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									Board of Directors Minutes Sunday, September 17, 2006 USAS - Detroit, Michigan CALL TO ORDER Newly elected USA Swimming President Jim Wood called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 17, 2006 with the following in attendance: Board of Directors and Ex-Officio: George Block, Wayne Burrow, Peter Carney, Ed Dellert, Duffy Dillon, Pete Gannon, Ted Haartz, Larry Johnson, Michael Lawrence, Pat Lunsford, Vicki Marsh, Arlene McDonald, Eric Nelson, Dale Neuburger, Richard Pockat, Linda Riker, Jim Ryan, Trent Staley, Mary Jo Swalley, Ron Van Pool, John Wilson, Jim Wood, Carol Zaleski. Board Members and Ex-Officio Not Present: Sandy Baldwin, Tom Dolan, Janet Evans, Julie Gorman, Mark Henderson, Bryan Jones, Bill Maxson, Wells O’Brien, Ross Wales. AGENDA REVIEW (Attachment #1). DECLARATION OF CONFLICT OF INTEREST “Is any member aware of any conflict of interest (that is, of a personal interest or direct or indirect pecuniary interest) in any matter being considered by this meeting which should now be reported or disclosed or addressed under the USA Swimming Conflict of Interest Policy?” There were none declared. WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS Jim Wood asked all at the table to introduce them selves. The following were voted into office: President – Jim Wood (outgoing Ron Van Pool) Administration Vice President – John Wilson (outgoing Local VP – Mary Jo Swalley; outgoing National VP – Jeff Gudman) The two positions have been combined. Program Development Vice President – Mary Jo Swalley (outgoing Leanne Spletzer) Program Operations Vice President – Pat Lunsford (outgoing Mike Saltzstein) Technical Vice President – George Block (outgoing Jim Wood)
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Athlete’s Vice President – Trent Staley (outgoing Bryan Jones) Athlete’s Executive Vice Chair – Linda Riker (outgoing Trent Staley) Treasurer – Peter Carney (second term) Central Zone – Arlene McDonald (non-coach, second term) Eastern Zone – Ed Dellert (coach, second term) Southern Zone – Richard Pockat (non-coach; outgoing Dan McAllen) Western Zone – Vicki Marsh (coach, second term) CHECK SIGNING APPROVAL Peter Carney the check signing authority needs to be updated, removing Ron Van Pool’s signature and adding Jim Wood’s. (Attachment #2) MOTION: Ta approve the resolution removing Ron Van Pool’s name from the bank check signing authorization and adding Jim Wood. APPROVED. CONFIRMATION OF EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS MOTION: To approve the following individuals as Ex-Officio Members of the USA Swimming Board of Directors from this date to the 2007 United States Aquatic Sports Convention. Ron Van Pool Dale Neuburger Carol Zaleski Bill Maxson Bill Wadley Sandy Baldwin Ross Wales Ted Haartz Julie Gorman Bryan Jones Jason Prince Tom Dolan Janet Evans Mark Henderson

APPROVED. The following names were removed from the USA Swimming Board of Directors ex-officio list: Janet Evans, Julie Gorman, Jason Prince. 2006 – 2007 MEETING DATES The following Board of Directors meeting dates are presented and accepted: November 18, 2006 - Los Angeles January 19-20, 2007 – Colorado Springs April 27-28, 2007 – Colorado Springs August 6, 2007 (Executive Committee) - Indianapolis LEGAL REPRESENTATION Ron Van Pool gave some background information on this item. This following motion was tabled from the April 2006 Board of Directors meeting so that the newly elected Board Members could decide on a course of action.

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MOTION: To approve the following recommendations: To continue to employ Holme, Roberts & Owen as outside counsel; to eliminate the formal role of Secretary / General Counsel on the USA Swimming Board of Directors. Jim Wood’s recommendation is to proceed with a one-year commitment to retain the combined position of Secretary / General Council as a member of the Executive Committee on the USA Swimming Board of Directors. Details can be examined more closely to determine if legislation should be proposed for the 2007 House of Delegates that recommends removing this combined position from the Executive Committee. The Secretary position would remain. MOTION: To add Wells O’Brien as an ex-officio member of the USA Swimming Board of Directors. APPROVED. KATRINA RELIEF CONTRIBUTIONS Representatives from Louisiana Swimming asked Chuck Wielgus to bring this request to the Board. Louisiana Swimming is asking that any additional funds relating to the Hurricane Katrina relief contributions from USA Swimming’s SwimA-Thon program, be given directly to their LSC to help affected clubs in the area. The original decision on this was voted on at the House of Delegates last year so the Board does not have the power to determine this on their own. There was a one-year period of time that was agreed on when this was voted on. There are also other LSCs that have been affected and doing this would not be appropriate. There are no changes to the original agreement. SPEEDO SECTIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ALLOCATION Ed Dellert explained that the original legislation concerning the SPEEDO Sectional Championship meets was that two meets could take place per course then changed to a minimum of one to allow for the zones to run a super sectional, similar to what occurs in the Eastern Zone. The $40,000 allocated to the zones to run meets and the Board voted to allocate $10,000 per meet. MOTION: To allocate $10,000 to the Eastern Zone: $2,500 to each of the two short course meets and $5,000 to the long course meet. Second. Mary Jo Swalley offered a friendly amendment that states if other zones are in this similar situation that these funds would be allocated to them as well. This was accepted. APPROVED.

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INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING HALL OF FAME (ISHOF) Bruce Wigo updated the Board of Directors on the International Swimming Hall of Fame. The ISHOF website should be activate within the next three weeks. A new ISHOF Board of Directors will be named and meeting soon. Would like to set aside time for the USA Swimming Board to meet and talk with the ISHOF Board. Jim Wood and Chuck Wielgus offered time at the November 18 USA Swimming Board of Directors meeting in Los Angeles. Bruce will contact Jim Wood to confirm details. TASK FORCES MOTION: To approve the formation of a Paralympic Task Force; names to be announced at the November BOD meeting. APPROVED. MOTION: To direct the Governance Task Force, to examine governance items determined by the USOC in relation to the National Governing Bodies and come back in November with compliance recommendations to the Board. APPROVED. CLOSED SESSION – POLICY OF ADDRESSING DATED, MISDEMEANOR 304.3 VIOLATIONS For the purpose of the Background Screening pilot program, the Board adopted the policy regarding the stated misdemeanor violation. ADJOURN This meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m. RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED: APPROVED BY:

Kathy Parker, Executive Coordinator

Jim Wood, President

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For a copy of an attachment, please contact Kathy Parker – or 719-866-4578. Attachments September 17, 2006 Board of Directors USAS – Detroit, Michigan Attachment #1 Attachment #2 Page 1 – Agenda Page 2 – Check Signing Approval

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