rathdrum area,
                                                                                                                                            while the Southwest Idaho Chair is Drew
                                                                                                                                            Eggers of Meridian. The Chairs for Can-
                                                                                                                                            yon County are the Dixon family of
                                                                                                                                            Greenleaf and the Chairs for Payette
                                                                                                                                            County are George and Carol
                                                                                                                                            McClelland of Fruitland.

page 8                                                          NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                      Issue 118                                       Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                                                   Pilgrim Press                                          Top Scholars
  personalities                                                                                                      U of I names top academic
     named                                                                                                           students from NPHS
                                                                                                                      The University of Idaho Alumni Association and U.S. Bank are
                                                                                                                     partners in the Top Scholar Program. This program recognizes the
    Most likely to Succeed                                                                                           top 10% of high school juniors in the State of Idaho. These stu-
        Kathy Hawker and                                                                                             dents success in the classroom is very worthy accomplishment,
          Jason Chase
                                                                                                                     which is why the U.S. Bancorp Foundation is proud to underwrite
  Biggest TroubleMakers:
                                                                                                                     the Idaho Top Scholar Program. The University of Idaho Alumni
    Sam Tate and Kyle York
        Most Artistic:              Dawn Hughes and Tamara Hendricks haggle over the price of a pineapple .          Association believes the state’s most valuable resource is its citi-
                                                                                                                     zens. The Top Scholars are important to the success of all Idaho-
         Ashley Coombs
         and Kyle Weeks                            ¿Hablo Español?                                                   ans. They encourage these students to look forward through their
           Best Eyes:                                                        and then gave a menu, they              senior year and beyond and set their goals high.
Megan Harvey and Jake Welch         By Rebecca Evans
                                                                             had made on their own, to the
    Biggest Heart Throb:            The Spanish II class worked              customer.
       Kayla Walker and             on their acting career by pre-           Menus weren’t the only thing
         James Pollock              senting a grocery or restaurant          the groups had to make; they
        Most Sarcastic:
                                    skit. They brought in any                had to make up their own
   Brandie Nelson and Alan
                                    props they needed, but there             lines for their skit. If they did-
         Best Dressed:              was a catch: the entire skit had         n’t know the words they
Talley Gaskins and Logan Slate      to be done in Spanish. No                needed, they would look them
           Most Shy:                English speaking was al-                 up. After the group was fin-
   Tiffany Verkaik and Josh         lowed. Mrs. Rose Mary Spurl-             ished writing the skit, they
             Shaver                 ing explained that working in            would turn it into Mrs. Spurl-
       Blonde at Heart:             dialogue helps students learn,           ing to correct.
       Hilary Ziegler and           speak, and understand Spanish            The fashion show had three
           Jeff Gruidl              in a normal environment.                 choices of clothes to choose
       Sense of Humor:              The student groups wrote their           from: everyday, slightly cas-
     Stephanie Lloyd and            own small skits. Those who               ual, and formal. The class had
         David Church               did a restaurant skit had a per-         their own walk way and en-
        Flirt and Wolf:             son be a waiter or waitress              joyed making poses.
     Danna Sheffield and                                                                                                  Top Scholars: Alexandria Case, Kevin Borts, Sondra Colvin, Cody Johnson,
          Joel Shipley                                                                                                    and Stuart Davis. Not pictured: Skyla Campbell and Aubrey Dykema
        Most Athletic:              Career Information
       BreAnn Jones and
        Jeremy Howell               Walt Disney World hosts World College Program
          Best Smile:
       Susie Vazquez and                  Do you want a new life changing opportunity? Think about The Disney CareerStart Program. This program is
        Justin Ferweda              a structured living, learning and earning program for high school graduates who are unsure of their future path and
          Best Laugh:               looking for a new experience that will provide them more than just a job.
   Brittany Cole and Mitch          Participants in the Disney CareerStart Program will work in a front-line role at the Walt Disney World Resort; live in
                                    a secure, multicultural environment; and have the opportunity to: *Earn real-world experience with a respected For-
     Most School Spirit:
Christy Moore and Mike Fisher       tune 100 company that maintains a reputation for excellence. * Build transferable skills, such as problem solving,
           Best Hair:               written and verbal communication, time management, personal empowerment, relationship building, self-confidence,
 Elizabeth Valdez and Carlos        responsibility and culture sensitivity, which will be invaluable in any future job you will hold. *Network with leaders
             Garcia                 and meet executives in a wide variety of businesses *Take part in personal– and career-development classes designed
        Most Talented:              to help make a smooth transition into the workplace and to living independently. *meet people from around the globe
       Niki Forsberg and
                                    *Enjoy the privileges of being a Cast Member at the Walt Disney World Resort, including free theme park admission
          Zach Adams
         Most Unique:               and discounts that cover resorts, merchandise and more
  Elizabeth Evans and Tyrell        For more information on this program and the latest updates about the Disney CareerStart Program visit the website
              Orem                  at or

2007 class schedule is being pre-                                                                                                                                  Pilgrim Press Staff
                                                                                                                                                                  Editor     Jessy McPherson
pared for spring registration                                                      Parents and friends of Seniors
By Rebecca Evans                                                                                                                                                          Abi Archey
                                                                                                                                                                          Alan Kitchens
   Principal Arlo Decker is preparing drafts of the upcoming
                                                                             The senior dedication spots in the an-                                                       Jessica Roberts
year’s class schedule for the students. Decker wants to make the             nual are filling up. The flier with the                                                      Flora Williams
                                                                                                                                                                          Danielle Champagne
class schedule for next year more flexible for the students to take
more upper level choices. In a small school arranging the schedule           specifications and costs are in the H.S.                                                     Rebecca Evans
                                                                                                                                                                          Alex Snyder
to meet the needs of all students is very difficult.                         office. Deadline has been extended to
   Parents would be well advised to consult with their students as                                                                                                Adviser Anne Esplin
the final schedule is prepared. Spring registration will begin early         May 10.
in May.

page 9                                                             NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                          Issue 118                                        Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                                                Pilgrim Press
                                                                        Sports news
Cheerleading tryouts finish                                                                 By Alan Kitchens

By Jessica Roberts                  students seeking positions on
                                    the squad.
      The cheerleaders who
made the varsity cut are: Anna
Maillard, Brittany Bonds,
                                       A few of the cheerleaders
                                    from last year, such as Kath-
Nicole Hinson, Whitney              leen Borts, and Mackenzie                                                                                     By Flora Williams
                                                                                                                                                     Flora Williams
Pieper, Jessica Roberts,            Call from JV, Jessica Roberts,
                                    Brittany Bonds, and Whitney                                                                                               IDFY
Rachael Bird, Kathleen Borts,
                                    Pieper of Varsity also re-                                                                                      Members are attending a
Mackenzie Call, Anna
                                    turned to tryout along with                                                                                   summer camp in June in
Harmon, Michelle Hull, and
                                    new recruits.                                                                                                 Coeur d’Alene. Officers for
Anna Vargas for Varsity.
                                      The judging tryouts fol-                                                                                    2006-2007 were chosen in
  2006-7 JV cheerleaders are:
                                    lowed mandatory practices on                                                          Pitcher Joel Shipley    February. They are Stuart
Sabrina Brease, Kelsea
                                    the days listed early in the                                                                                  Davis, president, Dawn
Breton, Dakota Goff, Kayla                                                                        BASEBALL
                                    mornings. Judges came on the                                                                                  Hughes, vice president, Sofia
Knight, Katie Purcell, Paige
                                    day of the last practice, April       Varsity Grims baseball             the kind of errors that cost us      Lopez, secretary, Sharee
Samson, and Jessie Scott.
                                    20 from 6:30-8:00 pm. Girls         squad took the bus ride to           the game.”                           Rollins, public relations,
  Practices for tryouts were
                                    who tried out needed to bring       Nampa Christian on Tuesday              Melba Mustangs topped the         Macee Cole, historian, Erik
Tuesday April 18 through
                                    a parental permission slip, and     April 18 for their fourth con-       Grims on Thursday April 13           Perkins, president elect.
Thursday 20. The response to
                                    teacher evaluations.                ference game. The final score        for a WIC varsity boys match           They also had an Alcohol
the tryouts included many
                                                                        came out in favor of Trojans 5       up. The Grims fell to the Mus-       Free week, the 10th through
                                                                        to 4. The entire game was            tangs with a final 7 – 6 score.      the 14th. They sold non-
Senior banquet Monday May 1                                             back and forth neither team          It was a constant give and take      alcoholic beverages at lunch.
                                                                        really extending the lead. The       remaining close the entire           Some of the drinks were
two days before Senior Sneak                                            game ended in the bottom of          game. In the top of the sev-         Strawberry Daiquiris’, Rain-
                                                                        the eighth when a run was            enth inning the Grims had a 2        ing Men, and also Banana
By Alex Snyder                      their childhood. Nancy Ad-          scored on a bock by Varsity          run lead 6 – 4 but lost it when      Daiquiris’.
   The Senior Banquet will be       ams, school secretary and           Pitcher Jeff Gruidl. After the       Melba brought in three runs                    FCCLA
in the multi-purpose room at        mother of senior Zach Adams         game Gruidl indicated, “We           making the score 7 – 6. In the         FCCLA students will be
6:00 pm. on May 1. The jun-         has prepared the slide show.        played a good game, all of           bottom of the seventh the            choosing their new officers
ior class will be serving           The slides will be shown after      their runs were by mistakes          Grims failed to score and lost       tomorrow, Apr. 27 a banquet
salad, grilled chicken breast,      the guest speaker’s address         we made but the game gave us         it. Varsity Pitcher Joel Shipley     in Lisa Higby’s class room at
green beans, baked potatoes,        and a musical presentation.         confidence that we will be           commented, “It was really            7 P.M. The out going officers
rolls, and carrot cake to the         The junior class advisors         able to beat them next time.         close the whole game and we          are Stuart Davis, president,
seniors and their guests.           have sent letters to the parents    We need to really calm down          played well but I see some           Tamara Hendricks, vice presi-
   High school teachers, the        of juniors asking for donations     and not get too excited before       things that we could work on         dent, Alex Case, historian,
school board and other dis-         for the banquet to off set the      we throw the ball, those are         before we play them again.”          Brianne Fredrick, treasurer,
trict officials are invited with    costs. Many donations have                                                                                    Megan Molthen, as secretary.
their spouses. Seniors are          been already made.
limited to two guests each.           Invitations have been deliv-                               SOFT BALL                                                    BPA
                                    ered to the seniors who must           As of April 18 the Grims softball record was 13-1. Since then            BPA students are raising
   A slide show depicting                                                                                                                         money to go to nationals. The
group pictures of the seniors       RSVP to the office before           they played Weiser in a game here on Monday .
                                    Apr. 27. This banquet is tradi-        The Grims went to Vale on April 10 for an out of conference            nationals will be held in Or-
will be shown along with                                                                                                                          lando, Florida. The only two
pictures from high school and       tionally well attended.             match up. They took a 11-0 temporary win as the game was
                                                                        forced to an end because of rain. When the Vikings came to New            students attending will be
                                                                                                                                                  Shainne Edmunson and Stuart
FCCLA attend state leadership meet                                      Plymouth on April 17 and the game was continued from the can-
                                                                        celed inning of the previous game and the final score ended up            Davis.
 By Flora Williams        Nine students on the parliamentary team       16-3. Then they played that days game, kind of like a half double                    FHLA
made it to the State Leadership Conference in Boise Id. The stu-        header, and took another victory over Vale 5-0.                             FHLA attended A “Walk to
dents who attended were there from March 30 to April 1.                    On April 13 the girls took their only loss of the season. The          the North” Friday, April 14.
  Anna Earles did her own presentation and won an individual            WIC match up versus the Melba Mustangs 6-5 a one point loss.              They left at noon. They went
bronze. The team all together won a bronze metal.                          Grims took the Marsing Huskies to school in a 13-0 blowout on          to explore the BSU campus.
  Alex Case says that “We personally as a team thought that we          Tuesday 11. The Grims took the lead right away and kept it. They          They learn how to succeed in
did better, but the judges didn’t feel the same way. We could have      held the Huskies to 0 runs                                                college and also attended a
done a lot better if we would have had a little bit more practice.         April 6 they defeated Parma 14-1.                                      college class. Four seniors
                                                                                                                                                  attended: Susie Vazquez, Car-
                                                                                                                                                  los Garcia, Cristina Guerra,
Twenty-five students faced four weeks without activities including sport participation                                                            and Evelyn Vargas.
By Jessica Roberts                 “One thing I took out of this, is that one night of fun, can ruin your whole year,” said an NPHS student         Three new members were
                                 who attended a party that got busted. Saturday, April 8, an estimated 25 teens attended a party in Fruit-                            Sopho-
                                                                                                                                                  inducted this week: sopho-
land. Not all were cited. Some escaped and prefer to remain anonymous.                                                                            mores Shianne Edmunson and
  The party was reported to the officers. When officers arrived, they found underage students in drinking, but several ran. Eight youths          Brittany Bonds, and junior
were cited as minors in procession. Officers asked everyone to get out their ID and meet in the front room. Dep. Filipponi took breath             new Case.
                                                                                                                                                  Alex officers ceremony was
samples of all eight.                                                                                                                              The traditional annual Honor
                                                                                                                                                  combined with the election
  The cited seniors could not attend prom and will not be able to go to their senior banquet or the senior sneak. If they were playing on         assembly Thursday,candlelight
                                                                                                                                                  Society pledge and April 20 ,
any sports teams or were active in clubs before the time of the MIP citation, they were suspended from that activity for 4 weeks.                 sixth hour.was combined with
  One by one, the busted students were called in to the office to talk to Principal Arlo Decker along with the SRO. Those who ran from            the election assembly Thurs-
the officers received the same consequences as those cited.                                                                                       day, April 20 when the new
  “Even though there are consequences for your actions, it was a really good time to learn a lesson because nobody got hurt, nobody got           members were inducted.
in a car accident and died because of the citation,” said Deputy Sloan, School Resource Officer.

page 10                                                         NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                   Issue 118                                    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                 Pilgrim Press
Cody Johnson takes the ASB Presidency for 2007
  Kathy Hawker current ASB             mouth High School,” she said.               He reminded the students of             more activities and getting
president gave the introduc-           She also reminded the stu-                  the ASB officers are in                 more students involved.”
tory speech for Cody Johnson.          dents of Cody’s participation               charge of homecoming week.                Other new ASB officers in-
Cody garnered the majority             in many organizations and of                “Homecoming should express              clude: Sophia Lopez, vice
of the votes in the three way          his academic achievements.                  the pride that we have in our           president; Brette Hoch, secre-
contest for ASB President.             Cody said in his speech there               school and our classes. There           tary; Kirk Ramsey, treasurer;
She emphasized his Pilgrim             truly is something for every                should excitement in the air            Maddie Cutts, historian, and
heritage.                              person here, whether it be                  during homecoming week. I               Wyatt Russell, public rela-
   “His grandparents and par-          FFA, BPA, a sport, band, just               would like to make homecom-             tions (formerly the office of
ents graduated from New Ply-           to name a few.                              ing more thrilling by having            chaplain).                          New ASB President.. Cody Johnson
                                                                                                                                                               gathers student support for 2006-7.

Senior girls
give Cody
their big-
gest sup-
Niki Fors-
berg, Bre-
Ann Jones,
Lloyd, and
swing their
influence in
favor of                                                                               Sophia Lopez              Brette Hoch         Kirk Ramsey         Wyatt Russell             Maddie Cutts
Cody John-
son for Pres                                                                        ASB Vice President          ASB Secretary        ASB Treasurer    ASB Public Relations          ASB Historian

Star Crazy theme for Prom draws over a hundred students on Easter weekend
By Abi Archey                                                                      brey Dykema, Cody Johnson,              last year. The recycled black       age students to get on the
                                       case, a canopy of lights and                                                                                            dance floor including
  Star Crazy was the decora-           streamers and personalized                  Alex Case, Megan Molthen.               plastic was made new by
tion theme for prom this year.                                                         Besides the officers Skyla          spray-painting it with metallic     “Chicken Dance” and the
                                       stars for the seniors.                                                                                                  “Cha Cha Slide”.
Reigning over the well at-                 Students boogied down in                Campbell, Whitnie Cleverly,             stars to complete the theme. .
tended event were Prom                                                             Anna Earles, Dawn Hughes,                 Dance tickets purchased              Davis Photography pro-
                                       the high school multi-purpose                                                                                           vided a staircase backdrop for
Queen Susie Vazquez and                room Saturday night, April 15               Heather Lambeth, Brett Hoch,            before hand were $22 for a
King Kyle Weeks.                                                                   Cody Kramer, along with par-            couple and $13 for a single.        their photos to match the Star
                                       from 9:00-12:00. The light                                                                                              Crazy theme. Mrs. Davis
  Other members of the roy-            refreshments were an assort-                ents Mark and Mitzi Johnson,            Prices at the door were $30
alty includes Princesses Niki                                                      Faye Dykema, Laura Hoch,                and $20.                            hand-painted the mural sized
                                       ment of cookies including star                                                                                          background for the pictures.
Forsberg and Katie Shoe-               shaped sugar cookies and lem-               and Chris Kramer should be                Mr. Formal visited the high
maker and Princes Justin Fer-                                                      mentioned for donating time             school on April 6 to lease          Picture prices started at $25.
                                       onade or water.                                                                                                            Since the next day was
weda and Josh Shaver.                      In spite of a severe head               the night before the dance to           tuxedos to boys attending
  At the crowning ceremony,                                                        set up the staircase, the can-          prom. The tuxes were fitted         Easter, Kip Mitchell of the
                                       injury incurred over spring                                                                                             maintenance staff, gave the
Junior Class President, Au-            break, adviser Spike Gaskins                opy, streamers and complete             that day, then delivered to the
brey Dykema was also hon-                                                          the personalized stars and              school on Friday before the         class permission to take the
                                       worked along with all the jun-                                                                                          decorations down on Monday.
ored by her class mates for the        ior class officers and others               make cookies for the refresh-           dance and picked up April 17.
hours of time donated to mak-                                                      ments.                                    The DJ at the dance was           Mr. Gaskins used his morning
                                       throughout the weeks before                                                                                             classes to un-decorate and
ing this dance The decora-             prom to assemble the decora-                    Juniors opted to re-use             Rockin’ Rooster. They played
tions featured a lighted stair-                                                    some of the decorations from            a variety of songs to encour-       store or return all materials.
                                       tions. Class officers are Au-

                                                                                                                           1                         4                            4. Chicken dance.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Elizabeth Evans
                                                                                                                                                                                  5. Kathy Hawker and
                                                                                                                                                                                  her date.
                                                                                                                                                                                  6. Alexandria Case

                                                                                                                                2                                 5

                                                                                                                                               3                                   6
                                                                                                                           1. Nicole Hinson.                     Prom photos by
                                                                                                                           2. Maddie Cutts,                      Alex Church
                                                                                                                           Abi Archey,
                                                                                                                           Danna Sheffield.
Royal couple. Susie Vazquez and        Elegance. Décor, dress, manner all speak of the traditional prom aura. Jessica      3. Evelyn Vargas
Kyle Weeks are the focus of students   Slemp and Heather Lambeth converse beside a “shooting star.”                        and her date.
in the king-queen dance.
page 11                                                                 NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                           Issue 118                                Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                               NPHS TRACK & FIELD                                                                            Shot     Kirk Ramsey        40-8
                                                                                                                                             Shot     Kevin Borts        39-9.5
                                                                                                                                             Shot     Daniel Mena        36-5

      Track Informer
                                                                                                                                             Shot     Wyatt Russell      35-7
                                                                                                                                             Shot     Javier Garcia      31-10
                                                                                                                                             Shot     Dean Jones         31-8
                                                                                                                                             Shot     Jack Deardorff     28-11

Volume 5, Issue 6                                                                                                           April 19, 2006
                                                                                                                                             Discus Kathy Hawker 88-6
                                                                                                                                             Discus Nicole Hinson 75-5
  Next Meet Date: Wed Apr 26
   Location: Nampa Christian
          Time: 4pm?
                                                       April 19 @ Parma Invite                                                               Discus Kirk Ramsey          123-5 -
                                   3200m Cody Johnson 11:02—4th                400m       Kyle Raynor   54.6—6th                             Discus Wyatt Russell        116-7
Personal Records set               3200m Josh Shaver  11:37.8—7th              400m       Carlos Garcia 54.9—7th
this meet:                                                                     400m       Carson Knapp 56.9                                  LJ       Danna Sheffield 14-11—
Kathleen Borts 110HH,              4x200m boys 1:41.7—8th                                                                                    4th
Shot                                      Justin Jamison 25.4                  400m       Liz Valdes         69.3                            LJ       Tyler Forsberg 15-1
                                          Aaron Case     27.4                                                                                LJ       Jaimie Brown 17-6.5
Alex Case 800m, 300m,
                                          Carson Knapp 22.9                    300H       Alex Case      58.5                                LJ       Micah McMurry 17-8.5
1600m                                     Erick Poole    26.1                  300H       Nicole Hinson 58.6
Mary Hally 800m
                                                                               300H       Kathleen Borts 59.5                                HJ       Jaimie Brown       5-6—4th
Nicole Hinson Discus               4x200m girls   1:57.5—6th                                                                                 HJ       Nani Pearce        4-8—4th
Nani Pearce High Jump                     Danna Sheffield 29.4                 300H       Josh Austin        50.7
                                          Katie McKie     30.5                                                                               TJ       Jaimie Brown       38-8
Carson Knapp 400m                         Liz Valdes      28.9                 Medley girls   2:07.2—8th
Carlos Garcia 400m2                       Alicia Kane     28.8                        Annie Colvin     14.2                                  PV       Racheal Bird 6-0
800m                                                                                  Christina Colvin 12.9                                  PV       Annie Colvin     7-0
Kyle Raynor 400m                   100H    Kathleen Borts 20.1                        Rachael Bird 31.8                                      PV       Nani Pearce      7-0
                                   100H    Nicole Hinson 20.7                         Nani Pearce      68.5                                  PV       Christina Colvin 7-0
Josh Shaver 1600m
                                   100H    Alex Case      23.6
Kevin Borts Shot
                                                                               Medley boys 3:50.9 - 2nd                                      PV       Ben Hughes         8-0
Kirk Ramsey Shot, Dis-             100m    Christina Colvin 13.9                      Kyle Weeks    24.5                                     PV       Kyle Raynor        8-0
cus                                100m    Annie Colvin     14.2                      Kyle Raynor   24.4
Wyatt Russell Discus               100m    Brandie Bellegante 15.2                    Josh Shaver   53.9
Tyler Forsberg Long                                                                   Carlos Garcia 2:08.2
Jump                               100m    Micah McMurry 11.9—7th
                                   100m    Kyle Weeks    12.1                  200m       Micah McMurry 24.6
Season Records set this            100m    Aaron Case    12.7                  200m       Martin Boettner 27.9
meet:                                                                          200m       Justin Jamison 26.8
Danna Sheffield Long               800m    Josh Shaver       2:08 - 3rd
                                   800m    Carlos Garcia     2:09.1 - 4th      200m       Charly Moscrip 33.2
                                   800m    Tyler Forsberg    2:23              200m       Susana Vazquez 34.6
Cristina Guerra 1600m,             800m    Riley Mullin      2:28
                                                                               1600m Alex Case       6:49.9
Liz Valdes 400m                    800m    Katie McKie       2:43 - 3rd        1600m Mary Hally      6:51.2
Kathy Hawker Discus                                                                                                                                          Freshman Kathleen Borts
                                   800m    Alex Case         2:59.4            1600m Cristina Guerra 8:21                                                      finishes the 100mHH
                                   800m    Mary Hally        3:02.2                                                                                          with a personal best time.
Josh Shaver 3200m                  800m    Cristina Guerra   3:34.0            1600m Cody Johnson 4:56.2 - 3rd
Cody Johnson 1600m                                                             1600m Josh Shaver    5:00.3 - 4th
Jaimie Brown Triple Jump 4x100m boys               47.3—5th                    1600m Tyler Forsberg 5:27.6
                                           Kyle Weeks    11.5                                                                                                       photos by
                                           Jaimie Brown 11.2                   4x400 boys 3:50.6 - 4th                          Freshman Annie Colvin             Scott Moscrip
4x100m Relay Boys: Kyle
                                           Erick Poole   12.7                        Carson Knapp 56.7                        leans just a bit too much at
W., Jaimie, Erick, Micah                   Micah McMurry 11.6                                                                 the finishof the 100m. She
                                                                                     Justin Jamison 60.5
Medley Relay Boys: Kyle                                                                                                       over-rotated and fell, skin-
                                                                                     Erick Poole    57.6
W., Kyle R., Josh S., Car-         4x100m girls   55.7—7th                           Kyle Raynor    55.9
                                                                                                                               ning her knees! She com-        Below: Seniors Josh
los                                                                                                                              peted in the rest of her    Shaver (right) and Carlos
                                          Brandie Bellegante         14.8
                                                                                                                               races without complaint!       Garcia (far left) finish
4x400m Relay Boys: Car-                   Annie Colvin     13.2                Shot       Kathy Hawker 26-11.5                                                3rd & 4th in the 800m.
son, Justin J., Erick, Kyle               Rachael Bird 13.5                    Shot       Kathleen Borts 25-11
R.                                        Christina Colvin 14.3

Find a mistake? Name misspelled?        Personal Records & Season Records based on data
        Tell Coach Anne .               kept throughout high school career at NPHS.

Points are earned by plac-         Top team points, Girls:      Most PR’s Boys:
ing at meets. So far this          1. Katie McKie 38.25         1. Kirk Ramsey 9
year our top point-earners         2. Alicia Kane 34            2. Aaron Case 5.5
are:                               3. Christina Colvin 33.5     3. Josh Shaver 5.25
Top team points, Boys:             4. Danna Sheffield 33.25     Most PR’s Girls:
1. Cody Johnson 68.5                                            1. Alex Case 9
2. Josh Shaver 59                  PR’s or Personal Records     2. Charly Moscrip 7
3. Jaimie Brown 27.75              are earned by improving a    3. Kathleen Borts 6
                                   mark in an event or relay:   4. Amanda Brown 6                      Senior Katie McKie
                                                                                                         races the 800m.

page 12                                                         NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                  Issue 118                                        Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Parma Meet Highlights                                       Spring basketball:
                                                            Photo: Jesse Jordan, Kirk Ramsey &
It was a lovely day for a   race, and Senior Katie           Micah McMurry on defense. There
track meet: sunny &         McKie coming out of the        are 6 or 7 Varsity boys playing spring
warm. There were 22         blue to finish 3rd.. Josh      ball. Approximately the same number
teams (yes, twenty-two) at  Shaver ran another fabu-             of JV boys are also playing.
this meet. Entries were     lous 800m race to finish        Spring ball is played on the athletes’
limited for each school     3rd while Senior Carlos         own time. They don’t get awards or
and in the jumps & throws   Garcia ran the best race of     recognition. They don’t even have a
you had to get beyond a     his life to garner 4th          coach because the IHSAA rules pro-
certain mark or they        place. Later in the 1600m       hibit their regular coach from coach-
wouldn’t even measure       race, Alex & Mary again          ing during the spring. The boys are
your attempt!               ran fantastic races, finish-   coaching themselves. They are work-
                            ing just outside the top          ing hard to prepare for next year’s
In Field Events, Freshman places. Cody & Josh                         basketball season.
Nani Pearce stunned the     worked well together to          Summer basketball will start soon.
field by placing 4th with a finish 3rd & 4th — Cody         Girls & Boys basketball camps will
personal record jump of     running under 5 and Josh       be announced within the next couple
4’8”. Considering only      with a personal best of            weeks. Photo by Jared Moscrip.
District III jumpers, she   5:00.3.
was 3rd. Senior Danna
Sheffield also shone for    The Boys Medley Relay
NP in Long Jump, placing ran one of their best races
4th with a season record in years, with superb per-
of 14’11”. She was the      formances turned in by
2nd Dist III jumper. All    the 4 runners. Kyle, Kyle,
the pole vaulters made a Josh, and Carlos com-
vault or two cleanly,       bined to take over 12 sec-
which is good for our be- onds off the season time.
ginning vaulters. Sopho- They finished exactly one
more Jaimie Brown           second slower than the
placed 4th in High Jump fastest time last year. Is a
and was in the top 3 out of school record within reach
District III jumpers. In    this year? The Boys
Discus, Junior Kirk Ram- 4x100m Relay team fin-
sey threw an outstanding ished about 1.5 seconds
15’ personal record to      faster than their season
place 7th. Junior Wyatt     best, which is significant.
Russell also added 4 feet
to his best. In Shot, Kirk In the overall team scores,
put on almost 2 feet and    our girls were 10th (out of
Junior Kevin Borts inched 22). Our boys finished 4th
closer to the 40’ mark.     — 1.5 points behind
                            Nampa Christian. Hmm…
In sprints, Sophomore       Can you say District
Micah McMurry earned        Championship??? We’ll
two team points by plac- see.
ing 7th in the 100m. He
was also 9th in the 200m The WIC meet is next
and anchored the 4x100      week at Nampa Chris-
team to a season best time tian’s new track. We’ll be
and a 5th-place finish.     there on Wednesday April
The 400m was notable for 26th.
the personal records set    On Friday & Saturday
by Senior Carlos Garcia, April 28-29, we will be                   Softball
Sophomore Kyle Raynor, taking some of the NP HS
and Freshman Carson         & MS athletes to BSU for          Above: Senior BreAnn
Knapp. Senior Liz Valdes the YMCA Championship                Jones winds up another
also set a season record at meet. The athletes have to                pitch.
that distance.              qualify for that meet, so          Above Right: Sopho-
                             it’s an honor to attend.           more Shianne Ed-
In the distance races, we
                             We look forward to the            munson ready at first
started off with good
                             rest of our season. We are                base.
races in the 3200m by
                             almost done — can you             Below Right: Senior
Senior Josh Shaver, who
                             believe it’s almost over?        Niki Forsberg catching.
ran his best 3200m of the
season, and Junior Cody      — we’re in Fruitland on
                             May 4th and District May          The girls softball team
Johnson. The team fol-
                             12 & 13 then State May            played Weiser last Sat-
lowed up that perform-
                             18-20!                            urday. The girls had a
ance with awesome races
                                                                great game, as usual.
by Junior Alex Case &
                                                               Thanks to Tyler Fors-
Freshman Mary Hally,
                                                               berg to taking the pic-
setting great personal re-
cords in the girls’ 800m

page 13                                                      NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                       Issue 118   Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                  Spelling Word Puzzles                                                                                       Date           Opponent            Time

By Scott Moscrip
                                                                                                                              April 29th     Bear River          6:00 pm

          1st Grade                                         2nd Grade
                                                                                                                              May 6th        @ Bear River        7:00 pm
  X   R   S   V   N    B   Q   C   P            K   C   Y   Y   B   G   K   E   U
  C   U   E   X   U    R   U   L   E            C   W   W   R   T   Z   U   D   E
  L   L   S   H   M    U   I   A   N                                                                                          May 13th       @ Magic Valley      6:00 pm
                                                I   M   G   I   T   O   O   F   K
  D   I   S   H   E    S   S   S   V
                                                C   F   L   J   Y   O   B   S   G                                             May 20th       Muddogs             6:00 pm
  X   B   E   A   C    H   E   S   Q
  J   O   R   M   X    E   H   E   M            S   H   Y   L   G   M   O   T   N                                             June 3rd       Magic Valley        6:00 pm
  T   X   D   M   G    S   S   S   T            R   L   F   W   H   O   O   K   L
  A   E   S   E   S    S   I   K   P            I   L   O   X   N   O   K   O   B                                             June 10th      @ Vipers            5:00 pm
  Y   S   Z   F   C    S   W   P   K            K   N   V   Z   T   N   O   T   R
                                                                                    For the Sabercats this year’s changes include pre-season games to help them tune
                                                L   O   O   H   C   S   J   F   X   up for the season and additional coaches for the team. In addition to Dallas Hoff-
BEACHES               DISHES                                                        man as the head coach of the team, Shaun Bolin has taken over as the offensive
BOXES                 DRESSES                  BOOK                 SOON            coordinator and Rob Castleman has taken over as the defensive coordinator. For
BRUSHES               KISSES                   FOOT                 TOOK            more information on the Sabercats, visit their new website at
CLASSES               WISHES                   GOOD                 TOOTH  and get information and up to date stats on the
                                               HOOF                 WHO             team.
                                               HOOK                 YOU                       Home games will again be played at the New Plymouth High School foot-
                                               MOON                 ZOO             ball field. Admission is $3 for adults and $1 for kids. Last year all the funds from
                                               ROOM                                 admission and concessions were donated back to the school and purchased the new
                                               SCHOOL                               sound system that was installed into the football field last fall.

                      4th Grade                         ABLE
                                                        APPLE                                             5th Grade                                    AMERICAN
                                                        COLOR                                                                                          ANTHOLOGY
                                                        EVER                                                                                           ENGLISH
  P   I   U       E   N    G   B   L   U   M   T        FLOWER                                                                                         FABLE
  R   O   L       O   C    R   R   M   A   H   Y        LATER
                                                                                      S   N   O   V   E   L   C   E   C   N    A     M   O   R    V    FAIRYTALE
                                                        LETTER                        H   U   A   O   F   A   I   R   Y   T    A     L   E   P    X    FANTASY
  G   E   N       O   V    E   M   B   E   R   N                                                                                                       FICTION
                                                        LITTLE                        O   R   G   E   P   B   T   U   A   Z    P     S   Y   A    I
  N   L   H       C   T    V   L   R   S   I   B        MOTHER                        R   S   H   O   R   T   S   T   O   R    Y     A   R   R    B    FOLKTALE
  L   I   T       T   L    E   M   U   C   Z   Y        MUMBLE                                                                                         HISTORICAL
                                                                                      Q   E   E   Y   Z   Y   I   A   M   E    R     I   C   A    N    LITERATURE
  W   F   E       O   O    O   M   K   C   O   R        NOVEMBER
                                                                                      G   R   L   R   E   G   L   R   A   N    Y     X   A   B    O    MYSTERY
  I   L   N       B   M    M   E   U   U   N   E        OCTOBER                       Y   Y   D   E   L   O   A   E   V   Q    G     K   P   L    I    MYTH
                                                        PEOPLE                        S   R   D   T   A   L   E   T   B   I    O     E   A   E    T    MYTHOLOGY
  N   O   W       E   E    L   P   R   U   P   T                                                                                                       NARRATIVE
                                                        PURPLE                        A   H   I   S   T   O   R   I   C   A    L     N   H   E    C
  T   W   T       R   A    V   E   L   P   P   A        SUMMER                                                                                         NOVEL
                                                                                      T   Y   R   Y   L   H   K   L   P   X    O     G   L   C    I    NURSERYRHYME
  E   E   L       P   O    E   P   P   T   B   L        THERMOMETER
                                                                                      N   M   S   M   L   T   Q   E   P   S    H     L   M   N    F
                                                        TRAVEL                                                                                         PARABLE
  R   R   M       U   M    B   L   E   B   Q   W        WINTER                        A   E   B   D   A   N   A   R   R   A    T     I   V   E    A    PERSONAL
                                                        YOUR                          F   O   L   K   T   A   L   E   H   Z    Y     S   S   I    B    POEM
                                                                                      W   P   E   S   O   R   P   L   V   U    M     H   G   C    L    PROSE
                                                                                      T   T   S   N   U   D   E   I   T   E    N     N   O   S    E    RIDDLE
                      3rd Grade                             ANSWER      THUMB                                                                          SCIENCE
                                                            CALF        WRESTLE                                                                        SHORTSTORY
                                                            CALM        WRINKLE                                                                        SONNET
M     I   K   N       O    B   B       M   A   L    W       CLIMB       WRIST                                                                          TALLTALE
L     S   N   E       T    F   O       S   T   I    W       DROUGHT
A     R   I   E       H    O   N       O   R   F    B       HANDSOME
C     W   T   H       G    I   N       K   R   L    M       HONEST
N     D   Z   E       U    L   Z       A   E   A    U       HONOR                                             What do you know about
T     E   S   L       O    L   E       L   W   C    H       KNIGHT                                             the US Constitution?
B     B   T   T       R    O   K       E   S   O    T       KNOB                                                          Take an online quiz at:
E     M   O   S       D    N   A       H   N   K    H       KNOLL
D     I   I   E       I    K   H       E   A   K    H       LIMB
W     L   E   R       A    L   S       M   L   A    P       LISTEN
                                                                                                                               and find out!
J     C   W   W       F    T   S       I   R   W    S       PALM

page 14                                                         NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS             Issue 118                                          Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                                    IDAHO FISH & GAME NEWS
Trees For Wildlife                            lions, is making it difficult for that elk     southeastern parks, we are helping restore       The plan will outline various long-term
By Steve Huffaker                             population to recover.                         aspen stands because too much of it has       strategies and objectives for programs
Director, Idaho Department of Fish               Healthy forests have a variety of habi-     been lost, contributing to the decline in     such as wild trout, hatchery trout, and
and Game                                      tats--some old growth and some new.            mule deer. In the south and central, vol-     warm water fish.
   As we celebrate Arbor Day, I want to       Opening the canopy and letting the             unteers are planting thousands of native        “The new plan will be the driving force
ask the 750,000 hunters and anglers in        sunlight to the forest floor is an essential   shrubs to restore winter range decimated      for fish management in Idaho for the next
Idaho to support the conservation and         process, and one that can be managed to        by fire and invasive plants. In the timber    six years,” Fish and Game regional fisher-
wise use of forest products. The fish and     provide multiple benefits to wildlife and      country of Northern Idaho, we are work-       ies manager Jeff Dillon noted. “We en-
wildlife resources we care about so           people. In some cases, fire may be the         ing to let the sunshine into extensive mid-   courage anglers to review the current plan
deeply are dependent on their habitat.        best method of opening the canopy. In          seral landscapes to create grasses, forbs     and provide us with their comments. This
Trees, shrubs and healthy forests are the     other cases, carefully planned logging         and shrubs used by so many species.           scoping period is a chance for citizens to
habitats that many species depend on for      projects may be appropriate. The best          While these particular activities are timed   bring their ideas forward regarding how
food, shelter, and escape cover. Healthy      alternative will have to be determined         to help celebrate Arbor Day, Fish and         the public’s fisheries should be man-
forests clean and filter the water and slow   based on a variety of factors including        Game is working year round with private       aged.”
its journey from the mountain to the          terrain, habitat, the needs of fish and        and public landowners to thoughtfully         Open house meetings to present the new
ocean to benefit the fish. Simply put, a      wildlife and other concerns.                   manage our forests, shrubs, grasses and       plan and take public comment will be
healthy landscape gives rise to abundant       There are many principles shared be-          wetlands to provide the food, shelter and     announced locally by regional Fish and
populations of fish and wildlife.            tween the wildlife and forestry disci-          cover needed to sustain healthy fish and      Game offices.
   Arbor Day should be a reminder to us      plines. Wildlife and plant population’s         wildlife populations.                            Copies of the current plan will be
all that healthy forests do not just happen, both produce a surplus, and that surplus          Please join us–if not in the ongoing        available for review at each of the upcom-
they require thoughtful management.          can be actively managed for use by peo-         effort, then at least on Arbor Day. Work-     ing open houses, and fisheries staff will
Please note I said management, not pro-      ple without harm. In both, total protection     ing together, we can create a better place    be available to discuss new ideas. Anglers
tection. Protecting forests from timber      can lead to overpopulation. In turn over-       for fish and wildlife.                        can also see the current plan and provide
harvest and fire doesn’t necessarily make population is subject to devastation                                                             online comments via the department’s
them more productive. In fact, in some       brought on by natural processes–drought,        Fish Management Plan                          web site (
cases protection can be detrimental to       disease, fire- which can consume exten-                                                       Written comments can be submitted to
                                                                                             Comment Sought
some species of wildlife. The lack of dis- sive areas. Managed removal of the har-                                                         Fish and Game at the following address:
                                                                                               Fish and Game’s statewide Fisheries
turbance and the resulting early, open       vestable surplus of trees and animals can                                                     Idaho Department of Fish and Game,
                                                                                             Management Plan is up for renewal this
habitat has contributed to the decline of    be done in smaller scales and result in                                                       Attn: Scott Grunder, P.O. Box 25, Boise
                                                                                             year, and the public is invited to help craft
elk in the upper reaches of the Clearwa-     sustainable productivity.                                                                     83707
                                                                                             the plan that will chart fish management
ter. That habitat change, coupled with         Fish and Game is celebrating Arbor
                                                                                             in Idaho from 2007 through 2012.
predation by wolves, bears and mountain Day all over Idaho. In the eastern and

          OBITUARIES                          Don was born on August 21, 1921, in
                                           Aylesbury, Saskatchewan, Canada; to
                                                                                                                                           De Bogart of Payette, Idaho; and a sister
                                                                                                                                           and brother-in-law, Doris and Larry
                                           Amos and Anna Lewis Van De Bogart.                                                              Waller of Emmett, Idaho. He is also sur-
               Gladys Lee                  After completing eighth grade in Canada,                                                        vived by a daughter and son-in-law,
                                           he moved to Enterprise, Oregon, and then                                                        Louise and Gary Duspiva of Parma,
Mrs. Gladys Lee of Moscow, formerly of to Nyssa, Oregon, where he began farm-                                                              Idaho, and their children, Aaron Duspiva,
New Plymouth, Idaho, passed away. On ing. Prior to World War II, he moved to                                                               Andrea Baughman, and Aric Duspiva; a
April 15, Mrs. Lee turned 101. She died Hermiston and worked at the ordnance                                                               son and daughter-in-law, Lee and Mary
April 17, 2006. Gladys’ children James     depot. He enlisted in the US Navy on                                                            Van De Bogart of Middleton, Idaho, and
and Grace will bring her home to New       September 23, 1942, and served on the                                                           their two sons, Jeremy and Kevin Van De
Plymouth to be buried by her husband       aircraft carrier USS Saratoga as an Avia-                                                       Bogart; five great grandchildren; and
Harold Lee, who passed away in 1971.       tion Ordnance Man 1st Class. He met his                                                         numerous nieces and nephews.
The family is asking any memorials be      future wife Trudy Marie Reeves while on               James Donald Van De Bogart                   The family would like to thank the
sent to Hospice Palouse, PO Box 9461,      leave in Portland, Oregon; and they were                                                        staff of the Idaho State Veterans’ Home
Moscow, ID 83843.                          married on April 15, 1945.                        tional Church in 1953, and was an active
                                                                                                                                           and the Boise VA Medical Center for
                                                                                             member throughout his life. He was in-
                                              After his discharge from the Navy on                                                         taking such good care of Don over the
                                                                                             volved in 4H for many years, sharing his
  James Donald Van De Bogart October 2, 1945, he went to work at the                         knowledge of photography and rock col-
                                                                                                                                           last year. The family suggests that in lieu
                                           Bomb Depot at Umatilla. He and Trudy                                                            of flowers, memorials be made in Don’s
                                                                                             lecting. He loved to hunt and fish, and
James Donald (“Don”) Van De Bogart,        bought 100 acres in the Black Canyon                                                            name to the Plymouth Congregational
                                                                                             could repair almost anything with mov-
84, of New Plymouth, Idaho, died Sun-      Irrigation District near New Plymouth,                                                          Church, PO Box5, New Plymouth ID
                                                                                             ing parts. He enjoyed square dancing,
day, April 16, at the Boise VA Medical     Idaho, in the fall of 1946, and began                                                           83655.
                                                                                             card playing, and just plain visiting. In
Center of natural causes. He was cre-      farming with horses and building their                                                                   William W. Loftis
                                                                                             later years, he and Trudy joined the Good
mated at his request, and a private inurn- home in 1947. They continued farming              Sams Club and traveled extensively.
ment will be held at Parkview Cemetery, until they retired and moved to town in                                                            William W. Loftis, 74, of New Plymouth,
                                                                                                He is survived by a sister, June Farmer
New Plymouth. A memorial service will New Plymouth in 1988. Don also worked                                                                passed away Friday, April 21, 2006, at
                                                                                             of Hermiston, Oregon; a brother, Lloyd
be held at the Plymouth Congregational construction on the I-80 freeway during                                                             SunBridge in Payette. Services and ar-
                                           the fall and winter, as well as picking           Van De Bogart of New Plymouth, Idaho;
Church, 207 Southwest Ave., New Ply-                                                                                                       rangements are pending with Shaffer-
                                           fruit and working at Kit Manufacturing.           a sister, Lois Louise Combs Van De Bo-
mouth, Idaho, at 1:00 pm on Saturday,                                                                                                      Jensen Memory Chapel, New Plymouth.
                                                                                             gart of Spokane, Washington; a brother
May 27. A reception for friends and fam-      Don joined the Plymouth Congrega-
                                                                                             and a sister-in-law, Jim and Mary Van
ily will follow.

page 15                                                           NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                     Issue 118                                    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
If You Care, Leave it There
Baby Animals Belong in the Wild
By Mike Demick, Regional Conservation Educator,               time of year is nearly limitless: baby robins, young red-     wildlife rehabilitator who might be able to raise the ani-
Idaho Department of Fish and Game – Clearwater                tailed hawks, fawn mule deer, calf elk, baby raccoons,        mal to the point that it can be released back into the wild
                                                              and baby rabbits just to name a few. The unfortunate          This is both a difficult and costly endeavor. The second
                                                              part of these well-intended “rescues” is that in most         choice is life in a zoo, hardly the place for a wild animal.
Evin Oneale, Regional Conservation Educator,
Idaho Department of Fish and Game – Southwest                 cases, the animal was not lost, abandoned, or orphaned.       And finally, many animals brought to our office must be
Region                                                            As baby birds mature, they often leave the nest in        humanely destroyed. If that strikes you as difficult to
                                                              their efforts to hone their flying skills. Adult birds con-   think about, consider what it must be like to carry it out.
  Spring is baby season for all things wild, with most
                                                              tinue to feed their offspring until such time that the            If you find a baby bird, rabbit, squirrel or other crit-
birds and animals busy with the task of raising their off-
                                                              young birds can survive on their own. Mammals                 ter, the best approach is to leave it undisturbed. Only
spring. It’s also the time of year when well-intentioned
                                                              (including deer and elk) routinely leave their young ones     move the animal if it is in harm’s way (wandering in the
folks find “abandoned” critters and bring them by our
                                                              in a secure location, moving off to feed and returning        road, for instance). Placing baby birds in a shrub or on a
office or call with questions about how to care for their
                                                              later (sometimes hours later) to retrieve their youngster     tree branch will help them avoid house cats. Don’t fret
new discoveries. We offer this simple solution: leave
                                                              (s). So in your forays afield, should you be fortunate        about getting your scent on a baby bird. The myth that
them alone.
                                                              enough to encounter a wild baby, appreciate it and then       birds will abandon their offspring once humans have
    Most young wildlife picked up by well-meaning,
                                                              leave it alone. Chances are very good that its parents are    handled them is just that: myth. Most birds lack a sense
concerned citizens die in captivity. Their dietary and
                                                              nearby, waiting for you to leave.                             of smell.
other needs are highly specialized and difficult to mimic
                                                                  Resisting the urge to pick up "abandoned" wildlife            Remember that all wild animals (no exceptions!)
sufficiently. Should they beat the odds and survive, they
                                                              helps ensure it will remain wild. Once an animal is re-       have a better chance of survival if left alone than if
face a hostile world with no survival skills. A lifetime of
                                                              moved from the wild, Fish and Game has only three             raised in a human environment. So, if you care, leave it
captivity is likely their fate.
                                                              alternatives. We can attempt to locate a professional         there.
    The list of young animals brought to our office this

          Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                                                                Mule deer fawn awaiting
                Meetings                                                                                                                      its mother’s return. June
       Senior Center Sunday at 6pm                                                                                                            is baby big game animal
              Open Meeting
                  Contact George                                                                                                              month. If you find an
                   278-0116 or                                                                                                                “abandoned” baby deer, elk
                                                                                                                                              or other mammal species,
Remove studded snow tires by April 30
                                                                                                                                              leave it alone. Mom is likely
Studded snow tires need to be removed by April 30,                                                                                            nearby, waiting for you to
the Idaho Transportation Department announced.
Idaho's studded snow tire season began Oct. 1.                                                                                                leave the area. Photo credit:
Studded tires are snow tires with small metal cleats
embedded in the tread. They may cause wear on                                                                                                 Evin Oneale, IDFG.
bare roadways.
Studded tire laws vary in neighboring states:
     Montana: Oct. 1 - May 31
     Nevada: Oct. 1 - April 30
     Utah: Oct. 15 - April 15
     Oregon: Nov. - 1 April 1
     Washington: Nov. 1 -March 31
     Wyoming: Legal all year
For updates on state highway and interstate con-
struction projects, call the Idaho Road Report at 511
or 1-888-IDA-ROAD (432-7623). For online up-
dates, visit the transportation department's road
report on the Web at

page 16                                                           NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                     Issue 118                                    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                                                                                                     The Ordinance Officer will be tasked with making many
                                                                                                                     judgment calls regarding nuisances and junk. In law
                                                                                                                     enforcement, we use what’s called the “reasonable ques-
                            From the Office                                                                          tion.” For example, if someone has a lawn full of old
                                                                                                                     refrigerator parts, miscellaneous engine parts, scrap met-
                            of the Payette County Sheriff                                                            als, etc., we would ask ourselves, would the average,
                                                                                                                     reasonable person consider this junk? Most would
                                                                                                                     probably say yes, that this is junk and in violation of the
                                                                                                                     junk ordinance.
                                                                                                                     At this point, the officer will photograph the violations
                                                                                                                     and serve a 10-day abatement notifying the owner he/
                                                                                                                     she has 10 days to remove the junk. If the junk is not
Greetings from the Sheriff:                                I would like to take this occasion to share with you some removed within the 10 days, the owner will be served
I believe Spring has sprung. The leaves are turning        information about the New Plymouth Code Book and          with a citation. The city may, at the owner’s expense,
green, the grass is growing and it’s time to put away the  how the Payette County Sheriff’s Office will be strictly have the junk removed.
winter coat (hopefully).                                   enforcing these codes. The New Plymouth Code Book is I can appreciate the old saying, “one man’s junk is an-
                                                           a set of laws, adopted by the citizens of New Plymouth, other man’s fortune,” but the junk or fortune should
With the beauty of spring come many other issues we        to enhance the state and county codes, as well as en-
must face as a community. The high river flows, cur-                                                                 probably be in the garage. Out of sight, out of mind.
                                                           hancing the security and attractiveness of the commu-
rently observed in our county as well as across the state, nity.                                                     Next week, I will elaborate on the Junk Vehicle Ordi-
have been the main topic of concern for my office. We                                                                nance.
are closely monitoring the river levels, both on the Pay- This week’s topic will be a portion of the nuisance ordi- Until next week, folks, please be careful and have a safe
ette and Snake Rivers, and we are ready to assist in case nances. NP Code 6-1-35: Nuisances defined are
of flooding emergencies.                                   “anything which is injurious to the health or morals, or week.
                                                           indecent or offensive to the sense or an obstruction to   Respectfully,
Another topic of concern for both the unincorporated       the free use of property so as to interfere with the com-
areas of the county as well as New Plymouth is ordi-       fortable enjoyment of life or property is declared a nui-
nance issues. I recently had the opportunity to meet with sance and as such shall be abated”. NP Code 6-1-27:        Chad Huff, Payette County Sheriff
the New Plymouth City Council and Mayor Moscrip.           Keeping of Junk Restricted: “It shall be unlawful for any
We discussed many of the ordinance violations that are person to store or keep any old articles or materials
occurring as I write. As you all know, the Payette         which may be classified as junk adjacent to or in close
County Sheriff’s Office is contracted to provide law       proximity to any schoolhouse, church, public parks,
enforcement services to the citizens of New Plymouth.      public grounds, business buildings, or residence without
This means enforcing all state, county and municipality first providing proper and tight buildings for the storage
codes (laws).                                              of same”.

                               OBITUARY                                                 Mayor’s Message
                               Robert A. Smith
                                                                                        City Clean Up in its Final Week!
                                In loving memory of Mr. Robert Arthur Smith, 68,
                                who fell asleep Wednesday, April 12, 2006, and          This is the final week for the City employees to pick up road side items. Be sure to
                                awaits the return of his Lord and Savior Jesus          call the City Hall at 278-5338 to let them know you have pick ups. They will take
                                Christ. His life and love were celebrated at a me-      junk cars, appliances that have outlived their usefulness, sticks, branches, bagged
                                morial service in his honor at 11:00 a.m., Saturday,    stuff and whatever else you have found that you want to clear out for Spring Clean-
                                April 15, 2006 at his ranch on the corner of South-     ing! They have already collected tons of stuff and are ready to make this last final
                                east First Avenue and Hwy. 52, New Plymouth.            push to get Spring fully kicked off.
                                Arrangements were under the direction of Shaffer-
                                Jensen Memory Chapel, Payette.                          There have been a lot of public hearings lately. Be sure to read the City Council and
                                                                                        P&Z notes from those hearings if you were unable to attend them to know what is
                              Bob was born January 11, 1938. He grew up in
                                                                                        going on within the community.
                              New Plymouth, where he attended elementary and
                              high school. The oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur        In other good news, DEQ finally released our West Boulevard Sewer line upgrade
                              Smith, he enjoyed taking his five younger brothers        project and gave us a green light on it! The City is putting the project out for bid now
                              and sisters to the movies and working hard on his         to see how much of it we can afford to do this year! This will replace “the OLDEST”
                              parents’ farm. He attended the University of Idaho,       existing sewer line in New Plymouth—it was put in back in the 40s, and this project
                              served in the Air Force, was a foreman on the             will cure some sewer issues we have been having on the West side of town.
                              Mossey Rock Dam, worked in Washington as a
                                                                                        Planning and Zoning still has an open position. To qualify for the spot you need to
                              contractor, and settled back in New Plymouth. He
                                                                                        live within the City Impact area but not in the city proper. Those interested should
                              married the love of his life, Sharon Kimmes, in
                                                                                        phone the City Hall at 278-5338 and leave their name with the City Clerk, Angela.
                              1961. They had three lovely daughters, Lorrie,
Karla and Paula, who they raised in New Plymouth while operating a successful
real estate business.
Bob was a man of great vision. He always had 20 irons in the fire and big plans
for the future. He set many challenging goals for himself and worked diligently
his whole life. His greatest business goal was to own his own ranch, which he
achieved and enjoyed for the past 20 years. Bob was a tender, loving father to his
girls, a constant source of joy and encouragement to his family, and a true pillar of
strength in his community.
Bob enjoyed hunting, fishing, going to Jackpot, dancing to Proud Mary, cattle
ranching, and wheeling and dealing at any auction.
Memorials may be made to the Flint Net Ministries, c/o Shaffer-Jensen Memory
Chapel, P.O. Box 730, Payette, Idaho 83661.

page 17                                                         NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                  Issue 118                                  Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Chili Feed Draws Even Elvis to New Plymouth
                                                     Credit for a wonderful
                                                     dinner and marvelous
                                                      service goes to head
                                                  cook Dody Willmorth and
                                                    her crew of volunteers,
                                                  who donated their time to
                                                 cook and serve a feast for
                                                  more than 200 people —
                                                  and clean up afterwards!.

Beautiful gift baskets like this one,
filled with wine and cheese, were
eagerly bid for during Friday’s Chili
Feed & Auction..

 Like ants to a picnic, people flocked to      sure a meal worth lining up for!            there would be too many leftovers.
 the Chili Feed & Auction on April 21.           Senior Center Coordinator Max                In spite of the crowd, everyone was
 The New Plymouth Senior Center was            Grogan somehow managed to provide           served quickly, thanks to Dody’s crew of
 filled with long tables, most of the tables   extra seating, greet the diners, and keep   volunteers, including Denise Selves,
 were quickly filled with diners, and still    everything running smoothly, while he       Carol Hooper, Judy McCance, even a
 more people came. Extra tables were set       explained that the evening’s proceeds       couple of granddaughters and other fam-
 up and just as quickly filled.                would help support the Senior Center.       ily members.
   A quick tour of the buffet line ex-        Head Cook Dody Willmorth reported               Just as dinner was winding down, into
 plained it all – from the savory chili to  that she had prepared enough food for          the building strode “Elvis,” complete
 the honey-corn meal muffins, salad, and 250-300 people – and it didn’t look like          with sideburns and sequins. Dody Will-
 amazing, chocolate-frosted éclairs, it was                                                morth escaped from the kitchen long
                                                                                           enough to introduce him, declaring
                                                                                           proudly that, much to the audience’s sur-
                                                                                           prise, “Elvis” was her nephew – other-
                                                                                           wise known as Leigh Wood – and he’s so
                                                                                           fond of her chili that he’d traveled all the   Elvis, otherwise known as Leigh
                                                                                           way to New Plymouth for a bowlful. But         Wood, crooned his way through the
                                                                                           first Elvis swung smoothly into action,        audience, taking time to pay special
                                                                                           crooning his favorite hit songs and de-        attention to several lucky ladies.
                                                                                           lighting the audience – especially the
                                                                                           ladies – with some very personal atten-
                                                                                           tion, and even a scarf or two.
                                                                                             To cap off the evening, several beauti-
                                                                                           fully-wrapped gift baskets, filled with
                                                                                           everything from wine and cheese to turn-
                                                                                           overs, were auctioned off to generous
                                                                                           bidders — all in support of the New
                                                                                           Plymouth Senior Center.

                                                                                             Under Dody Willmorth’s watchful
                                                                                             eye, one more diner is cheerfully
More than 200 people enjoyed the savory chili, honey-cornmeal muffins,                       served at the Chili Feed on Fri-
salad and chocolate-frosted éclairs at Friday’s Chili Feed & Auction at the                  day night.
New Plymouth Senior Center.

                                                                                                                           4-H/FFA Field Day
                                                                                                                           Ada County will host a field day on May 6 from 9 am-
                                                                                                                           noon at the Western Idaho Fair Livestock barns. All 4-
                                                                                                                           H & FFA members, leaders and parents from sur-
                                                                                                                           rounding counties are welcome. NO registration neces-
                                                                                                                           sary. Park out in the exhibitor's parking lot and walk in
                                                                                                                           through the livestock gate. There will be presentations
                                                                                                                           about showmanship. For livestock there will be beef,
                                                                                                                           sheep, swine, goat, dairy, horse and llama. The small
                                                                                                                           animals will cover cat, dog, cavy, rabbit, poultry and
                                                                                                                           pygmy goat. Questions? Call Dana Kolstad, 377-2107.

page 18                                                           NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                   Issue 118                                   Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                                        Your High School In Action
                                                        High School Parents: Is your
                                                         student having trouble with
                                                        homework and assignments?
                                            New Plymouth High School has an after school
                                            program to help your student(s) with homework
                                          and special assignments. It takes place at the high
                                           school from 3:00 to 4:00, Monday through Thurs-
                                          day. There are tutors also available for student, at
                                            no cost. If you have any questions about this or
                                            other programs, please call New Plymouth High
                                                           School at 278-5311

page 19   NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS   Issue 118                         Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                            males, $300. Going fast !!!! Call 278-      diesel pump, etc), vehicles, HVAC sys-        Includes strap and carrying case, $250.
      Classified                            3412 or 740-9805. 4/19                      tems, kitchen and cleaning equipment, as      Call 739-1026. 4/19
    Advertisements                          A nice 2-yr old Filly, gentle, does every- well as routine building and facility main-    Brand New Walker with 300 lbs capacity,
                                            thing right, doesn't kick or strike, been   tenance. Remuneration includes daily          $35. Call 278-0197 or 695-7489. 4/19
                                                                                        salary. Pay is based on experience and
                                            ridden 3 times, very smart. I am out of                                                   Violin Lessons, Beginner, Intermediate -
Classified ads are FREE for New Ply- hay and live 2-1/2 miles out of New Ply- qualifications. Applications should in-
                                                                                                                                      All ages, Wednesday & Thursday After-
mouth folk. Out-of-towners pay only         mouth on Butte road towards the free-       clude cover letter, resume, names and
                                                                                                                                      noons. Call 278-5532. 4/12
$5. Ads stay up for about 2 weeks                                                       contacts of three references. Mail to: Job
                                            way. Call for more details. 278-5216.                                                     Large Rabbit Cage, Tray & Stand, $35.
unless you tell us your item is sold.                                                   Search, Pilgrim Cove Foundation, 2201
                                            4/19                                                                                      Call 278-5532. 4/12
                                                                                        Woodlawn, Boise ID 83702. Applications
If you call in to post classified ads: When 2 Pigmy goats: 1-4 years old, 1 billy goat. will be reviewed upon receipt. Preferred      Iron Wash Pad, $150. Call 278-5440.
leaving a message, please speak clearly, $35 each or $60 for both. Call 278-3596. start date is June 2006. Summer-only                4/12
slowly and with great detail. We can not 4/19                                           applications will be considered. 4/26
always be available to answer the phone,                                                                                              Very Large Basket with handle. Call to
and your message is important to us.        Two 2 year old AQHA sorrel fillies,         Need Your Lawn Mowed? I am a 10 year          see. 278-5440. 4/12
Thank you.                                  bloodlines of Sugar Bars, Zan Parr Bar,     old saving for College. I will do a great     #20 Red Wing Crock, $175. Call 278-
                                            Two Eyed Jack, King Halter/lead broke       job for you. Call Clency at 278-3141.4/19     5440. 4/12
To place an ad, call: 278-3330.             and gentle, ready to start. $800 each. 278-
                                                                                        Experienced Telemarketer. Internet            Crock, #5 Pacific Stone Ware, $30. Call
                                            3812. 4/12
                                                                                        Truckstop is currently looking to fill a      278-5440. 4/12
    YARD SALES/MOVING SALES                 AQHA palomino stallion at stud. Flashy position for an experienced telemarketer.          Original Art Greeting cards - proofs and
2-Family Yard Sale May 5, 6 & 7 at 6848 Hot Brass stands 15 hands and is approx. Pick up application at 213 N Plymouth                overruns, All blank on inside. 75¢ each or
Holly Avenue, from 9 am to 5 pm. 4/26       1150 lbs. Bloodlines of Coy's Bonanza,      Ave, New Plymouth. 4/12                       12 for $6. Mix or match – your choice.
                                            Breeze Bar, Sugar Bars, Little Town and                                                   Limited to stock on hand. See and choose
                                                                                        Looking for a responsible, experienced
Moving Must Sell!! Lot of Disney mov- Hobby Horse. Athletic with a willing,             part time nanny for our 2 children. Must      at A B Company Printing, 304 W Elm St.
ies, bible videos, misc. movies, white      trainable mind that he passes on to his                                                   Open 9 AM-5 PM, Mon-Fri.
                                            foals. $350 plus $50 booking fee. Ask       be energetic and good with kids!!! Must
desk with hutch, chair massager, child's                                                be willing to travel and enjoy camping
desk, child's glider rocker, huge power     about our discounts. Mare care $5 per
                                                                                        and other outdoor activities. Great after      HOMES/APARTMENTS/OFFICES/
ranger megazords, box of yu-gi-oh toys, day. See him at                                 school or weekend job for the right per-                 LAND
box of transformers, ninja turtle play set, 4/12 son. Please call us at 278-3647 or 870-
micro blast race set, lot of rescue hero's,  Sorrel and white paint mare, 5 yrs old,    0273 for interview. 4/12                      New - Lease to Own, 3 bed, 2 bath, can
lot of boys summer clothes (10-12), lot of nice and stout. No papers. Had 30 days                                                     move in with equity, $800/month + secu-
girls summer and winter clothes (10-12), training as a two year old but has sat         Part-time, Data entry position that could     rity deposit. Call for more details. 208-
5 Fisher Price play houses, and 2 disney since. $600. 278-3812. 4/12                    eventually go to F/T. Apply at Internet       941-0417. 4/19
princess play houses, and a precious mo-                                                Truckstop, 213 N Plymouth Ave, New
                                             Goats: Pigmy breeding pair, white,         Plymouth ID. 3/29                             Property For Sale! 2.86 acres w/nice 3
ments toy box. Call 208-577-7348, 208-
                                            sweet, doe has been hand-milked. $25                                                      bedroom, 2 bath home built in 1993. LR,
278-5365 for prices and information!
                                            each. Liisa Schrank. Call 412-3381(NP). Taking Applications for part time or full         FR, Bonus Room, Deck, Patios, Carport,
4/12                                                                                    time work. Must be able to handle 40#
                                            4/12                                                                                      Shop, Barn, Metal Storage Shed. Lots of
                                                                                        when necessary. Pioneer Enterprises call      trees for privacy. 2 acres fenced. Irriga-
                                            8 month old pigmy wether goat, $50. Call 278-3675. 3/29
            LOST & FOUND                                                                                                              tion rights. $239,500. 3977 SW 2nd Ave
                                            278-5421. 4/12
                                                                                                                                      (Corner of Adams Rd & SW 2nd). Buy-
Lost: Black Lab, 2 Yr Old Female. Night                                                                                               ers’ Realtors Welcome, add 3% to price.
of April 18 from 6390 Adams Rd, New           SEEKING WORK OR WORKERS                                                                 Call 278-5590. 4/19
Plymouth. No Collar, Very Friendly,                                                     Hospital bed, round metal frame, brown
Loves to Play Fetch. Reward if Found.       Pilgrim Cove Camp is looking for a Cer- color, hand crack built in, with stainless        Wanted: pasture to rent for horses. 278-
Please Call (208)741-1735 or 1736. 4/26 tified Lifeguard/Waterfront Director.           steel side rails. U-Haul. Call 278-3158 for   3812. 4/12
                                            Applications should include a cover let-    more details. Going very cheap! Money
Found Dog: Black, Male Labrador. 6-10
                                            ter, resume, names and contacts of three will be going to the NPQRU. 4/26
months old. Found on April 10th. SE 3rd                                                                                               VEHICLES & FARM EQUIPMENT
                                            references, mailed to: Job Search, Pilgrim GE Refrigerator for sale, Almond color,
Ave. 278-3523. 4/19
                                            Cove Foundation, 2201 Woodlawn, Boise in great condition. $150/OBO. Call 541-             For Sale 220 Kawasaki ATV, New Seat,
Found: Australian Shepherd Dog at 3700 ID 83702. Applications will be reviewed                                                        New Front Tires, New Battery
                                                                                        212-6910. 4/19
Sand Hollow Road. Call 866-8427 to          upon receipt. 4/26                                                                        $1400.00 call 278-3293. 4/26
claim your dog. 4/12                                                                    Appliances sold and repaired. This
                                            Assistant Cooks and Dishwashers: sev-       week’s special: GE washer: $75, Norge         1997 Ford Explorer XLT. Power win-
                                            eral positions are available for full-time  washer: $100. 278-5636. 4/19                  dows, doors, locks. 6-disc CD player,
                CRITTERS                    summer (June - August) employment in                                                      4WD, V8, rear air, $5100/OBO. 208-250-
                                                                                        Whirl Pool extra-large capacity washer &
                                            the kitchen, and part-time employment                                                     6891. 4/26
Rabbits For Sale, mini rex, mini lops,                                                  dryer, 3yrs old. Excellent condition, $250
                                            year around. Remuneration includes daily
Netherlands, meat rabbits and fryers. Call salary. Pay is based on experience and       a pair (Paid $700). Call 642-7724. 4/12       For Sale, 1987 Ford Ranger, 4 cyl. 5 spd.
278-5574 for more information. 4/26                                                                                                   Good Condition. $1800. Call 278-5864.
                                            qualifications. Applications should in-
                                            clude a cover letter, resume, names and                                                   4/19
FREE! Several adult African geese.                                                                         STUFF
Males and females.Corn fed. Yum-yum. contacts of three references, mailed to:                                                         1989 Ford Taurus, Good Engine, Needs
Call Dwayne at 278-5096 for more infor- Job Search, Pilgrim Cove Foundation,            Picked Fresh Daily - Asparagus, $0.85 lb      Transmission. $300. Call 278-5421. 4/19
mation. 4/26                                2201 Woodlawn, Boise ID 83702. Appli- at 3191 SW 1st Ave, New Plymouth.                   1995 Mercury Grand Marquis – 153K
4-H & FFA Pig Projects for Fair. Call       cations will be reviewed upon receipt.      278-3191 or 573-3412. 4/26                    miles, automatic transmission, V8 4.6
278-3277 for more details. 4/26             Preferred start date is June 2006. 4/26     For Sale: 6 pieces of 12" - Bell-End, ce-     liter engine, air, cruise, power steering,
Salers and optimizer bulls. B&B Live-       Pilgrim Cove Camp is looking for a cus- ment tiles, $5/ft. or $30ea. Call 365-3426.       power windows, AM/FM stereo, cassette,
stock. Call 278-3518. 4/26                  todian, full-time during the summer         4/26                                          power seat, heated mirrors. Very clean,
                                            (June-August) and part-time the rest of     Farm Fresh eggs. $1/dz. 278-5774. 4/26        runs great, good family car. $2,000 OBO.
Cow Calf pairs for sale. B&B Livestock.
                                            the year. Summer housing can be pro-                                                      Call 278-3703. 4/19
Call 278-3518. 4/26                                                                     12.5 hp riding lawn mower with 40"
                                            vided on camp but is not suitable for win-                                                1987 Chevy ½ ton 4x4, runs good, needs
8 month old pigmy wether goat, $50. Call ter. Responsibilities include cleaning and snow blade and chains, new seat and bat-
278-5421. 4/19                                                                          tery. $650. Call 278-3150. 4/26               transmission work. $850. 278- 3331. 4/19
                                            maintenance of the camp facilities, in-
Yorkie/Pom (Ready May 1) Born March cluding lodges, cabins, bathrooms,                  One Sony Video Camera, 8mm, 2 extra           1982 Ford P/U. $500. Call 278-5440.
20. Father is a 1.5 pound pom. Mother is kitchen, etc. Must have ability to operate batteries, along with LCD 3 1/2" screen.          4/12
a 2.5 pound Yorkie. For sale: 2 very cute and maintain diesel equipment (skidsteer,

page 20                                                        NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                   Issue 118                                   Wednesday, April 26, 2006
2002 Honda 4x4 Foreman 400, $3,000.           would like to say, “Welcome to the          Have you ever wanted to learn sign lan-       DJ's Pilgrim Market). Preschool - 2nd
Call 278-5440. 4/12                           neighborhood!” to the newest childcare      guage? Here's your chance. Classes will       Grade 3:15 - 3:45; Beginners 3rd grade
10-1/2 ft. cabover camper, hydraulic          place, Kiddie Corner Learning Center.       be offered for Moms and Babies, Youth,        and up, 3:45 - 4:15. Classes $15/month
jacks work great, inside needs work.          The Rainbow Room will be expanding to       Teens, Adults and Seniors. This is a fun      Contact Mary Ann Walker, 549-2138
                                              include diverse and specialized programs.   way to communicate with Friends and           Adult class available; call for times.
$150. 278-3812. 4/12
                                              These changes create wonderful opportu-     children. Looks great on a resume. Rea-
Pick-UP Mounted Camper, 8ft pick-up           nities for our communities. For further     sonable prices. Classes starting soon.        Richard Frates tree removal service.
bed, $500.00. Call 278-5015. 4/5              information call 278-5859.                  Contact Chris Mayberry at 278-5665 for        Trees removed on case-by-case basis.
WANTED: 12 foot leadbar for harrows.                                                      more details. 4/26                            Free estimates. Call: 278-5636.
Call or leave message for Skip.               ACHD (Ada County Highway District) is
Home:278-5433; Work:387-5433; Cell:           looking for interested people who would     Need Senior pictures done? Family pic-        Harwell Pest Control will get rid of your
484-7468. 4/5                                 like to Commuter Ride Van from Payette      tures? Big studios too expensive? Call        Earwig, Spiders, Wasps, Aphid and bill-
                                              County/Ontario with stops in either Black   Stephanie for well done, reasonably-          bugs. Guaranteed. Call Curtis, 278-5890.
                 OTHER                        Canyon or Sandhollow exit to Gowen          priced portraits. Will go on site. 278-5567
                                              Field, Boise. Federal Technicians and       12/7                                         Rodenator Services Protect crops, or-
We will haul off vehicles, motors, lawn       AGR's are eligible for vouchers that                                                     chards and ranches. Eliminate prevent-
mowers, anything to do with engines.          cover the entire cost if they use the       Piano and Guitar lessons. Will work with able horse injuries from burrowing pests
Call 278-9826. 4/26                           ACHD Commuter Ride van. Van sched-          your schedule. You can start immedi-         and tunnels. High elimination rate/
                                              ule would be 0700-1630. If interested       ately. Please call Stephanie at 278-5567. environmentally friendly. Young &
WANTED! A guitar player, a piano              please call (208)422-6466                   12/7                                         Stearns Underground Pest Abatement
player, a drummer, and singers. I am                                                                                                   208.278.5818 / 208.989.6225 Serving
looking to start a Christian band to help     Storage Units 10x10 & 10x15. Call for       Need an attorney or legal services but       SW Idaho/Eastern Oregon. Specializing
little churches that need that extra little   more details: 208-707-2562. 2/1             can't afford it? Call now for pre-paid le-   in Farms & Horse Ranches. 4/20
bit. And to hopefully go somewhere.                                                       gal insurance. Business opportunities also
ALL ages are welcome. If you are inter-    Is excellent health important to you? If       available. 278-5636. 11/9                    Computer Services & Tutoring ~ Web
ested, please contact Brandy at 278-5431   so, please accept a free e-mail subscrip-                                                   Design. Computer gone buggy, running
or 340-5504. Thank you and God Bless!      tion to "Perfect Health: NATURALLY!"           Richard Frates at DreamScape is now          slower than it used to? Need to learn to
4/12                                       Your e-mail address and personal infor-        doing all styles of fence installation. Call download photos from your digital cam-
                                           mation are absolutely safe with us, and        now and get wintertime discounts on          era & email them? Virus and spyware
Family Daycare accepting one after-        will never be shared. TO SUBSCRIBE,            fencing. 278-5636. 11/9                      removal, maintenance, equipment and
school and two full-time applicants. ICCP go to:                                                             software upgrades, computer lessons,
Certified for low-income families. Open maillists/?p=subscribe.                           Kiddo Candles now in New Plymouth EZ website design, wireless networking.
6 a.m. to 6 p.m., negotiable for your work Trouble Sleeping? New breakthrough in          Mart - Next to the US Post Office. All       House calls! I'll pick up your computer
hours. New Plymouth school district bus nanotechnology lets you sleep like a baby         Candles hand-poured in New Plymouth. and deliver it to you when it's finished or
stop one block from our home in New        - even prevents snoring - safely, with no      Call 891-9595. 11/2                          you can drop it off at my shop. Refer-
Plymouth Heights Subdivision. Member drugs or side effects. ABCompany, 278-                                                            ences available. Laurie Macrae, 208-278-
of the Assembly of God Church here in      5800, or come to the store at 304 W Elm, we also do Refills in 3545. Email or
town. Please give me a call for an inter-  St. 10 AM to 4 PM (winter hours).                                                           visit Weekend
                                                                                          your favorite container. Call with any
view. Bonnie @ 278-5628. 3/22                                                             questions. We have lots of Holiday           and evening calls ok. 6/22
                                           Time to prune your Fruit Trees and mani-       Scents. Every Candle is hand-poured.
Is your High School Class having a reun- cure your yard. Call Master Pruner Curtis        891-9595. 10/26                               Valley Family Medical offers FREE
ion this year? Put the Payette County      Harwell. 30 years’ experience. 278-5890.                                                     Yoga classes to their patients. *Health
Museum on the agenda of things to do!      2/1                                            Custom Poultry Processing by Home-            *Balance *Strength. Call The New Ply-
Call 642-4883 to set the date.                                                            grown Poultry LLC. Call for processing        mouth Clinic for more details: (208) 278-
                                           Does your church, youth group, school or       fees at 278-0127 or 278-3471. 10/5            3335. Classes offered by Jim Callis,
Rugrats Daycare. 278-3395. Monday-         non-profit group need a place to hold a                                                      MPAS, PA-C.
Friday, 6am—6pm. ICCP, CPR, and First retreat, banquet or event? The Pilgrim              Project Princess: Do You have semi-
Aid Certified. Taking Newborns to 12       Cove Camp in McCall, Idaho, has just the       formal or formal dresses taking up space      Music lessons, beginning guitar and be-
years of age. In-home environment with place for you. We are a year-round camp                                                          ginning to intermediate piano. Taking all
                                                                                          in your closet? Don't know what to do
1/2 acre fully fenced in play area. Trans- that can accommodate your needs. Our           with them? I can help! I am collecting        ages, can work with your schedule! Call
port your Rugrats to and from school.      camp can hold up to 60 people in the           dresses, shoes, purses, and slips for girls   278-5532. 3/9
Have 2+ years experience. We are moms winter months and 125 people in the                 to borrow so they can attend their High
that want the best care for your children  summer months for overnight retreats.          School Homecoming Dance or Prom.              LINE DANCING: CALL Ann 278-5800.
as well as our own. Call for Rates. Tonya We have 2 meeting areas and a large din-                                                      4/6
                                                                                          Here's how it works: Girls can come to
or Stacey. 3/22                            ing room. Our camp has a magnificent           Project Princess (located in the old school   Clothing Closet & Food Bank. Highway
                                           view of the Payette Lake and is located        building in Fruitland) and borrow a dress     Assembly of God, 100 Whitley Dr.,
Certified Birth Doula currently has open- just a few minutes from downtown                to attend their school formal by providing    Fruitland, ID 83619. Offering free food
ings for new clients. If you would like to McCall. Find details on how to book a          a school ID card, and leaving a $10           and clothing the last 3 Saturdays of each
know more about how I can help you         retreat on our website at                      cleaning deposit. It's that simple! If you    month, 10am-1pm. Information or dona-
achieve a positive birth experience for or by calling                                                        tion: 208-278-9861.
                                                                                          would like to donate any items or even
you and your baby, please give me a call. (208)634-5555 and asking for Heather or         volunteer a little bit of time, please con-
I work with single mothers as well as      Dusty. 1/25                                    tact me! Amy Williams: awil-           CEA-HOW: a 12-step program for
couples, and also do free childbirth edu-                                        or 452-6002.  recovering compulsive eaters. Meet-
cation meetings in your home. I'm look- Carrie French/John Ogburn Memorial                                                       ings are Monday 2-3 P.M. and Friday
ing forward to meeting you! Please call    Scholarship Candles at EZ-Mart & Pil-          High speed internet available EVERY-   2-3 P.M. at the Senior Citizen center
Tricia Snyder at 278-5747. 2/22            grim Market. 60% of the profits go to          WHERE! Out in the country…no prob-     back room. Wednesday 7-8 P.M. meet-
                                           Scholarship Fund. Candles are $10.00
                                                                                          lem. Contact Bruce or Ava at 577-8723. ing at Community of Christ Church,
Business opportunity: Decorative con-      each - Kiddo Candles.                                                                 327 Elm St. For more information con-
crete curbing business for sale. Call for                                                                                        tact Angela at 350-8508 or Lynae at
details: 278-5636. 2/15                    Don’s Custom Painting, Light construc-         Come Join New Plymouth's Hottest Clog- 278-3081.
                                           tion and decks-interior, exterior work.
                                                                                          ging Dance Team "Buckles & Bows." For
New Plymouth is blessed to have several Call 278-3136                                     Guys and Gals, every Tuesday starting
quality child care programs. The Rain-                                                    Sept. 13 Located at VFW Hall (next to
bow Room Child care and Preschool,         Sign Language Classes starting soon.

page 21                                                         NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                    Issue 118                                   Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                                             CHURCH NEWS
          Church Activity                  wish to help, they can use soda               forms are available at church, or campers    please leave a message if no one answers.
                                           pop,tortilla chips, nacho cheese, hot dogs    can print the application forms off the
          Announcements                    and buns or cookies. Please see Lisa          website,            Plymouth Congregational Church After
                                           Wells. Proceeds all go to Royal Rangers       Campers are encouraged to bring a friend     School Program, Wednesday from 3:30—5
Assembly of God News                       or to the Missionettes program. Nickel        to help make the summer camp experi-         pm.
                                           Fund money is due today. Please give          ence more fun. Early registration must be
Well, here we are, another week in this                                                                                               LDS News
                                           your nickel donation to Sister Dianne.        in by May 15 to save $10 on the camp
wonderful month. So much going on. We
                                           Thanks for helping to support our mis-        fees. You can earn a Volunteer Service       The activities committee of the 2nd Ward
had a wonderful Easter Sunday with spe-
                                           sionaries. Well, I hope you have a lovely     Credit of $80 to put towards the camp        is planning a fun-filled evening for the
cial services by Pastor Isaak, our special
                                           week. DON’T FORGET to hug your                registration for yourself, a member of       whole family. A 50's dance is set for
Choir and our Childrens’ Choir and a skit
                                           wife , tell her how important she is, kiss    your family, another camper of your          April 29 in the Gym of the LDS church.
by our young adults, giving you a choice
                                           your kids and listen to their day, help       choice, or a needy child. This can be        We want to invite anyone who likes to
between Heaven and Hell. They did a
                                           your neighbor if he needs it, do some-        earned if you serve as a cabin counselor,    dance and have a good time to come join
great job. It was a day of Honor for our
                                           thing nice for your elderly parents, they     camp grandparent or chaplain. Sign up to     us. It is a family dance so it will be from
                                           did for you, and let the light of the Lord    be a counselor and enjoy the church camp     7-10 P.M. If you grew up in the fifties
This Sunday Eve we had our first Baptis- shine on you. God Bless. Remember--             experience with your child.                  there are certain to be lots of memories.
mal in our new church. What a special      Peace starts with a Smile. God Bless and                                                   There is no charge for the dance and the
time for us all! Baptized were Tricia      keep you.                                     Camp Dates: May 26-29, Work Week-            community is invited.
Baldwin, Brandi Myers, Anne La Haie,                                                     end. We will have numerous jobs that
Tyler Kilmer, James Wall, and David                                                      need to be completed. There are things
Wall. What a special time, one we will     Assembly of God news contact, Pat Nicho-                                                   Baptist Church News
                                                                                         for nearly everyone, young and old, to
never forget. God Bless You All. We                                                      assist with, from the typical cleaning of    Jr. Hi. R.I.O.T. Sunday nights at 5:30 p.m.
were also honored with Dr Linfield                                                                                                    at the church. Sr. Hi. BYF Sunday nights at
                                                                                         camp to putting a foundation under the
Crowder and his lovely wife. He            Congregational Church News                    Governor's Mansion. This will hopefully
                                                                                                                                      5:30 p.m. at the church.
preached on the reasons to be baptized.    Church Camp                                   be a great opportunity to meet, what we
He was so interesting, funny and truly                                                                                                Home Cell Groups are available at various
                                           Plymouth Congregational Church Camp           hope will be hired by then, the new Camp     locations and times on Wednesdays, Thurs-
enjoyable, made the evening special. Spe- is around the corner. This experience is       Manager. June 9-11, Music Camp, All          days and Sundays. Please contact the
cial thanks to him for taking time to      rewarding, fulfilling and is a unique op-     ages. July 16-22, Pilgrim's (completed 2-    church for more information 278-3233.
speak to us. Remember - Wed, 7 pm--        portunity to make a difference in the lives   5th grades) & Sojourner's (completed 6th,
Family Night; Rangers and Missionettes of our youth. We are committed to pro-            7th or 8th grade) Camps. August 5-7,
Sat 9 am Derby Racing, weigh in is at
                                                                                                                                      Catholic Church News
                                           viding half the tuition for ALL campers.      Women's Retreat (Hosted by New Ply-
9am, racing begins at 10 am. Everyone is Full or any part between half and full is       mouth Congregational Church Women).          Divorce Care You don't have to go through
welcome to come out. Missionettes will     gladly provided if additional help is         September 1-4, UCC Family Camp. Sep-         it alone. Find help at Divorce Care - weekly
be making snacks available. It sounds      needed to be able to send your child to       tember 8-10, New Plymouth Congrega-          seminar and support group for people who
like fun, see you there! Also, many have camp. Those needing assistance should           tional Church Family Camp. For more          are separated or divorced. It's a place where
asked how can they help, so for you who contact Susan Howe. Camp registration            information, call the church at 278-3577,                            (Continued on page 23)

                                                                              Community of Christ                                            Worship: 11:00
             Church Directory                                                   327 Elm 278-5817                                     Prayer meeting Tuesday: 7:00 pm
            Please send corrections or additions to                  Continental breakfast/ fellowship 9-10am                               Pastor Allan Payne
                                                                     Classes from 10:00 till 11:00 for All ages
                                                                             Worship service at 11:00                           Sand Hallow Baptist Church
                    Assembly of God                        Nursery available. We have a totally handicapped equipped            29627 Old Hwy 30 - 455-1539
                        278-5711                           building for our physically challenged friends. ALL are wel-        Sunday School (all age) 10:00am
               Worship: 11:00 am, 6:00 pm                                              come!                                 Worship for children's church 10:45am
             Family night Wednesday 7:00 pm                                   Joe & Venita Shockley                          Wednesday night youth group 6:30pm
               Sunday School all ages 10 am                                         Co-Pastor's
                    Pastor: Elden Issak
                                                                                                                            Wednesday night adult bible study 7:00pm
                                                                           First Baptist Church                                     Pastor Dallas Claypool
                Bible Faith Fellowship                                   Worship: 9:30 & 11:00 am                               Corpus Christ Catholic Community
                       278-3125                                                                                                     St Aloysius Catholic Church
                                                                        Evening Prayer service 7 pm
                  Worship: 11:00 am                                                                                                           642-2261
                                                                         Youth Fellowship 5:30 pm
             Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 pm                                                                                   Saturday 4:15-5:15pm Payette Confessions
                                                                   Wednesday Adventure Club 3:30-5:00 pm
                   Pastor Jim Mayes                                                                                            Saturday 5:30pm Payette Mass English
                                                                          Pastor Phil Pittman, Jr.
                                                                                                                                Sunday 8:30 am Payette Mass English
       Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints                       Immanuel Lutheran Church                              Sunday 10:30 am Payette Mass English
           Seminary: Brother Butler 278-9290                                       278-3080
                                                                                                                                Sunday 1:00 pm Payette Mass Spanish
           Youth Activity Wednesday 7:00 pm                         Sunday School & Adult Class: 10:00 am
                                                                                                                           Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday 9:30 Mass
                   1st Ward 278-3663                                           Worship: 11:00 am
                                                                                                                          Thursday Adoration of Blessed Sacrament 10:00am
              Sacrament Meeting 11:00 am                   Lutheran Hour: 9:30 am, Channel 630 AM-Dial KBOI Boise
                                                                                                                                   Father Calvin L. Blankinship Jr.
                   Bishop Lane Austin                                        Pastor Robert Rowley
                                                                                                                                Treasure Valley Mennonite Church
                    2nd Ward 278-3880                                        Pilgrims for Christ                                       Sunday School 10 am
                Sacrament Meeting 9:00 am                                   642-4460 or 365-7224                                          Worship 11 am
                 Bishop Kreal Christensen                               At old NP Grange on Maple St                                     Pastor: 278-5340
                                                                    Sunday 10:00 am—Wednesday 7:00 pm                                    4110 SW 1st Ave
                 Church of the Nazarene                                                                                                     278-3769
                        278-9494                                   Plymouth Congregational Church UCC
                                                                                 278-3577                                                   Church of Christ
                 Sunday School: 9:45 am
                                                                            Pastor Susan Howe                                        1st S Nebraska Ave in Fruitland
                    Worship: 11:00 am
                                                                          Sunday School 9:30 am                                         Sunday Bible Study 10 am
            Evening Evangelistic Hour: 6:30 pm
                                                                            Worship: 10:30 am                                            Worship 11 am and 6 pm
           Wednesday Midweek Service: 6:30 pm
                                                                                                                                      Wednesday Bible Study 7 pm
                  Pastor Rod Tegethoff
                                                                             Seventh-day Adventist                                        Minister Herman Pope
                                                                                   278-3813                                                     452-3445

page 22                                                       NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                       Issue 118                                 Wednesday, April 26, 2006
  COMMUNITY RESPONSE                                        HEALTHY FOODS = HEALTHY KIDS
     And NOTICES                                            Guest opinion submitted by Idaho Senator Mike Crapo

To be considered for publication, letters must in-          In 2002, the Outdoor Industry Association ranked           The 25 Idaho schools that are
clude your name, address, and phone number.                 Idahoans, 16 and older, as top in the nation in per-       participating in the program or mail to                 centage of the population participation in outdoor         serve close to 10,000 students in
PO Box 10, NP 83655. Deadline for publication is            activities. It makes sense, considering the beauty and     counties statewide. Students and
the FRIDAY BEFORE YOU WANT IT TO AP-                        accessibility of our natural recreation resources, and     teachers have expressed wide-
PEAR. Submissions AFTER that deadline will                  the many local and state initiatives which have fur-       spread satisfaction with the pro-
probably be published the following week.                   ther enhanced our ability to enjoy the outdoors.           gram in letters and emails to the
                                                                                                                       State Department of Education,
NOTICES                                                     Yet, just a year later in 2003, the Centers for Disease    indicating tremendous success.
4-H April 29th, 1st County Horse Judging at Fair-           Control surveyed high school students nationwide
grounds in New Plymouth. Registration at 8:00am,            and what they discovered about Idaho students was          While a commendable start,             Senator
Judging begins at 8:30am.                                   not such positive news. Eighty-one percent of Idaho        current funding levels for this      Mike Crapo
                                                            high school students consumed less than the recom-         critical program serve a limited
The next Payette County Fair Board meeting is               mended servings of fruit and vegetables a day over a       number of states. This is why I am working with my
scheduled for Tuesday, May 2, 7 p.m. at the fair-           seven-day period. Seventy-one percent had not par-         colleagues to urge members of the Senate to increase
grounds in New Plymouth, Idaho.                             ticipated in sufficient moderate physical activity over    funding to expand this program. A substantial invest-
                                                            a seven-day period (defined as breaking a sweat            ment in FFVP will improve the health of school chil-
Dessert Banquet to Honor 8th Grade Students:
                                                            when exercising for at least 30 minutes on less than       dren nationwide.
We are planning a dessert banquet in honor of all
                                                            five of the seven days). Eleven percent were at risk
8th grade students on Wednesday, May 24, 2006, at
                                                            for becoming overweight. Clearly, we need to keep          In this day and age, electronic entertainment com-
the New Plymouth Middle School Gym. Each fam-
                                                            encouraging our kids toward a lifestyle that many          bined with busy family lives, creates an environment
ily is asked to bring their favorite dessert to share.
                                                            Idaho adults already enjoy.                                that encourages sedentary lifestyle habits. Parents,
 We are asking parents to provide a baby picture of
                                                                                                                       schools and communities must counteract these ten-
their 8th grader for a special presentation during the
                                                            Schools in Idaho are fully aware of the issue and are      dencies by providing healthy eating and exercise op-
banquet. Please bring the baby picture with the stu-
                                                            taking meaningful steps to change poor nutrition           tions. It's my hope that the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable
dent's name on the back to Mrs. Alderson at the
                                                            trends of our youth. The 2004 School Health Profiles       Program will be expanded to help ensure the health
Middle School office. ALL PICTURES NEED TO
                                                            indicates that 68 percent of Idaho's middle/junior and     of our children.
                                                            senior high schools teach important nutrition and
MAY 5, 2006. Pictures will be returned on the night
                                                            dietary topics in a required health education course;      In addition to this effort, the U.S. Department of
of the banquet. If you have any questions or would
                                                            78 percent require students to take two or more            Health and Human Services, the National Cancer
like to help with this, please call Suzanne Nishizaki
                                                            physical education courses; and 33 percent have            Institute and the National Institutes of Health sponsor
or Tammy Arnzen at 278-5333.
                                                            fruits or vegetables available for purchase at a school    a website with some suggestions for ways to incorpo-
New Plymouth Chamber of Commerce Horseshoe                  store or snack bar.                                        rate fresh fruits and vegetables into a daily nutrition
Days planning has begun. The committee is looking                                                                      regimen. Some of these include having fruit at break-
for donation of prizes to be used for the Noble Duck        Recently, the federal government began stepping up         fast every day; keeping a bowl of fruit on your desk
Race, Silent Auction, and other activities. Please          these efforts in Idaho in a very tangible way. In No-      or counter; keeping bags of dried fruit around as
have all donations ready for pickup by the last week        vember 2005, the President signed Public Law 109-          easy, non-perishable snacks; and storing cut-up vege-
of May. The committee would appreciate any other            97, which provided $751,800 to 25 Idaho schools in         tables in the fridge at your child's eye-level. It's also
assistance as well. This year’s Horseshoe Days              an expansion of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Pro-         important to encourage children to eat fresh fruits,
event will take place June 17 at the Payette County         gram (FFVP) under the 2006 Agriculture, Rural De-          vegetables or nuts as an after-school snack as op-
Fairground in New Plymouth. Activities will in-             velopment, Food and Drug Administration and Re-            posed to heavily-processed, pre-packaged snacks.
clude vendors, annual library book sale, live enter-        lated Agencies Appropriations bill. First operating as
tainment, Outlaw Lawn Dragster Race, Noble Duck             a four-state pilot program, FFVP provides free fresh
                                                                                                                       For more tips on healthy eating and recipe sugges-
Race, All Town Yard Sale, Silent Auction and                fruits and vegetables as healthy snacks to students in
                                                                                                                       tions, please visit my website, http://
much more. For more information, call Tina Tropf            schools across the nation, benefiting students and
at 642-3333 or Valerie Loftin at 249-4670.                  farmers.

               BALLOTS                                                                                                 4110 (Cell) or 278-5890 (Home). Sharing the true
                                                         Church News (Continued from page 22)                          plan of salvation
will be using Optical Scan paper ballots instead of      you can be around people who understand what you are feel-    Church Public Relations Officers: Please send us
punch card ballots for the upcoming Primary Elec-        ing. It's a place where you can hear valuable information     your news items. Send to
tion on May 23, 2006. Sample ballots will be pub-        about ways to heal from the hurt. This is a non-    , or PO Box 10, New
lished prior to the election and will be available at    denominational gathering based on scripture. The weekly       Plymouth, ID 83655. Or call 278-3330, and leave a
the County Clerk’s office in late April.                 seminar will begin is held Thursdays at 7pm at Holy Family    message.
Betty J. Dressen                                         Parish Hall in Payette (1212 1st Ave. S). If you have ques-
Payette County Clerk                                     tions call Tad at 278-3286

             NOTICE OF CHANGE                            The Community of Christ
            IN POLLING LOCATION                          Happy Spring Break to the Teens in our community. The
                                                         Community of Christ at 327 Elm will host the next teen         Newspaper Info:
                                                                                                                        Editor: Anne Church, 278-3330
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: Voters registered                movie night on May 12 at 7:00 pm. We will continue to
to vote in Payette County, Precinct # 8, formerly        have movie night the 2nd Friday of each month. Pass the        PO Box 10
New Plymouth City Hall, will now be voting at the        word to your friends and come on out and enjoy a good          New Plymouth, ID 83655
New Plymouth Assembly of God Church, 4025                movie with your friends. Popcorn and pop furnished and         Article submission deadline:
Highway 30, New Plymouth, Idaho.                         it's all FREE.                                                 Friday prior to publication.
Betty J. Dressen                                                                                                        Printed by the Idaho Press Tribune, Nampa, Idaho
Payette County Clerk                                     New Life in Home Ministry                                      Subscription Information: distributed FREE in the 83655
                                                         Introducing New Life in Home Ministry. Here to serve           ZIP code. All others, please send your name & mailing
                                                         you 24/7. Call Rev. Minister Curtis Harwell. Call 761-         address & phone number along with annual subscription
                                                                                                                        rate of $10 to the address listed above.

page 23                                                        NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                    Issue 118                                Wednesday, April 26, 2006
                                                                         Wednesday 26           Thursday 27            Friday 28               Saturday 29
    COMMUNITY                                                            Dance at Senior Center
                                                                         6 pm –9 pm             Softball at Marsing,   NO SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                               Baseball @ Vale (DH),
                                                                                                                                               12 noon
                                                                                                 5 pm
  EVENTS CALENDAR                                                        Track at Nampa Chris- Baseball vs. Marsing,
                                                                         tian, 4 pm              5 pm
                                                                                                                                               Sabercats Football
                                                                                                                                               6pm NPHS field
                            City                                                                Odd Fellows, 8 pm,
                                                                                                Odd Fellows Lodge
                           Month                                                                Community Children’s
                                                                                                Choir Concert, 7 pm

Sunday 30             Monday , May 1           Tuesday , May 2           Wednesday, May 3      Thursday, May 4         Friday, May 5           Saturday, May 6
                      Kiwanis meeting, noon
AA Open Meeting,                               Softball vs Melba, 5 pm
                      at Senior Center                                   Dance at Senior Center Softball vs. Nampa
6 pm, Senior Center                            Library Board, 6 pm,      6 pm –9 pm              Christian, 5 pm
                      City Council, 7 pm,       Library at City Hall
                      Library at City Hall                                                      Baseball vs. Nampa
                                               Fire Dept. 7:30 pm be-
                                                                                                Christian, 5 pm
                                                hind City Hall
                      Rebekah Lodge, 1 pm,     QRU, 7 pm, 127 Holly                            Track at Fruitland, 4
                      IOOF                     American Legion Auxil-                          pm
                      High School Junior/       iary, 1 pm
                      Senior Banquet           Baseball @ Melba, 5 pm

    WHERE IT’S AT: Senior Center:             126 N. Plymouth Ave.                           Odd Fellows Lodge 73:            4167 SW 2nd Ave
                   City Hall & Library:       301 N. Plymouth Ave.                           American Legion:                 308 Holly

page 24                                                    NEW PLYMOUTH NEWS                  Issue 118                                Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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