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art exhibition PR EN-NOV07


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									               Her Royal Highness Princess Rajwa Bint Ali
              Opens Art Exhibition at the Children’s Museum

(Amman, Jordan- November 2007) Under the patronage of Her Royal
Highness Princess Rajwa Bint Ali, the Children's Museum opened its first art
exhibition on Monday, November 19th. The exhibit will be open to the public
until Monday, November 26th.

 The exhibition presents works by children of different age groups that
participated in the museum’s varied studio activities and workshops. In "A
Journey Through the Art World", children explored the arts of several
historical periods through painting and experimentation; in "My Crazy Book of
Colors" children discovered colours through various activities to understand
color theory and in "Creating a Story" they explored different approaches to
illustrating and presenting their story; and in "Paper Art" they experimented
with paper products to make art out of raw and recycled paper.

In addition, the art studio hosted a series of Meet the Artist workshops,
whereby children worked alongside prominent Jordanian artists to produce
artwork, broadening children’s exposure to contemporary creative expression
in Jordan. These workshops included “My City” sculpture workshop with
Khalid Khreis, a "Mono Print Workshop" with artist Jihad Al Ameri and a
Watercolors Workshop" with Ibraheem Al-Khateeb.

Ms. Hanya Salah, the Children’s Museum Director, commented on the
exhibition, “I hope this will be the first of many more exhibits showcasing the
works of children participating in CMJ’s art studio as we continue to offer a
range of programs to encourage children’s creativity and stretch the limits of
their imagination. Through its fun and interactive programs and exhibits, CMJ
seeks to encourage children and their families to experiment with and
discover new interests. I hope the public will enjoy these exuberant and joyful
works as much as we enjoyed learning and exploring with the children.

The Children’s Museum-Jordan
The Children’s Museum of Jordan is a not-for-profit organization located at Al
Hussein Park. The museum was established as an initiative by Her Majesty
Queen Rania Al-Abdullah and is dedicated to creating interactive learning
experiences that have the power to encourage and nurture lifelong learning
for children and their families. The museum has over 150 exhibits within its
three themes: humankind, technology and the natural world. The museum is
sponsored by individuals and corporations, including: Greater Amman
Municipality, Al Sheikh Abdullah Saleh Kamel, Al Abdali Investment Inc., Al
Ahli Bank, Emaar Properties, Gulf Finance House, Motorola Foundation,
Nestle M.E., and Zain.

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