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                     Developing environmental education nature-based tourism and
                     outdoor recreation initiatives on a soild waste management site in
  1     AAC1441667   Conway South Carolina

  2     AAC3247764   Identity in jewelry design in a post-apartheid South Africa

                     Gilakasla*: A sustainable tourism strategy for the
  3     AACMR23667   DaNaxdaxw/Awaetlala First Nation

  4     AAC1441635   The interpretation of Comingtee Plantation

                     An empirical assessment of ecotourism destination image of the
  5     AAC3241686   Central Balkan National Park in Bulgaria

  6     AAC1441851   Havana (after)life: Touring the entropics (Cuba)

                     Japanese girl meets Nepali boy: Mutual fantasy and desire in Asian
  7     AACMR22929   vacationscapes of Nepal

  8     AAC1441869   A waste water treatment plant as a contemporary public space (Italy)

                     Culinary tourism as a destination attraction: An empirical
  9     AAC3222069   examination of the destinations food image and information sources

 10     AAC3246073   Going Deutsch: Heritage tourism and identity in German Texas

                     What about the locals? The impact of state tourism policy and
                     transnational participation on two Central Asian mountain
 11     AAC3226970   communities
                     Diversification as the nucleus of economic reform policies in the
 12     AAC3235526   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A tripartite study

                     Body and soul: Landscape aesthetics the market revolution and the
 13     AAC1437946   nineteenth-century American wilderness (New York)
                  Effectiveness of a Cuban marine protected area in meeting multiple
14   AACNR16694   management objectives

                  Communities in change: Social sustainability and tourism
15   AACMR17148   development

16   AAC3248326   Representative dissonance in heritage tourism in India

                  Surfin Vietnam: Trauma historical memory and cultural politics in
17   AAC3214055   20th century literature and film

                  Visit our town: Linking community health to rural tourism
18   AACMR14516   development (Ontario)

                  Accessibility and attitudinal barriers encountered by travelers with
19   AAC1439605   physical disabilities in China

                  Multidimensional model of destination brands: An application of
20   AAC3243992   customer-based brand equity
                  Network management in cultural district implementation: The case
21   AAC3239947   of Philadelphias Avenue of the Arts (Pennsylvania)

                  Tides of change: Place meanings in the Broughton Archipelago
22   AACMR21529   (British Columbia)

                  Conservation in context: Establishing natural protected areas during
23   AAC3206062   Mexicos neoliberal reformation

                  Roots rights and belonging: Garifuna indigeneity and land rights on
24   AAC3216117   Honduras north coast

                  Engaging the tourism industry in forest management planning: An
25   AACMR24029   evaluation of Ontarios Resource Stewardship Agreement process

                  An analysis of community forest implementation in British
26   AACMR21487   Columbia Canada
                  So how long have you been Native?: Self-commodification in the
27   AAC3235744   Native-owned cultural tourism industry

                  Representational politics of plantation tourism: The case of the
28   AAC3242805   Hampton Plantation (South Carolina)

29   AAC3222175   A landscape history of the Black Hills (South Dakota Wyoming)

                  Inn-vironment: A place for restoration recovery and renewal from
30   AACMR22458   air travel
                  The role of small tourism businesses in urban tourism development:
31   AAC3215170   A case study of Indianapolis (Indiana)

32   AAC3223918   Geographic search engines

33   AAC3251601   Information search behavior of Chinese leisure travelers

                  Assessing the Web-based destination marketing activities: A
34   AAC1439577   relationship marketing perspective

                  Characteristics of nonconsumptive wildlife recreation activities
35   AAC1435571   among Illinois residents

36   AACMR23189   Co-management in the Negril Marine Park Jamaica

                  Resident perceptions of tourism in a rapidly growing mountain
37   AACMR23385   tourism destination

                  Influences of the summer use program at Lake Louise Mountain
38   AACMR20888   Resort on the surrounding grizzly bear population

39   AAC1433426   A battlefield preservation plan for Champion Hill (Mississippi)

40   AACNR23516   Female tourists magazine advertisements and travel preferences
                  In search of Winnetou: Constructing Aboriginal culture in the
41   AACNR13611   tourist encounter (Alberta)
                  Assessment of the impacts of tourism development in coastal
42   AAC3239904   communities in Belize

                  The reconstruction of Sainte Marie: Social political and religious
43   AACMR15680   influences on an archaeological interpretation (Ontario)

                  Bridging alternative tourism knowledge with practice in northern
44   AACMR20234   Saskatchewan
                  The Hmong girls of Sa Pa: Local places global trajectories hybrid
45   AAC3224212   identities (Vietnam)
                  Investigating consumer judgments within a tourism-based industry:
46   AAC3220451   The case of commercial whitewater rafting

                  Sex and money: The place of my film and other ethnographic films
47   AAC1438394   within contemporary film festivals (Original film)

                  Creating health in a Native American sweat lodge: The production
48   AAC1437904   of an alternative healing space

                  Selling Tanzania conservation and tourism through portrayal of the
49   AAC1439441   African myth by the United States media
                  Compelled to run His Majestys Ship ashore: A multidisciplinary
                  approach to submerged cultural resource management at HMS
50   AAC3207389   Santa Monica shipwreck site (United States Virgin Islands)

                  Unearthing Pipestone: A design strategy for the proposed Pipestone
51   AACMR22491   Creek dinosaur museum (Alberta)

                  Visit yesterday today: Ethno-tourism and Southern California 1884--
52   AAC3226543   1955
                  The posthuman novel (Maurice Dantec Michel Houellebecq France
53   AAC3234138   Bret Easton Ellis William Gibson)

54   AAC1434252   Equestrian tourism as a form of economic development
                  History and horses: The potential of destination marketing in a rural
55   AACMR17686   community. A study from Iceland
                  Cultural influences on leadership style: Tourism industry leadership
56   AAC3195274   in Nizhny Novgorod Russia

57   AAC3242498   Spiritual itineraries: Journeying to self via Sacred India

                  Re-imagining the past: The construction of resettled communities as
58   AACMR16428   tourist attractions in Newfoundland and Labrador and Scotland

                  Census of nonhuman primate populations of Comuna El Pital in
59   AAC1433167   south central Ecuador (Cebus albifrons Alouatta palliata)
                  Urban host community perceptions of tourism market segment
60   AAC3229572   impacts: Evidence from Indianapolis (Indiana)
                  Tao residents perceptions of social and cultural impacts of tourism
61   AAC1439247   in Lan- Yu Taiwan (China)

                  Tourism in a Chinese water town: Application of a creative
62   AACMR17183   destruction model

                  Working and playing Banaras: A study of tourist encounters
63   AAC3219526   sentimental journeys and the business of visitation (India)

                  A study of changes in patterns of travel behavior over time: A
64   AAC3216137   cohort analysis approach

                  Constructing an intifada for statehood: Palestinian political violence
65   AAC3225628   in United States news 2000--2004

                  The effectiveness of interpretive methods in informal educational
66   AACMR24504   facilities: An experimental study with reference to marine parks

                  The role of coastal wetland soils in the Mar Menor area to reduce
                  environmental impacts caused by eutrophicated waters and mine
67   AAC3245558   wastes: The case of the Marina del Carmoli salt marsh
                  Imperfect distance: Contemporary Cuban film and media across the
68   AAC3234147   Florida Straits
                  Historic preservation leading to heritage tourism as an economic
69   AAC3242690   development strategy for small Tennessee towns

                  The impact of sport tourism event image on destination image and
70   AAC3236343   intentions to travel: A structural equation modeling analysis

                  Delphi forecast for mobile technology in tourism applications in
71   AAC1440225   Japan
                  Eternal mountains---Eternal Germany: The Alpine Association and
72   AAC3247341   the ideology of Alpinism 1909--1939 (Austria)

                  An investigation of dematerialization planning options at tourism
73   AACNR23884   destinations: Technical and behavioural dimensions
                  Travel behaviors of United States university students: Travel
                  involvement push motivations pull motivations satisfaction and
74   AAC3248569   destination loyalty
                  Measuring the relative importance to new migrants of different
                  Comox Valley attributes: A comparison of the growth and
                  development and the protect and conserve mindsets (British
75   AAC3226732   Columbia)

                  The business of selling the Soviet Union: Intourist and the wooing
76   AACMR20671   of American travelers 1929--1939
                  The development of digital cultural products in the age of
77   AAC3233444   globalization: Focusing on the Korean digitalized animation industry
                  An examination of the relationship between tourism and freshwater
                  resources in a small island environment: A case study from the
78   AACMR17194   Yawawa Islands Fiji

                  (Re)visiting the land of enchantment: Tourism and race in New
79   AAC3253942   Mexico

                  Impact of aquatic macrophytes on Escherichia coli concentrations at
80   AAC1439816   recreational inland beaches

                  Oxidative stress in the aquatic environment: Effects of hypoxia and
81   AAC3223168   polychlorinated biphenyls in fish and bivalve molluscs
82   AAC3232206   Food images in destination marketing

                  Recollecting a region: Gender tourism and the literature of New
83   AAC3236033   England 1870--1900

                  In the shadow of Freire: Popular educators and literacy in Northeast
84   AAC3234384   Brazil (Paulo Freire)

                  Perceived constraints on participating in walking or hiking along
85   AACMR22555   the Trans Canada Trail
                  Control power tourism development and conservation: Planning an
86   AAC3215064   island with a traditional culture (Taiwan China)

87   AAC3230229   Bayesian hierarchical boundary analysis for areal public health data
                  In the whirlpool of imaginaries: Caribbean histories carnivals and
                  sexualities in tourist discourses and local literatures (Guyana
88   AAC3227446   Trinidad and Tobago Haiti St. Kitts and Nevis Jamaica)

                  An analysis of cruise ship management policies in parks and
89   AACMR23436   protected areas in the eastern Canadian Arctic

90   AACMR20651   Meta-analysis of planning issues involving the NIMBY phenomenon

                  Performing identity staging injustice: Californias Ramona festival
91   AAC3227356   as ritual
                  We come to rebuild ourselves: Tourists tourist spaces and
92   AAC3227300   reconceptualizing transformative learning theory
                  Emergence in coupled human-landscape interactions: Combined
                  numerical and agent-based models for barrier island resorts and
93   AAC3236623   flood disaster and response in New Orleans

                  Poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation in rural Brazil: A
94   AACMR22846   case study of the Cananeia Oyster Producers Cooperative
                  The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami: Tourism impacts and recovery
95   AAC3241574   progress in Thailands marine national parks

                  Multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing of tropical marine benthic
96   AAC3220389   habitats
                   Identifying trail users interests within Ontarios sustainable forest
 97   AACMR20900   management framework: A case study of the French/Severn Forest

 98   AACMR20597   A communitys perspective on tourism development by Mitz Ro
                   Constructing heritage at Copan Honduras: An ethnography of the
 99   AAC3204306   archaeology industry

                   Utilizing different instructional formats in a Web-based distance
100   AAC3242948   learning program about leisure service delivery

                   War and remembrance on Peleliu: Islander Japanese and American
101   AAC3245927   memories of a battle in the Pacific War (Micronesia)
                   Rural leaders perceptions of tourism development in San Juan
102   AAC1441157   County Utah: A case study
                   Landscape and postcolonialism in British West Indies travel
103   AAC3238768   narratives 1815-- 1914
                   The long-term self-sustainability of Kenyan HIV/AIDS service
104   AAC3236709   organizations in the absence of international funding
                   Americans intentions to vacation in East Asia: An empirical
                   investigation of the relationships among information source usage
105   AAC3248599   destination image perceived risks and intention to visit
                   A consumer situational analysis: The influence of young children
106   AAC3215789   on the purchase of travel to overseas destinations

                   Hotel design in Zionist Palestine: Modernism tourism and
107   AAC3212117   nationalism 1917-- 1948

                   Mapping modernity: Representations of Paris in the early Third
108   AAC3248379   Republic 1870--1900 (France)

109   AACMR15066   An investigation of recreation and cohesion in isolated communities

                   Marketing mysticism and the purchase of pilgrimage: The rise of
110   AAC1435127   spiritual tourism in Cusco and Iquitos Peru
                   An assessment of Utah tourism industrys perceptions of hospitality
111   AAC1441161   and customer service training

112   AAC3231018   Three Hundred Crowns: A novel (Original writing)

                   Tourism in Deqin China: A cultural economic and environmental
113   AAC1436942   assessment
                   Red gods in the sportsmans Eden: Wildlife conservation and the
                   ordering of land in the Stikine Plateau 1905--1918 (British
114   AACMR18647   Columbia)

                   Service quality in convention management: What is the value of the
115   AAC1436782   meeting concierge?

                   Application of the theory of planned behavior to select a destination
116   AAC3245773   after a crisis: A case study of Phuket Thailand
                   Political-economic transitions and environmental change in
117   AAC3208534   Micronesian island states: A case study in the Republic of Palau
                   Something thats coming to the people: A comparative analysis of
                   backpacker tourism and community development in South Africas
118   AACMR16622   Wild Coast
                   Canadas Maritime Islands experience in stimulating tourism and
                   knowledge- based services exports: Lessons for small island
119   AACMR19569   economies?
                   Tourist town: Tourism and the emergence of modern San Francisco
120   AAC3230781   1869--1915 (California)

                   Depressions de voyage: Reecritures de lailleurs de Michaux a
121   AAC3225524   Chevillard (France Henri Michaux Eric Chevillard)
                   Gateway to Africa: The pilgrimage tourism of diaspora Africans to
122   AAC3223051   Ghana

                   Worlds of Tangier Morocco: Experiential narrative and place-based
123   AAC3242112   perspectives

                   Tear-gas epiphanies: New economies of protest vision and culture
124   AACNR18544   in Canada

                   Eloquence and encounter: Corsican female lament in performance
125   AAC3225533   and imagination (France)
                   The application of affordance theory to explain the landscape
126   AAC3241560   preferences of travelers

                   Krieghoff in context: Souvenir paintings of the habitant community
127   AACMR18802   in nineteenth-century British North America (Cornelius Krieghoff)

                   Community-based ecotourism and sustainable community
128   AACMR16647   development: Exploring the relationship

                   The politics of nostalgia and the signification of space: Walter Scott
129   AAC3249344   and Washington Irving

                   Ageing in the triangle: Contextualising work identity and
130   AACMR19448   caregiving in Bermuda

                   Perceptions of service quality satisfaction and the intent to return
131   AAC3220971   among tourists attending a sporting event
                   Love in the time of money: Intimate and economic affiliations
132   AAC3210011   between men in Chiangmai Thailand
                   The impact of tourism on the economy of Nevada: A tourism
133   AAC1433417   satellite account and computable general equilibrium model
                   Tributaries in the stream of civilization: Race ethnicity and national
134   AAC3222006   belonging among Nubians in Egypt

135   AAC3205457   Incidental tourists: Vernacular photo-travel books 1900--1940
                   Mapping modern Beijing: A literary and cultural topography 1900s--
136   AAC3213600   1950s (China)
                   Cultural heritage identity and tourism in Mauritius: Moving beyond
137   AAC3220177   the tourist gaze
                   Art identity and patronage: A history of three Southern African
138   AAC3212401   workshops for San/Bushmen artists (1990--2003)

                   Tubuan: History tradition and identity among the Tolai of Papua
139   AACNR20107   New Guinea
                   Theorizing educational tourism: Practices impacts and regulation in
140   AAC3213606   Ecuador

                   Exploring the minds of sex tourists: The psychological motivation
141   AAC3231038   of liminal people

                   Claiming Christmas for the tourist: Living history in Dundurn
142   AACMR15325   Castle (Ontario)

                   Tides of politics traced in stone: Modernization preservation and
143   AAC3254108   residues of change (Italy)

                   Piazza Libero DOrsi: A city gate to the archaeological park of
144   AAC1439146   Ancient Stabiae Italy

                   Rural community participation in tourism development: Cases from
145   AACNR23690   Hainan Province China

                   The nationwide economic and environmental impacts of tourism: A
146   AAC3234619   computable general equilibrium approach for Thailand

147   AACMR14130   Co-op and the classroom
                   Transnational opposition and negotiation: Challenges to an oil
148   AAC3227967   pipeline in Ecuador

                   Transmitting the balafon in Mande culture: Performing Africa at
149   AAC3212644   home and abroad (Guinea)
                   A comparison of travel behaviors of African American and White
                   travelers to an urban destination: The case of New Orleans
150   AAC3226957   (Louisiana)
                   The contribution of object and setting to the symbolic meaning of a
151   AAC3217180   cultural special event (Alabama)

152   AAC3213234   The walking tour guide: Cultural workers in the Disneyfied city
                   Celebration of wealth and emulation of modernity: The politics of
153   AAC3243033   model tourism in Chinas richest village
                   Nature-based tourism impacts in I-Lan Taiwan: Business managers
154   AAC3228874   perceptions

                   Quantifying short-term seacliff morphology of a developed coast:
155   AAC3244182   San Diego County California

                   Macau tourism development in cooperation with its neighbors
156   AAC1439961   (China)

                   Study on the transition of scenery view and the formation of tourist
157   AAC3243911   destination in China
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Virginia,           LAS VEGAS,     MS    2006       53
Phetvaroon,         STATE
Kullada,            UNIVERSITY,    PhD   2006   211
Piazza, Millicent   UNIVERSITY
Mei-Ling,           OF MICHIGAN,   PhD   2006   219
Pugh, Sarah A.,     (CANADA),      MA    2006   131
Raj, Shiu S. N.,    (CANADA),      MDE   2006   124
Rast, Raymond       UNIVERSITY
W.,                 OF             PhD   2006   412
Ravindranathan,     OF
Thangam,            PENNSYLVANI    PhD   2006   316
Reed, Ann,          UNIVERSITY,    PhD   2006   293
Roberson,           OF
George F.,          MASSACHUSET    PhD   2006   346
Robertson,          UNIVERSITY
Kirsty Mairi,       (CANADA),      PhD   2006   558
Rosenberg, Ruth     OF
Emily,              PENNSYLVANI    PhD   2006   283
Rourke, Thomas CLEMSON
A.,               UNIVERSITY,    PhD   2006   138
Samulak, Anna UNIVERSITY
Regina Christine, (CANADA),      MA    2006    85
Sandmeyer,        UNIVERSITY
Allison E.,       (CANADA),      MA    2006   142
                  RUTGERS THE
                  OF NEW
Scraba, Jeffrey JERSEY - NEW
Michael,          BRUNSWICK,     PhD   2006   449
Sherratt, Marian UNIVERSITY
L.,               (CANADA),      MA    2006   170
                  THE OHIO
Shonk, David J., UNIVERSITY,     PhD   2006   169
Shulich, Thomas, UNIVERSITY,     PhD   2006   565
Slocum, Susan UNIVERSITY
L.,               OF NEVADA,     MS    2006    80
Smith, Elizabeth NEW YORK
A.,               UNIVERSITY,    PhD   2006   350
Snow, Rachel,     OF NEW YORK,   PhD   2006   293
Song, Weijie,     UNIVERSITY,    PhD   2006   301
Soper, Anne K., UNIVERSITY,      PhD   2006   134
Taplin, Jessica   EMORY
Joye Stephenson, UNIVERSITY,     PhD   2006   307
                  OF BRITISH
Tateyama,         COLUMBIA
Hirokuni,         (CANADA),      PhD   2006   290
Taylor, Shane,     UNIVERSITY,    PhD     2006   336
Tepanon,           AND STATE
Yodmanee,          UNIVERSITY,    PhD     2006   146
Terry, Andrea,     (CANADA),      MA      2006   121
Toxey, Anne        OF
Parmly,            CALIFORNIA,    PhD     2006 N/A
Varone,            OF
Leonardo,          MARYLAND,      MArch   2006   200
                   OF WATERLOO
Wang, Yang,        (CANADA),      PhD     2006 N/A
Wattanakuljarus,   OF WISCONSIN
Anan,              - MADISON,     PhD     2006   193
                   ROYAL ROADS
Watts, Christine   UNIVERSITY
A.,                (CANADA),      MA      2006   128
Widener,           BROWN
Patricia,          UNIVERSITY,    PhD     2006   493
Williams, Joe      OF
Luther, Jr.,       MARYLAND,      PhD     2006   186
Williams, Kim      OF NEW
Howard,            ORLEANS,       PhD     2006   169
Wooten, Marian     CLEMSON
Hinnant,           UNIVERSITY,    PhD     2006   201
Wynn, Jonathan     UNIVERSITY
R.,                OF NEW YORK,   PhD     2006   389
               OF ILLINOIS
               AT URBANA-
Yang, Han-Sun, CHAMPAIGN,    PhD   2006   213
Chin,          OF FLORIDA,   PhD   2006   158
Young, Adam    OF
Patrick,       CALIFORNIA,   PhD   2006   208
               OF NEVADA,
Yu, Qin,       LAS VEGAS,    MS    2006   117
Zhu, Zhuanfa,  (JAPAN),      PhD   2006   230

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