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					Sticks and Stones

    Read the story
    Pupils will know and understand:

   Name calling can be bullying.
   How being bullied can make someone
   There are ways to try and deal with

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                 Teaching Notes
            This resource aims to promote discussion about
            bullying. It follows the story of Luke and how he is
            bullied through name calling.
            You will need to set your whiteboard to interactive as
            there are slides available to write down children's
            You can read straight through the story or choose to
            discuss the story and make notes.

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Move   Luke was happily walking
Pee    to school minding his own
Wee!   business whistling as he
       went. Suddenly he heard
       someone shout “Get out
       of my way Pee Wee!” As
       he turned around he saw
       Kevin, the biggest boy in
       school, racing towards
       him on his skateboard.
       Luckily he leapt out of
       the way just in time to
       avoid being knocked over.
            Find out what happened next
                                 On his way home Luke
                                 saw Kevin with his dog
                                 waiting on the corner.
                                 Luke kept walking and
                                 hoped for the best. “Hey
                                 Shrimp, what’s it like
                                 down there,” laughed
                                 Kevin. “You are the most
                                 pathetic excuse for a boy
                                 I have ever seen.”

                      What could Luke do now?

Click to write down your ideas           Find out what happened next
                          What might happen if
What could Luke do now?   Luke does this?

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                                 Luke ran home as quickly as
                                 he could just hoping that
                                 Kevin or his dog wouldn’t
                                 chase him. When he got
                                 home he went into his
                                 bedroom and sat alone,
                                 quietly wondering why
                                 Kevin was being so mean to
          How do you think Luke is feeling, sitting in his room?

Click to write down your ideas               Find out what happened next
What do you think Luke might be thinking about,
how might he be feeling?

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The next day Luke spent all
day trying to stay away
from Kevin.
Unfortunately he only
managed to do it until lunch

       Find out what happened next
“You’re so small and
scrawny I could squash you
and feed you to my dog
Tyson. Where do you buy
your clothes, the baby
section?” laughed Kevin.
Luke tried to hold back the
tears but eventually they
began to trickle down his

       Find out what happened next
                                 As his alarm went off the
                                 next morning Luke rubbed
                                 his eyes and wished he
                                 didn’t have to go to school.
                                 “I could tell mum that I’m
                                 not very well, maybe she
                                 will let me stay home,” he

          What do you think would happen if Luke doesn’t go
                          to school today?

Click to write down your ideas            Find out what happened next
What do you think would happen if Luke doesn’t go
                to school today?

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               “I’m sorry Luke but you
   Could mum   don’t seem that ill to me.
    help me?   You shouldn’t take time off
               school unless you are really
               ill,” said Mrs Thomas.
               “Should I tell mum about
               Kevin?” thought Luke.

Tell mum                   Don’t tell mum
     How do you think the story will end if Luke doesn’t
                      tell his mother?

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Luke told his mother
everything that had
happened. He told her all
of the nasty things that
Kevin had said and that he
was afraid to go to school.

       Find out what happened next
                     Luke’s mum said to Luke
                     that she thought the
                     names Kevin had called him
                     were silly names. “Shrimp,
                     is that the best he can
                     do?” giggled Luke’s mum.
Luke started to laugh too, as he thought about
what Kevin had said. “Feed me to his dog, what
a ridiculous idea” chuckled Luke.

                            Find out what happened next
                     The next day when Kevin
                     started to say mean things
                     Luke didn’t start to cry.
                     Instead he thought about
                     how silly Kevin was and
                     began laughing. Kevin tried
                     again but Luke just laughed
                     even harder.
Kevin finally got bored with Luke laughing at
him and just carried on walking to school.

                             Find out what happened next
Luke enjoyed going to school again.

   The end         Back to tell mum or not

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